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Category: Translations
Posted on: 08/28/16
Posted by: Makasu

In this weeks Translations Update we have Chapter 5 of the milf riddled Osaekirenai kono Kimochi Manga, Best girl Sakura letting her inner self take control in this Saucy Naruto addition, Part 3 of [Denkichi]' Sister Crisis Doujin series and Finally some girl does some stuff to Naruto.

And for our members, We have a busty, dp heavy Happiness Charge Precure Addition by [Studio Mizuyokan] ft such lewd curves, A Futanari lovers dream come true with this multi series [Musashi-dou] addition ft a myriad of big ass, busty, futanari characters taking on anything with a hole, Next we have a sweet Myriad Colors Phantom World addition ft catgirl Mai senpai lovingly embracing someone at school, Finally an interesting full color Kantai Collection addition ft Yuudachi falling into Teitoku' clutches.
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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/25/16
Posted by: Makasu

19 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-A Monster's Hospitality (buxom, monster girl, snake girl, kimono, defloration)
-Mommy and Me and a Deserted Island (buxom, hairy, shota, bbw, milf, mother x son)
-SYG - Would you like to forfeit your girlfriend (buxom, netorare, swinging, prostitution)
-Zoku Koukishin ga Tomaranai (schoolgirl, stockings, nakadashi, swimsuit)
-Shanikusai ~Carnival~ (anal, pig girl, dp, mind break, r*pe)
-Hiroki (buxom, hairy, milf, mother x son, nakadashi)
-Beast Girl Communications ~Catgirl Nia~ (cute, drunk, catgirl, stockings)
-Magical Recipe (lol*con, witch, garter belt, nakadashi)
-Rabbit Hole (big ass, buxom, bunny girl, stockings, nakadashi)
-Otokonoko no ie (shota, anal, lingerie, Trap!!!)
-The Red String's Curse (schoolgirl, leg lock, nakadashi, defloration)
-Summer Cold (sweet, kimono, leg lock, defloration)
-A Scylla's Journey to Marriage (drunk, monster girl- squid girl, defloration)
-Her Smell - Her Smell Gets Stronger (buxom, schoolgirl, cheerleader, facesitting)
-Running into a Lamia in the Forest (monster girl, snake girl, femdom, r*pe)
-Eternally Verdant (Towako Ichi) (lol*con, grandmother x grandson, nakadashi)
-Amako Ticket (buxom, hairy, anal, dp, apron, nakadashi)
-Not Lesbian - Not Lesbian Second (shota, anal, schoolgirl, Trap!!, femdom, strap-on, Trap!!!)
-Tricking Each Other (buxom, milf, shota)

9 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Aneman Ch. 7-8 (buxom, anal, schoolgirl, impregnation, femdom)
-Fumajimeni Uraraka -Insincere Serenity- Ch. 8 (buxom, waitress, schoolgirl, defloration)
-Eiyuu Oujo Shiro to Kuro no Kyouen Ch. 8-10 (shota, anal, milf, futanari, dp, tentacles, r*pe)
-Emotive Ch. 6 (lol*con, twins, teacher x student, nakadashi, defloration)
-Misako, the 34 Year Old Housewife and High School Girl Ch. 4-6 (buxom, cheating, milf, schoolgirl, femdom)
-Energy Kyo-ka!! ~Bakunyuu JK. Gachi Zeme Hatsujou Chuu!~ Ch. 8-9 (big ass, gyaru, lol*con, milf, prostitution)
-The Chronicle of Mutsumi's Breeding School Club Activities Ch. 2 (buxom, anal, bbw, dp, nakadashi)
-Mumyou no Uzu Ch. 1 (buxom, cheating, milf)
-Stalking Girl Ch. 1 (big ass, hairy, bbw, schoolgirl, shota, femdom)

2 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-The Secret Artemis Ch. 9-10 (buxom, cheating, drunk, waitress, nakadashi)
-Mama Pet (shota, anal, milf, strap-on, femdom, bondage)

(The H-Manga titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 08/21/16
Posted by: Makasu

In this weeks Translations Update we have several members requested items, Chapter 4 of Osaekirenai kono Kimochi by [Shunjou Shuusuke] The action continues, A Mobile Suit Gundam addition ft lovely Sayla, dp and a messy floor. A cheerful Eyeshield 21 addition ft Mamori, some mind control and playful catgirl bloomers, Finally a Toaru Kagaku CG addition ft Mikoto-Kuroko engaging in morally degenerating activities.

And for our members, We have the second part to a lovely milf story by [Kuroinu Juu], Two lewd Pokemon doujins ft busty Dawn and May being far too friendly with their bodies and Saki-Serena being schooled by Ash in the one thing he's good at, Finally a sexy Ace Attorney addition ft Mia being used sweetly by her colleagues.
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/18/16
Posted by: Makasu

21 New English-Translated misc Doujins:
-Package Meat 11 (Queen's Blade - buxom, bbw, milf, glasses)
-Kan Kan Biyori (Non Non Biyori - lol*con, defloration, r*pe, nakadashi)
-Does she really like it in both holes (Galko-chan - buxom, anal, gyaru, dp, nakadashi)
-Kyun Kyun Kyun (Dokidoki Precure - sweet, yuri, magical girl, schoolgirl, fingering)
-Naka ni Dashichau Koibito Gokko (lol*con, Alice, nakadashi, stockings)
-Kouzuki Kallen no Tomadoi R2 (Code Geass - buxom, bunny girl, Kallen, pantyhose)
-Queen of Hearts and Alice Harlotry trial ver1.1 (anal, lol*con, cheating, netorare, impregnation)
-Irisu no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (Hyouka - schoolgirl, Fuyumi, gero, nakadashi)
-Serena Final Turn!! (Serena x Ash, kimono, leg lock, nakadashi)
-Love Love Honey Bee (Dragon Quest 5 - buxom, Debora)
-Suku Nyou! (lol*con, school swimsuit, urination, defloration)
-Kaki Hoshuu 6 (buxom, cheating, milf)
-Kaki Hoshuu 7 (milf, schoolgirl, netorare, prostitution, r*pe, murder)
-Mesu-Shin Koubi-chuu (Cardfight Vanguard - lol*con, Emi, mind break, nakadashi, impregnation)
-Jingai Ninpouchou ~Shuryou Ninja Shirohebi no Maki~ (cute, monster girl, snake girl, kimono)
-Ojii-chan to wa Haiccha Dame yo! (lol*con, milf, cheating, old man, netorare)
-Auntie's Sex Ed (buxom, milf, shota, defloration)
-M's diary (shota, anal, Trap!!, buxom, futanari, Trap!!!)
-Lilith-kun to Nenneko Shimasho ~ Felicia-kun to Issho (Darkstalkers - anal, shota, demon, nakadashi, Trap!!)
-Chiisana Seikatsu 4 (lol*con, shota, nakadashi)
-A Certain Futanari Girl's Masturbation Diary Ch. 3.5 (buxom, futanari, minigirl, stuck in wall, masturbation)

2 New English-Translated Love Live Doujins:
-Nico's Thirsty! (cute, small breasts, futanari, Honoka x Nico)
-Uchuu No.1 Idol (cute, small breasts, yuri, schoolgirl)

3 New English-Translated Granblue Fantasy Doujins:
-Gentle Blue Fantasy 3 (bucom, anal, bunny girl, slime, stockings)
-VictimGirls 21 Bokujou_ Happy End (buxom, hairy, fox girl, mind control, bestiality, impregnation)
-Cheri_Cherie (cute, Clarisse x Gran, nakadashi, stockings)

4 New English-Translated Kantai Collection Doujins:
-Yoru Yahagi (sweet, military girl, yahagi x Teitoku)
-D.L. action 107 (drunk, military girl, Pola x Teitoku, nakadashi)
-Haruna Does the Special Training Too! (buxom, yuri, strap-on, bondage, harem)
-Admiral's Daily Report 2 (buxom, mecha, schoolgirl, stockings)

2 New English-Translated Touhou Doujins:
-Miko-gari ~Hakurei no Miko Hen~ (buxom, anal, bondage, anal, dp, r*pe)
-You're Totally Drunk, Aren't You, Aya! (buxom, drunk, shota, wolf boy, paizuri)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 08/14/16
Posted by: Makasu

In this weeks Translations Update we have the first part to This Idolmaster Doujin showing the beginning of Miki' lewd involvement with Producer, A sweet Re:ZERO addition ft cute maids performing their duty, Another Idolmaster addition by [Type-g] ft Rin-Uzuki getting caught in the Producers web, Finally a busty milf teacher teaches Rito from To Love-ru a few things.

And for our members, We have a lewd My Hero Academia addition by [Chico] ft Momo-Ochako-Tsuyu, some mind control and a long tongue, A Go Princess Precure addition by [Studio Mizuyokan] ft Big ass Buxom maidens trying something new, A Busty paizuri filled Fairy Tail CG by [Samurai] ft the Guilds lovely ladies welcoming guests, Finally a Uchi no Musume addition ft a buxom milf dominating some poor guy.
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/10/16
Posted by: Makasu

9 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-The Orc in the Forest (buxom, Orc, stockings, nakadashi)
-Cockatrice (buxom, lol*con, catgirl, voodoo, schoolgirl, r*pe)
-Ma-Gui -DEATH GIRL- Jenny Jinn Hen (buxom, dark skin, drunk)
-Love Erie Please choose me, my master (buxom, maid, swimsuit)
-Princess Maid (cute, Elf, garter belt, nakadashi)
-Prisoner (buxom, lingerie, gender bender)
-Teach Me! Kana-sensei (big ass, buxom, bbw, milf, teacher x student)
-Be careful of defective goods (buxom, gender bender, lewd stuff)
-Easy Hypnosis (small breasts, mind control, brother x sister, leg lock, nakadashi)

2 New Translation Requested H-Manga Addition:
-Zenana Biyaku Choukyou Nikubenki Collection (big ass, busty, milf, schoolgirl, prostitution)
-Here is a Bitch Street Ch. 3-7 (buxom, anal, maid, gyaru, futanari, femdom, harem)
(Preview here)

12 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Zutto Suki Datta Ch. 1-5 (schoolgirl, swimsuit, blackmail, mind break, r*pe)
-Aneman Ch.5-6 (buxom, anal, sister x sister, schoolgirl, stockings)
-Fumajimeni Uraraka -Insincere Serenity- Ch. 7 (buxom, schoolgirl, paizuri, stockings)
-Eiyuu Oujo Shiro to Kuro no Kyouen Ch. 5-7 (anal, mind break, corruption, r*pe)
-Girls Lacrosse Club ~2 Years Later~ Ch. 1 (buxom, cheating, milf, impregnation)
-Emotive Ch. 5 (lol*con, twins, nakadashi, leg lock, defloration)
-Harem Frontier Ch. 3 (buxom, anal, policewoman, bondage, harem)
-My beloved Mister & My beloved Runaway Girl Ch. 2 (cute, buxom, lingerie, fingering)
-Lingua Franca!! Ch. 4 (lol*con, catgirl, tentacles, defloration, femdom)
-Neesan Ch. 3 (buxom, brother x sister, stockings, harem)
-Misako, the 34 Year Old Housewife and High School Girl Ch. 2-3 (milf, schoolgirl, exhibitionism)
-The Secret Artemis Ch. 5-8 (buxom, waitress, stockings, defloration)

2 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Insects That Gathered Around the Honey Ch. 10 (anal, bbw, milf, cheating, blackmail, r*pe)
-Flower-colored Girls (lol*con, schoolgirl, femdom, prostitution)

(The H-Manga titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/06/16
Posted by: Makasu

13 New English-Translated misc Doujins:
-Miss Kudelia Takes Boys' Dicks in a Crude Area (Gundam Iron-B Orphans - big ass, shota, anal, futanari, lol*con, dp)
-Erotic Teacher Desperately (Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter - buxom, shota, teacher x student)
-Tsun Shun X Tennen Kuro (Inu x Boku SS - lol*con, Oni, stockings, masturbation)
-Oshioki Shoujo. Chou Koukou Kyuu no Swimmer Asahina Aoi Shokei Shikkou (Danganronpa - bondage, dp, r*pe)
-Blue Secret (schoolgirl, defloration, impregnation, teacher x student)
-TOKYO Charismatic Public Lavatory Part 3 (buxom, anal, gyaru, schoolgirl, prostitution)
-Kemomimi! 5 ~Tanuki Musume Toujou Hen~ (buxom, bbw, racoon girl, paizuri, impregnation)
-Kanara-sama no Nichijou San + Shiori (lol*con, miko, nakadashi)
-KOTTORI KOTTORI (Love Live - buxom, schoolgirl, sleeping, stockings, r*pe)
-LEVEL_3 (Dragon Quest iii - Hero x Warrior)
-Neteru Danua o Haramaseru (Granblue Fantasy - big ass, buxom, demon girl, impregnation, r*pe)
-Mesu Buta Seisaku Shinkouchuu (Shirobako - buxom, mind control, defloration, impregnation)
-Butterfly and Chrysalis (Happiness Charge Precure - anal, futanari, bondage, dp, corruption, r*pe)

6 New Translation Requested Doujins:
-Ikunin 2 (Touhou - buxom, pregnant, Iku, lingerie)
-EMPIRE HARD CORE 2014 WINTER (Space Battleship Yamato - pregnant, alien girl, Melda, anal, dp)
-Kasumi Makuri (Pokemon - bis ass, buxom, Misty)
-Loud Live XTC SIDE-E (Love Live - anal, collar, mind break)
-Mei no Hon (Pokemon - buxom, body painting, Rosa, pantyhose)
-Short Serena no Hon (Pokemon - buxom, lol*con, Serena, stockings)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)

3 New English-Translated Kantai Collection Doujins:
-CUTE GIRL! THE AMERICAN! (buxom, paizuri, collar)
-Heart Melt on the Night of the New Moon (bodysuit, latex, Hatsuzuki x Teitoku, nakadashi)
-TRAP! Kashima Got Caught in a Trap! (cute, buxom, Kashima x Teitoku)

2 New English-Translated Gonna be the Twin-Tails Doujins:
-Tsuitails (lol*con, futanari, stockings, nakadashi)
-Tsuitails 2 Red-tan Morning Call (sleeping, anal, lol*con, futanari, dp)

2 New English-Translated Idolmaster Doujins:
-Cinderella Delivery (cute, Kaede, pantyhose, prostitution, impregnation)
-Honda-san Belongs to Everyone (Idolmaster - buxom, anal, dp, blackmail, r*pe)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 08/02/16
Posted by: Makasu

In this weeks Translations Update we have a Dagashi Kashi addition ft Hotaru x Kokonotsu, Angel's stroke 92 G2 a Gate addition ft Lelei, Rory and Tuka engaging in some hairy Elf netorare action, A Macross addition ft a lusty Claudia taking advantage of Hikaru, and a sweet Dokidoki Precure addition about a magical girl trying to cure the world.

And for our members, We have the remaining provocative chapters of Enjyo-Kosai (saucy stuff), A My Hero Academia addition about an unfortunate young mans sexual assault, A Busty Tekken addition ft Asuka and Lili doing lewd things in swimsuits, Finally a full color Pretty Cure addition ft Eas, Twilight and others bound and being publicly used in a rough yet sweet way by some well meaning males.
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)