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Category: Translations
Posted on: 10/31/16
Posted by: Makasu

In this weeks Translations Update we have Part 2 of this This lewd Dragon Ball story ft Android 18 being well, Herself. A busty milf tries to save her futanari daughter in this 3 part Doujin addition by [Tamaki Nozomu], A cute full color Dagashi Kashi CG addition ft Hotaru and Saya showing Kokonotsu a thing or two, A sweet Love Live CG addition ft Honoka-Kotori-Umi being loved tenderly in this schoolgirl harem story, Another Love Live ft Eri-Maki-Umi experimenting with a guys body, Finally a futa on futa filled Touhou addition ft Marisa-Reimu going to town on each other.

And for our members, We have a complete H-Manga filled with sweet busty vanilla goodness ft lotsa sugar, A spirited schoolgirl story about two girls and 1 c**k, A innocent schoolgirl gets mind controlled by an enemy stand in this netorare addition by [Onodera], A yandere cautionary tale in this Niesekoi addition by [Suzuki Hinomi], A nun filled Chapter 3 of This increasingly sweet and busty H-Manga, Two heavily lewd To Love-Ru CG additions by [Nyamota] ft Tearju and Golden making new friends a bit differently than normal, Finally a Touhou addition ft a cute catgirl taking a bath with her busty friends.
(Preview here)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 10/28/16
Posted by: Makasu

24 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Wonderful Girl (dog girl, schoolgirl, bondage, exhibitionism)
-Ura no Kao to Omote no Kao (shota, anal, tomgirl, stockings, Trap!!!)
-Where Did You Go This Summer (shota, lol*con, kimono, femdom)
-Silent Bus (schoolgirl, chikan)
-TSkei cosplay joshi (gender bender, nakadashi, mind break, r*pe)
-Sea Story (shota, anal, dp, swimsuit, teacher x student)
-Secret Hot Spring Wife (buxom, milf, netorare, r*pe)
-Ma-Gui -DEATH GIRL- Felle & Roey Hen (shota, buxom, Elf)
-Raspberry inc (lewd, femdom, bj)
-Last Chance! (buxom, nakadashi, defloration)
-Pink Screen 2 (buxom, schoolgirl, paizuri, defloration)
-It's OK As Long As There's Love! (anal, bondage, schoolgirl, femdom)
-Mayuyuu's Laws (cute, schoolgirl, nakadashi, defloration)
-I Love XXX (buxom, hotpants, nakadashi)
-Itsu no Ma ni ka (hairy, buxom, tomboy, defloration)
-Go Ahead and Film My Hard Penis Ch. 4 (buxom, filming, pener)
-Harmonious Family (cheating, milf, mother x son)
-Get Serious, Kashii! (buxom, gyaru, swimsuit, tanlines)
-Dandan Fukaku (buxom, cheating, milf, lingerie)
-Beautiful Editor-in-Chief's Dual Wielding (buxom, anal, milf, strap-on, femdom)
-Boshinication (shota, bbw, milf, business suit, mother x son)
-Beautiful Editor-in-Chief's Bondage (buxom, milf, femdom, bondage)
-Amazing Negotiation! (sweet, lol*con, schoolgirl, defloration)
-A certain Night in March (sweet, schoolgirl, stockings, exhibitionism)

3 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Oz is a Wizard (30 year old virgin) Ch. 1-2 (buxom, schoolgirl, stockings, defloration)
-Hundred Blossoms Raging Boobs ~UZUME~ Ch.0-3 (anal, fox girl, tentacles, possession)
-If Rape Were Legalized Ch. 2 (big ass, buxom, schoolgirl, public use, r*pe, harem)

3 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Hinata NTRism (cheating, milf, schoolgirl, netorare, blackmail)
-Doki Doki Lolix (lol*con, schoolgirl, twins, dp, femdom)
-Emotive Ch. 7-8 (lol*con, netorare, leg lock, nakadashi)

(The H-Manga titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 10/24/16
Posted by: Makasu

28 New English-Translated misc Doujins:
-UR THE BEST!! (Love Live - bi, schoolgirl, footstuff, stockings)
-The Salaryman in Black and Puffy, the Thief (buxom, bunny girl, lingerie, stockings)
-Super Pregnant (buxom, schoolgirl, blackmail, prostitution, impregnation)
-Otome and Hinaki's Lives Gently Go Downhill (Aikatsu - lol*con, anal, bondage, dp)
-Rider-san and Swimsuit (buxom, glasses, Rider, swimsuit)
-Nennensaisai Hana Souji (Granblue Fantasy - sweating, lol*con, nakadashi, stockings)
-One-Man Mercenary Army 3 - Elf to Dorei Auction (buxom, Elf, anal, dp, prostitution, mind break)
-My Aunt's Body is Irresistible. ~Her Hole is the Best~ (hairy, shota, cheating, milf, blackmail, nakadashi)
-Nue-chan Kutsushita Bon (sweating, footstuff, femdom, stockings)
-Momoiro Quartet (Idolmaster - lol*con, schoolgirl, corset, nakadashi)
-NekoNeko Fight (Kaiten Mutenmaru - buxom, anal, catgirl, nakadashi, mind break)
-Mayoiga no Onee-san Sono 2 (big ass, buxom, shota, facesitting, waitress)
-Mana Poisoning 2 (Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya - lol*con, anal, bloomers, nakadashi, stockings)
-Konya mo Anata to (Idolmaster - buxom, yuri, cunnilingus, fingering)
-Like a Chocolate (anal, dark skin, gyaru, schoolgirl, harem)
-Hypnosis Sex Guidance! Training Session One_ Yui Obata And Daiki Tachibana (mind control, netorare)
-Life Lessons - First Term (lol*con, schoolgirl, spanking, r*pe)
-Hounyoukei Shoujo (lol*con, schoolgirl, femdom, exhibitionism)
-Kokoro no Kokoro (Touhou - sweet, emotionless, lol*con)
-Higo to Shigyaku no Kurokami Long (cute, lol*con)
-Koishirete Uwabami! (Fate Grand Order - lol*con, Snake girl, yandere)
-Go Ahead!! Kore ga Watashi no Doctrine (Girls und Panzer - anal, schoolgirl, nakadashi, masturbation)
-GIRLFriend's 11 (Girls und Panzer - buxom, schoolgirl x coach, gymshorts, nakadashi)
-Gal Shota Cinderella (buxom, cheating, shota, gyaru)
-Dark Palace Inyoku no Kyuuden (buxom, Monster- Orc, mind break nakadashi, r*pe)
-Brother and Sisters (Bakemonogatari - cute, sister x sister, kimono, fingering)
-Chikan Josou Danshi x Ore! (anal, chikan, tomgirl, Trap!!!)
-Akuowarimonogatari (Bakemonogatari - cheating, lol*con, netorare, nakadashi, impregnation)

2 New Translations:
-D4C continue (jojo / touhou - bondage, maid, stockings, r*pe)
-D4C continue again (jojo / touhou - anal, blackmail, bondage, maid, r*pe)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 10/20/16
Posted by: Makasu

In this weeks Translations Update we have a lovely Idolmaster addition ft Mayu sharing her sweetness with a lucky guy, A Dragon Quest CG ft lots of monsters playing with cute bunny girls, A degenerate CG by [mega w] continuing the story of this Lewd gyaru filled schoolgirls story, A busty Touhou addition ft Byakuren taking a bath with strange men, EroCos Vol.52 by [purple haze] taking on the KonoSuba world with this sexy addition, A My Hero Academia addition ft Ochako not minding her own business, A sweet Nisekoi addition by [Suzuki Hinomi] to get the blood boiling, Finally a Sigh.... Naruto addition ft Best girl Hinata being loved tenderly but her deadbeat husband Naruto and not by a real manly man like Sasuke, But hey it's a good story.

And for our members, We have another story from this Very Adorable Idolmaster series by [nohito], A lewd [shoot the moon] addition ft big ass busty Elfs laying down the law, A heart warming Dagashi Kashi addition ft Hotaru helping her loving father out of a slump, An action packed Millennium War Aigis addition ft a ravenous Fox Girl having her way with defenseless young men, Chapter 2 of the schoolgirl femdom filled Hatsujou Days H-manga, A Idolmaster addition ft Frederica- Shiki- and Syuko teaching Prodsucer-san a lesson, A lewd Dagashi Kashi addition ft an enthused tied up Hotaru played with by a masked bandit, Finally a devious Ace Attorney CG addition ft Mai Fey being used and abused in her tight business suit.
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 10/15/16
Posted by: Makasu

25 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Thick Training (big ass, buxom, coach, bike shorts)
-The Greengrocer Beauty (hairy, schoolgirl, impregnation)
-Sometimes a cat clears the weather up (sweet, schoolgirl, stockings, defloration)
-The Girl Awakens With a Kiss From the Princess - First Part (sweet, yuri, tomboy, masturbation)
-Outside The Miniature Garden (big ass, buxom, bbw, schoolgirl, r*pe)
-Something Nice in a Private Room (buxom, nakadashi, femdom, footstuff)
-My Neighbor Sumire-san (drunk, cheating, milf, pantyhose, nakadashi)
-Soku Hame Gal Bitch! + Mise Hame Gal Bitch! (big ass, buxom, gyaru, exhibitionism, femdom)
-Late Night Neighbor Okazu Squad! (lol*con, twins, nakadashi, femdom)
-Onegai Gaeshi (shota, schoolgirl, cousin, nakadashi, defloration)
-Jogging grade schoolers are pure (sweating, lol*con, gymshorts, tanlines, defloration)
-One Day Girlfriend (big ass, buxom, gyaru, paizuri, prostitution)
-Iitai Koto wa (cute, tomboy, tracksuit, defloration)
-My Dear Maid Ch. 5 (shota, milf, cheating, demon girl, femdom)
-I'll become an Idol! (lol*con, swimsuit, defloration, masturbation)
-MMS Allure (big ass, anal, gyaru, dp)
-Gohoushi Shimasu! (cute, gyaru, maid, stockings)
-Meikko ga Kuru! (buxom, dark skin, gyaru, mind break, defloration)
-Girl Inside Home (sweet, schoolgirl, niece x uncle, stockings)
-I've been turned into a bunny girl! (big ass, buxom, bunny girl, leotard, nakadashi, mind break)
-Fudousan Monogatari (buxom, hairy, milf, slave, defloration)
-Chizuru-kun no Hatsu Taiken (anal, shota, tomgirl, Trap!!!!! not rly)
-Commuter-Wife Mai-chan (cute, lol*con, defloration)
-Cherry Womb (buxom, cheating, pregnant, milf)
-Aru Hitobashira no Kioku (Monster girl- Oni, kimono, femdom)

8 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Attaka-san (buxom, paizuri, defloration, exhibitionism)
-Flappy Sugar Babies Ch. 1-2 (big ass, buxom, cheating, gyaru)
-Good Girls Don't Do That! (lol*con, schoolgirl, swimsuit, harem, witch)
-If Rape Were Legalized Ch. 1 (big ass, buxom, chikan, bondage, schoolgirl)
-0930 - Oku-sama Ch. 6 (buxom, milf, netorare, bondage, dp)
-Megumi-san is my Son's Girlfriend Ch. 3 (buxom, cheating, milf, gyaru, r*pe)
-Neesan Ch. 4 (buxom, sister, nakadashi, femdom)
-Stalking Girl Ch. 2-3 (big ass, buxom, bbw, yandere, femdom)

1 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Energy Kyo-ka!! ~Bakunyuu JK. Gachi Zeme Hatsujou Chuu!~ Ch. 11 (big ass, gyaru, shota, prostitution)

(The H-Manga titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 10/11/16
Posted by: Makasu

In this weeks Translations Update we have H-mag Tank by [Edamame] full of buxom ladies being mind controlled, A Sword Art Online addition ft Keiko x Shino action, A Monster Musume addition ft Papi the lo Harpy being impregnated, A perverted CG full of big ass busty milfs going wild, A sweet Smile Precure addition ft Miyuki being loved tenderly by a hot guy, An exciting addition to the Mizuryu Kei Land series, A lewd Dragon Ball z addition ft Android 18 being a faithful loving wife as always, Finally a To Love-ru addition ft schoolgirl Haruna making new friends.

And for our members, We have the beginnings of a lovely H-Manga by [Shindou] ft busty schoolgirl in bloomers doing lewd things, A lovely Dragon Ball addition ft Android 18 training Yamcha to be a better person, A cute Smile Precure addition ft Cure March performing for a rowdy lot, A New Game addition ft sweet Hifumi getting a bit too drunk for her own good, A lewd milf filled H-Manga addition by [Gussan], A Guilty Gear addition ft dark skin Remlethal bound and left to fend for herself, Another lewd story about a woman in a red cap by [Chiba Shuusaku], Finally the last part of the Haha Netori series by [Swa] Enjoy.
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 10/07/16
Posted by: Makasu

32 New English-Translated misc Doujins:
-An Elder Sister 3 (buxom, monster girl, shota, paizuri, femdom)
-After School Milk Latte (buxom, schoolgirl, paizuri, defloration)
-An Elder Sister 3.5 (shota, bunny girl, teacher x student)
-Classmate Nyuugaku Shashin 2 Rijichou Sensei to Issho ni Satsuei Kai (buxom, paizuri)[Ohigetan]
-Boku ga Shihai Suru Senpai (shota, anal, bondage, yandere, Trap!!!)
-Girigiri Idol 4 (cheating, bbw, lingerie, prostitution)
-Byuubyuu Destroyers! (Kantai Collection - lol*con, bloomers, femdom, stockings)
-Kashima-chan to Suimin Ecchi (Kantai Collection - buxom, sleeping, swimsuit)
-EL MUNDO COMPLETO (Black Lagoon - shota, milf, impregnation)
-Littorio tadaima nyuukyochuu! (Kantai Collection - buxom, paizuri, nakadashi, stockings)
-Hatsujou Kuubo Kaga (Kantai Collection - buxom, shota, paizuri, stockings)
-LORIM (Touhou - lol*con, anal, nakadashi, dp)
-Noushoku Houga (Toaru Majutsu no Index - buxom, bunny girl, paizuri, stockings)
-Marked-girls Vol. 9 (Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash - monster, mind break, nakadashi, r*pe)
-Raiders! -Highland Village- (buxom, orc, nakadashi, mind break, impregnation)
-Meshimase Houkago Otokonoko! (anal, schoolgirl, shota, Trap!!!)
-Shimakaze-chan's Overtime (Kantai Collection - anal, lol*con, stockings)
-Miracle Sweet Magical Fragrance (Precure - cute, yuri, fingering)
-Sono Mukuwarenu Ai no Tame ni Ooyodo wa Hikari o Motomeru (Kantai Collection - anal, nakadashi, corruption)
-Naughty Lazy Chemical Shiki-nyan (Idolmaster - sweet, buxom, Shiki)
-Succubus Stayed Life 3 (buxom, schoolgirl, femdom, nakadashi, harem)
-No Contest 3.00 (buxom, cheating, milf, lactation)
-The Femcage (big ass, buxom, milf, nakadashi, harem)
-Note (lol*con, shota, demon girl, monster-slime)
-The Order is Cocoa (Is the order a rabbit? - cute, Kokoa, vanilla)
-Oagari yo! (Food Wars - big ass, buxom, catgirl, gyaru, mind control)
-Freeloading is Difficult (Crayon Shin-chan - cheating, milf, sister)
-Oideyo! Galko-chan! Galko wa, Mizuryu Kei Land ni Ikutte Hontou Desu ka (shota, anal, gyaru, hotpants)
-Enoshima-sensei no DOKKIDOKI Chouzetsubouteki Shasei Gasshuku (Danganronpa - femdom, futanari, bondage)
-Onee-san de Gyuugyuuzume (buxom, shota, paizuri, harem)
-Galko Ah! (Oshiete Galko-chan - big ass, anal, gyaru, lingerie, nakadashi, schoolgirl)
-Used Horny Spirit Beast 3 (Shinrabansho - buxom, fox girl, futanari, mind control, orc)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 10/03/16
Posted by: Makasu

18 New English-Translated Artist CG Sets:
-Virtual Nyotaika Program 2 ~Nyotaika Live Chat Hen~ (gender bender, paizuri, anal, urination, dp)
-Bringing the Heroines into the 6 Tatami Room as Wives CG collection (big ass, buxom, harem, paizuri, impregnation)
-Senpai (shota, schoolgirl, anal, magical girl, lingerie, Trap!!!)
-Distorted Mother and Daughter ~Sayuki to Saaya~ (buxom, milf, mother x son, netorare, impregnation)
-Saint Nude Academy (buxom, public use, teacher, sister, harem, impregnation)
-Fallen Female Knights (big ass, buxom anal, Elf, tentacles, r*pe)
-Oiran Takao Dayuu wa Otokonoko! (anal, tomgirl, kimono, prostitution, Trap!!!)
-Lately my mom and I have gotten pretty close (buxom, bbw, milf, mother x son)
-My Sisters Godly BODY (cheating, schoolgirl, sister, shota, femdom)
-Mother Adultery (big ass, bbw, shota, milf, mother, nakadashi, impregnation)
-Minami sleeping pills trap (sleeping, schoolgirl, nakadashi, blackmail, r*pe)
-Nodo Ochi (big ass, buxom, anal, schoolgirl, dp)
-Magical Girl Reina (big ass, buxom, magical girl, tentacles, corruption, r*pe)
-Seiyoku Mukidashi Ero Kyonyuu Kuro Gyaru Bitch ga Sukebe Dance (buxom, gyaru, hotpants, impregnation)
-How I Was Trained Into a Fucktoy by Two Gyaru Students (buxom, futanari, gyaru, femdom, shota, anal)
-The Female Knights and Orcs (buxom, Elf, Monster - Orc, slave, mind break, r*pe)
-A School Where Paizuri Is Mandatory (buxom, swimsuit, paizuri, teacher x student)
-Training an Arrogant Boy to Be a Human Onahole! (anal, swimsuit, exhibitionism, bondage, Trap!!!)

(The CG Sets without links are only in the member's section.)