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Category: Translations
Posted on: 12/29/11
Posted by: Raikoh

Para Furi Ch. 6-7 brings two new screwed-up worlds; first Sachi and Hazama switch ages so that Sachi is the elder-sibling now, and she takes full advantage of the situation to dominate her now younger-brother. Then Hazama goes to school, gets turned into a girl (again??), hypnotized, and gang-banged by his male-classmates. Life sure is tough...

Now in the free section: A full-color K-On doujin about Mio being in the future as school-teacher and getting blackmailed by a couple of her male-students into supervising their club--and they give her a warm welcome.

Now in the free section: An AnoHana doujin in which Anaru and Tsuruko go to a love hotel with two random guys, where Anaru sells her body (or at least her asshole!) to them, and Tsuruko loses her virginity.

A Metroid doujin about some lucky guy who comes home to his wife, Samus, who apparently wears her zero-suit underneath a maid-apron all day.

A To Love Ru doujin: Yami is sick and she's going to die if you don't give her your semen right now! Seriously, you're our only hope!

An h-magazine chapter which also servers as the author's autobiography (he wishes!), about a school-girl with embarrassingly large breasts, who's also the girlfriend of a hentai-manga artist.

And for our members--a cross-over CGset between Rio's Rainbow Gate and Queen's Blade; Rio gets banged by a bunch of guys while wearing an assortment of costumes.
(Preview here)
Our first To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers doujin (it's a spin-off PSP game and OVA); the heroines of To Heart 2 stumble into the wrong dungeon and get thoroughly fucked by tentacles.
(Preview here)
A One Piece doujin taking place immediately after the Marinefold arc, on board Trafalgar law's submarine. Hancock pays-off Luffy's medical-debt with her body...
(Preview here)
Another short full-color doujin by Ohigetan with no real storyline; busty school-girls get thoroughly bukakke'd. The book is 100% oral + breasts sex.
(Preview here)
An h-magazine chapter by Somejima about two fox-girls: a wicked princess is jealous of the favorable treatment an innocent young woman is receiving, so she uses magic to swap bodies with the woman and turn her into a filthy-slut.
(Preview here)
Our next h-manga project, Asobare Dear My Sex Friend, starting off with chapters 6 and 7. A guy kicks his girlfriend out of his apartment until she can find a job instead of loafing-around all day, but she naively ends up becoming an erotic-waiter on the beach, and then an internet-porn-star.
(Preview here)
A two-chapter series about a magic disc that turns even the flattest of lolis into "big and bouncy" futanari-women. First Rina-sensei gets turned into a futanari and bangs a bunny-girl for an audience's amusement. Then two girls take Rina's magic-disc and use it to have some futanari-fun with each other.
(Preview here)
An Angel Beats doujin about the normally robotic and emotionless Kanade getting gang-banged and finally showing some emotion for a change.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Brolen+Makasu, Crimson Leo x 2, Wrathkal + Makasu, Wrathkal + Dante, Fated Circle, Wrathkal + Makasu, Epic Works x 2, Wrathkal + Ulricat, Fated Circle, Kusanyagi, Yuribou, and Crimson Leo (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Translations
Posted on: 12/25/11
Posted by: Raikoh

Happy holidays everyone! First up for the week, Para Furi Ch. 4 and 5: featuring two weird new worlds; the first one parodying the Super-Sentai genre with futanari-Alia fighting a giant monster, and the second one parodies Dragon-Quest with sexual-battles against various monsters.

A Rio Rainbow Gate doujin by Shinji Nora: Rio finally loses her gamble for once, and must pay with her body.

A Toaru Majutsu no Index doujin about Touma x a-very-tsundere-Misaka and eventually Kuroko.

Various Final Fantasy heroines whore themselves out to the reader in this short full-color doujin by Ohigetan. The text is unfortunately fairly small, so I made the images larger than normal so that it's easier to read, though the dialogue is pretty nonsensical most of the time. As usual, Ohigetan's art is surprisingly realistic and detailed.

The White-Bud of a Lust Flower: the second and final chapter of the series. It's a pretty typical netorare-storyline without a 'happy' ending, so be warned, but Katsurai Yoshiaki's art is top-tier as always.

Like the h-game series Henshin, this guy has the ability to transform into anything he wants. First he transforms into a bicycle to molest the school-girl who's riding on him, and then he transforms into a futanari-clone of her to bang her brains out.

And for our members--A Sora no Otoshimono doujin: a naive Astraea wants to be a bondage-queen, but Mikako turns her into a bondage-slave instead. As usual, the author takes some liberties with the women's already-large bust-sizes...
(Preview here)
A Naruto CGset featuring mostly minor female-characters getting ambushed and gang-banged by rogue-ninjas. Women included are: Tsunade, Ino, TenTen, the Mizukage, Samui, Konan, Kurotsuchi, and Temari.
(Preview here)
A Tifa doujin by Acid-Head: Tifa whores herself out and ends up getting drugged and gang-banged.
(Preview here)
A full-color Dream Club doujin: a guest tries a very-potent aphrodisiac out on Mian and Mio, and gets rewarded with a threesome.
(Preview here)
Mixed Cheerleading Club Ch. 5-6: the cheerleading club goes to the national-competition, and afterwards has an epic-orgy with the most creative coordinated-sex-positions incorporating 5+ women at a time that you'll ever see.
(Preview here)
Select a Bride Ch. 2: this week's potential-wife is a shy girl who keeps to herself and is always reading romance-novels... even when she's having sex apparently.
(Preview here)
A pair of futanari school-girls meet each other in their dreams (literally), and become lovers.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Brolen+Ulricat, The Tsuuyaku, Reiken+Makasu, Wrathkal+Ulricat, FuwaFuwaru Translations, Crimson Leo, The Tsuuyaku, Crimson Leo, Fated Circle, BiriBiri + AfroThunda, Kusanyagi, and The Tsuuyaku x 2 (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 12/21/11
Posted by: sriblanka02

30 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-CL-orz 19 (Color) (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere - three women)
-The Big-Titted Brown Teacher (Original characters - bbw, dark-skin)
-Immoral Stratos 2 (Infinite Stratos - Laura and Charlotte)
-Koishi-chan no Ecchi (Touhou - Koishi x Satori, futanari)
-Pictures of my Classmates 1 (Color) (Original characters, 100% blowjobs)
-D.L. Action 64 (Boku wa Tomodachi - Kobato, younger-sister)
-Boku Niwa Imouto Shika Inai (Color) (Boku wa Tomodachi - Kobato and Maria)
-Rika Sensei no Hachimitsu (Boku wa Tomodachi - Rika and Hasegawa)
-Xiombarg (Nanoha - Signum, mind-break)
-Home Sweet Home (Nanoha - Fate)
-Mainin (Senran Kagura - mind-break)
-Hi-SICS 07 (Dorohedoro - Noi x Shin, muscular woman)
-Powerful Magical Girl Sweet Leona (King of Fighters - Leona, muscular-woman)
-Metabolism-OP Robin (One Piece - Robin, r*pe)
-Kuusou Zikken Vol. 8 (Hatsukoi Limited - swimsuit, r*pe)
-With Astraea-san (Sora no Otoshimono - Astraea)
-100Hz1G (Color) (Monster Hunter)
-Infinite Sperm (Color) (Infinite Stratos - Charlotte, short)
-Sexual Pleasure Songstress (Macross Frontier - Sheyrl x Sheyrl)
-Eien Extra 1 (Original characters - trap-yaoi, cross-dressing as a maid)
-Usa Usa Nyan Nyan 2 (Color) (Original characters - trap-yaoi)
-Usa Usa Nyan Nyan 3 (Original characters - trap-yaoi)
-Otoko no Tatakai (Evangelion - Rei, Asuka, and Mari, short)
-Ura K-ON 3 (Color) (K-On - Mio)
-Torotoro Kasen (Touhou - Kasen Ibara)
-Byakko no Mori Sono 3 (Original characters - fox-girl)
-I Really am Angry! Idiot... (The Melancholy of Haruhi)
-Meshimase Miso Parfait (Tales of the Abyss)
-Otomari Mahiru-san (Working!)
-Summer Red (Sgt. Frog - futa and weirdness)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 12/18/11
Posted by: Mike

Several chapters of the chapters in PLDK were translated and posted here previously months ago, but they've now been compiled into one h-manga gallery, along with a couple new chapters.

2 New English-Translated Complete H-Mangas:
-PLDK (bbw, absurdly busty women) [Abradeli]
-Rapiere (the three (female!) musketeers)

27 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Summer Drives the Girl Mad (tanlines)
-Together Forever (innocent story)
-Twin Sisters' Holiday Plans (twins)
-Sweet Sweat Switch (athletic woman, sex over twitter?)
-Mana-con (two women x the baseball team)
-If we meet on an Autumn Night... (nice sweater!) [Hisasi]
-Tropical Mother and Daughters Mix Ch. 1-2 (shota x mature woman)
-Newlywed Sakari (innocent story)
-Everyone's Lovely Idol Muu-chan (3-way, girlfriend with a sister-complex?)
-MegaPai Ch. 1 (demon girl)
-Umi no Yeah!! 2010 (netorare)
-TOYTOY Christmas (woman in a Santa-outfit, bondage)
-Anette XXX Ch.1-2 (r*pe and blackmail)
-Elder Sister Control Ch. 4 (hypnotized sister)
-Musou Sentai Itemaunjya Ch. 8 - 10 (now complete)
-What Are You Doing During Summer Break? (loli with tan-lines)
-Brave Maiden Kanin Sange Ch. 6- 8 (r*pe) (now complete)
-Metro Ecstasy Ch. 3 (train-molester, r*pe)
-Sankakukan Ch. 8 - 10 (now complete)
-Undead Princess Ch. 6 (the loli-vampire epic continues!)
-Dog-Ears Zukan - Encyclopedia of Doggy Style (now complete)
-Mom's Copulation (shota x housewife, netorare)
-How To Go Steady With A Nurse Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - 8 (now complete)
-Science Girlfriend, Bursting Science (doggy-style?)
-Shinobu (bondage and r*pe)
-Lewd Roses Ch. 8 - 9 (female pirate) (now complete)
-Kuchu Kuchu Mama Ch. 7 - 8 (now complete)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 12/14/11
Posted by: Raikoh

Para Furi Ch. 2-3: the story introduces the main-character's sister, along with more gender-bender, tentacle-sex, and nipple-insertion mostly.

A Touhou doujin from An-Arc; Kasen Ibara has to exorcise the lust out of some random guys, and by 'exorcise' I mean gang-bang.

A short Sekirei doujin by Honey Bump with a Tsukiumi x Minato pairing.

A lengthy Gundam X / Gundam Wing CGset by Youkai Tamanokoshi, focusing on a mind-control storyline like most of the stuff he does. It's kind of long-winded and personally I think the second-half is better than the first-half.

The Don't Write that in History! series by Takatu is back for more! The author introduces Ankh, a new white-haired woman. Note that there will also be a second chapter.

An h-magazine chapter about a guy who acquires the ability to temporarily freeze people's minds. What will he use these new-found powers for? Fighting evil and protecting the weak? No! He has a far loftier and more noble ambition: school-girls!

And for our members--An original doujin about a guy's girlfriend working at a Maid-Cafe, and having sex in the cafe's bathroom.
(Preview here)
A Sailor Moon doujin by Kurionesha in which Serena and Raye get gang-banged by random-guys.
(Preview here)
An Evangelion doujin in which Mari gets modified into a futanari by Ritsuko, which she uses to fuck and subdue Rei and then Asuka.
(Preview here)
A Puella Magi Madoka doujin about Madoka, Homura, and Mami having a futanari orgy.
(Preview here)
An overly-patronizing (and apparently retarded?) elder-brother worries that his busty-sister is suffering from insomnia, and he decides the only way to help cure her is to tie her up and fuck her(??) to give her body the vitamins it needs.
(Preview here)
A new complete (200+ page) h-manga by ReDrop, featuring busty mature women and innocent/cute storylines. We translated and posted several of these chapters previously over the past year, but they've now been re-edited and improved, along with the addition of several new chapters. Also don't forget about ReDrop's previous h-manga.
(Preview here)
Mixed Cheerleading Club Ch. 4: Yuuki cross-dresses as a girl again and goes on a date with his girlfriend at an amusement park, where they have sex in a public restroom. (Note: Contains misc. weirdness...)
(Preview here)

Thanks to Kizlan, BiriBiri, Wrathkal+Sokarius+Omega999, Wrathkal+Phantom Renegade, BiriBiri, Epic Works, Fated Circle, Crimson Leo, The Tsuuyaku, Crimson Leo x 2, Various translators, and Kusanyagi (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 12/10/11
Posted by: sriblanka02

25 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid - Delusion Chapter (Color)*
*Now updated with a better scan, and optional dark-skin / fair-skin versions.
-Leave it to Kagari-san (Witch Craft Works) [Jingrock]
-Welcome to Breast-Feeding Cafe MOO (Color) (Original characters - waitress)
-Seven Force (Super Black Jack) *this is an old doujin now available in color
-Next-Door Neighbor Yukari-san 2 (Color) (Touhou - Yukari)
-Kichiku Ou Reimu 2 (Touhou - futa-Reimu defeats other women)
-Haruka's After-School Twuru Twuru Club (Amagami - Haruka cheating)
-Natsu no Kemono (AnoHana - netorare)
-Shigure the Mightiest Girlfriend (Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple - CGset)
-Katte ni Myuritan Route (Star Ocean: The Last Hope - Myuria, huge breasts)
-Shaburotto Dunois (Color) (Infinite Stratos - Charlotte as a Maid)
-Cecilia de Night (Infinite Stratos - Cecelia)
-Girls Fight - ARISA Edition (Mixed-wrestling, R*pe) [Crimson Comics]
-A Certain Oneesama's Secret (Toaru Majutsu no Index - Misaka)
-Fucking!! (Working!! - Popura x Souta)
-Thanks Sex Jeweroday (Jewelpet Sunshine)
-Arakawa Seiharu Hakusho (Arakawa Under the Bridge)
-Hijiri no Mezame (Touhou - Byakuren)
-Wheel of Fortune (Idolmaster - Iori Minase)
-Satori Can't Make Many Friends (Touhou - Satori, loli)
-Pink Souls (Touhou - Toyosatomimi no Miko)
-RE13 (Puella Magi Madoka - loli x loli yuri)
-Yume Miru Iroha (Hanasaku Iroha)
-Secretum (Tales of Vesperia)
-Unrequited love of Bianca (Dragon Quest V - Bianca)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 12/07/11
Posted by: Raikoh

Our next h-manga project: Para Furi, a new h-manga mostly about gender-bender, futa, tentacles, and monsters, though with a lighthearted and humorous tone, and a lengthy storyline.

A really-large Final Fantasy 7 CGset about Tifa whoring herself out. (Note that 'Soap Girl' is a reference to Soaplands, a type of prostitution in Japan.)

Another Big Breasted Masturbation-Maid doujin by Insert, and once again it's all blowjobs and breast-sex, with no penetration. What's up with those necklaces anyway? Insert has some odd taste...

A full-color Touhou doujin about Tenshi and Iku on a beach entertaining themselves... with lots of random-guys.

An h-magazine chapter by Jun about a woman who meets a guy while out drinking and "punishes"(?) him for treating her like a kid...

Another innocent-story by Jun about a guy visiting his friends in the countryside for the first time in years, only to find that his female childhood-friend has grown into a buxom-beauty over the past couple years...

And for our members--a full-color Super-Soniko doujin, in which Soniko gets blackmailed into taking ero-photo-shoots while wearing various costumes.
(Preview here)
A lengthy (80+ page) misc. compilation doujin of some of Red-Rum's futanari works, parodying several series and ranging from full-color pages to sketch-art.
(Preview here)
School in the Spring of Youth 5: part of an original doujin-series (part 4 is also available), this time about Hazuki getting gang-banged by other male members of the swim-team after practice.
(Preview here)
An full-color Infinite Stratos doujin about Cecilia and Charlotte having their way with Ichika.
(Preview here)
An h-magazine chapter about a possessive busty-MILF step-mother who's upset to learn that her step-son recently got a new girlfriend, so she decides to put an end to their relationship by seducing him...
(Preview here)
Mixed Cheerleading Club Ch. 3: a snoopy glasses-girl from the Newspaper club decides to spy on the cheerleading club using hidden cameras, and she discovers Yuuki's cross-dressing secret. She bullies him so that she can get the photographic-evidence on him, but then the tables turn on her...
(Preview here)
A full-color Pokemon doujin with no storyline, it just features various female Pokemon-trainers getting thoroughly bukakke'd and creampie'd.
(Preview here)
A two-chapter h-magazine series about a (married) schoolgirl who keeps acting like a slut, and it's up to her teacher to put her back on the straight-and-narrow. Her character-design reminds me a lot of Kaori Kanzaki, and not-so-coincidentally SAZ has also done 7 other doujins for her...
(Preview here)

Thanks to to Kizlan, Wrathkal+Ulricat, DesuDesu+Anonymous-Scanner, BiriBiri, EpicWorks, Reiken+Fated Circle, Crimson Leo + Jinukug, Yuribou + Makasu, The Tsuuyaku, FuwaFuwaru + Jinukug, Fated Circle, and Kusanyagi (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 12/03/11
Posted by: Mike

20 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Rock, Paper, Scissors (two guys x two girls)
-Angel Ring (female-angel, age-progression) [Hisasi]
-Slave Rabbit and Anthony Ch. 1-2 (best blowjob ever?)
-The Work of a Magical Girl (guy gets turned into a girl, r*pe) [Doumou]
-A Kiss on the Scarlet Rose (schoolgirl femdom)
-Otapuri Ch. 3 (dark-skinned blonde dressed as a maid)
-Libido of Vampire (female vampire) [Somejima]
-The Promise (schoolgirl, innocent story)
-Before the Pool Opens (swimsuit)
-Pisu Hame! Ch. 6 (shota puts a rebellious ganguro-schoolgirl in her place)
-Sailor-Uniform and Stripping Ch. 1 [Inomaru]
-Together (schoolgirl with glasses)
-Double Bride Ch. 5-6 (cheerleader)
-Sister Control Ch. 2-3 (hypnotized sister)
-Kuchu Kuchu Mama Ch. 4-6 (bunny girls, nurse)
-One Moe Ch.1-2 (sister inc*st)
-First Week of Homestay Ch. 2 (end) (netorare)
-Nudity Ch. 1-4 (mature women, borderline-netorare)
-Hamipai Ch. 1-5 (busty-maid x shotas)
-Hari Hari Honey Ch. 3-5

3 New English-Translated Complete H-Mangas:
-Alive (Miko and Cat-Girls)
-Chairman's Lover
-Parabellum Vol. 2 (some futa, bondage, and weirdness)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)