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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/28/15
Posted by: Harem Mask

14 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Living with a Lewd Spirit Beast (Shinrabansho - fox-girl, spats, straight-shota, mother x son)
-Lose Control (Street Fighter - Juri x M. Bison, femdom, footjob) [Turtle.Fish.Paint]
-Don't Hold Back, Okay? (Mirai Nikki - Yuno x Yukiteru, yandere, femdom)
-Oishikute Sorosoro Hontou ni Dame ni Naru (Galaxy Angel - Forte, micro-bikini, fucked-silly)
-Imouto Monogatari (Bakemonogatari - Araragi x Shinobu and Fire Sisters, lol*con)
-Burumami (Madoka Magica - Mami, bloomers)
-TRY ESCALATION (Gundam Build Fighters - Fumina x Sekai, vanilla)
-Metabolism-H Moto Dorei Kaizoku Jotei Hancock no Hanayome Shiyugyou (One Piece - Hancock, buxom)
-Strike Witches Request Manga (Strike Witches - futa Charlotte and Gertrud x Mio)
-Omodume BOX XXVII (Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya - Various, lol*con, harem)
-NOISIV (Color) (Super Sonico - Sonico, sleeping)
-"Ma" (Dragon Quest 5 - Maya and Meena, futa, dark-skin)
-Minimum Heaven (Final Fantasy 7 - Barret and Cid x Tifa)
-Hybrid Tsuushin Vol. 16 -Seven Deadly Boobs- (The Seven Deadly Sins - Elizabeth, absurdly large breasts, paizuri)

4 New English-Translated Idolmaster Doujins:
-CL-orz 43 (Uzuki, Rio, and Mio)
-Nao-chan to Asedaku de suru hon (Producer x Nao Kamiya)
-Mika-ppoi no! (Producer x Mika, vanilla)
-Bath Time With Kaede (Kaede x Producer, petite)

3 New English-Translated Kantai Collection Doujins:
-Kankanshiki (Yamato x Admiral + Various pin-ups!)
-Suzuya Can't Take it Anymore! (Suzuya, lingerie, stockings)
-VeryShy03 (Various, tentacles)

2 New English-Translated Original Doujins:
-Iroha Gonomi (kimono-clad wife and petite oni-girl)
-Her Romantic Activities (schoolgirl, bloomers, stockings)

2 New English-Translated Yotsubato Doujins:
-Clover* 2 (Yousuke x Fuuka, schoolgirl)
-Clover* 3 (Yousuke x Fuuka, schoolgirl)

2 New English-Translated Touhou Doujins:
-Youjuu Half & Half (Kyouko and Nue, dog-girl, threesome)
-Hypnosis Doll Alice (Alice, mind-control, fucked-silly)

2 New English-Translated CGsets:
-King's Game With My Little Sister (sweater-clad sister)
-How I Got Hooked on Him (crossdressing, trap-yaoi, cosplay)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 07/26/15
Posted by: GC Midnight

In this week's New Translations, we have the sequel to this Love Live! doujin from Dai 6 Kichi featuring Kotori, a Maoyuu doujin from Jyouren Kishidan, the next volume in the Netoraregatari series from Yuunabe Shinkouchuu, and an Idolmaster doujin from make pig press featuring Mika and Rika. We also have a Metroid CGset from Purple Haze, a Sword Art Online doujin from YASUDANCHI, a Guilty Gear doujin from Tonkotsu Fuumi, and the first 3 chapters of an H-manga from Sakai Nayuta.

And for the members' section, we have a BlazBlue doujin from Magic Fortune Hachioujiten featuring Makoto, a Puzzle & Dragons doujin from Deastim, a Dragon's Crown doujin from Z-Front featuring Sorceress, and an original doujin from JACK-POT featuring a couple slutty schoolgirls. We also have a Naruto CGset from Purple Haze featuring Tsunade, an Amagi Brilliant Park doujin from H.B, an original CGset from MC about a guy with time-stopping powers, and chapter 3 of a full-color H-manga from Marui Maru.
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/19/15
Posted by: Harem Mask

15 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-My Lazy Sister (sleeping older-sister, straight-shota)
-Please Take It! Azumi-Sensei! (buxom teacher, big ass, humorous)
-Kataomoi Bandage (childhood-friend, vanilla)
-Nightmare (demon futa, tomboy, male on futa)
-Kaneshiro-san Can't Take It Anymore (bbw airheaded-schoolgirl, absurdly large breasts, big ass)
-Earnest Love (young couple exploring sex, vanilla)
-Sex Junkie (dating site nymho, fucked-silly)
-Once You're Away From Home, You Can Do Anything (kimono-clad MILF, cheating, hairy)
-Cutie Beast (femdom girlfriend)
-Married Life (buxom fiancee)
-Summer-Colored Flavor (buxom schoolgirl, swimsuit, femdom)
-Imagine (sex obsessed-schoolgirl, humorous)
-Expectation vs Reality in University Circles (what's your ideal university life? humorous)
-Springtime in Full Bloom (oni schoolgirl, petite)
-Omimai Panic?! (tsudnere loli, schoolgirl)

14 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-FuckBuddy Collection Ch. 2 (loli schoolgirl using sex-friend app)
-WORK & SEX Ch. 7-11 (now complete) (various stories featuring buxom women)
-Nudist Beach ni Shuugakuryokou de!! Ch. 6 (school trip to nudist beach turned personal harem!)
-Grimoire of the Divine Comedy - Pandra Second Saga Ch. 17 (monster-r*pe, stomach-deformation, futa) [Erect Sawaru]
-Voodoo Squad Ch. 1 (female gunners vs zombie horde, r*pe, corruption)
-Residence Ch. 2 (now complete) (gender-bender, mind-break, gang-bang)
-Lose Loose Ch. 1 (buxom class president, blackmail, gang-bang)
-Succu Life Ch. 6-7 (now complete) (succubus harem, threesome)
-MM2-gou Ch. 1-5 (android MILF)
-FutaKyo! - Futanari Kyouko-chan Ch. 4 (onsen orgy with futanari, male on futa)
-Nadeshiko Hiyori Ch. 2 (yuri schoolgirls)
-Gap After School Ch. 4-7 (various stories)
-Sonotoki, Kanojo wa... Ch. 1-3 (schoolgirl, netorare)
-Kanojo de Ippai 2 - Ch. 2 (everyone's favorite roommates return!)

2 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Jun-Ai Trickster (various stories featuring netorare)
-Mama to Sensei ~Tsukuzuku Onna Genashi~ (buxom MILFs, mother x son)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/14/15
Posted by: Harem Mask

20 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Paradise Released (Expelled from Paradise - Dingo x Angela, plugsuit)
-Anal Mai Six (Kanon - Mai, netorare, big ass, stockings)
-Is It True That Cute Little Boys Are The Big Breasted Gal's Weakness? (Oshiete! Galko-chan - buxom ganguro x shota)
-Osawari Nadeshiko (Chihayafuru - Kanade x random guys, schoolgirl, drugging, prostitution)
-Chiiku Gangu Okusama (Okusan - Kyouko, bbw, cheating)
-Ama Kan (Amagi Brilliant Park - Orcs x The Elementario Faries and Sento)
-Angel FulFilled (King of Fighters - Angel, prostitution, gang-bang)
-Pool Party - Summer in Summoner's Rift (Color) (League of Legends - Katrina, Leona, and Vayne)
-FORTY SIX (Gundam: G no Reconguista - Bellri x Aida)
-Rinko Let's Make a Baby (Gundam Build Fighters - Rinko, cheating, MILF, impregnation, mother x son)
-The Real Me (Cardcaptor Sakura - anal obsessed Sakura x Syaoran, lol*con)
-Mamimamix (Madoka Magica - The Magical Girls x Mami, yuri)
-Water Lily (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere - Mary x Tenzou, buxom)
-LOVE HOLE (Aquarion EVOL - Mix, bunny-girl cosplay)
-Naoto is my Wife (Persona 4 - Naoto, wedding dress, blindfold)
-Is It Wrong Raid a Dungeon and Leave the Erotic God All Alone? (Color) (DanMachi - Hestia, prostitution, netorare)
-Medusa's Closet (Fate/stay night - Shirou x Rider)
-Mausoleum (Dark Souls - Gywndolyn, futa, tentacles)
-LOST (Strike Witches - Mio, vanilla)
-STC!!! (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Ceaser x gender-bent Joseph, hotpants)

3 New English-Translated Original Doujins:
-Suku-Mizu Syndrome (lol*con, swimsuit)
-No Contest (MILF, absurdly large breasts, lactation)
-Female Furniture Factory (factory worker x furniture girls, mind-control)

4 New English-Translated Touhou Doujins:
-UTSUHO HEARTSWITCH (Utsuho, stockings, big ass)
-Wanna Be Squeezed Dry By A Smoking Hot Girl (Nue, petite, femdom)
-Waki Miko no Utage (busty Sane, gang-bang)
-Self-Sex Youmu-chan (Color) (Yomu, bbw)

2 New English-Translated Kantai Collection Doujins:
-Dorei Nisshi ~Rainichi Shita Kaigaikan o Kairaku Chuudoku Choukyou~ (Prinz and Bismarck, fucked-silly, mind-break)
-I Want to do a Night Battle with Taigei-chan (Taigei, pantyhose, schoolgirl)

2 New English-Translated Bambo Blade Doujins:
-Pai! (Kirono x Sayako, yuri)
-Pai! 2 (Kirono x Sayako, yuri)

3 New English-Translated CGsets:
-Horse Bride Bianca (Dragon Quest 5 - Bianca, hardcore, monster-r*pe, stomach-deformation)
-Betrayal! Netorare!? Total Slut!! Extramarital Sex (Bakuman - Miho, cheating, netorare)
-PRIVATE BE@CH 01 (Idolmaster - Azusa and Miki, swimsuits)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 07/12/15
Posted by: GC Midnight

In this week's Translations Update, we have a Drakengard 3 doujin from MUSHIRINGO, a DanMachi doujin from Nagiyamasugi, a full-color Touhou doujin from MONE Keshi Gum featuring Meiling, and a Sword Art Online doujin from RED RIBBON REVENGER. We also have two Idolmaster doujins: a full-color one from Pale Scarlet, and one from loiter featuring Azusa, a KanColle doujin from Aigamodou featuring Katori, and an original doujin from valssu about a woman working in a bathhouse.

And for our members, we have a Dragon Ball Z CGset from Lunatic Orgasm featuring Android 18, a Love Live! doujin from VENOM, a Mahouka doujin from Morimiyakan, and an Idolmaster doujin from REI's ROOM featuring Ranko. We also have a Gundam Build Fighters doujin from Crazy9, a KanColle doujin from Nanakorobi Yaoki featuring Musashi and a bit of Nagato, a CGset from MC about a guy who can brainwash his classmates with a phone app, and two chapters of a full-color H-manga from Marui Maru.
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/08/15
Posted by: Harem Mask

20 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Mizuha is Stubborn (prostitution, fucked-silly, humorous)
-Ari no Mama Kyouiku (bbw glasses-clad MILF, mother x son)
-Midarana... (exhibitionist student council president)
-Dripping Trickling Tits (absurdly large breasts, lactation, swimsuit)
-Hotondo Byouki (childhood-friend, vanilla)
-Hammurabi! (porn-obsessed schoolgirl, blackmail, 100% blowjobs) [Fue]
-Harpy School ~Noisy Class~ (harpy monster-girl)
-Guiding a Saucy Girl (busty schoolgirl, spanking)
-Juushou nano wa! (buxom schoolgirl, big ass)
-Love Affair (femdom schoolgirl blackmailing teacher)
-Gaman Shimasen Dekimasen (buxom childhood-friend)
-Beast Max (schoolgirl x oni childhood-friend)
-Prepare Yourself!! (perverted schoolgirl)
-Summer Embrace (swimsuit, fucked-silly)
-I'm Just a Little Perverted! (perverted schoolgirl, humorous)
-Shuffle Relations (can government sanctioned couples find love? Vanilla)
-Welcome to Yosakura Hospital - The Daily Life of Nurse Kuroi (night-shift nurse x random guys)
-It's Time for Rounds! (night-shift nurse x random guys)
-Three Point Reversal (busty schoolgirl, big ass, vanilla)
-Awakening (bdsm schoolgirl and teacher, gang-bang)

10 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-My Daughter's Boyfriend Ch. 1-2 (end) (MILF teacher x daughter’s boyfriend)
-Highschool Girl's Hips Ch. 7-8 (swimsuit-clad schoolgirl and love-struck cosplaying schoolgirl)
-WORK & SEX Ch. 1-6 (various stories featuring buxom women)
-Gap After School Ch. 1-3 (buxom sisters)
-Swimming Club Capriccio Ch. 2-3 (swimsuit, harem)
-I Am Everyone's Landlord Ch. 3 (harem of horny apartment tenants) [Tachibana Omina]
-The Otaku in 10,000 B.C. Ch. 20 (attack of the female kappa!)
-Ingyaku no Oukoku Auger Hakudaku Senki Eleanor Ch. 1-4 (female warrior, mind-control)
-Milky Succubus Lilly Ch. 1-4 (end) (petite succubus, yuri, femdom, lactation)
-Anata no Mono Ch. 5 (camwhore shut-in)

1 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Honey Dip 2nd Love (various humorous stories) [Kon-Kit]

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)