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Category: Translations
Posted on: 04/30/12
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for the week is Lovematio Ch. 9-10: if a girl won't go out with you, go for the next best thing: her younger sister. In chapter 10, a girl tries to convince a guy that having a girlfriend is more important than school. (At first I thought he was just gay, which probably would've been funnier! Actually, I think there really are some guys out there like him...)

Also by the same artist who did Lovematio: a Toaru Majutsu no Index doujin about Misaka coming to an esper who can help increase her bust-size, though he has something else in mind...

A short Ano Hana doujin by Yunioshi about Anaru going down the road to ruin, with a bitter-sweet ending (which is surprisingly appropriate for the series I suppose).

Now in the free section: a lengthy CGset featuring a pretty straightforward netorare-storyline about Kirino (from Ore no Imouto) and Nene (from Love Plus) being stolen away from the protagonist by some muscular black dudes, who do a thorough job of breaking them in and taking all of Kirino's first times...

Now in the free section: which cosplay outfit is better: cat-ears with a school-swimsuit, or the french-maid? The only way to settle this is with an all-out threesome!

An odd h-magazine chapter by Abradeli (BoBoBo): an elderly-man is on his death bed, but his daughter has other plans for his final moments...

And for our members--the 4th doujin in the Twin-Dungeon Princess series: the evil Prirudo tries to get her twin-sister Prina to marry their mother so that Prurido can take the throne and become Queen... and the wedding ceremony somehow involves a three-way nipple-fucking futanari orgy?
(Preview here)
A full-color Senran Kagura doujin: the Kunoichi-Academy gets bought out by an evil-corporation, and they waste no time in having their way with the students. Asuka ends up confessing her love for Ikaruga as they're both being gang-banged.
(Preview here)
A To Love Ru Darkness doujin about Yami getting abd*ucted and modified by the Principal, who dresses her up in various cosplay-outfits (school-swimsuit, police-uniform, and bunny-girl), and turns her from a girl who hates ecchi-stuff, into a girl who loves ecchi-stuff. Mikan also makes a brief cameo, and there will apparently be a sequel eventually.
(Preview here)
School in the Spring of Youth 6: Kuhara gets gang-banged again by the male members of the swimming club.
(Preview here)
A Shirahoshi x Luffy One Piece doujin: the Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi goes to the witch and gets herself transformed to be the same size as Luffy so that they can be together, but as a condition of the spell she'll die if she doesn't find her true prince, which naturally means Luffy must fuck her.
(Preview here)
Our next h-manga project--Absolute Breast Kingdom, which is a pretty cute and innocent h-manga. In chapter 1: a guy has an absurdly-busty elder-sister, and he just can't help himself... There will be two more chapters in this storyline.
(Preview here)
A full-color Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai doujin about Sena's h-game fantasies: Sena confesses her love to Kodaka and gives her virginity to him, while Yozora looks on with envy. Seemingly as punishment for her envy, Yozora ends up getting fucked by random-guys.
(Preview here)
A Monster Hunter doujin by Cosine which is a sequel to this doujin; Naruga's futanari-cousin Berio comes to visit, and is dismayed to her long-lost cousin has a new futanari lover: Kirin.
(Preview here)
Bust Feels Squeeze Ch. 2: a Succubus-nurse has her way with one of the male-patients at night.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Brolen + Phantom Renegade, CGRascal + Phantom Renegade, Ramza022, Wrathkal + Goka, Kizlan, Fated Circle, The Tsuuyaku, CGRascal + Sokarius, Wrathkal + Ulricat, The Tsuuyaku, CGRascal + Stecaz, The Tsuuyaku, Fated Circle, rAnde, Crimson Leo (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/25/12
Posted by: sriblanka02


37 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Azus Attack 2 (Color) (K-On! - Azusa Nakano)
-Purple Storm (Infinite Stratos)
-Ranchi-ki! (Color) (Maken-ki! - foursome)
-IH (Toaru Majutsu no Index - Misaka)
-Having Sex While Being Called (Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka - Seraphim)
-No Panty Girl Episode 1 (Color) (Original characters - exhibitionism)
-Haruyoi Kobanashi (Okami-san no Shichinin - fox-girl)
-Hanekawa-san no Chichi (Bakemonogatari - Hanekawa, huge breasts)
-Zokumonogatari (Bakemonogatari - Shinobu, loli)
-Oshino-san no Shinobu-chan Doughnut Hen (Bakemonogatari - Shinobu, loli)
-Cross Make 2010 (Freezing - no sex really)
-Hatsujou Neko Hime Choukyou Sen (Dog Days - Leo)
-Hime-sama Days (Color) (Dog Days - Leo and Millhi)
-Aneue no Iu Toori (Dog Days - Leo x her shota-brother)
-Kibina Homework (KimiKiss - Tomoko)
-Kanojo ga Botai ni Naru made (Dragon Quest III - Sage, tentacles)
-Hero's Challenge 3 (Dragon Quest III - Warrior, tentacles)
-Yayoi to Otomari (Idolmaster - Yayoi, loli)
-Byakko no Mori Sono 6 (Original characters - loli)
-PeruTen (Color) (Persona 4 - Various)
-Love Lariat (Working! - Kozue)
-Warning!! (Working! - Inami)
-Ringo Destiny (Mawaru Penguin Drum)
-Ore no Imouto wa Imouto dakara Doudemo yoi (Ore no Imotou - Manami)
-Colorful Mahora! 2 (Color) (Negima - Various women)
-Colorful Mahora! 3 (Color) (Negima - Various women)
-Swapping of the Dead 2 of 3 (Highschool of the Dead)
-Legend of Cassandra (Soul Calibur - Cassandra)
-Sukima no nai Sekai (The World Only God Knows - tentacles)
-The Night of the Field Trip (Original characters)
-Infinite Love 2 (Infinite Stratos - Laura, Cecillia, Houki, Charlotte)
-Amanenbo Sanshite Ageru (Kanonkan - shota)
-Tomoe Mami Oppai (Puella Magi Madoka - futanari orgy)
-Magical Girls and the Closed World (Puella Magi Madoka - some futa)
-Koma x Kare (Yes! Precure 5 - futanari)
-BF - Bijoux Fantaisie (Original characters - trap-yaoi)
-Daga Otoko ja (Baka to Test - Hideyoshi, trap-yaoi)

5 New English-Translated Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Doujins:
-LovematioSena (Sena)
-Sena's Erotic Display (Sena, exhibitionism)
-Boku ha Ryoujoku ga Suki (random-guys x Sena and Yozora)
-Rika no Jikan (Rika)
-Bokura no Sola (Yozura)

6 New English-Translated Touhou Doujins:
-GensokyoRakuen ka Keikaku 03 (Color) (Reisen, Tewi, Eirin, Kaguya, Ginyou)
-Neko no Kimochi (Rin)
-Kokumaro Youmu (Youmu, loli)
-Kanojo no Heya o Tazunetara (Kasen x shota)
-Eromisu 3 (Mystia, Cirno, Rumia, Wriggle, loli)
-Satori Recording (Satori, tentacles)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 04/20/12
Posted by: Raikoh

Lovematio Ch. 7 - 8: an employer's younger-sister offers herself as part of the employee's "benefits-package" in order to keep them from quitting. (See! This is what happens when workers unionize!) And chapter 8 is about a girl who just can't say no to any guy's request.

A short full-color Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai about Sena making some new (sex) friends with her male-classmates.

A really weird full-color Dead or Alive doujin about Kasumi's past, though the artwork is top-notch.

A Pokemon Black & White doujin about Elesa getting captured herself.

Now in the free section: a Street Fighter doujin about Juri being turned into a futanari and screwed by random-guys.

Now in the free section: A doujin based on Danganronpa (a japanese-only PSP game about top high-school students killing each other in a high-school and the player having to solve the mystery): the top high-school swimmer needs some comfort from the guy with the top high-school cock...

Now in the free section: A two chapter h-magazine series about the shy and innocent female president of the literature club at school doing it with her first boyfriend.

And for our members--another short-full color Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, about Kodaka doing Rika, Sena, Yozora, Maria, and Kobato.
(Preview here)
A God Eater doujin about random guy doing Sakuya and then Tsubaki: remember, if you please her well enough, she'll tell her female friends all about you...
(Preview here)
An Infinite Stratos doujin about Houki getting drugged / hypnotized to become some random-guy's bitch, though she ends up confessing to Ichika, the guy she really loves, in the second-half anyway. (Note that this doujin is 100% anal sex.)
(Preview here)
A Fire Emblem gender-bender doujin about Ike getting turned into a (hot!) woman by the Black Knight, who takes his virginity and humiliates him as Ike finally comes to accept his new body.
(Preview here)
A short innocent Idolmaster doujin about Miki and the producer.
(Preview here)
Steins;Gate doujin: Moeka wants to help Rintarou out with his cash problems, so she sells herself to star in an amateur adult-video... which is a bit awkward considering she only communicates by sending text messages over her cellphone. She ends up having her way with Ruka to keep him quiet after he inadvertently finds out what she's been up to.
(Preview here)
The first chapter of our next h-manga project; Bust Feels Squeeze: did you ever wonder where the milk you drink comes from? In this case, it comes from a busty cow-girl who wants to milk his dick this time in return for his customer-loyalty.
(Preview here)
An h-magazine chapter about a guy learning how to work on a farm, and his job is to take care of a lactating cow-girl.
(Preview here)
My Lovely Bitch Ch. 9 - 10: about a naive girl who wants to lose her virginity so as not to fall behind her classmates, and the epilogue to the "My Adoring Ill-Tempered Nympho Love" story-arc from the beginning of the book. Now that this h-manga is complete, we'll be starting another new h-manga next week.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Brolen + Phantom Renegade, CGRascal + Phantom Renegade, Sayo, Ramza022, Yuribou, Crimson Leo, FuwaFuwaru Translations, Crimson Leo, Fated Circle, Usual Translations, Fated Circle, CGRascal + Sokarius, PineApples R' Us + Ulricat, Watisit + Ulricat, The Tsuuyaku, and Crimson Leo (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/14/12
Posted by: Mike

27 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Nyan Nyan Shi-See (cat-girl)
-Succubus Night (succubus, femdom, reverse-r*pe)
-Please Don't Call Me Nee-chan (step-sister)
-Honey Syrup Ch. 12 - 13 (now complete)
-Shunyuu Yuugi Ch. 7 - 9 (now complete, huge breasts) [Shiina Kazuki]
-Hitozuma Ch. 1 - 9 (cheating mother/wife x shota)
-Princess Fall Down Ch. 5 - 7 (hardcore, lots of weirdness)
-Afterschool Ch. 7 (female teacher)
-Breeding Girls Ch. 1-2 (demon-girl, loli)
-Sugar Spot Ch. 1-2 (loli)
-MariMero Rain (loli) [Inuboshi]
-Foreigner's Yome Ch. 1-4 (demon-girl, loli)
-MegaPai Ch. 4 - 5 (nun, princess)
-February 14 - Valentine Day Special (sister)
-Adolesent Calculation (sister, innocent)
-Dogful Days (cousin)
-Come With Me (innocent)
-Distance Between the Two (innocent)
-The Lust Labyrinth of the Faun (shota, trap-yaoi) [Takatu]
-Bad Communication (cheating wife x shota, innocent)
-Love Letter H Ch. 1 (gang-r*pe, lesbian-girl turned straight?)
-My Teacher (pantyhose) [Bosshi]
-Tropical Mother and Daughters Ch. 5 (shota x mother)
-Juicy Ch. 5 - 6 (blindfolded housewife, elder-sister)
-Sailor-Uniform and Stripping Ch. 3-4 (exhibitionism)
-Welcome to St. Mullis Academy (exhibitionism) (complete h-manga)
-Powergirl's in a Pinch (super-hero, short) [Eroquis]

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 04/09/12
Posted by: Raikoh

How was your Easter weekend? First up for the week is Lovematio chapters 5-6: about a tomboy and her sex-friend, and then about a shy naive girl trying to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a nympho. (Does she even know what a nympho is?)

And a Mayo Chiki doujin by Takeda Hiromitsu--we translated the first half of this doujin a while ago, but the second half is new (pages 17 and up). It's about Kanade being corrupted and being turned into a slut as Kinjirou watches (not realizing it's her at first).

A Super Soniko doujin about Mr. Cameraman fantasizing about what the producer might do to Sonico-chan after-hours...

Now in the free section: a misc. book featuring multiple-anime, mostly about Konori from A Certain Scientific Railgun, with cameo appearances from Mari of Evangelion, Hancock of One Piece, and Feena from Dark Awake.

A rather old One Piece doujin by Acid-Head--it's been around for years so we figured it's about time someone translated it. It's about Nami whoring herself out to some members of Arlong's crew in the first half. The second half was drawn by a different artist, and is about Nami being put into heat by an aphrodisiac and getting her other crew members to help satisfy her.

Now free: a naive girl takes up a job working at a sex-toy store wearing skimpy clothes (and cat ears!) to help support her family, but little does she realize that she'll soon be the store's next product up for sale...

Now free: an h-magazine chapter by Freaks about a female exhibitionist.

And for our members--a full-color Super Soniko doujin: Sonico invites her boyfriend (Mr. Camera-man as always) over to have a foursome with herself and her two other female band-members--wow that guy's lucky!
(Preview here)
An Evangelion doujin by Kawaraya Honpo about futanari-Asuka living together with and loving Rei Ayanami.
(Preview here)
A One Piece doujin by Kurionesha taking place before the 2-year time-skip: Hancock comes to visit Luffy as he's training with Rayleigh.
(Preview here)
A misc. CGset with Haruka (Nanoha), C.C. (Code Geass), and Meer (Gundam Seed Destiny) getting gang-banged and impregnated.
(Preview here)
A Suite Pretty Cure loli-doujin about random-guys x Ako, with random series-specific puns.
(Preview here)
My Lovely Bitch Ch. 8: a boy's elder-brother dies, making his wife into a widow. But she waits years for the boy to grow up so she can use him as a replacement for his brother...
(Preview here)
Bakebare Ch. 9 - 11: in chapter 9, the goddess of fertility, a futa-loli, appears to help a busty shrine maiden with her infertility problem by impregnating her. Chapter 10 is a sad and emotional prequel to the Hime the Lewd Doll h-manga. Chapter 11 is an epilogue to the "Bakebare" story-arc from the beginning of this book: the protagonist walks mama-fox in the park at night. (With a leash, while she's nude!) Now that this book is complete, we'll be starting another new h-manga next week.
(Preview here)
An h-magazine chapter about a woman and an older-man who were lovers in a past-life, but he doesn't remember and since she's too shy to confess to him, he might end up marrying someone else. So a fox-spirit from her past posses (and enhances!) her body and hooks the two up in no time.
(Preview here)
A Final Fantasy 7 CGset a ridiculously-busty Tifa working as a prostitute.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Brolen + Phantom Renegade, Wrathkal + Makasu, Usual Translations, Yuribou, Crimson Leo, , Usual Translations, DesuDesu, FuwaFuwaru Translations, CGrascal + Ulricat, BiriBiri, Crimson Leo, DesuDesu, FuwaFuwaru Translations, and CGRascal + Sokarius (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/05/12
Posted by: sriblanka02

20 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Double-S (Pokemon - random-guys x May and Kris)
-SoniPanic (Color) (Super Soniko) (preview here)
-Goreinu x Pitou x Gon-san (Hunter x Hunter) (now free)
-Anaru Only (AnoHana - Anaru, netorare) (now free)
-Akazawar (Another - gang-r*pe)
-Autumn (Sgt. Frog - Aki Hinata x futa and shota)
-Ai Want Kiss (Amagami - Ai)
-Z-Ero Suit (Metroid - tentacles x Samus)
-Nadeko Silent (Bakemonogatari - Nadeko)
-Nadeko no Hon (Bakemonogatari - Nadeko)
-Plunder (Bakemonogatari - Tsubasa and Hitagi)
-Suruga Monkeys (Bakemonogatari - Suruga and Hitagi, short)
-The Second Dimension Moves by Love (The World Only God Knows)
-Flandre-san's School Play (Touhou - Flandre)
-Usagi no Okusuriyasan (Touhou - Reisen and Tewi)
-Harem Banchou (Persona 4 - Various)
-Kiken Shisou (Working!!)
-Spending Time with a Succubus Prostitute (Original characters)
-A Young Succubus' First Love (Original characters)
-Knight of Lilith (Original characters - Succubus)
-The Wings of a Virgin Succubus are White (Original characters)

2 New English-Translated CGsets:
-Winter Paizuri Festival (Full Metal Alchemist - Various women, paizuri-only)
-Older-Onee-san x Younger-Shota 3rd Generation (Original characters - shota)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 04/01/12
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for the month is Lovematio chapters 3 and 4: a guy leaves his shy girlfriend horny and half-nude in the woods (not a good idea), so she ends up doing it with some other random guy instead. Then in chapter 4, a guy cheats on his wife with his wife's younger sister.

A lengthy BlazBlue doujin about Kokonoe x Ragna--and just like the video-game's story, it's set in an alternate time line and doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

A full-color May Chiki doujin based on episode 11--Kanade finds a way to cure her hiccups by making love with Kinjirou in the infirmary.

A Queen's Blade doujin in which Cattleya shows her appreciation to her loyal customers by getting them off.

The sequel to Shameless Creampie 1 from a few weeks ago. Creampie is absent this time, as this book features only the exploits of the heroine Shot Cum, mainly being made to (physically) please her fans or star in various ridiculous films 'fighting' against monsters. (Warning; this book is pretty weird!)

An innocent h-magazine chapter about a female archer who has to deal with her rapidly-growing, absurdly-large (101cm) breasts getting in the way.

And for our members--The Ultimate Hentai Story: By mistake, a guy is allowed to stay at a special resort island normally reserved only for the super-wealthy and elite. On this island, he's allowed to do anything he likes to any of the women, anywhere, anytime. And as an added bonus, at the end of his trip he gets to take home with him any of the women he can seduce or successfully steal from their current boyfriend or husband. (This story will be continued soon, and will likely be at least 3 chapters long.)
(Preview here)
A full-color Dream Club doujin about a guy getting a brand-new Playstation Vita, and using its new touch-screen features to do plenty of 'touching' of all the girls in the game, mainly Rui, who he does in a bathroom stall. It's too bad you can't actually
do this in the real game...
(Preview here)
The sequel to a doujin we translated previously: some guy notices Tomoe in a porno film and identifies her, and uses that to blackmail her into doing it with him next. But then Tomoe's brother gets involved...
(Preview here)
A Suite Precure doujin about Hibiki getting drugged by some random stalker-guy of hers, who uses frosting to turn her body into the world's sexiest cake.
(Preview here)
A Jewelpet Sunshine doujin about Jill, the voluptuous and ridiculously-busty female-teacher, having an orgy with some of her male-students after classes, until Iruka finds out about it that is...
(Preview here)
BakeBare Ch. 7 and 8: a busty beast-woman has some fun with her (shota) human-slave. (With a focus on nipple-insertions for the chapter.) And then in chapter 8, a bunny-girl mahou-shoujo seeks help from some random boy she meets on the street.
(Preview here)
My Lovely Bitch Ch. 7: a guy's mom hires a beautiful new older woman (with glasses and pantyhose!) to be his home-tutor to help fix his failing grades. The tutor institutes a new "rewards" system to help motivate him...
(Preview here)

Thanks to Brolen + Phantom Renegade, CGRascal + Makasu, Usual Translations, Fated Circle, PineApples R' Us, BiriBiri + AfroThunda, Watisit + Ulricat, CGRascal + Makasu, Crimson Leo, Epic Works, Fated Circle, Kusanyagi, and Crimson Leo (in that order) for the translations!