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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/28/13
Posted by: Harem Mask

11 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Renai Sample (innocent threesome) [Homunculus]
-Yurumi Care (buxom MILF, some femdom)
-My Cousin's Body (drunk cousin + sister)
-Blonde Bondage (busty blonde English tutor, bondage) [Toguchi Masaya]
-Love, Hate, Really Love RETURNS (sister, innocent) [Yuzuki N' Dash]
-Chuu-Ni Erotica (gothic lol*ta with an eye-patch, innocent)
-Noa Pan Life (brother x sister, pantyhose)
-Irony (female vampire)
-Red (busty schoolgirl, r*pe, prostitution)
-R.P.S. Rock Paper Scissors (hardcore femdom, pegging, reverse-mind-break)
-A Love That Ended (crush turned stepmother)

10 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Chichi Nikurin Ch. 5-12 (now complete) (various stories, buxom women)
-Ani Omou Yue ni Imouto Ch. 6-9 (now complete) (harem of schoolgirls)
-Dere Nochi Torare Ch. 5-8 (now complete) (netorare mostly) [Carn]
-Blind Princess Ch. 1-3 (blind older sister)
-Ore Sen Kanojo Ch. 6-7 (schoolgirls, various innocent stories)
-Please Help Yourself, Master! Ch. 7 (maid x her young master) [Maidoll]
-Nectar Ch. 1-9 (MILFs, mother x son, lingerie)
-Son Swapping Ch. 4 (bbw MILF x two shotas, mother x son)
-Nadenade Shikoshiko Ch. 8 (office lady with “love potion”)
-Teacher x Teacher Ch. 5 (now complete) (harem of female teachers)

1 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-34-Year-Old Begging Wife (cheating MILFS in various stories)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 04/25/13
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for the week is the final two chapters of EBA's "Aspiring Sex Slave" h-manga; I hope you enjoyed this book!

Three new chapters of Andou Hiroyuki's latest h-manga; chapter 4 is a continuation of chapter 3, and parodies Juvia from Fairy Tail competing for Grey's affection instead of Lucy. Chapter 5 is about a seductive maid and chapter 6 is about a naive chinese-girl.

A dark ToHeart 2 doujin about Tamaki being netorare'ed and impregnated.

A random CGset with a bunch of original characters, all of which are women based off of the Sengoku-era in feudal-Japan. The author, Makura no Doushi, has a pretty big foot-fetish as is pretty obvious from this CGset.

Purple Haze's 3rd CGset in the "Dark-Skin Lovers" series, featuring another original-character.

A short Boku wa Tomodachi doujin by Kima-Gray about Sena in various cosplay-outfits x Kodaka.

Another Idolmaster doujin by Nekomataya, this time about Mika Jougasaki, one of the newer girls from Idolmaster: Cinderella.

And for our members--A cute and innocent Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou doujin.
(Preview here)
A Pokemon doujin about Roxie, a gym leader from Pokemon Black and White 2, getting sold out by one of her female band-members.
(Preview here)
An original-character doujin about a cow-woman who lactates milk and a bee-woman who lactates nectar.
(Preview here)
A To Love Ru Darkness femdom doujin about Nemesis dominating some random guy.
(Preview here)
A full-color Hyouka doujin about Eru Chitanda and Fuyumi Irisu.
(Preview here)
Another foot-fetish CGset by Makura no Doushi; two girls bully another girl who they dislike and try to sell her to some older guy, until he turns on the two of them instead and teaches them a lesson or two.
(Preview here)
Three new chapters from Meme50's Sakari Sakarare; a male-teacher ends up fucking his student's mother during a teacher-parent conference, and a guy takes his young wife to an onsen.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Watisit + Makasu, Watisit + MoeTaku, Blurk + Phantom Renegade, Pennington + Z6595, CGRascal + Sokarius, FuwaFuwaru Translations, Crimson Leo, The Tsuuyaku, PineApples R' Us + Sokarius, Fated Circle, QB-TL, Crimson Leo, Wrathkal + Sokarius, and Watisit + Ulricat (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/22/13
Posted by: Harem Mask

8 New H-Game CGsets:
-Netorare MILF Natsuko (41) (MILF gets netorare'ed, impregnation)
-Hypnosis Fantasia - Opulent Mating Fuckfall (mind-control x buxom women)
-Love Lab - I Took My Girlfriend to the S&M Laboratory (mostly innocent)
-Kanshiro Sengen (hardcore bondage, impregnation)
-Love Sword Maiden (innocent)
-Ahaan Academy - Awaken, My Super Semen Cannon! (schoolgirls x semen)
-Soukoku no Arterial (mostly innocent)
-Well Done! Tenkagomen Festival - Love-Storm of Feudal Japanese Maidens

14 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Bickering Brings Us Closer! (Pokemon - Bianca and Rosa, humorous)
-Akazawa Solution 1 (Another - Mei and Izumi, exhibitionism)
-A Certain Day in Chibimokou's Life (Touhou - Various, futanari)
-DEAD STOCK 2 (Original characters - horny stepmother in catgirl cosplay)
-BAD END HEAVEN (Sword Art Online - Various, hypnosis, r*pe, mind-break)
-Heroine Tigers Pit (Color) (Original -tomboy fucked-silly) [Pish Lover]
-The Journey Continues (Dragon's Crown - monster-r*pe)
-So Socking Annoying (Original - schoolgirl x guy with a stockings-fetish)
-0 Plus 5 Super Electric Sex Cannon (Railgun - Misaka x Saten, yuri)
-Manya's Prostitute Diaries (Dragon Quest 4 - Manya, prostitution)
-ASU x MARI (Evangelion - Asuka x Mari, yuri)
-WINTER AFFAIR (Strike Witches - Heinrike, Mio, innocent)
-Happy Star (Color) (Idolmaster - Miki)
-Ai and Yuuki's Colorful Traveler (Color) (To Heart 2 - Various, humorous)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/19/13
Posted by: Harem Mask

13 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-My Neighbor Hanako-chan (petite shy-girl, innocent)
-Sister Sister (futanari x buxom sister, r*pe, impregnation) [Gura Nyuutou]
-Limit Break (cheating housewife fucked-silly) [Alice no Takabaro]
-Girls Who Go Too Far – Mayu-chan (pushy university girl)
-NO PLAN PLAY (brother obsessed older sister) [Yuzuki N' Dash]
-Let's Go! Inept Detective!! (schoolgirl detective, humorous)
-AV Shop's Twisting Dream (threesome with two women at an AV store)
-Lace-up Boots (femdom in leather boots)
-One-shota Slime Dinner (slime-woman x shota, femdom)
-One-shota Love Potion (bbw teacher x shota, breast-expansion)
-Sister Neighbors 2 (loving couple, big breasts)
-Imaichi Imai-san (inept business woman, pantyhose, innocent)
-Oshietekudasai (yuri, innocent)

11 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Beautiful Girls Club Ch. 5 (Ixia acts, an intruder enters the garden)
-Ane Hug Ch. 3 (busty older step-sister)
-Chichi Nikurin Ch. 1-4 (MILF cheating)
-Blushing Body Ch. 1-3, 6 (tomboy, innocent)
-School Committee For Indiscipline Ch. 4 (end) (femdom MILF fucked-silly)
-Princess Story Ch. 5 - 5.5 (kimono girl, harem)
-Virginity Ch. 1-2 (innocent stories staring busty women, humorous)
-Sisters All Over Ch. 1-2 (brother x sister stories)
-Nadenade Shikoshiko Ch. 1-7 (collection of innocent stories)
-Triangle H Ch. 1 (Android-girl, humorous)
-Versus Onnanoko Ch 3 - 8 (now complete) (schoolgirl)

1 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Shoujo x Shoujo x Shoujo (harem, long dark-story)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 04/13/13
Posted by: Raikoh

Andou Hiroyuki's Smeared Breasts Ch. 3: the woman is obviously a parody of Lucy from Fairy Tail this week.

An Idolmaster doujin by Nekomataya about a pair of sisters doing their producer.

A Senki Zesshou Symphogear netorare doujin about Chris-chan.

A Hyouka doujin about Eru Chitanda and Fuyumi Irisu x Houtarou Oreki.

A Touhou doujin about a slightly chubbier Patchouli (hence the title) being impregnated by tentacles and futanari-Marisa.

A very cute Maoyuu Maou Yuusha doujin.

Aspiring Sex Slave Ch. 9-10; the author certainly loves cat-ears this week!

And for our members--A first-person futanari doujin by Rebis and Chinbotsu, taking characters from Evangelion and Nanoha.
(Preview here)
A CGset by Purple Haze about a dark-skinned woman in a bunny-outfit; his personal favorite original character.
(Preview here)
A Sword Art Online netorare doujin about Asuna.
(Preview here)
A Smile Precure doujin in which all 5 of the Pretty Cures need to have sex with random-guys to charge up their magical energy.
(Preview here)
A One Piece doujin from Acid-Head about Nami being fucked while unconscious.
(Preview here)
An epic full-color Idolmaster doujin featuring new fewer than five separate women!
(Preview here)
Chapters 5 - 7 from Meme50's latest h-manga; a male school-teacher catches a school-girl doing it with her boyfriend in the hall and decides to show her how it's done. Then a cafe-owner steals one of his female-employees away from her boyfriend who she believes is cheating on her.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Watisit + MoeTaku, Crimson Leo, Tigoris Translations, DesuDesu, Crimson Leo, Wrathkal + Phantom Renegade, PineApples R' Us + Makasu, DesuDesu, CGRascal + Phantom Renegade, Watisit + Sokarius, DesuDesu, Fated Circle, The Tsuuyaku, and Watisit + Ulricat (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/13/13
Posted by: Harem Mask

17 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Yorokobi no Kuni Vol.18 (Smile Pretty Cure - futa-Nao x Reika, impregnation)
-Monhan P3 Book - Secret Hot-Spring Bathing (Monster Hunter)
-Monhan 3G Book HD (Monster Hunter - femdom, muscular woman)
-Delicious Head Maid (Touhou - Remilia and Meling x Sakuya, futanari)
-Mysterious Charming Legs (Color) (Cat's Eye - busty MILF with pantyhose)
-Sailor Scouts Tentacle-R*pe (Color) (Sailor Moon - hardcore, impregnation)
-The Serpentess Never Lets Go (Original characters - muscular snake-woman)
-Sonihame (Color) (Super Sonico - blackmail, netorare)
-RE17 (Fate/Stay Night - Shiro x Saber, innocent)
-Analt Only (AnoHana - Anaru fucked-silly, gang-bang)
-Arcana Juice 5 (Arcana Heart - futa gang-bang, bondage)
-Between the Lines (Dragonball - Mai, humorous)
-Mina’s Offline-Meeting (Original characters - femdom yandere web-friend)
-Non Produce (Idolmaster - Iori, humorous)
-A Water Lily Among Four Tatami (Horizon in the Middle - Mary x Tenzou)
-Kyouko and Her Beloved Idiot (Puella Magi Madoka - Kyouko, loli, innocent)
-Nikukue! (Dragon Quest 3 - Hero x Female Warrior)

1 New Color English-Translated CGset:
-Beautiful Black Pantyhose and Feet (Original characters - femdom office lady)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/07/13
Posted by: Harem Mask

18 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-This Ojou-sama's in Trouble! (perverted rich girl x delinquent) [ShindoL]
-Go in My Way (sister is a busty cheerleader)
-Going Into Heat Like A Cat (catgirl in heat) [Doumou]
-Enjoying The Train (femdom MILF)
-Don't Leave Me (young couple, innocent) [Napata]
-Sex Time (a case of mistaken identity) [Ookami Ryousuke]
-Glasshearted Youth (busty schoolgirl) [Meme50]
-I'm Fine By Myself (slutty schoolgirl fucked silly, netorare)
-Twin Face (buxom twins x shota, femdom)
-Unstoppable Emotion (Color) (femdom schoolgirl with tan-lines, very short)
-Hanging Out With My Younger Sister (loli-sister)
-If the Small Bird Doesn't Sing Ch. 1 (loli-sister)
-The Work of Two (femdom manga artist, huge ass)
-Strict Tutor (schoolgirl x male-tutor, humor)
-Personal Ahegao Model (busty model, lots of fucked-silly faces)
-Dragon Rage (tall schoolgirl x shorter boy, innocent)
-Torokeru Kunoichi NTR Story (kunoichi, fake “netorare” story) [Kon-Kit]
-Ane Volleyball Challenge (cheating housewife) [Kon-Kit]

7 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Two Dimensions Girlfriend Ch. 2 (ghost-loli, humorous)
-Puru Puru Milk Pudding Ch. 12-14 (various innocent stories)
-Pandra II - Ch. 7 (hardcore, the story nears its end) [Erect Sawaru]
-A School Committee for Indiscipline Ch. 3 (mind-break schoolgirls, gang-bang)
-Monthly Aikawa The Chief Editor Ch. 7 (now complete) (female manga editor)
-Princess Story Ch. 4-5 (kimono, innocent)
-Teacher x Teacher Ch. 5 (bondage, gang-bang)

2 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-NTR Girl (various netorare stories, mind-break) [Nagare Ippon]
-Idol Sister (better version, less censors!)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 04/05/13
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for the week is our newest h-manga project by Andou Hiroyuki, the S-class artist who authored Oneppyu - Mature Women Like Semen two years ago. The artist likes to draw absurdly oversized breasts (and dicks), and parody other series as well; in the first chapter an resembling Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier) idol discovers the wonders of working in the porn industry. In the second chapter a woman cosplaying as Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) discovers the joys of cosplay-sex.

The first 8 chapters of an H-Manga by EBA; the main story is about a wealthy manga-author who mistreats his beautiful female assistants (yeah you wish EBA, you wish lol).

A Dragon Quest 3 doujin by Alice no Takarabako about three priestesses who are major sluts.

A Sword Art Online doujin about Suguha x Kirito in the real world.

A full-color Idolmaster doujin about the sisters Mika Jougasaki and Rika Jougasaki.

When Mikan gets abd*ucted by Mea, Yami agrees to sacrifice herself in exchange for Mikan's well-being. (Dude hasn't she ever read hentai before? That never works!)

And for our members--Naruho's latest doujin from Comiket 83; Naruto gets some help in the hospital from Tsunade, Sakura, and Hinata.
(Preview here)
A dark-skinned cat-girl who's looking for her older-sister gets defeated and r*ped in a gladiatorial arena by a lion-guy who is the reigning champion.
(Preview here)
A "Super High-Speed Transforming Gyrozetter" about 5 women getting fucked-silly at once.
(Preview here)
A "Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san" and Bitch-sensei from "Assassination Classroom" doujin by Acid-Head with plenty of tentacles.
(Preview here)
A Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai by Popochichi; despite the cover Shinka plays very little role in the doujin and it's mostly all about Rikka.
(Preview here)
Another lengthy futa-Asuka x futa-Rei Ayanami Evangelion doujin from Kawaraya Honpo.
(Preview here)
Our next h-manga project; the first 3 chapters of Meme50's Sakari Sakarare. A mother sacrifices herself to protect her son's shoplifting, a tan-woman has fun on the beach, and a female-teacher has to choose between two squabbling brothers.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Watisit + MoeTaku, PineApples R' Us + NegaJun + Makasu, DesuDesu, BiriBiri, Crimson Leo, QB-TL, Fated Circle, DesuDesu, Watisit + MoeTaku, Fated Circle, Watisit + MoeTaku, Watisit + Bllyang, and Watisit + Ulricat (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/01/13
Posted by: Harem Mask

Hope you guys had a good Easter weekend!

16 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Battle Maidens of Argos (Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse - Various, harem)
-It's Not Adolescent Delusions But That Person is Scary (Chuunibyou - Touka)
-I Prefer Meat Over Fat (Boku wa Tomodachi - random guys x Sena)
-Succubus Mother (Original characters - succubus mother x son)
-Miku's Got One (Vocaloid - futa-Miku, futa on male)
-Es to Tonari no Heya (Original characters - innocent)
-Funny Honey Bunny (Macross Frontier - Sheryl, innocent, bunny-girl)
-Silica-chan Playing With Your Butt (Sword Art Online - futa-Silica x Kirito)
-Love Affair in Carrera's House (Color) (Viper GTS) [Naruho]
-Flat Chested Girl's Plot (Oda Nobuna no Yabou - threesome)
-Usa Usa Nyan Nyan (Original characters - trap-yaoi)
-Shemei Sassou (Koihime Musou - foursome)
-Ryuuseikon (Color) (Fire Emblem - Arya, straight-shota, impregnation)
-I Don't Want to Lose It All Lv. 10 (Final Fantasy VI - Terra and Celes)
-ALI×MORU 2 (Magi - Alibaba x Morgiana, innocent)
-DEMONGEOT 10 (Color) (K-On - Azusa and Mio, r*pe)

2 New Touhou English-Translated Doujins:
-Sadism Gensoukyo - Kamishirasawa Keine (Keine and Sane, r*pe, mind-break)
-Welcome to Wonder World (buxom Yukari)

2 New Color English-Translated CGset:
-No One Gets Mad, Even If You Suddenly Ram Your Dick Inside... [Aomizuan]
-I've Had My Lover NTRed by the Board Chairman (schoolgirl, netorare)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)