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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/29/16
Posted by: Makasu

13 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Tsuyudaku (gym clothes, armpit stuff)
-Things Aren't Always As They Seem! (lol*con, bondage)
-The Inquisition of the Queen (buxom, bondage, r*pe, shota, monster)
-Run! (lol*con, brother x sister, on the run)
-Passed Out (drunk, milf, sleeping, anal, r*pe)
-Overrunner (bbw, bloomers, mega buxom, oink)
-Pure Love Glasses (schoolgirl, femdom, bondage, glasses)
-Miho-san's Pleasant Sweat Session (buxom, volleyball outfit, cheating)
-Love Love Mira Bitch (buxom, gyaru, schoolgirl, teacher x student)
-Brown Warrior Tight Ass (buxom, sleeping, dark skin, spanking, bad girl)
-Gohoushi Tsukumogami (light femdom, onahole, ya..)
-Beautiful Editor-in-Chief's Bridal Pose (buxom, milf, bride)
-A Trap Forced Into Adultery (anal, femdom, strap-on, Trap!!)

8 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Aphrodisiac Switch Ch. 2 (netorare, schoolgirl, mind control)
-Ero Life Ch. 7-8 (buxom, stuck in stairs somehow, tracksuit)
-Animal Assort Ch. 3 (buxom, dark skin, femdom, gyaru, shota)
-FutaKyo! - Futanari Kyouko-chan Ch. 6 (buxom, futanari, futa on male, anal, r*pe, waitress, Trap!!)
-My Hot Spot Ch. 2 (shota, kimono, cheeky bastard)
-Hustle! Danchizuma Ch. 13-14 (buxom, cheating, milf, harem)
-Taimanin's fall into the lewd hell Ch. 8 (netorare, tanlines, r*pe, small breasts, mind break)
-Lingua Franca!! Ch. 1-2 (lol*con, femdom, harem)

1 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Super love love sisters (lol*con, schoolgirl, maid, prostitution, brother x sister)

(The H-Manga titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/26/16
Posted by: Makasu

14 New English-Translated misc Doujins:
-D.L. Action 101 (Granblue Fantasy - buxom, Cagliostro - Clarise)
-Alomagedon (Pripara - demon girl, schoolgirl, lol*con)
-Eromangirl (Dragon Ball - buxom, bunny girl, shota, pig man :D)
-Amagi Backstage (Amagi Brilliant Park - buxom, schoolgirl, business suit)
-Is it a dream to have sex with girls on my birthday (Is It Wrong to... - buxom, dungeon, perversion)
-DAYDREAM INGRID (Dark Knight Ingrid - buxom, dark skin, super sexy Ingrid)
-Poison & Roxy (anal, prostitution, futanari, that bod)
-Gal Bitch boy (anal, schoolgirl, prostitution, shota, Trap!!)
-FUBUKI VS 50MEN (One Punch Man - anal, mind break, best girl dp)
-Sisters Invitation (futanari, slime girl, tentacles, yuri)
-Hakone Mid-Night Battle (Gate - bondage, kimono)
-Something about my Brother is Cute (schoolgirl, anal, shota, brother x sister, Trap!!)
-Minor Ward (sweet, buxom, femdom)
-Uzuki Therapy (sweet, buxmo, bunny girl, schoolgirl)

4 New English-Translated Kantai Collection Doujins:
-D.L. Action 100 (lol*con, mecha girl, shota)
-Lovely Submarine (lol*con, impregnation, swimsuit)
-I Tried to give Perverted orders> (buxom, schoolgirl)
-ATG (buxom, Atago x Teitoku)

3 New English-Translated Fate Doujins:
-Goshujin-sama Oppai desu yo!! 2 (buxom, cute, fox girl)
-Apparently he got addicted to a smart phone game (dark skin, lol*con, brother x sister)
-Goshujin-sama Oppai desu yo!! 3 (cute, buxom, fox girl, schoolgirl)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/23/16
Posted by: GC Midnight

In this week's Translations Update, we have a DanMachi doujin from AXZ, a Super Sonico doujin from Douganebuibui featuring Pochaco, a Gundam Build Fighters doujin from AKKAN-Bi PROJECT, and a KanColle doujin from Earthean featuring Kaga. We also have a Naruto doujin from Chrono Mail, an Idolmaster doujin from Tatsumaki Koutei featuring Anastasia and Minami, a Bikini Warriors CGset from Purple Haze, and the last 3 chapters of Dropout from Fan no Hitori.

And for the members' section, we have a Sennen Sensou Aigis doujin from G-Power!, a GUILTY GEAR doujin from Uguisuya, a Go! Princess PreCure doujin from Yamada Ichizoku, and a full-color Himouto! Umaru-chan doujin from AMP featuring Ebina. We also have the sequel to Igarashi Yuzuha's Torture Diary from shakestyle, the sequel to our previous Walkure Romanze doujin from Jumbomax, Purple Haze's EroCos Vol. 48 featuring Lucy from Fairy Tail, and an omnibus of 6 doujins from Cyclone.
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/20/16
Posted by: Makasu

11 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-The Devil in Your Subconscious -The Real You- (gyaru, schoolgirl, mind control)
-Very Pleasant Secret Special Training (buxom, bbw, swimsuit, spartan training)
-Love Potion - Mother x Daughter Pleasurable Massage (anal, blackmail, milf, bondage, mindbreak)
-Candy (bondage, anal, femdom, r*pe)
-Cosplay Sister (lol*con, maid, brother x sister)
-Hazy Spring (sweet, vanilla, schoolgirl, teacher x student)
-Jealous Approach (sweet, schoolgirl, vanilla)
-Boy x A Locker Room x Girl (buxom, swimsuit, bbw locker)
-Love-making with Chie (buxom, schoolgirl, sweet, leaking)
-Go to School! Chihiro (bbw, cute, brother x sister)
-The Prince and the Obedient Maid (buxom, maid, lingerie, shota)

6 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Clever? Solution #4 (schoolgirl, r*pe, femdom, anal)
-Animal Assort Ch. 2 (shota, femdom, buxom, schoolgirl)
-The Shrine Maidens Around Me are All Smiling Ch. 6-8 (anal, futanari, catgirl)
-Here is a Bitch Street Ch. 1-2 (buxom, exhibitionism, femdom, gyaru)
-A Wolf's Job Ch. 4 (buxom, fox girl, schoolgirl, femdom, harem)
-Aphrodisiac Switch Ch. 0-1 (netorare, schoolgirl, mind control)

3 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Shogo Beat (schoolgirl, lol*con, gyaru, catgirl, shota)
-Whenever You Touch Me (buxom, femdom, schoolgirl, shota)
-Cross x Family (cheating, milf, waitress, father x daughter)

(The H-Manga titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/18/16
Posted by: Makasu

5 New English-Translated Artist CG Sets:
-Genesis Regression (Viper rsr - elf, r*pe, lewd Cala)
-Sleeping Niece (sleeping, schoolgirl, r*pe, uncle x niece)
-Rinas Sexual Circumstance (anal, shota, prostitution, some weird stuff, Trap!!!!)
-The End of a Holy Woman 2 (Zero no Tsukaima - lol*con, anal, netorare)
-Sandwich 8 (maybe too buxom, bondage, bunny girl, catgirl, lol*con?)

5 New H-Game CG Sets:
Given magical power by the devil, Adventurer Dirks starts his new life as a servant of Satan. His first mission, information gathering behind enemy lines Dirks enters a vast forest seeking the enemy. He finds during his first mission however not only the droids he was looking for but that he Really likes his new job after encountering female opposition~ ;)
-Bunny Black 2 (bondage, r*pe, lol*con, elf, catgirl, demon girl, harem)

Keiichi Oyamada lives alone, not long out of high school he finds himself living a dull life lacking excitement. His lack of success with girls in highschool further lowers his opinion of himself.
He then gets a call from a highschool friend "Hey, do you need a job?", Keiichi already desperately low on funds accepts right away, Showing up at the location ready to work he finds it's a Manga cafe whos employees are all Cute-Sexy Women *hng*. Casting aside his bad history with women he aggressively tackles the Job head on using his position to take any and every advantage he can of the female workers and customers~ Can he even get away with it?
-Mankitsu Happening (buxom, anal, bondage, harem)

An Academy filled with Large Naughty Sensitive Tits waiting to be plundered by brave little Heroes.
404 proper summary not found*
-Naughty Tits Academy (buxom, schoolgirl, harem, shota, maid, catgirl)

Seiichi just moved into town from the countryside, suddenly before he could settle in he gets a request from his next door neighbor Maki Sanjo and her sister Misono, "Want to play with us?~". wha!? Seiichi is quickly caught up in depraved activities with the horny sisters, each time falling deeper into a lust filled pit of sin and sick debauchery.
-Maki-chan and I (milf, anal, buxom, harem, lotsa bondage, little enema-scat?)

Summer vacation has just started for University student Kagami, This year he decides to spend it in the countryside at a quiet little house he inherited from his Grandfather.
When he arrives and settles in however he finds that he's not alone? It started as glimpses of movement at first, then shadows and not long after Demons! Living breathing Demons walking around like nothing!. Kagami now shocked finds out about something else he has inherited from his Grandfather.
Demons who lived in the house with his Grandfather and in the village for generations, only people with "Spiritual Vision" can see them in Demon form and interact with them. Kagami now finds himself with surprisingly cheerful company during his summer vacation as he acclimates to the revelation about his family while getting to know new friends.
-Rainbow Reincarnation (buxom, milf, catgirl, lol*con, haremish)

(The CG Sets without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/15/16
Posted by: Makasu

14 New English-Translated misc Doujins:
-Semen Toilet Guard Strikes Back (To Love-ru - netorare, blackmail, r*pe, schoolgirl)
-An Elder Sister (demon girl, femdom, shota)
-404 NOT FOUND C-GIRL #83-1 (buxom, r*pe, father x daughter)
-KARLSLAND SYNDROME 4 (Strike Witches - buxom, fox girl)
-Automatic Sperming Machine Vol. 1 (bondage, femdom, schoolgirl, futanari, brother x sister)
-Little Girl 9 (lol*con, anal, bikini, shota)
-Fallen Princess Heles (Granblue x Kantai - buxom, anal, prostitution, Trap!)
-Mating Dance -Fate Chapter 2- (Nanoha - buxom, anal, blackmail, swimsuit)
-Father and I (anal, shota, father x shota, Trap!!)
-Friends like me (schoolgirl, lol*con)
-PLUNDER (Love Live - buxom, gender bender)
-LR-07 (Overlord - demon girl)
-TS Question! (Dragon Quest iii - buxom, bikini, gender bender, impregnation)
-Twilight Girl's Tentacle Rape (Touhou - lol*con, bondage, r*pe, tentacles)

2 New English-Translated Kantai Collection Doujins:
-Hagikaze's Wedding Night (Hagikaze x Teitoku)
-Shuuya ni Omou (buxom, schoolgirl)

2 New English-Translated Granblue Fantasy Doujins:
-BLUE IMPULSE (buxom, demon girl, r*pe)
-Sky Knight Idols' Backstage Story (anal, bondage, lol*con, r*pe)

3 New English-Translated Idolmaster Doujins:
-Dereraku (buxom, bikini, lol*con, fanservice)
-Nanka Sonna Hi (schoolgirl, harem, anal, fisting)
-Uzuki Shower (schoolgirl, Producer x Uzuki)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/12/16
Posted by: Makasu

23 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-A Half Bodied Toy 3 (schoolgirl, anal, bondage, stuck in wall, prostitution, father x daughter)
-A Clumsy Love (sweet, schoolgirl, wait wha)
-Akane Ganbaru!! (lol*con, fan)
-After the Rain Clears (buxom, cute, wet girl ;)
-Drowning Night (lol*con, brother x sister)
-Club of 2> (lol*con, schoolgirl)
-Futomomo Sensation! (bbw, drunk, vanilla, romping)
-Ekimae Seieki Bokin! (buxom, lol*con, schoolgirl)
-Go out with Me, Aoi-Chan! (buxom, blackmail, mind break)
-Hot Night (lol*con, brother x sister)
-Lolicon Detox (bikini, lol*con, brother x sister, tanlines)
-Kizashi Ch. 2 (buxom, cheating, bikini)
-Love Love Coaching (buxom, cheerleader, impregnation)
-Kizashi Ch. 3 (buxom, cheating, lingerie, perfect body)
-Mixed Bath Communication (lol*con, kimono)
-Last Fight! (schoolgirl, femdom, glasses)
-Mother Condom (shota, bbw, buxom, cheating, milf, mother x son)
-Moriya-kun's Reward (shota, anal, trap)
-Seito Leadership -Teaching Materials- (buxom, anal, schoolgirl)
-Tonarigumi (netorare, mind break, rude interruption)
-Stampede (anal, buxom, schoolgirl, r*pe, bondage, impregnation, mind break)
-Warming Up Together (sweet, buxom, lower middle class)
-Study Room 13 (schoolgirl, ghost girl, teacher x student)

7 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Clever? Solution #3 (buxom, anal, bondage, femdom, r*pe, blackmail)
-Animal Assort Ch. 1 (femdom, gyaru, schoolgirl, shota)
-You're a Pervert... Aren't you Ch. 1 (chikan, trap, um)
-My Bride is the Demon Lord!? Ch. 4 (schoolgirl, femdom, anal)
-Kuroinu ~Corrupted Maidens~ THE COMIC Ch. 5-6 (Tags)
-SAYONARA FAIRIES Ch. 5 (lol*con, schoolgirl, shota, revenge sex)
-Tomo Haha Ch. 5 (buxom, milf, cheating, mother x son x sister)

2 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-The Otaku in 10,000 B.C. Ch. 27 (buxom, milf, bondage, giantess, impregnation, etc)
-Prison of Huge, Spouting Tits (bbw, mega buxom, bondage, milf, r*pe, prostitution, schoolgirl, family fun)

(The H-Manga titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/10/16
Posted by: Makasu

2 New English-Translated Artist CG Sets:
-Yu Gi Oh -Majokari- LV3 (bbw, mind control, impregnation, birth, monsters goblins)
-Futanari to Josou (anal, trap, futa on male?, femdom, futanari)

8 New H-Game CG Sets:

Ryosuke is a photographer-handyman who works for a small adult video production company "Deprived Productions" that specializes in NTR content. Dissatisfied with the lack of content he goes out of his way to create his own finding and twisting an unsuspecting mother and daughter to his will.
-Another Man's wife ~it will sell~ (buxom, anal, netorare)

Drunk and out like a light. You've seen that sort of lady before. When you did, was there a naughty little voice in your head? "How far could I go? No... no... of course I wouldn't... but..."
This is what we've all fleetingly fantasized about. Before your eyes are two gorgeous, prone, drunk women. One is your curvy aunt. The other is her cute daughter. Choose who you want to enjoy.
-Drunken Romp ~Aunt and cousin~ (buxom, milf, anal, sleeping, aunt x nephew)

A City of water surrounded by the sea on all sides Tenshu Island is a peaceful place filled with carefree fun loving people.
Narumi YuShin made a wish and awoke on the shore of this island, he didn't have to wonder far before meeting one of the carefree residence. Will his surely innocent wish be granted? What did he wish for?
-Kujiragami no Tearstilla (buxom, schoolgirl, anal, bikini, swimsuit)

Kane is an adventurer, in his travels he comes across a female swordsman being attacked by monsters.
After rescuing her from certain death she tells him of her village' plight, monsters attacking and kidnapping residence.
With no money to pay the adventurer for help she offers her body as payment instead. Kane now enters the dungeon where the monsters live to fight for the villagers but quickly finds himself occupied with surprisingly lustful monsters.
-Dragon's Raid (buxom, anal, demon girl, bondage)

Delinquents are gathered and sent to Hoko-ho school for rehabilitation, the school however has swayed away from its original purpose and is now a gauntlet to determine Japans Strongest Students.
Two female fighters determined to gain the title of Strongest set out to determine which is stronger but find themselves caught up in more than a straight fight.
-Muhou Chitai - Kakutou Bishoujotachi no Injoku Battle (schoolgirl, r*pe, bondage, yuri, strap-on, futanari)

A Competition to steal treasure from a guarded location, 2 girls compete together with the same goal to win.
Zenshiro joins the competition with monetary gain at heart but with all other competitors being female he quickly finds other ways of entertaining himself during the mad scramble to find the hidden treasure.
-Out Vegetables (buxom, schoolgirl, bondage, maid, catgirl)

Just a normal schoolgirl, Asuna has a cock and a strong urge to relieve herself.
Desperate to find any time to herself she meets a curious new friend "Would you like to help me masturbate?" Futanari fun ensues.
-Eclair Milk Cream ~Masturbation x Onani~ (futanari, schoolgirl, anal, exhibitionism, futa x futa)

College life is a bit boring for JuWataru, while walking through town bored to death he comes across a Family restaurant with a very cute waitress. With his interest peaked he goes about finding anyway he can to twist the poor girl to his side, his efforts pay off and with better results than he expected.
-True Feelings (anal, blackmail, netorare)

(The CG Sets without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/08/16
Posted by: Makasu

12 New English-Translated misc Doujins:
-Mero Mero Furuya! (Sankarea - lol*con, schoolgirl, father x daughter, spooky ghost)
-Ankoku no Jou Kanraku (Sailor Moon - netorare, r*pe, anal, mind break)
-Its a Beautiful Flower (Prison School - schoolgirl, small breasts, hana best girl)
-Fumina Ready (Gundam Build Fighters Try - buxom, r*pe, mind break)
-Honey Punch! (Beatmania - cute, buxom, vanilla)
-Sleeping Stepdaughter (schoolgirl, sleeping, lol*con, father x daughter)
-Komachi 100 Shiki (Yes Precure 5 - schoolgirl, Komachi Akimoto)
-Mating Dance -Fate Chapter 1- (Nanoha - buxom, blackmail, r*pe)
-Mother and Daughters in a Cage (buxom, milf, r*pe, schoolgirl, defloration)
-Office Lady Cumming Just From Getting Tits Groped (business suit, fingering, yuri)
-PaPiPon! (Monster Musume - lol*con, anal, monster girl harpy)
-Eve of Ship Girls Pregnancy - Akatsuki's Gang Rape Banquet (Kantai Collection - lol*con, anal, blackmail, schoolgirl, r*pe)

2 New English-Translated Granblue Fantasy Doujins:
-Victim Girls 20 THE COLLAPSE OF CAGLIOSTRO (amputee, mind break, lol*con, necrophilia, gets a bit weird)
-Irekawariostro (gender bender, lol*con, body swap)

2 New English-Translated Idolmaster Doujins:
-D.L. action 102 (schoolgirl, producer x rin)
-Sweet Voice (mika x producer)

3 New English-Translated Love Live Doujins:
-Yomichi wa Akan de!! (schoolgirl, r*pe, exhibitionism)
-CL-orz 41 (buxom, anal)
-Nicos Adult Activities (lol*con, schoolgirl)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/05/16
Posted by: Makasu

14 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Private Maid Academy! (buxom, harem, maid)
-Anal Breaker!! ~Climax! Cum Dumpster~ (anal, bondage, dark skin, mind break, r*pe)
-The Care And Feeding Of Childhood Friends (bbw, bdsm, buxom, schoolgirl, slave)
-FEEL SO ASS ~I felt like it was fate~ (buxom, anal, cheating, gyaru)
-Fully Legal! Educational Rape Practice (group, r*pe)
-Gathering Strawberries (shota, femdom, gyaru, prostitution, schoolgirl)
-Idling Stop! (cutie, defloration)
-Imouto Video (buxom, schoolgirl, brother x sister, impregnation)
-More My Pharaoh! (dark skin, business suit)
-Lewd Moral Office ~The Busty Girl's Job~ (buxom, lingerie)
-Not Weaning (bbw, milf, mother x son, shota, impregnation)
-Subculture Shock (cute, buxom, freckles)
-The Devil's Meaty Monster (netorare, cheating, bbw, buxom, femdom, gyaru)
-Summer Christmas (ho ho ho, buxom, dark skin, santa)

3 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Taimanin's fall into the lewd hell Ch. 7 (r*pe, netorare, tanlines, small breasts)
-Sister Paradise Ch. 10 (buxom, schoolgirl, femdom, shota)
-The Otaku in 10,000 B.C. Ch. 26 (buxom, milf) [Penultimate Ch]

(The H-Manga titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/01/16
Posted by: Makasu

Happy New Year!

13 New English-Translated misc Doujins:
-Netorareta Princess Cavalry ~Third Chain~ (Fate Stay Night - blackmail, netorare, glasses)
-High School Sexual Puberty Report H+H (Highschool dxd - buxom, schoolgirl)
-Infection (anal, r*pe, schoolgirl, teacher, policewoman, mind control)
-NO WORK, NO LIFE (The Devil is a Part-Timer! - buxom, mind control)
-Keep me Warm (Saki - buxom, Matsumi)
-ASSVASE (Gundam Build Fighters Try - anal, bbw, enema, scatish)
-Lucrecia VII (FF vii - buxom, milf, impregnation, lactation, Lucrecia Crescent)
-No Contest 2.00 (buxom, cheating, exhibitionism, lactation, milf)
-Musou Tensei Cyguard (demon girl, mind control, gender bender)
-Oshigoto Theater 2 (Idolmaster - Yuriko Nanao)
-OVER SHORTER (shota, buxom, milf)
-Masochist male Education School (femdom, anal, futanari, schoolgirl, shota, trap)
-Story of an Elf Girl X4 (buxom, elf, milf, mother x son)

2 New English-Translated Touhou Doujins:
-Night Snack (small breasts, raccoon girl, glasses)
-Shoujo f (lol*con, schoolgirl) [yukiu con]

5 New English-Translated Kantai Collection Doujins:
-I Can No Longer Go Back To The Admiral's Side 3 (r*pe, murder of innocent male)
-Isuzu Breast Training Journal (buxom, schoolgirl, mecha girl)
-Warm Sea (schoolgirl, lol*con, glasses)
-Yamato Shisu 2 (buxom, bondage, r*pe, impregnation, oni)
-Neko-gata Catapult (anal, mecha catgirl)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)