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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/29/12
Posted by: sriblanka02

13 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins
-Year At The Beach With Me And The Neighbors' Club (Color) (Boku Tomodachi)
-Kiss of the Dead 2 (Highschool of the Dead - Saeko)
-Last Train x Dead Drunk x Big Sis Chifuyu (Infinite Stratos - Chifuyu)
-Fukuyama-san 4 - The Travel Chapter (Original characters)
-Present 4 U (Color) (Persona 4 - Yukiko, Chie)
-Heroine in the Cart (Dragon Quest IV - Heroine, hardcore) [ShindoL]
-Haruka, Chihaya, and Producer (Idolmaster - Haruka, Chihaya)
-Story of How Yui-chan Began Working at My Family's Restaurant (K-ON - Yui)
-Little Pink (Color) (Ro-Kyu-Bu - loli)
-Kiiroi Drill to Akai Neko (Puella Magi Madoka - futanari orgy)
-Uramitsu Ringo (Mawaru Penguindrum)
-K-Bon (Color) (K-ON - Various) [Gust]
-Haganai-Bon (Color) (Boku wa Tomodachi - Various) [Gust]

2 New English-Translated CGsets:
-My Lonely Never Ending Game of Hide and Seek (ghost x girl)
-Enkouryaku - Mitsuki Zenpen (schoolgirl prostitute x middle-aged guy)

4 New English-Translated Touhou Doujins:
-MultiMulti (Utsuho Reiuji)
-Toshokan no Oneesan ga Ijimete Ageru (Patchouli)
-Myon na Tehodoki (Youmu)
-Gentle Rhythm 1.0 (Color) (Various women)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/25/12
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for the week: the final chapters of Para Furi. It's mostly all futanari, with a brief story about training a futanari-witch, and then the book's main-storyline is briefly continued. Now that this book is done, we'll be starting another new (more normal!) book next week!

A Dragon Quest doujin by Rebis and Chinbotsu: you (the reader) take the role of the doujin's protagonist, and it's the Eve of your wedding-night with Manya... so naturally she uses a magic-spell to turn herself into a futanari? Didn't see that one coming... (Apparently the artist got the idea for this doujin while playing a first-person shooter... banging dark-skinned futanari twins isn't normally the first thing that comes to mind while I'm playing Call of Duty, but hey I guess everyone's different!)

A pretty simple full-color Idolmaster doujin about Azusa and her husband.

A Dragon's Crown doujin by Yunioshi: Amazon is subdued, chained-up, and put up for sale as a slave-whore.

A Suite Precure doujin with a lesbian / futanari threesome.

Lightning Warrior Raidy Chapters 5 and 6: you've waited almost a year for it, and it's finally here! Raidy faces the boss of the third-floor; a powerful female-demon who can summon shadow-guys to gang-bang Raidy.

And for our members--a Touhou doujin about Sane becoming concerned over gaining too much weight, so Kanako turns into a futanari and gives her a good fucking to wake her up from her depression.
(Preview here)
An Evangelion doujin about Shinji obsessing over Mari's luscious ass.
(Preview here)
In the future, Vocaloids are androids that can be bought and owned by anyone. This one guy owns an innocent-personality Luka-model, while his sister owns a sadistic-personality Luka-model. The innocent-Luka tries to earn the love of her master, while the sadistic-Luka has fun messing with the both of them.
(Preview here)
Our first Gundam AGE doujin (by the awesome Abradeli); Millai gets blackmailed and drugged by Edward, who turns her into his personal bitch.
(Preview here)
Our next h-manga project: Bakebare, by Shiina Kazuki. A fox-girl comes into a veterinary-clinic, begging to have her injured fox-daughter saved. The doctor succeeds, and the mother pays him back using her body, and the doctor keeps the mother-daughter pair as his new pets. (This story will be continued in the book's next two chapters.)
(Preview here)
Three guys in the Occult-Club are messing with an Ouija Board, when the board's spirit (a busty fox-woman), appears before them and offers to grant their wish and take their virginity. Though things quickly go from bad to worse, when the ropes come out and she ends up being the one asking the questions this time...
(Preview here)
Flower Ch. 3: a cute but under-handed classmate of Sakaki is jealous of the twin-sisters who have monopolized his affection; if only she had boobs that big, she could win him over for herself. Or rather, if only she could use some hypnosis on him to make him think that she was actually his girlfriend...
(Preview here)

Thanks to Kizlan, Kusanyagi+Makasu, CGrascal+Ulricat, The Tsuuyaku, Sjur, Crimson Leo, The Tsuuyaku, Epic Works, The Tsuuyaku, CGrascal+Sokarius, Kizlan, Fated Circle, and Kusanyagi (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/22/12
Posted by: sriblanka02

21 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Yuki x Yuno Love's Future Diary (Future Diary - Yuno Gasai, non-yandere)
-Makina and Garnet's New Year's Sex Party 2 (Dragonaut, bbw) [Tetrodotoxin]
-R-Otome Comic - Nakazawa-san's Exciting Night (Color) (female exhibitionist)
-Victim Girls 12 - Another one Bites the Dust (TERA Online - hardcore)
-Maji de Watashi-tachi to Harem Shinasai (MajiKoi - various women)
-Prostitute Dancing Princess (Dragon Quest IV - Manya, dark-skin)
-Mixed-Real 4 (Zeroin - netorare)
-Love Slave (Infinite Stratos - Charlotte)
-Tits Bullets Limitation (Final Fantasy VII - Barrett x Tifa, netorare)
-Impossible (To Love Ru - Yui and Momo)
-Together with Akiko-san 9 (Kanon - Akiko Minase)
-The Workout (Working!! - Inami, Yamada)
-Yoko Goto (Gurren Laggan - random-guys x Yoko)
-Futa Kuja Auction (Final Fantasy 9 - Kuja gender-bender)
-Baby Sitters 2 (K-On - yuri)
-Flag Crash (Future Diary - netorare)
-Night of the Princess (Fate Stay/night - Rider)
-Ryuukainraku (Original - demon girl, netorare)
-Charles no H (Infinite Stratos - Charlotte)
-Byakko no Mori Sono 4 (Original - fox-girl, loli)
-Tanamachi Pheromone (Amagami - Kaoru)

4 New English-Translated Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Doujins:
-In My Eroge Mind, Raising Sows is the Default Route (Sena, netorare)
-Sena-chan Bitchbichi (Sena, netorare)
-Hagafure (Color) (Various women)
-Rinjin-tachi wa Sessou ga Nai (Color) (Sena, Kobato, Yozora)

7 New English-Translated Touhou Doujins:
-Filling the Gaps in Your Heart (Yukari x futa-Ran)
-Do You Really Only Want to Watch? (Yoshika Miyako)
-Himegoto (Momiji)
-NETA ha Nakutomo TANE ha aru (Aya Shameimaru)
-MAAAAAX (Marisa)
-A Wild Nymphomaniac Appeared 3 (Yukari x Ran)
-Touhou Enchantresses Dance 10 (Tenshi, Iku, futanari)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/18/12
Posted by: Raikoh

Para Furi Ch. 10-11: two short chapters, the first chapter is about the holy-woman Luciris VS the demon-king, and the second chapter is a parody of the mahou-shoujo genre in which the heroine gets banged by a futanari-clone of herself.

A Digimon Xross Wars doujin about Airu Suzaki working as a prostitute, but I guess even whores like her need sex-friends when their customers are unable to properly satisfy them...

An Idolmaster doujin about Yayoi and the twins, Ami and Mami, trying to help "calm down" their producer's 4+ hour erection.

A To Love Ru CGset by Noraneko Kobo; Yui gets mind-broken and turned into a preggo-slut by random guys. It includes two optional versions with fair-skin or tan-skin.

A futanari-on-futanari doujin about two Mecha-girls going at it; the tone of the story is surprisingly serious and dark.

And a guy discovers the ultimate hot-spring of youth for women. (But I wish the chapter was longer and the panels weren't so crowded!)

And for our members--an original full-color doujin about a shy studious school-girl getting involved with some punk-guys who eventually turn her into a preggo-slut.
(Preview here)
A Senran Kagura (a Japan-only ecchi Nintendo-3DS action game about kunoichi) doujin by Freaks about Ikaruga and Hibari undergoing the sexual-parts of their ninja-training.
(Preview here)
A Deadman Wonderland doujin about Karako getting captured by Genkaku and gang-banged by random-guys while the other members of Scar-Chain are trying to escape from the prison.
(Preview here)
A One Piece doujin about (post-time-skip) Nami getting grabbed and fucked by random-guys who eventually turn her into a slut.
(Preview here)
Our next H-manga project: "Flower" by Amatarou; a pair of sisters both fall in love with the same guy, though there's a super-natural strange phenomena going on~
(Preview here)
Asobare Dear My Sex-Friend Chapters 8 and 9: Rinka is the student-council president and she keeps the other students in line, but she's also being blackmailed into being a sex-toy for the (male) vice-president. In the second chapter, a shy girl with glasses confesses her lesbo-love for Rinka, but she too ends up being part of a threesome with Rinka and him instead. Now that this book is complete, we'll be starting another new h-manga next week!
(Preview here)
A young-guy goes out to try to prove he can be a hunter and capture a monster all by himself, but instead he ends up getting captured himself by a trio of tribes-girls (with animal ears!) who think he'd make for a great dinner, and mistake him for a cow whose cock needs to be milked.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Kizlan, Usual Translations, Watisit+Ulricat, Wrathkal+Sokarius, The Tsuuyaku, EpicWorks, Kizlan, The Tsuuyaku, Crimson Leo, Fated Circle, The Tsuuyaku, Kusanyagi x 2 (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/14/12
Posted by: sriblanka02

28 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Angel's Stroke 59 - Raw-Sex with Mio-chan! (K-On - random-guys x Mio)
-Oreimo MASTER (Color) (Ore no Imouto - Kirino, Ayase, and Kanako)
-Oainikusama (Boku wa Tomodachi - Senna) [Kensoh Ogawa]
-She has a Cute Teary-Eyed Face (Boku wa Tomodachi - Senna)
-I'm in Trouble Because Yozora is Just Too Cute (Boku wa Tomodachi) [Hisasi]
-Minna no Asuka Bon (Color) (Evangelion - Asuka) [ReDrop]
-CL-orz 18 (Color) (Tiger and Bunny - Blue Rose)
-Paradox (Persona 4 - Rise and Yukiko, mind-break)
-Rise Sexualis (Persona 4 - Rise Kujikawa)
-Sixty-Minutes for 10,000 Gil 1 (Color) (Final Fantasy - Various) [Ohigetan]
-Toshimaen 0 (Touhou - random-guys x Yuyuko and Yukari)
-Onegai Jupiter (Sailor Moon - Jupiter, impregnation)
-Bokura wa Ero Chishiki ga Toboshii (Boku wa Tomodachi - Yozora and Sena)
-Asuka, Yaburareru (Evangelion - Asuka, impregnation) [Nozarashi]
-Carrot and Stick (Dragon Quest 8 - Jessica, futanari) [Ya-Zy]
-Chihadame (Fate Stay/Night - Rider x Shirou)
-YIH (Infinite Stratos - Yamada Maya)
-Tabechauzo (Amagami - Rihoko)
-Zannen Halloween (Magical Halloween - witch)
-Homunculus (Puella Magi Madoka - Homura x Madoka, yuri and tentacles)
-Gensokyo Paradise Transformation Plan 02 (Color) (Touhou - Various women)
-Touhou Enrashou Yukari (Touhou - futa-Yukari x Reimu)
-Kyoukara boku no Satori-sama (Touhou - tentacles x Satori, weird)
-Ibara Hyaku Ka (Touhou - tentacles x Yamotodou)
-Nuruneba (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere)
-Toaru Kagaku no Keibiin (Toaru Majutsu no Index - yuri)
-Milk and Chocolate (Nyan Koi! - twins)
-PON (Kurazushi)
-Gensan 4 (Kanokon - raw japanese)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/10/12
Posted by: Raikoh

Para Furi Ch. 8-9: these two chapters solve the great 'mystery' behind the multiple-worlds-phenomena and finish the series, though there's still a couple more chapters left in this book, a few of which are related to the main-storyline. The two chapters contain the series' staple gender-bender futanari and tentacle nipple-fucking action like we've come to expect and love.

A One Piece doujin about Hancock dominating some random-guy and treating him like trash like she does for all men (except Luffy).

A humorous Hanasaku Iroha doujin about Nako Oshimizu.

A Sailor Moon doujin about random-guys banging Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon.

An Idolmaster doujin about Miki (why does she always refer to herself in third-person?!) doing it with the nameless producer after a photo-shoot.

The first chapter of another h-magazine series by Katsurai Yoshiaki about a guy who lives with his sister in a house with three other (promiscuous?) sisters.

And for our members--an Okusan doujin by the prolific Shiwasu no Okina about an air-head housewife getting conned by some slick salesman into buying his 'sexual training for married couples' course in order to help improve her marriage, which ironically consists of her having sex with him behind her husband's back...
(Preview here)
Another Idolmaster doujin about Miki: Miki gets a pair of cat-ears placed on her head, which turn her into speechless cat-human. And the producer's only hope of getting the cat-ears off her is by first giving her a good-fucking and then ripping them off while she's distracted in the heat of the moment.
(Preview here)
A Devil May Cry doujin which is a sequel to the previous doujin we did--Lady is chained up in some cult's basement and gang-banged by random-guys repeatedly until she's mind-broken and gives in to her lust, willingly accepting some goat-demon's cock.
(Preview here)
An h-magazine chapter about some cross-dressing shota who gets treated like a human-sex-toy by two dominant school-girls.
(Preview here)
An h-magazine chapter in which a busty-elder sister drugs her brother so she can finally have her way with him for the first time in months, until he turns the tables on her and gives her a good butt-fucking.
(Preview here)
A futanari CGset about the women of Rumble-Roses sexually humiliating each other in the wrestling-ring.
(Preview here)
Asobare Dear My Sex Friend Ch. 11: a woman seduces some random-guy in the school-library and has sex with him right underneath her boyfriend's nose. (Chapters 8 - 10 of this book coming next week!)
(Preview here)
A full-color Rio Rainbow Gate doujin about Rio having a series of sex-fights with some fox-mask guy, and repeatedly-losing...
(Preview here)

Thanks to Kizlan, Usual Translations, FuwaFuwaru Translations, Crimson Leo, Wrathkal + Makasu, Crimson Leo, Fated Circle, Wrathkal + Makasu, Kusanyagi, Crimson Leo, Fated Circle, Yuribou, and Kusanyagi (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/07/12
Posted by: sriblanka02

24 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Mero Mero Girls New World (One Piece - Nami, Robin, and Hancock)
-Nami ni Norou 2 Years Later (One Piece - Nami, impregnation)
-Slutty Mechanic - Being Netorare'ed for a Month (Full Metal Alchemist - random-guy x Winry)
-Blue Leaf (Pokemon - Red VS two Female-trainers)
-HakuDARK (Color) (To Love Ru - Mikan, Yui, Nana and Momo)
-Chou LOVE-ru Seven (To Love Ru - Nana x Rito) [Tsunken]
-Broom on the Frontline (Infinite Stratos - Houki, netorare)
-SGGG (Ben-To - Shaga Ayame)
-Takane Platinum (Idolmaster - Takane) [Todd Special]
-Leather Face (Darker than Black - bondage)
-Shigyaku Gensoukyou - Kazami Yuuka (Touhou - Yuuka)
-Kachousen 1 (King of Fighters - Mai, netorare)
-Elf Kari (Original characters - female-Elf x pig-guys)
-Tomoe Mami (Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Tomoe)
-Naked Kasuga (Sengoku Basara)
-White Portion (Ragnarok Online - netorare)
-Kuroneko Note 3 (Ore no Imouto - Ruri)
-Nanoda 6 (Hayate - Nagi, Maria)
-Toaru H no Railgun (Toaru Majutsu no Index - Touma x Misaka)
-Yomako-Sensei's Special Lessons (Gurren Laggan - shotas x teacher-Yoko)
-Kinoko no Sasoi 7 (Touhou - Sanae)
-Keine Sensation (Touhou - Keine)
-Leave it to Us! FireSisters (Bakemonogatari - Various women)
-K-ON no Hon (Kari) 2 (K-On - Tsumugi)
-Fortune Girl (Original characters - yuri)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/03/12
Posted by: Mike

2 New English-Translated Complete H-Mangas:
-Uekano Days [Chiba Toshirou]
-W-Body (some femdom and netorare)

26 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Mixed Marriage Quest (dark-skinned (virgin?) demon, bbw, nipple-insertion)
-Monmon Inshu Teacher (female-teacher, bbw)
-HHH Triple H Archetype Story (slutty female-teacher)
-Avatar Trans Ch. 8 (more gender-bender trap-yaoi!)
-Summer x Beach is a Dangerous Equation! (on a beach)
-Moo Moo Farm (cow-girl lactating)
-Onii-chan and Summer (loli-sister in a school-swimsuit)
-I Love You Very Much Ageha (loli-sister)
-Wake Up!! (loli-sister in a dream?)
-Tsukiai Goukon (netorare, mind-break)
-Mama is Blonde (step-mother cheating with her step-son)
-Welcome to Tokoharusou Ch.4 [Gunma Kisaragi]
-Radical GOGO Baby Ch. 1 - 10 (short full-color stories) [Bosshi]
-Nightmare (helping her fall asleep) [Bosshi]
-Honey Syrup Ch. 10-11
-Perfect Girl (femdom, virgin schoolgirl)
-Adult-Toy x Story Ch. 1-2 (woman works at a sex-toy shop)
-Eichhornia (sister inc*st)
-Double Bride Ch. 7 - 9 (now complete)
-Three People, Three Sisters (cross-dressing shota x two women)
-Sho-Chu-Rock 2 Ch. 7 - 11 (now complete) (loli-island)
-Little By Little Ch. 12-15 (now complete) (loli)
-She's the Santa Claus of the End of the Century (female-Santa, threesome)
-Hari Hari Honey Ch. 6 - 8 (now complete)
-Sailor-Uniform and Stripping Ch. 2
-No Means No (train-molester)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)