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Category: Translations
Posted on: 09/29/15
Posted by: GC Midnight

For this week's Translations Update, we have volume 9 of Majimeya's Getsu Ka Sui Moku Kin Do Nichi series, a Senran Kagura doujin from Bronco Hitoritabi, a Madoka Magica doujin from FANGS featuring Mami, and a Sword Art doujin from Waffle Doumeiken. We also have an Expelled from Paradise doujin from Genei Teito, an Idolmaster doujin from r.i.s factory featuring Miki and Takane, a KanColle doujin from AERODOG featuring Kitakami, and the next 3 chapters of Shoujo Nostalgica by Maruwa Tarou.

And for the members' section, we have the much anticipated Tsunade's Lewd Prison 3 from Naruho-dou, the third and final chapter of Summer Halation by abgrund, the next chapter of Mizuryu Kei Land by Alice no Takarabako, and a To Love-Ru doujin from Hibi Rakuraku featuring Momioka. We also have the sequel to Happy Life2 from Kansai Orange, a Go! Princess PreCure doujin from Cyclone featuring Cure Twinkle, a CGset from Spiral Brain featuring Samus, and the first 3 chapters of Anamawashi by Abe Inori.
(Preview here)
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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/26/15
Posted by: Harem Mask

18 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Carmina (gyaru twins, threesome)
-Wonderful Girlfriend (schoolgirl, vanilla)
-Bear Hunt (bbw office lady, lingerie, hairy) [Itou Eight]
-Married Woman Exercise (bbw housewife, cheating, netori) [Itou Eight]
-Nee Nii-chan (love-struck younger-sister, humorous)
-Kuu Ai (spider monster-girl)
-Youkai Watching (oppai-loli, hotpants, humorous)
-Dolls Play (kimono-clad sisters)
-Hebihame! (snake-girl, dark-skin)
-Yonimo H na Toshi Densetsu Ladies - Ladies 01 - K.N-san (femdom MILF)
-Donkou (young couple on train-trip, vanilla)
-Camera of Absolute Submission - Juicy Raid (mind-control, mind-break, fucked-silly)
-Summer Colored Strawberry Candy (loli sister clad in yukata)
-Slackgirl Prostitution! (lol*con, prostitution)
-Shukusei Mattress (femdom, footjob, pantyhose)
-Drug-Addict Mindbroken SEX Test Subject Satsuki (loli, mind-break, breast-expansion)
-Love Lies Beyond the Cervix (dark-skinned track-star, hardcore, netorare)
-The Secret of Us Under a Coat (exhibitionist schoolgirl, vanilla)

10 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Take Out - Extra (dark-skin gyaru girl)
-Queen Series Ch. 5 (cosplaying sluts)
-Vanilla Pocket Ch. 1-2 (schoolgirl and glasses-clad maid)
-Sweet & Sour - Extra Chapter (Color) (threesome with sisters)
-My Sister is Idol Ch. 6 (submissive schoolgirl, blind-fold)
-Sex Within The Vast Blue Sky (end) (ghost loli, long)
-Momoiro Daydream Ch. 7 (dark-skinned foreign-exchange student)
-Kanojo de Ippai 2 Ch. 5 (humorous roommates)
-Sonotoki, Kanojo wa... Ch. 7-8 (housewife x brother-in-law, cheating)
-Highschool Girl's Hips Ch. 8 (now complete) (best-friend's younger sister)

1 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Otome Saku (schoolgirls, yuri)

(The h-manga titles/images without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/21/15
Posted by: Harem Mask

13 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Otawamure (DenMachi - Hesita, fucked-silly)
-Hero by a Hair's Breadth (Splatoon - squid-girls, hardcore, r*pe, tentacles)
-Mahou Shoujo 14.0 (Zettai Junpaku Mahou Shoujo - bikini-clad magical girls, dark-skin)
-DERENUKI 2 (Ghost in the Shell - Makoto Kusanagi, prostitution) [Tuna Empire]
-Into the Pit (The Testament of Sister New Devil - Mio, buxom)
-Nisenisekoi 6 (Nisekoi - Raku x Tsugumi and Chitoge)
-Frenda-chan's Electric Training (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun - futa Mikoto x Frenda, femdom, mind-break, fucked-silly)
-Yoko Shasei Shuu 2 (Gurren Lagan - Simon x Yoko, hotpants, big ass)
-Yoko Shasei Shuu 3 (Gurren Lagan - Yoko, hotpants, gang-bang)
-The Days the Blighted Leaves Fell, and I Embraced You (Sword Art Online - Kirito x Suguha, long)
-Choujigen Megamix! (Hyperdimension Neptunia - Vert, tentacle-r*pe, b*stilaity)
-My Mother Can't Possibly Be This Cute (Ore no Imouto - Yoshino, r*pe, son x mother)
-How to Eat a Delicious Squid (Squid Girl - Squid Girl, petite, fucked-silly)

3 New English-Translated Kantai Collection Doujins:
-Shoukaku to Ichaicha Shitai!! (Admiral x Shoukaku, vanilla)
-Yamato-gata Yasen no Susume Mu (Musashi, dark-skin, glasses)
-Buon appetito! - MeshiaGare (Littorio and Roma, threesome)

3 New English-Translated Idolmaster Doujins:
-Rin to P (Rin Shibuya, schoolgirl)
-Shibuya Rin SM (Producer x Rin Shibuya, bdsm)
-Mika-ppoi no! 2 (Producer x Mika, vanilla)

3 New English-Translated Touhou Doujins:
-Tengu-sama's Home - Part 1 (Hatate, buxom, stockings)
-Take Care of My Ejaculations Please, Sakuya-san! (Sakuya, maid, straight-shota)
-Yuugi Fools Around with a Bunch of Boys (Yuugi, straight-shota, gang-bang)

5 New English-Translated Fate/stay night Doujins:
-Shirou-kun Harem!! (Rin and Sakura x Shirou) [Zucchini]
-RE 22 (Shirou and Rin x Saber, swimsuit, humorous)
-Unusual Bedtime Working (Rin x Shirou)
-Theater of Fate (Shirou x Saber and futa Caster x Saber)
-GARIGARI 44 (Saber Alter, stockings)

6 New English-Translated Original Doujins:
-Inran Elf Oyako to Orc (buxom elf MILF x Orc, hardcore, fucked-silly) [Tiramisu Tart]
-Fragile:Risa PLUS + Paper (uncle x niece, spanking)
-My Very Own Giant-titted Fucktoy - Yuna Sensei's Passion (buxom, paizuri, big ass)
-My Very Own Giant-titted Fucktoy Maid (buxom, swimsuit, gangbang)
-Dosukebe Okaa-san to Musuko no Asedaku Sex (MILF, bbw, mother x son)
-Oni's Secret (busty kimono-clad oni)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/17/15
Posted by: Harem Mask

17 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Cafe Latte Lovers (bbw schoolgirls, dark-skin, big ass)
-Thunder Girl (tsundere cousin)
-Ihara-chan wa Futoppara (bbw girlfriend, vanilla)
-Let's play with Onee-chan! (older sister, bondage, r*pe, straight-shota)
-Nanaka Shitsuren Strategy (love-struck university girl)
-Prison R*pe (police woman, pantyhose, r*pe, mind-break)
-Navy Blue in The Afternoon (bloomers-clad wife, big ass)
-Onee-Shota Cheergirl Sex! (cheerleader, femdom, straight-shota)
-Osananajimi no Kanojo (crossdressing, trap-yaoi)
-Immoral Lesson (schoolgirls, threesome)
-Happiness Chain Reaction (love blooms at a wedding!)
-Soine Friend Konsui Ryoujoku (childhood friend, drugging, r*pe)
-The Sea and Lust (bbw girlfriend, bikini)
-The Future of Two (waitress girlfriend, vanilla)
-First Time with Mother (MILF, cheating, son x mother)
-Tsumetai no ga Suki! (crossdressing, trap-yaoi)
-I Wanna be Princess's Pet (loli schoolgirl)

8 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Tamashii - INSERT Ch. 3 (possession, gender-bender, prostitution)
-Harpy Ch. 1-3 (mind-controlled idols)
-I Am Everyone's Landlord Ch. 4 (harem, buxom)
-Mismatch Girls Ch. 1 (yuri, vanilla)
-Nadeshiko Hiyori Ch. 3 (schoolgirls, yuri)
-Mother Deserts Virgin Ch. 1-2 (mother x son, hairy)
-The Shrine Maidens Around Me are All Smiling Ch. 5 (shrine maiden x poessed childhood-friend)
-Garden I Ch. 0-3 (loli schoolgirl, netorare)

1 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Sanran Anthology Comics Vol. 2 (tentacles, r*pe, stomach-deformation, hardcore)

(The h-manga titles/images without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/13/15
Posted by: Harem Mask

12 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Perfect Communication (The Idolmaster - Ritsuko, pantyhose, fucked-silly)
-Ohigebon-35 Classmate Ochinchin Jugyou Sankan (Color) [Ohigetan]
-Theme Park's Opening Night (Amagi Brilliant Park - AmaBuri's Female Cast Members x random guys)
-Yatte mireba? (Love Live - Nozomi, miko, buxom)
-Futanari Yumiko Sensei to Komochi ni natta Ore (futa Yumiko x Seiji, futa on male, femdom)
-Shinka no Kiseki (Minami-ke - Yuka, lol*con, piercing, corruption)
-Order (Da Capo III - waitress, r*pe, lactation, impregnation)
-Ah, More Milk, Please (Shirokuma Cafe - Sakako, b*stiality, humorous)
-Sustain of Lust (Hyperdimension Neptunia - Noire and Uni, r*pe)
-Milly for Masturbation! (Gundam AGE - Millais x random guys)
-Boy Meets OPI (Yowamushi Pedal - Imaizumi x genderbent Naruko)
-School-Flesh! (School-Live - lol*con, gang-bang, prostitution)

6 New English-Translated Kantai Collection Doujins:
-Asedaku Tenryuu (Admiral x Tenryuu, buxom, stockings)
-szyt_nnsr? (Admiral x Suzuya, vanilla)
-KawaColle 2.0 (Admiral x Kongou, skinsuit, gender-bender)
-Mizugi no Shoukaku-san wa Ikaga? (Shoukaku, bikini)
-I Can't Return To Admiral's Side 2 (Shoukaku, netorare, mind-break)
-Umi no Kasane (Akagi and Kaga, yuri)

6 New English-Translated Original Doujins:
-I Washed-Up on a Island Full of Women and Now Have a Harem (Color) (shipwrecked guy x harem)
-Ajin Shoujo-tan Vol. 1 (mermaid monster-girl)
-Ajin Shoujo-tan Vol. 5 (mermaid monster-girl, vanilla, petite)
-Ajin Shoujo-tan Vol. 5 Another (mermaid monster-girl, vanilla, petite)
-Recently, I Started Smelling Semen from My Son's Underwear (Color) (mother x son, straight-shota)
-Cross Play CirCra Male-chan 2 (crossdressing, trap-yaoi, blackmail, mind-break)

1 New English-Translated CGset:
-Molding a Proud College Girl into a Human Toilet (r*pe, mind-break, hardcore)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 09/11/15
Posted by: GC Midnight

For this week's Translations Update, we have a full-color DanMachi doujin from Yan-Yam, the sequel to this Love Plus doujin from Shimekiri Sanpunmae, the sequel to last update's Boku Girl doujin from Kyomu no Uta, and the next chapter in the Netoraregatari series from Yuunabe Shinkouchuu. We also have a full-color Sword Art doujin from Carrot Works, an Infinite Stratos doujin from waterwheel featuring Charlotte, a Touhou doujin from CUNICULUS featuring Iku and Tenshi having pregnant sex, and the first 3 chapters of Shoujo Nostalgica by Maruwa Tarou.

And for the members' section, we have a To LOVE-Ru doujin from PTD, a doujin from A Kyokufuri featuring girls from various series, the sequel to our previously translated Sailor Moon doujin from Uruujima, and a Super Smash Bros. doujin from Stapspats featuring Samus. We also have an Idolmaster doujin from Kirintei featuring Mayu, a KanColle doujin from Gunjou Kakumei featuring Kongou, a CGset by rbooks about a mind-controlling whistle, and the last 4 chapters of Sexual Excitement Device by Kino Hitoshi.
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/09/15
Posted by: Harem Mask

16 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-The Sarashina Bloodline (petite younger-sister)
-Milky Clinic (MILF, absurdly large breasts, lactation)
-Slutty Office at Night (office ladies, threesome)
-Can Not Wait (waitress girlfriend)
-My Big Sister often has an Amorous Look on Her Face (busty sister)
-Intuition Vibration (busy schoolgirl girlfriend, vanilla)
-Okisaki-sama no Onayamigoto! (empress, cheating, gang-bang) [Zucchini]
-Pai Panic - Hasamareta Dekapai (Color) (office lady stuck in wall)
-Fake (buxom schoolgirl with amnesia, netorare)
-On Gratitude (glasses, vanilla)
-You'll Be Beautiful Forever (mind-control, dark) [DATE]
-Girl's First Time (futa scientist x gender-bent schoolboy)
-Ghost Harassment (femdom ghost, crossdressing, footjob)
-Hatsutori Oku-sama no Shiri Shojo Taiken (MILF, hairy, bbw)
-Purgatory (oppai loli younger-sister)
-Fumi Fumi (kimono-clad childhood-friend, vanilla)

17 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-My Bride is the Demon Lord!? Ch. 2 (magical highschool girl, tsundere)
-My Care Lady Ch. 2 (buxom gyaru girl)
-Pinkerton Ch. 1-2 (end) (r*pe, mind-break, fucked-silly)
-Body SwApp Ch. 1-2 (body-swap)
-The Otaku in 10,000 B.C. Ch. 22 (cavegirl orgy and femdom queen!)
-Pretty Virgin Ch. 1-3 (end) (glasses-clad class president, vanilla)
-Camera of Absolute Submission Ch. 1-2 (cosplay, mind-control, gang-bang)
-Eclipse Ch. 1-4 (femdom, crossdressing, pegging)
-Office Love Scramble Ch. 1-2 (office lady harem, lingerie)
-FutaKyo! - Futanari Kyouko-chan Ch. 5 (futa schoolgirl x futa teacher, exhibitionism)
-HUNDRED GAME Ch. 1-3 (dark story of love and revenge)
-Beloved Housewife Soldier Mighty Wife Ch. 5-6 (superhero housewife) [Kon-Kit]
-Reika My Brilliant Maid Ch. 1-2 (femdom maid)
-Wasurena 2 Ch. 3-12 (now complete) (housewife sister, cheating)
-Sonotoki, Kanojo wa... Ch. 4-6 (schoolgirl, netorare)
-The Girl, The Gang, and The Blue Night Ch. 3-5 (r*pe, lol*con, father x daughter)
-Manjiru Torotoro Ch. 5< (wife and her twin sister)

1 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-The Door of Sexual Pleasure (MILF, bbw)

(The h-manga titles/images without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/03/15
Posted by: Harem Mask

12 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Warm Whirlpool (Naruto - Naruto x Hinata, kimono, vanilla)
-Sick From Drinking (Black Lagoon - Rock x Revy)
-Akiko-san to Issho 16 (Kanon - Yuuichi x Akiko, MILF, buxom)
-Hoshizora Ikuyo's 40yo Second Debut (Smile PreCure! - Ikuyo Hoshizora, hardcore, cheating)
-Shadow World - Satonaka Chie no Baai (Persona 4 - Chie, prostitution, netorare)
-Sona's Home: First Part (League of Legends - Sona, lactation)
-INFINITY 18 (Dragon Ball Z - Android 18, netorare, long)
-Princess of darkness (Go! Princess PreCure - Cure Twinkle and Cure Scarlet, drugging, lol*con, fucked-silly)
-Cross Play CirCra Male-chan (Original - r*pe, crossdressing, trap-yaoi)
-Strong Girls (Transformers - Strongarm, tentacles, stomach-inflation, hardcore)
-Midgard (Ah My Goddess - Belldandy, swimsuit, gang-bang)
-Koinaka (Uta no Prince-sama - Haruka x Quartet Night, naked-apron)

3 New English-Translated Idolmaster Doujins:
-Okidoki^2 (Hibiki, femdom, b*stiality, hardcore, stomach-deformation)
-D.L. action 96 (Producer x Rin, vanilla)
-EAR NUMBER (Mika, bunny-girl cosplay, pantyhose)

2 New English-Translated Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Doujins:
-VictimGirls 19 - JEZEBEL AMAZONES (Tiona and Tione, stomach-deformation, fucked-silly)
-Volunteer Heroes (Hestia x Bell)

2 New English-Translated Nanoha Doujins:
-NANO. -Lyrical Nanoha Soushuuhen- (Nanoha - Fate, pregnant, lingerie)
-Me and Hayate in One Room (Nanoha - Hayate, vanilla)

4 New English-Translated Original Doujins:
-Succubus Stayed Life 2 (glasses-clad schoolgirl, demon-girl cosplay)
-Kaihana - Fallen Elf Wife (elven MILF, r*pe, big ass)
-KOI+KAN 7 (magical schoolgirl) [Kikurage-ya]
-Futanari Yu Mission de Okasarechau! (femdom, futanari, futa on male)

12 New English-Translated Kantai Collection Doujins:
-T.K.O!! (Takako, big ass, bikini, stockings)
-KanNomi 2 (Tako, tentacles, bondage, hardcore)
-Chichi Chichi Chichiyoda (Chiyoda, buxom, stockings)
-Bep Onsen Futaritabi (Hibiki and Verniy x Admiral, lol*con)
-Futanari Atago and Shota Admiral (Atago and Shimakaze, futa (with balls), stockings)
-Wo-Class-chan Dress Up (Wo-Class x Admiral, stockings, footjob)
-COMING EVENT (Admiral x Kaga)
-93-Shiki Sanso Gyorai FULL BURST (Murakumo x Admiral, petite)
-Eggs (Admiral x Nagato and Kaga)
-Kimi Naki Sekai (Yuudachi x Admiral, vanilla, long)
-NOJATONE! (Chikuma and Tone x Admiral)
-Suzuya to Natsu LOVE VACATION (Suzuya, bikini)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)