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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/30/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

17 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Red Hood Blonde (buxom, oil, defloration, underwater)
-The Secret of Her (small breasts, prostitution, cheating)
-The Nympho Class President Elf's First Virgin Orc (elf, orc, schoolgirl, stomach deformation)
-From now on, I'm Cinderella (gender bender, blindfold, bondage, femdom, stockings)
-Two People's Days (r*pe, schoolgirl, sister, stockings, buxom)
-Sassy-Sister Complex! 2 (sister, gyaru, bikini, full color)
-Sassy-Sister Complex! 2.1 (buxom, sister, tanlines, full color)
-Masako-san the Plain Girl (cosplaying, bukkake, sole female, full color)
-Shared Paradise (gyaru, collar, buxom, sole female, bikini)
-I Don't Remember Tripping that Flag!! (defloration, sole female, vanilla)
-Don't say "Love"! (defloration, tall man, schoolboy)
-Osakari Neko Nyan (catgirl, buxom, stockings, impregnation)
-Cyuuudoku (buxom, lactation, stockings, teacher, ffm threesome)
-Because I Love You (buxom, sole female, vanilla)
-The Despondent Succubus (demon girl, schoolgirl, stockings, buxom)
-Step Mother (cheating, mother, full color)
-LIVE CUM Full Color (femdom, glasses, sole female, full color)

7 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Low Return ~Older Sister~ (mother, cheating, sister, wet clothes, kimono, aunt)
-The Captive of Mother and the Son Ch. 1-5 (femdom, mother, buxom, shota, story arc)
-The Slave Girls of the Flower Garden Ch.1-3 (r*pe, mindbreak, stockings, defloration)
-Married Woman Audrey-san's Secret ch. 9-12 (cheating, milf, rimjob, shota)
-Neesan Ch. 1-8 (footjob, glasses, sister, stockings)
-Voluptuous Plump Boobs<3 Ch. 1-10 (mother, gyaru, schoolgirl, swimsuit, shota, cheating)
-Crime Girls Ch. 1-3 (bondage, gyaru, schoolgirl, ffm threesome)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/29/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

3 New English-Translated Artist CG Sets:
-RICO (robot, sex toys, leotard, stockings)
-Lewd Virus Ch. 1-6 (pregnant, schoolgirl, sister, harem, buxom, tanlines)
-Sending a Busty Married Woman to Sleep at a Coffee Shop (r*pe, buxom, milf, sleeping)

5 New H-Game CG Sets:
-3 Highschool Bitch Girls! (gyaru, schoolgirl, prostitution, shota, group)
-Ikenai Kozukuri 4 ~My Cheeky Sister Actually Likes My Semen!~ (bikini, pregnant, sister, arpit sex, buxom)
- LoveMarriage! A Lewd Lifestyle With Your Newlywed Wife (buxom, pregnant, footjob, panyhose)
-The Hero Getting Molested ~Everyone Is Aiming For My Sperm!?~ (demon girl, footjob, shota, slimegirl)
-Baku Ane 2 ~Having Lot's of Fun With Their Little Brother~ (sister, bunny girl, buxom, lingerie)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/27/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

26 New English-Translated Misc Doujins:
-Bitch Beach Witch (Granblue Fantasy- Magisa, buxom, stockings, swimsuit, mmf threesome)
-Plain Girl Catalogue.B (deepthroat, small breasts, stockings, r*pe)
-Ishizu’s Secret * Draw (Yu-Gi-Oh- Ishizu Ishtar, Odion Ishtar, dark skin, buxom)
-Private Life Sex With Sendai (Kancolle- Sendai, stockings, impregnation, lactation)
-I Made a Gibberish Speaking Cyclops Girl My Maid (monster girl, monoeye, maid)
-Corrupted Saint ChaosTide (Fate Grand Order- Jeanne, corruption, dark skin, futa, tentacles)
-I Made a Gibberish Speaking Cyclops Girl My Maid 2 (monster girl, monoeye, maid)
-AshiColle Sono 4 (Kancolle- Graf Zeppelin, stockings, panyhose, full color)
-AshiColle Sono 5 (Kancolle- Kashima, bunny girl, footjob, pantyhose, full color)
-Exciting Time Paradise 7 (r*pe, mindbreak, buxom, time-stop)
-It Happened at my Classmate's Place (gyaru, schoolgirl, buxom)
-Hey, Give Me a Reward (gate - jietai kano- Rory Mercury, Youji Itami), glasses, stockings
-TFC BUSTERS (Ghostbusters, Touhou- Aya, Nitori, Youmu, Yuyuko, futa, ginatess, lol*con)
-Furohile Ge (selfcest, sweating, fingering, anal)
-Water Lily V (Horizon In The Middle of Nowhere- Mary Stuart, Tenzou Crossunite- buxom, paizuri)
-Try Fight! (Gundam Build Fighters Try- Fumina, Kaoruko, Sekai, buxom, bike shorts, ffm threesome )
-Colored By Summer (Lucky Star- Miyuki Takara, bikini, glasses, buxom)
-A Story About Teasing Tenshi Onee-chan (Touhou Project- Tenshi Hinanai, Tenshi Hinanawl, stockings)
-Hepatica2.0 (Xenosaga- Kos-most, T-elos, dark skin, maid, buxom, ffm threesome)
-Angel's Paraphilia (yuri, tentacles, bondage)
-The Strong-Willed Girl That Can Say No and the Erotic Osteopath (schoolgirl, r*pe, buxom, drugs)
-Endless Raw Creampies (Sword Art Online- Asuma Yuuki, bukkake, double penetration, ntr, r*pe)
-Maikaze Kekkon X-kame (Kantai Collection- Maikaze, small breasts, military, sole female)
-Violet Frustration (Touhou Project- Reimu Hakurei, Yukari Yakumo, bondage, yuri)
-Banana&Winter Wars (Flower Knight Girl, buxom, breast feeding, sweating, shota)
-Fleet Carnival (Kantai Collection- Suzuya, sole female, full color)

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Category: Translations
Posted on: 07/25/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

In this week's Translation Update we've got a Gunadm Seed Destiny doujin called "DESTINY GIRL" which has some bondage play with Lunamaria, next we've got a hentai chapter called "Ran-chan's Melancholy" that's all about a girl being taken advantage of by her coach, and then we have 5 new updates for the free section including chapter 5 of "Pinkerton", chapter 3 of "The Right Way To Get Females With Child", chapter 3 of "A Large Breasted Honor Student Makes The Big Change to Perverted Masochist", chapter 3 of "Pervert App", chapter 6 of "Otomehime, and finally chapter 6 of "Parallel World Girlfriend".

And for our members, we have a new Konosuba doujin about Aqua as a maid in "Private Talk With a Failure Maid!", next we have chapter 6 of the catgirl series "Nyancology", after that we have a hentai chapter entitled "Mama Will Give You A Lesson" which is about a mother trying to fuck her crossdressing son, then we have a doujin called "You Like Feet…? You're a Pervert..." which as you can guess is about femdom and footjobs, and then finally we have 4 new updates including chapter 8 of "Commanding Stickers!? Ero Seal ~With One Sheet Selfish High Schoolers Become Enslaved to Cock~", chapter 9 of "Ojousama to Maid no Midarana Seikatsu", "Tomo Mama" chapter 9, and chapter 7 of "Kirari, the Legend of IDOL".

(Doujin Previews)

(H-Manga Previews)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/23/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

14 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Unchanged Feelings (cheating, sole female, vanilla sex)
-Unsincere Wife (cheating, impregnation, buxom)
-Deli<3Succu (demon girl, buxom, paizuri)
-Stealth Rape Sonzai Naki Tanetsukema (impregnation, r*pe, invisible male)
-The Secret of Her 2 (small breasts, defloration, scar)
-Summer Experience Story 2 (femdom, facesitting, human pet, shota)
-A Summer Experience Story (cousin, hairy, shota)
-Friend (sweating, tomboy, ahegao)
-Turning a Loli Succubus into a Sex Sleeve (mind break, lol*con, ahegao, stockings
-Tauros ~Hypnotism Wife NTR~ (mind control, ntr, r*pe, impregnation)
-The Sheltered Lady (femdom, stockings, chastity belt)
-Sock Love (schoolgirl, footjob, sockjob, sweating)
-Noraneko (twins, small breasts, schoolgirl, shota, ffm threesome)
-The Married Woman's Perfume Sommelier (drugs, milf, r*pe, cheating, buxom)

10 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Only My Oppai Soul (bikini, buxom, schoolgirl,ffm threesome glasses)
-The Slave Girls of the Flower Garden Ch.1-2 (mind break, schoolgirl, r*pe, bondage)
-Estrus Inflation Ch.1-3 (schoolgirl, pantyhose, ahegao)
-The Lady Next Door Ch.1-2 (buxom, toys, hairy, sweating)
-Monster Master Nina Ch.1-2 (eggs, birth, tentacles, lactation, buxom)
-Angel Academy Hardcore Sex Life Ch. 1-2, 3.5-4 (bikini, catgirl, stockings, ffm threesome)
-Crime Girls Ch 1-2 (teacher, schoolboy, buxom, cheating)
-The Tuberose's Cage Ch. 1-13 (bondage, shota, milf, masked)
-I Feel Good My Woman's Body! Ch.1-2 (yuri, sister, drugs, gender bender)
-Towako Ichi (dark skin, monstergirl, lol*con, femdom, shota, aunt)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/22/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

4 New English-Translated Artist CG Sets:
-Compilation of Nostalgic Anime Heroines (buxom, bondage, r*pe, group)
-Convenience Store Only! New Model Extremely Thin Condoms! (solo female, condom)
-Lolicon Busters!! VS Loli Hoihoi Suit (male x futa, lol*con, bodysuit, r*pe)
-Sensei's Re-education Lesson (trap-yaoi, mind break, ntr, r*pe)

4 New H-Game CG Sets:
-Dearest Blue (daughter, r*pe, schoolgirl, old man, group)
-Lewd Substitute Lifestyle (schoolgirl, r*pe, toys, buxom, bondage)
-My Fuckbuddy is The Student Council Pesident (ntr, impregnation, schoolgirl, sweating)
-Sex Party Game In a Pub (gyaru, lingerie, buxom, ffm threesome)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/20/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

31 New English-Translated Misc Doujins:
-The Effects of Living Together With a Gyaru Girl (gyaru, schoolgirl, buxom)
-Cutie Beast Kanzenban (yuri, buxom, tentacles, r*pe)
-Exciting Time Paradise 2 (emotionless sex, buxom, r*pe, time stop)
-Exciting Time Paradise 3 (mind break, buxom, waitress, time stop)
-Exciting Time Paradise 4 (emotionless sex, r*pe, glasses, buxom, time stop)
-Exciting Time Paradise 5 (glasses, buxom, r*pe, mindbreak, time stop)
-Exciting Time Paradise 6 (stockings, buxom, humiliation, r*pe, stime stop)
-Shinjuku Lost Person (Fate Grand Order- Gudao, Jeanne Darc, sole female)
-Kazuki-senpai's Erotic Book (Pretty Rhythm- Kazuki Nishina, trap-yaoi, shota, r*pe, dark skin)
-What If Sakura Futaba-chan's Boyfriend Found Out... (Persona 5- Futaba Sakura, glasses, stockings)
-I'll Have You Wear Various Things (Touhou- Nazrin, mouse girl, sole female)
-Face Stay At The Time (Fate Stay Night- Rider, Shirou Emiya, buxom, glasses)
-Hepatica Dousei-hen (Xenosagsa- Kos-mos, T-elos, dark skin, robot, buxom, ffm threesome)
-TABOO Aoi (milf, aunt, cheating, full color)
-Eccentric Games (Girls Und Panzer- Anzu, Galko, Katyusha, Momo, Nonna, tomoko, Yuzu, lol*con)
-UMIKAN love~ A Story About Sleeping With Umi-tan! (Love Live- Umi, school swimsuit, defloration)
-Woman General Artesia- Dark Elf Impregnation Training Record (dark skin, elf, mind break, slave)
-CHALDEAN SUPPORTER (Fate Grand Order- Nightingale, Saber, Scathach, mind control, emotionless sex, r*pe)
-Nazrin Is My Neighbor (Touhou Project- Nazrin, mouse girl, impregnation, stomach deformation, lol*con)
-Charging Into Nighttime Warfare with Harunas!! (Kancolle- Haruna, stockings, defloration, miko, ffm threesome)
-Sanasana Sanax (Touhou Project- Sanane Kochiya, futa, impregnation, selfcest, full color)
-Ayanami 4 My Girlfriend Edition (Neon Genesis Evangelion- Rei Ayanami, schoolgirl, emotionless sex, cheating)
-Kanu and Ryofu Are In The Room (Ikkitousen- Housen Ryofu, Kanu Unchou, dark skin, schoolgirl, buxom)
-Secret Salamander (Idolmaster- Ryo Akizuki, trap-yaoi, shota)
-Charging Into Nighttime Warfare with Harunas!! 2 (Kancolle- Haruna, bunny girl, catgirl, stockings, panyhose)
-White Hot R*pe Classroom (Anne Happy- Anne, Botan, Ruri, schoolgirl, r*pe, tentacles, stockings)
-LOVE LOVE LOVE (Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans- Fumitan Admoss, Kudelia Aina Bernstein, bikini, buxom)
-Chizuru-chan Exploitation Diary ~Bunny Training Edition~ (bunny girl, leotard, pantyhose, full color)
-Monopolizing Umi-chan (Love Live- Umi Sonoda, mind break, defloration, r*pe)
-Verniy to Kakko Kari (Kantai Collection- Hibiki / Verniy, stockings, lol*con, schoolgirl)
-NEPPLUS (Hyperdimension Neptunia- Nepgear, Neptune, Noire, Uni, lol*con)

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Category: Translations
Posted on: 07/18/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

In this week's Translation Update we've got some brother x sister sex in "I gave my little sister sleeping pills to rape her", next there's a manga called "A Large Breasted Honor Student Makes The Big Change to Perverted Masochist~" which is about an honor student being hypnotized into a huge pervert, after that we have a JSCK chapter called "Make a Wish On These Breasts" that involves a recently divorced man doing compensated dating with a tan large-breasted schoolgirl, after that we've got 5 new manga updates including chapter 5 of "Parallel World Girlfriend", Chapter 2 of "The Right Way To Get Females With Child", chapter 3 of "Pervert App", chapter 5 of "Otomehime, and finally chapter 4 of "PINKERTON".

And for our members, we have two new Pokemon doujins. The first one called "Blue Evening sun" involves Evelyn having sex with her gloves and hat on while the second entitled "Mei-tan and The Shoplifting Kid" involves Rosa servicing a younger boy. After that we've got some yuri action between Yui and yuzuko in a Yuyushiki parody called "Happy Style! 5", then we've got the 5th edition in the "Nyancology" series, after that we have a hentai chapter called "One Day Girlfriend" involving a guy convincing his otaku sister to pose as his girlfriend, and after that we've got 3 new updates including chapter 7 of "Commanding Stickers!? Ero Seal ~With One Sheet Selfish High Schoolers Become Enslaved to Cock~", chapter 8 of "Ojousama to Maid no Midarana Seikatsu", and chapter 6 of "Kirari, The Legend of IDOL".

(Doujin Previews)

(H-Manga Previews)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/16/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

21 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Melty (demon girl, dark skin, age progression)
-Wife Who Wants to be Loved (buxom, breast feeding, milf, toys)
-AGEHAHA (buxom, widow, milf)
-The Chocolate is a Free Gift (schoolgirl, ahegao, buxom)
-The Strong-Minded Company President is Actually a Masochist (glasses, milf, buxom)
-Panic x Panic (schoolgirl, gender bender, buxom)
-A Certain County's Night-Time Fairytail (femdom, buxom, footjob, ffm threesome)
-Revenge Sister S (femdom, schoolgirl, ffm threesome)
-Futari no Hahazuma (lactation, milf, pregnant, buxom)
-Delivery Sex (cheating, dark skin, impregnation, milf, sweating)
-I Saved a Loli Elf in Another World and This Happened (elf, lol*con, defloration)
-Angelic Lover (collar, catgirl, lol*con, stockings, sweating)
-The Slave Girls of the Flower Garden Ch.1 (mind control, schoolgirl, ahegao)
-Am I a Minor Character? (defloration, buxom, group)
-○REC Secret Sister (sister, femdom, stockings, schoolgirl, crossdressing)
-Lewd Friends (defloration, lol*con, sole female)
-Kiss Kiss Drain (demon girl, lol*con, collar, stockings)
-I Feel Good My Woman's Body! Ch.1 (gender bender, drugs, solo action)
-Eromama (lactation, milf, buxom, incest)
-Kamiyama-san and Me 2 (maid, buxom, stockings)
-Teasing Wife (cheating, ntr, r*pe, sister, milf)
-Kick or Sex (gyaru, sweating, milf, buxom)

9 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Manjiru Torotoro Ch.1-9 (schoolgirl, cheating, small breasts, mmf threesome)
-Monster Master Nina Ch.1 (stomach deformation, buxom, mmf threesome)
-Married Woman Audrey-san's Secret (cheating, milf, shota)
-Girls Lacrosse Club ~2 Years Later~ Ch0-4.5 (stockings, buxom, sole female)
-Non-Virgin List Ch. 1-6 (schoolgirl, stockings, glasses, defloration, squirting)
-Kanojo de Ippai Vol.3 (buxom, harem, group)
-Voluptuous Plump Boobs<3 Ch.1-9 (coach, gyaru, huge breasts, milf, schoolgirl, sweating)
-Impregnated Mother Ch. 1-5 (milf, r*pe, buxom, ntr, ahegao)
-The Owl's Mansion (buxom, defloration, vampire)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/14/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

35 New English-Translated Misc Doujins:
-ININ League (League of Legends- Ahri, Blitzcrank, Syndra, Zac, bondage, foxgirl, buxom, monster)
-ININ League 2 (League of Legends- Lulu, Illaoi, Malzahar, Nasus, Poppy, Tristana, Varus, lol*con)
-Titty Time<3 (maid, breast feeding, buxom, maid)
-Cutie Beast Kanzenban Ch. 1-6 (tentacles, yuri, buxom, story arc)
-Can You Hear the Sound of the Bell? (Kantai Collection- Suzuya, kimono, cheating, blowjob)
-TEA&BEARD (Girls und Panzer- Darjeeling, defloration, buxom, old man)
-Succubus Molesting a Knight with Her Cock (futa x male, mindbreak, demon girl)
-Gabriel's Secret Trial (Granblue Fantasy- Gabriel, Gran, buxom, sole female)
-Short Short Short (Tokyo 7th Sisters- Rena, Sui, bikini, schoolgirl, tanlines, blindfold)
-Nukinuki Hina-chan (Touhou Project- Hina Kagiyama, sole female, buxom)
-Naganami Summer Sweet (Kantai Collection- Naganami, bikini, sole female)
-2B[SM] (Nier;Automata- 2b, bondage, r*pe, blindfold, full color)
-Maribel Hearn Wants to be Spoiled (Touhou Project- Maribel han, Renko Usami, yuri, fingering)
-You Are There (Steins;Gate- Makise Kurisu, Okabe Rintaro, small breasts, sole female)
-I Get Wet, From Time to Time… (Minami-Ke, Yuka Uchida, schoolgirl, lol*con, stockings)
-Imitation Re:play (Tales of the Abyss- Jade, Guy, Natalia Luzu kimlasca-lanvaldear, mmf threesome)
-Shankara - The Unwavering Fact of Tomorrow (Touhou Project- Reimu, Yuuka, futa, buxom)
-Let's go! Tengen Toppa Dorirun Yoko (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann- Yoko, stockings, buxom)
-Together with the Twin Little Miss Alters (Fate/Grand Order- Jeanne darc, Saber Alter, Gudao, buxom)
-Forever Together (Idolmaster- Azusa Miura, inverted nipples, buxom, impregnation, milf)
-Work Theater 1 (Idolmaster- Umi Kousaka, footjob, glasses, stockings, teacher)
-Fantasy Store (Granblue Fantasy- Alicia, Aliza, Andira, Forte, Sen, Yuel, buxom, demon girl, r*pe)
-NKDC Vol.6 (Fire Emblem Fates- Kagero, r*pe, bondage, kunoichi, buxom)
-Being Milked To Death By Busty Erotic Highschool Girls (femdom, emotionless sex, schoolgirl, teacher)
-Shounen Sexual Assault File (trap-yaoi, stockings, shota, r*pe)
-You Musn't Interrupt a Cat Nap (Fate Grand Order- Tamamo-no-mae, fox girl, collar, sleeping)
-Fantasy Store (Granblue Fantasy- Gagliostro, Djeeta, Jeanne darc, pengy, stockings, lol*con, stomach)
-Ayanami 3 Teacher Edition (buxom, swimsuit, full color)
-QO - Monster Sex (monster girl, slimegirl, petrification, yuri)
-Aoi's NTR Diary Summary + Kaede (lol*con, ntr, r*pe, bbm)
-The Bath Futa: Horsegirl Chapter (futa x futa, buxom, stomach deformation)
-A Form of Love Called Codependence (Kantai Collection- Ikazuchi, schoolgirl, lol*con, yandere, stockings)
-H. SAS (milf, stockings, full color)
-Energetic Idol Thorough Training (Idolmaster- Hakura, Hibiki, bondage, lol*con, yuri, mind break)
-Aya Ona (Touhou Project- Aya Shameimaru, toys, stockings, drugs, solo)

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Category: Translations
Posted on: 07/11/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

In this week's Translation Update we've got the first chapter of "Pervert App" which is the first in a series of stories involving dirty sex apps, then we have 2 new Touhou doujins with the first one involves Sakuya servicing guys while wearing her maid outfit and the second one is about Patchouli getting mind controlled and gang fucked, after that we've got a shy widow trying to find a guy in the story "Hikari-chan's Development Diary", next we have Djeeta, Farrah, Feena, and Rosetta from Fate Granblue sleeping with pig monsters, and then finally we've got got a chapter 4 update for "Paralell World Girlfriend", a chapter 4 update for "Otomehime", and the chapter 3 update for "Pinkerton".

And for our members, we have a Re;Zero parody doujin called "Manservant's Life Starting From Zero" that involves Subaru getting in a threesome with Rem and Ram, next is a Girls Und Panzer parody that involves the sisters Maho and Miho teaming up in order to win a doll, then we have some brother-sister doing naughty things in "Trap The Underwear", followed by the 4th "Nyancology" that's all about sex with a bunny girl, and then to wrap it all up we've got a chapter 6 update for "Commanding Stickers!? Ero Seal ~With One Sheet Selfish High Schoolers Become Enslaved to Cock~", a chapter 9 update for "Part Time Manaka-san", chapter 6 and 7 added for "Ojousama to Maid no Midarana Seikatsu", and chapter 5 of "Kirari, The Legend of IDOL".

(Doujin Previews)

(H-Manga Previews)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/10/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

22 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Slutty Bitch VS Young Virgin Futanari (femdom, futanari, panyhose, sweating)
-Ai's disastrous defeat...and after... (mind break, tentacles, r*pe)
-From Her Sign (schoolgirl, small breasts, stockings)
-From now on, I’m Cinderella (gender bender, bondage, femdom, stockings)
-Alternate (schoolgirl, schoolboy, vanilla)
-The Ruler of Lust (mindbreak, corruption, living clothes, tentacles)
-The Overdid Endurance Running (sweating, tomboy, hairy, schoolgirl)
-Married Woman Audrey-san's Secret (cheating, MILF, shota)
-Ancelewd Heart (futanari, living clothes, tentacles)
-The Desire For The Older Sister Experience (sister, gender bender, shota)
-Targeting Female Teachers 1 (coach, buxom, r*pe, full color)
-The Night Of Pleasure Trip - Kaya Nee (glasses, milf, buxom, full color)
-That's Not Fair, Is It! (sister, lol*con, emotionless sex)
-Taking Shelter from the Rain under the Bridge (schoolgirl, small breasts, hairy)
-~The Second Photoshoot~ (cheating, filming, swimsuit, buxom)
-Kaya-nee Through a Train Window (milf, buxom, glasses, cheating)
-The Promise Made Inside the Library (schoolgirl, buxom, teacher)
-Teasing Wife (buxom,cheating, milf)
-My Owner's Directions (dog girl, lol*con, defloration)
-There’s No Running Away From This Klutz (schoolgirl, pantyhose, teacher)
-The Sound of Senpai (schoolgirl, hairy, defloration, pantyhose)
-The Bunny Girl Trap (bunnygirl, leotard, pantyhose, full color)

8 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Non-Virgin List Ch. 1-3 (schoolgirl, stockings, defloration, glasses)
-Cooking Fucka (cheating, MILF, buxom, hairy armpits, bbw, toys)
-School Caste Prologue and Ch. 1-3 (schoolgirl, hairy, squirting, ahegao)
-Crime Girls Ch.1 (stockings, glasses, buxom)
-Impregnated Mother Ch. 1-3 (ntr, MILF, ahegao, r*pe, mindbreak)
-Voluptuous Plump Boobs<3 Ch. 1-8 (gyaru, milf, sweating, lactation, swimsuit))
-Fanaticism Ch. 1-3 (asphyxiation, defloration, harem, maid, r*pe)
-Shokutai no Yoru Ingoku no Chigiri Ch.1-4 (foxgirl, drugs, ntr, r*pe, impregnation)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/09/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

2 New English-Translated Artist CG Sets:
-Training Cruiser Kashima, Ready to be Impregnated <3 (corruption, ntr, kantai collection- Kashima)
-Mama and the Brat (MILF, ntr, buxom, shota)

14 New H-Game CG Sets:
-Having Sex With My Son's Friend (MILF, ntr, pregnant, mother-daughter)
-Clockwork Leyline -The Morning Fog Descends Like a Flower- (schoolgirl, maid, stockings, ffm threesome)
-~Lamia & Harpy~ (snake girl, daughter, age pregression, harpy)
-Having a Hot Encounter With My Neighbor and Her Daughter (cheating, hairy, pregnant, schoolgirl, MILF)
-Do I Fail As a Brother!? I'm Doing Wrong Things Wtih My Sisters (schoolgirl, sister, bondage, ffm threesome)
-~That Dress Looks Good On You, Imprisoned Princess Rina~ (blindfold, bondage, pregnant, slime, tentacles)
-My Father Is My Master (bondage, schoolgirl, spanking, yuri)
-The Unrivled Princess Chivalric Order Get's Knocked Up (elf, defloration, buxom, ntr, ffm threesome)
-St. Reverse Rape Academy (dark skin, femdom, harem, teacher, pregnant)
-My Teacher Is Such a Bitch (dark skin, face sitting, blindfold, buxom, toys, teacher)
-Rensou Relation (schoolgirl, maid, bunnygirl, ffm threesome)
-Older Sister Younger Brother Adultery (MILF, impregnation, sister, face sitting, ntr)
-Rapist King ~Those Who Get To Release Their Lust~ (chikan, buxom, nun)
-Natsuiro Recipe (kimono, bride, feloration, schoolgirl)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/07/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

34 New English-Translated Misc Doujins:
-Fallen Princess -Refrain- (Granblue Fantasy- Aliza, Alicia, mind control, buxom, r*pe, ntr)
-I Sent A Love Letter To A Married Woman (milf, cheating, impregnation, bikini)
-Phallic Girls (catgirl, futa, school swimsuit, r*pe)
-Phallic Girls 2 (futa, schoolgirl, glasses, stockings)
-Phallic Girls 3 (futa, schoolgirl, glasses, stockings)
-Phallic Girls 4 (futa, stockings, hairy)
-Phallic Girls 5 (futa, crossdressing, stockings, tomgirl)
-Cutie Beast Kanzenban Ch. 1-5 (yuri, buxom, tentacles, r*pe)
-I'm Going To Make You Melt With Pleasure Yohane (Love Live Sunshine- Yoshiko, schoolgirl, stockings)
-Late Night Supply Line (Kantai Collection- Kamoi, stockings, r*pe)
-Exciting Time Paradise (r*pe, bondage, emotionless sex)
-Yohane Is All Squishy Wet (Love Live Sunshine- Yoshiko Tsuhima, stockings, sole female)
-Houyokusen (Senran Kagura- Ikaruga, Yomi, stockings, yuri, buxom, ffm threesome)
-Naho-Machine! (transformation, living onahole)
-H.SAS 2 (God Eater- Alisa Ilinichina Amiella, Sakuya Tachibana, buxom, full color, uncensored)
-Making An Established Fact (Kantai Collection- Kisaragi, schoolgirl, stockings, yandere)
-H SAS 0.5 (Dead or Alive- Kasumi, buxom, swimsuit, full color)
-Sugar High (Gundam Seed- Cagalli Yula Athha, Kira Yamato, sister, defloration, incest)
-Elf Maid Slaves (Kancolle- Kiyoshimo, lol*con, footjob, pantyhose)
-Mystery Princess and 3 People's Mama (Kancolle- Kiyoshimo, lol*con, footjob, pantyhose)
-Let’s Play with Miria (Idolmaster- Mika, Miria, mind break, lol*con, stockings, defloration, ahegao)
-Compensated Dating With My Bro (crossdressing, trap-yaoi, shota, stockings)
-KYKY (Haikyuu- Hitoka Yachi, Kiyoko Shimizu, schoolgirl, glasses, group)
-Mother and Child Game (femdom, ntr, cheating, buxom)
-Magical Peach Pie (Fresh Precure, Maho girls precure- Love Momozono, Riko, lol*con, prostitution)
-RAN-MAN (Ranma 1/2- Akane Tendo, Ranma Saotome, gender bender, dougi, r*pe)
-Guilty Kiss Ero Doujin (Love Live Sunshine- Riko Sakurauchi, pantyhose, schoolgirl, full color)
-Futa Pig (futa, bondage, crossdressing, sweating)
-Wounded Djeeta's Degrading Rape Coercion (Granblue Fantasy- Djeeta, impregnation, r*pe, buxom)
-2011 Ishukan's Journey -Monitor Lizard Edition- (tentacles, monster, elf)
-Yatagarasu Lie (Touhou Project- Utsuho Reiuji, buxom, paizuri)
-Kotori and Honoka Suck Off Futa Umi (Love Live- Honoka, Kotori, Umi, futa, fft threesome, full color)
-Being Tempted By a Futanari Girl (Love Live- Honoka Kousaka, Umi Sonoda, futanari)
-Love Me Gently (Danganronpa- Komaru Naegi, Kotoko Utsugi, toys, bondage, stockings, yuri)

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Category: Translations
Posted on: 07/04/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

In this week's Translation Update we've got a story about a girl dressing as a nurse to give a patient a special kind of late night visit in "Love Doki Doki Nurse Play", then we have three doujins involving mind control and forced sex in the Ikkitousen parody "Vixen Party" the second is a Touhou doujin with a foxgirl in it called "A Story Where Ran Yakumo Is Hypnotized Into Having Sex" and the third one involves a bit of genderbender in "TSF Changed My Life", next up we've got a bit of schoolgirl ntr going on in chapter 1 of "The Right Way To Get Females With Child Ch.1", and last but not least we have a chapter 3 update for "Parallel World Girlfriend", a chapter 3 update for "Otomehime", and chapter 2 of "Pinkerton".

And for our members, we have some foot play in the Fate Grand Order parody "A Story Where I Obediently Ejactualted For Okita-san", then we've got the 3rd Nyancology that involves more time with catgirls, after that we have Hanamaru and Yoshiko taking turns with a guy in the Love Live Sunshim parody "Yoshimaru Sunshine!! Zura!", and then for updates we've got a chapter 5 update for "Commanding Stickers!? Ero Seal ~With One Sheet Selfish High Schoolers Become Enslaved to Cock~", chapter 8 of "Part Time Manaka san", chapter 5 of "Ojousama to Maid no Midarana Seikatsu, chapter 8 of "Tomo Mama", and finally chapter 4 of "Kirari, The Legend of IDOL".

(Doujin Previews)

(H-Manga Previews)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/02/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

13 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-High Speed Sister's Curiosity (schoolgirl, sister, chikan, ahegao)
-The Fallen House and the Young Mistress (mind control, maid, impregnation, harem, stockings)
-Do You Like Feet? (gymshorts, tanlines, footjob, femdom)
-PINAPAKO (ahegao, defloration, sole female)
-~The Desire to Squirm within the Armor~ (corruption, living clothes, mind break, tentacles)
-Pet or Slave ~Tokyo Slave Show!~ (collar, humiliation, stockings, femdom, facesitting)
-Pleasure Dependence ~So This Is Real Pleasure~ (femdom, pregnant, toys, buxom)
-I Wanna Be Your Dog (femdom, toys, pegging, stockings)
-Boy Meets Cat Goddess (impregnation, catgirl, smell, collar)
-Seitokaichou no Himitsu (schoolgirl, crossdressing, male x futa, sister)
-The Noble Whole Families (glasses, stockings, toys, rimjob)
-Two People On A Hot Day (stockings, sole female)
-High School Call Girl ~The Case of Marin Hiiragi~ (blackmail, prositution, schoolgirl)

10 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Omnivorous Hero Ch. 1 (dark skin, elf, slime girl, buxom)
-Triangle of Master and Servant (maid, femdom, stockings, ffm threesome, schoolgirl)
-Secret Plot Ch. 1-9 (toys, femdom, stockings, shota, teacher)
-Sweet Spot Ch. 1~3 (schoolgirl, maid, drugs)
-Love Poro Style Ch.1-8 (teacher, lol*con, age regression, defloration)
-The Tuberose's Cage Ch.1-10 (mind break, r*pe, ntr, bondage, buxxom)
-Impregnated Mother Ch.1 (milf, r*pe, ahegao, buxom)
-Voluptuous Plump Boobs<3 Ch.1-6 (dark skin, buxom, lactation, sweating, milf, sweating)
-Reika My Brilliant Maid Ch.1-10 (maid, femdom, footjob, buxom, stockings)
-THE MARRIED WIFE -Hitozuma series Ch.1-6 (ntr, milf, buxom)

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