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Category: Translations
Posted on: 05/30/10
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for the week are the final two chapters of Young Wife Liberation Zone--a rich futanari woman has a secret younger girlfriend, who uses her body to keep a guy who finds out quiet about it all, and then gets him to come over for a threesome in the end. No Mr. Rice-Ball, run! I told you it's a trap! A trap!! (Mr. Rice-Ball is E-Musu Aki's mascot incidentally.) So now that this book is complete, are we going to be doing more E-Musu Aki in the near future? Uhh let me think about tha--hell yes! Just not this week--we will be starting a new weekly h-manga next week to replace this one though--you'll just have to wait and find out what it is!

And a Sora o Kakeru Shoujo doujin (you know, that one anime you never watched but probably should have? Yeah, that one!) by Crazy9 featuring random guys coercing Itsuki Kannagi into having sex with them.

And a rather random Dragon Ball doujin taking place in the Oolong story-arc from the original Dragon Ball manga--ironically this doujin is funnier than the original manga was! It features mostly younger-Bulma and various random women.

We didn't translate Mind of Sisters Ch. 2 (Yoroshii did), though I thought this was a rather appropriate time to post it--it's enough with that 'Onii-chan' stuff, and time for Onee-chan to have her way! Also, Dress Select Ch. 2 is now available in the free section (see below for more info on the rest of the h-manga).

And for our members--Shokukan Mankan Zenseki 3 (we translated 1 and 2 previously)--it features numerous random guys x Kanu (on stage!) as part of some sort of 'ero-contest'. Ryubi Gentoku and Ryofu are present, though they don't do too much. I don't often say this about doujins, but this doujin is simply awesome! Futa would've been nice though.
(Preview here)
Another Bayonetta doujin by Chiba Toshirou / Celluloid Acme--per the standard, Luka is made to have sex with Bayonetta while she wears various costumes (including a school gym outfit and a school swimsuit), until he has nothing left to give. (It's the sequel to this doujin.)
(Preview here)
And a new h-manga titled 'A Body Blooming in Pleasure' we're starting this week and will be translating chapters every week from now on. It features two main storylines, the first storyline is about a shota who gets bullied into cross-dressing by his older female classmates, while his shotacon homeroom teacher decides to make him more manly and get back at this female-bully... with sex of course.
(Preview here)
And Chapter 4 of Mind of Sisters--this time it's the maid's turn!
(Preview here)
And finally, with chapters 9 and 10 added, Dress Select (by Chiba Toshirou / Celluloid Acme) is now complete! Chapter 9 is about a shy guy and tsundere in a love-hotel, and chapter 10 briefly revisits the various chapters from earlier in the book. (Thanks to Yoroshii and AKnightWhoSaysNi.) We also went back and re-edited chapters 1, 2, and 7, which were previously done using magazine scans rather than the tankouban scan. The differences are small though--no censor-bars (decensoring was easy), a few panels were improved by the author here and there (mostly adding elaborate designs or logos to dresses or shirts, for example), and a slightly higher resolution. You can find previews for some of the other chapters in here.

Thanks to Kusanyagi, BiriBiri, DesuDesu, Yoroshii, Rhapfan, Yuribou, Kusanyagi x 2, and Brolen + Makasu (in that order) for the translations! Dress Select was also re-edited by Perrin, thanks!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/28/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

9 Misc New English-Translated Doujins:
-Black White (Bakemonogatari)
-Starlight Syndrome (Nanoha - Fate-futa x Nanoha)
-Its Love at First Sight (Yotsuba)
-Eden (Touhou - Satori)
-Eirin Yume Mousou (Touhou - Various - 3 stories, 1 futa)
-Sanae-san to Kogasa-san (Touhou - Sanae and Kogasa)
-Since it (Working)
-Steel Mayonaise 9 (Minami-Ke)
-Holic Plus Holic 2 (Maria Holic - trap yaoi)

5 New Raw-Japanese Toaru Majutsu no Index Doujins:
-Toaru Gakusei no Lacegun (Misaka x Kuroko)
-Toaru Kagaku no Toushi Nouryoku (Mii)
-Biribiri Syndrome (Misaka, Kuroko)
-Tsuki Index wa Detekimasen 123 (Misaka)
-Beginning and the End (Misaka, Ruika x Kazari)

3 New Raw-Japanese Final Fantasy Tactics Doujins:
-Hakanai Mono (Agrias)
-Like a White (Agrias)
-Love Mimic (Agrias)

3 New Raw-Japanese Pretty Cure Fresh Doujins:
-Fukou no Rinbu Kyoku (Setsuna)
-F-64 (Setsuna, Remi, Miki)
-Super Fresh PureCure (Love)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/26/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

Sriblanka02: Well 24 (the TV series) ended on May 24th, appropriately enough. Kinda depressing, I liked that series.

8 Misc New English-Translated Doujins:
-Ayanami Tokka-Shiki [Bakuretsu Fuusen] (Evangelion - Rei)
-A Certain Facades Sexual Dependence (Amagami - Tsukasa)
-A 665 [GUST] (Negima - Misc)
-D.L. Action 53 (Toaru Majutus no Index - Misaka)
-Waiai (Toaru Majutsu no Index - Kuroko and random-guys x Misaka)
-Oidemase! Toramura Onsen (Ar Tonelico 2)
-Minamino (Minami-ke)
-Hyakka Seihou Hyakka Ryouran (Queen's Blade - Tomoe and Shizuka, hardcore)
-Yuri and Friends Full Color 8 (King of Fighters, no text) [Saigado]

7 Raw-Japanese Nanoha Doujins:
-Lyrical Magical Kitae te Masu (Nanoha x Yuuno - Loli)
-Mahou Shoujo Dai Pinch (Mostly Fate)
-Rein to Shimasho (Color) (Reinforce, Loli)
-Ah My Fate Chan (Fate - bondage)
-In Search Of Sanity (Nanoha x Fate, Ginga)
-Lyrical Magical Fate Ganbaru (Misc)
-Lyrical Nanoha NNS Fullcolor Hon (Misc, color)

4 Raw-Japanese Sailor Moon Doujins:
-Tower of Gray (Jupiter)
-Metamorphose (Color) (Various + other series)
-Boku no Kanojo wa Sailor Senshi Colors (Mars, Venus)
-Boku no Kanojo wa Sailor Senshi 3 (Saturn)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/25/10
Posted by: Mike

Raikoh: I love Sano Toshihide's CGsets--this makes 6 CGsets from him in the past 3 weeks. 'Tsuma to Mama to Boin' literally means 'Wife and Mother and Boin', where 'boin' is the sound-effect of breasts-jiggling in Japan, lol.

6 New Hentai-Game CGsets:
-Kyoiku Shido
-Queen Bonjour no! - The Queen Took Off Her School Uniform [Sano Toshihide] (preview)
-Tsuma to Mama to Boin [Sano Toshihide]
-The Guardian of Dawn 1 (preview)
-The Guardian of Dawn 2 - Our Principal's Holiday
-Kansen 3 - The Capital's Collapse (zombies, hardcore) (preview)

2 New One Piece CGsets:
-Inma no Mi
-Kaizoku to Himitsu no Kajitsu and Umi Kan

2 New Misc. Doujins / CGsets:
-Suzi x Kiss (Kiss x Sis, Color)
-Dumatta (Kiba CGset - Roya mostly)

And yes, there will be a Brandish Volume 3!

14 New English-Translated H-Manga / H-Magazine chapters:
-Power Play Ch. 2 [Yamatogawa]
-Double-Faced [Shunjyo Shusuke]
-Young Master Goshouin's Servant
-Brandish Vol. 2 - Ch. 12 (Vol. 2 Now Complete)
-Tenshi no Kagai Jugyo Ch. 1-2
-GIRLzH 2 (lolicon)
-Shinzui Vol. 8 Ch. 1
-Musou Sentai Itemaunjya Ch.1-2 (some tentacles)
-Kui Communication - Ch. 1-2
-Imouto Sitter Ch.1-2 (guy x 2-lolis)
-School Infirmary [Jingrock]
-Imako-san Ch. 4
-Flower Garden of Temptation Ch. 1
-Frozen Fruit [Chiba Toshirou / Celluloid Acme, one of his older works]

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 05/23/10
Posted by: Raikoh

First up from us for the week is a nice Final Fantasy XIII doujin by Kurionesha, involving a foursome of Hope, Vanille, Fang, and Lightning, and involves some futa in the second half.

And the only Fairy Tail doujin in existence (why aren't there more? It makes no sense!)--it's hardcore doujin with a bunch of random guys x Erza and Lucy. Note that this chapter was taken from a compilation doujin of completely unrelated stories / series--it's not missing any pages despite the page numbers.

And another doujin by Freaks (actually two compiled into one gallery), all about Astaroth from Shinrabansho--the hottest demon woman ever! It only had a black and white cover, so I spent a few hours coloring the cover myself. *Update: Added a missing page (06b.jpg)--sorry about that, and thanks to Jose for pointing that error out!

Chapters 7 and 8 of Young Wife Liberation zone--they're the final chapters and grand-finale of the story. I hope you guys liked it! Fortunately the book still has two more (unrelated) chapters left to go!

And for our members--a Kampfer doujin in which female Natsuru becomes a futanari and fucks both Shizuku and Akane until they pass out, until Natsuru finally ends up doing herself / himself (male-form Natsuru x female-form-Natsuru).
(Preview here)
Another gentle Idolmasters doujin by Nekomataya, involving the Futami-twins (a nice pair of twin lolis) x the usual faceless producer-san.
(Preview here)
Another Final Fantasy 13 doujin for the week, this time by Crimson Comics--it's tentacles and shadow-people x Vanille. There will also be a sequel / continuation to this doujin in the near future as well.
(Preview here)
Finally, chapter 3 of Mind of Sisters (our new member's only weekly h-manga project to replace Dress Select--starting with chapter 3)-- it contains lolicon and plenty of the usual 'onii-chan!' keyword as he helps her out with her sex-ed homework. (Chapter 1 was added here previously.)
(Preview here)

Thanks to Yuribou, Sayo, Kusanyagi, Kusanyagi, Rande, Lhytiss, Kusanyagi, and Brolen + Makasu (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/21/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

Sriblanka: Hey, I liked Idolmaster so much this week I decided to update it twice. I can't even remember the last time I did that. Today's update made me think though, there's a lot of Miki and Azusa idolmaster doujins but not that many for the other girls (in comparison of course). I guess it's just the usual pattern for any series: there will always be a few girls that become far more popular than the others, no matter how popular or unpopular the series is itself.

9 New Misc English-Translated Doujins:
-Lili x Asuka (Tekken) [Crimson Comics]
-Oono Shiki 6 (Genshiken)
-Steel Heroines Vol 1 (Super Robot Wars)
-Steel Heroines Vol 2 (Super Robot Wars)
-Steel Heroines Vol 3 (Super Robot Wars)
-Patchun Milk (Touhou - Patchouli, Koakuma)
-Touhou Ukiyoue Kawashiro Nitori (Touhou - Nitori)
-Touhou Ukiyoue Kochiya Sanae (Touhou - Sanae)
-Warning! (Working!)

7 New Idolm@ster Doujins:
-Please Dont Take Off Your Stage Clothes (English) [Nekomataya] (Azusa)
-Dokkiri-Relations (Miki)
-MP (Miki)
-Gocco (Makoto)
-Horizon Blue (Azusa)
-Midnight Blue (Azusa)
-Bad Communication 5 (Azusa)

6 New Love Plus Doujins:
-Nene Chocholate (Nene)
-Shiyouyo (Rinko)
-Oookun Chupa Chupa Shisugi (Nene)
-Plastic Lovers (Nene)
-Spot-Level 4 (Manaka)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/19/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

Sriblanka02: I tell you, Idolm@sters never seems to run out of hot doujins. Well, here's another update with more Idolmaster and Index/Railgun.

12 New Misc English-Translated Doujins:
-Yatte Mio (Color) (K-On - Mio, Azusa)
-Parasite Girl Omake Ori Hon (Durarara)
-Yesterday Today (Amagami - Kaoru)
-Futakue (Dragon Quest 3, double-futa x shota)
-Jumonkousen (Xenosaga, futa)
-S.W. First Side H (Nanoha - Hayate)
-Saikyou Jaku ne Okuu to Yaraneba Dare to Yaru (Touhou - Utsuho)
-Lunatic Udon (Touhou - Reisen, Aya, Nazrin, Futa)
-Ohiya de Douzo (Touhou, lolicon and futa)
-Scarlet Dinner 1 (Touhou - Flandre)
-Nocturne for Two Lovers (Darker than Black)
-Aogeki (Lucky Star - Kagami x Konata)

6 New Misc Idolm@ster Doujins
-Aimai Bitter Sweet [Nekomataya] (Futami Twins)
-Shock Hearts 4 (Miki)
-Cool x Dream (Yumeko)
-ALFA 10mg (Yumeko)
-Ryouchinko (Ritsuko x Ryou)
-Orepro 27 (Miki)

6 New Toaru Majutsu Index / Railgun Doujins:
-1 no Tensai (Misaka)
-Megane to Kyonyuu wa Saikyou Desukara (Mii)
-Mikoto Aisai (Misaka)
-Level xxx (Touma x Kuroko/Kazari)
-Biri Dere (Misaka)
-EM (Misaka)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/18/10
Posted by: Mike

Raikoh (about the recent poll): Hmm, you guys should try something like a fleshlight / onahole, etc. sometime if you're able to buy one--they're a lot better than your bare-hand, lol.

6 New Hentai-Game CGsets:
-Hime to Boin [Sano Toshihide] (preview)
-Majodou - The Beauty of Almost Falling [Sano Toshihide]
-Princess Lover!
-Reunion - Living Together for Just Three Days (preview)
-Makai Tenshi Jibril - Episode 3 (tentacles, hardcore) (preview)
-Kansen 4 - The Day After (zombies, hardcore)

4 New Misc. CGsets / Artbooks:
-Dora 3 (Dragonball and Dragon Quest CGset)
-DQ Nightmare (CGset, various Dragon Quest games) [Crimson Comics]
-ChiChigioh (Yugioh CGset - mostly Dark Magician Girl, tentacles)
-Lili - The Fighting Daughter (Queen's Blade artbook, Tekken, non-hentai)

2 New Complete English-Translated H-Mangas:
-Nawashi (bondage)
-M Onna Senka (mature women)

11 New English-Translated H-Manga / H-Magazine chapters:
-Change Star
-Confession From Beyond the Mirror (netorare)
-Lv69 [Tsukino Jyogi]
-LOVE Hiyori Ch. 2
-Kuro Loli Ch. 7-9 (lolicon)
-Daisuki Daisuki Ch. 01 (lolicon)
-Winter Rain House Arrest
-Abunai Kagaku to Oneechan (gender-bender, futa-ish)
-Shinryaku Teki Ren'ai Shugi Ch.01-04
-Love Miracle Splash (Spin-off from The Great Escape)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 05/16/10
Posted by: Raikoh

Wow, I'm amazed at the amount of rage our previous Baka to Test doujin translation from last week generated (Shouko to Yuuji to NTR)--I guess I'll have to start adding 'netorare' (women cheating or being stolen away) warnings onto doujins to keep people from raging. Sorry about that guys. Anyway, this week's Baka to Test doujin-translation is a bit more normal, and by 'normal' I mean cross-dressing and yaoi of course. But Hideyoshi has his own gender, so it's not yaoi as far as I'm concerned!

Another fine h-manga chapter by Gunma Kisaragi--if I were to choose it's title, it'd probably be named something like 'Yet Another Crazy School Orgy, Part 15'.

And a rather hardcore h-manga chapter involving demons/tentacles x a fox-warrior-princess.

The 6th chapter of Young Wife Liberation Zone--the story takes a darker turn and opens with a nice scene of guy getting dominated (nice!).

And for our members--a sequel to one of our previous Baka to Test translations, it features Akira, Himeji, Yuuko, and Hideyoshi x Akihisa. Though Hideyoshi is made into a woman courtesy of 'bakavision'.
(Preview here)
3-A 5, another crazy Negima doujin by Gambler Club, featuring mostly threesomes, futa, and a penchant for juicy lesbian kisses.
(Preview here)
Another Gundam Seed Destiny doujin by Goromenz, featuring Stellar and Lunamaria in unrelated stories.
(Preview here)
And chapter 8 of Dress Select--so your girlfriend demands you have sex with her and her sister... yeah, like that's gonna happen!
(Preview here)

Thanks to DesuDesu, Lhytiss, DesuDesu, Kusanyagi, Yuribou, Rande, DesuDesu, and Kusanyagi (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/14/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

Sriblanka: Hi, the Ichigo Hazard volumes have some pretty extreme bdsm stuff in them--you might want to skip them if you're not into that kind of stuff.

7 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Lightning (Final Fantasy 13 - Farron)
-Purudori (Gurren Lagann - Yoko)
-Evil Opera (Final Fantasy VI, tentacles)
-Erobato ASAGI (English) (Yotsubato)
-Erobato FUUKA (English) (Yotsubato)
-Erobato SHIMAU (English) (Yotsubato)
-Holic + Holic 1 (Maria Holic - crossdressing-yaoi)

2 New Lucky Star CGsets:
-Miyukisan wa Dounikashitai! (Lucky Star - CGset, Miyuki)
-TYPE-S LS (Lucky Star - CGset, hiigari twins) (preview)

4 New English-Translated Touhou Doujins:
-Musou Fuuin (Reimu)
-Toratone (Toramaru x Hijiri, yuri)
-Welcome to Gensokyo (Various)
-Touhou World Picture Scroll Sis is a Buddhist Amateur Great Magician (Hijiri)

6 New Haruhi Doujins:
-Kyonko de Shoushitsu (Kyonko)
-Picomani 02 (Haruhi)
-Haruhi wa Kiken na Huhatsu-dan. Zibaku Yuubaku Goyouzin (Mostly Haruhi)
-TIMTIM Machine 20 (Yuki)
-Harunegi (Yuki)
-Haruhi no Natsu (Haruhi)

4 New Ichigo 100% Doujins:
-Ichigo Hazard 1 (Toujou - extreme bdsm)
-Ichigo Hazard 2 (Nishino, Toujou - extreme bdsm)
-Ichigotonina (Toujou)
-Y-Selection 4 (Toujou, Satsuki, other series)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/12/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

Sriblanka: Technically Hatsujoucyu is a CGset that follows a story like a doujin. There are 8 variations of it, but I only included the main one--none of the 8 alterations are different from each other except superficially (ex: glasses, tan, tan + glasses, tanline + glasses, tanline without glasses, different tanline, and so on).

8 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-F-NERD (Evangelion - Misato) [Saigado]
-Manbiki JK Sei K-On Bu (K-ON - Ritsu, Yui, Tsumugi)
-Maris Secret (Evangelion - Mari)
-Negitoro Don Omori (Vocaloid - Miku, Luka)
-Rotten Me, I Have Eyes Only for My Little S*ster (Dragon Quest 6)
-Wife Series - Seniors Collection (Color) (Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai)
-Le Beau Maitre 2 (Zero no Tsukaima - Henrietta)
-Imprisoned Lady Noble (Color) (Zero no Tsukaima - Louise)

4 New Dead or Alive Doujins:
-Ayane Gaiden (Ayane)
-Hatsujoucyu (Ayane)
-Rowdy Butterfly (Mostly Ayane)
-Seraphita P Vol. 3 2008 Winter (Ayane-futa, other)

4 New Clannad Doujins:
-Shinhatsubai Furukawadonpan (Nagisa, Sanae)
-Hitotsuma-tachi no Gogo (Sanae)
-Hitotsuma-tachi no Gogo 2 (Sanae)
-Kokoro Nori Tsuma Kuru (Sanae)

4 New Fate Stay/Night Doujins:
-Face es-all Divide (Rider)
-Scribbling 5 (Rin, Saber, art only no dialogue)
-Oreteki Orochi Nagi (Rider, Saber)
-Lily Holic no Subete (Saber)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/11/10
Posted by: Mike

Wow, I don't think you realize how explicit a lot of hentai-game titles are until you translate them into English--you could turn a virgin into a man just by reading them! Oh, and this is what Windows 7 commercials look like in Japan!. I'm sold!

6 New Hentai-Game CGsets:
-Black Dog - A Noble Virgin Dyed in White (hardcore) (preview)
-Makai Tenshi Jibril - Episode 4 (widescreen)
-Ane to Boin
-Your Unknown Nurse - Sex Ward at Midnight (preview)
-Huge Orgy!! Semen Sisters - Do us in a Circle
-Massive Sperm Injection 3 - A Torrent of Semen 1000 (preview)

2 New Misc. CGsets:
-Touch Trouble Click - Lala and Yami's Defeat (To Love Ru CGset)
-Semen Eater 3 (Soul Eater CGset)

For the H-Manga Onee-chan Whisper, chapters 2 and 3 were added previously as Natsu Asobi and School Maid--we're compiling the chapters into one folder from now on, starting with chapter 4 (chapter 1 hasn't been translated yet).

4 New Complete English-Translated H-Mangas:
-Secret Journey (shotacon)
-Comic P-ed
-Poko's Job (more women with animal-ears)
-Otaku no Kairaku

10 New English-Translated H-Manga / H-Magazine chapters:
-Menkui Ch. 5
-Onee-chan Whisper Ch. 4
-Triple H Ch.5
-Don't Write that In History! Ch. 5-6
-Masegaki Education
-Pink Cherry Pie Ch.1-3
-Please Hold Me Ch.1-2
-Change!! (cross-dressing twins)
-Kuro Loli Ch. 4-6 (lolicon)
-Imako-san Ch. 1-3

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 05/09/10
Posted by: Raikoh

First up is Karakishi Youheidan's latest doujin, featuring Sakura x Naruto, and yes, the breasts are absurdly sized, but not as much as the cover suggests. It was translated / edited by some anonymous people a few days ago (even though the doujin has barely been out in Japan for a week now), but this is our own translation, using a better scan / translation / edit. Shizune was going to be in the doujin at one point, but the idea got shelved and the doujin ends rather abruptly. Check out some of his older doujins like Sennin no Te or Yokubari Senninte if you liked this one.

A Baka to Test to Shoukanju doujin by Crazy9, featuring Shouko x Yuuji... almost. That's right, if you can't satisfy your girlfriend, some fat nerd guy might just take her away from you! Wait, is that the same fatso from Crazy9's other doujin? Yes I think it is!

And an unusual shotacon Hayate the Combat Butler doujin--Hayate is made to cross-dress, is tied to a chair, and has various lewd things done to him by the maid Maria--probably not for everyone.

And chapter 5 of Young Wife Liberation Zone.

And for our members--another Luffy x Hancock doujin from Kurionesha--as always the story's just too cute!
(Preview here)
Sexual Alien--an alien abducts a woman and uses her body to collect semen samples, until the government gets involved.
(Preview here)
Dress Select chapter 6 finishes the story from chapter 5--more of your favorite female-teacher cheating on her husband with the kid next door.
(Preview here)
And a short full-color Dream Club doujin featuring Mari--the eye patch is what makes her my personal favorite!
(Preview here)

Thanks to Yuribou, BiriBiri, Rande, Kusanyagi, Yuribou, BiriBiri, Kusanyagi, and Lhytiss (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/07/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

10 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Ura K-On 1 (Color, hardcore)
-Ami Plus (Color) (Toradora - Ami)
-Fuck Bang Juuketsu-chan (Charger Girl, Ju-den Chan, lots of futa)
-Flore Magique (7th Dragon Princess)
-Lunatic Nightmare (Touhou - Ran)
-Touhou Ukiyo Scroll Shameimaru Aya (English) (Touhou - Aya, Reimu)
-Strong-willed Woman (Black Cat) [Crimson Comics]
-Asunancho (Negima - Asuna, Ayaka)
-Eva-Negi Up (Negima - Evangeline)
-Mimio Suma Eva (Negima - Evangeline)

5 New Misc. CGsets:
-Familiars Journal (Zero no Tsukaima) (preview)
-Suzumiya-san to Sono Hoka no CG (Haruhi) (preview)
-Kannora (Kannagi)
-Zange Ikkai 100yen Desu (Kannagi) (preview)
-Toradora Minorin Choukyou Ryoujoku Nikki (Toradora)

7 New Raw-Japanese Idolm@ster Doujins:
-Haruka to Chihaya to Producer (Haruka, Hibiki)
-The Animalmaster Vol.4 (Futami, short)
-The Animalmaster Vol.5 (futa, short)
-The Animalmaster Vol.6 (short)
-Inferno (Azusa)
-Shomin (Iori)
-Moon Light (Azusa)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/05/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

Note: Sekirei season 2 comes out this July, and it's about damn time!

8 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-K-on no Chou Eroi Hon ga Dekimashita [Shiwasu no Okina] (K-ON! - Various)
-Tsuki no Tennensui (Sekirei - Tsukiumi)
-Tohsaka-ke no Kakei Jijou 4 (Fate - Rin, Saber)
-Play Girl (Touhou - Keine)
-Yoru Suzume Yuugi (Touhou - Yuugi, Mystia, futa)
-Kudaranai Hanashi (Final Fantasy IV)
-Kuroshiki 8 (Final Fantasy XI - Mithra)
-Naked Feels (Nanoha - Fate x Nanoha)

5 New Dragon Quest 3 Doujins:
-Onna Senshi san ga Ver0.95 (Warrior)
-Touko 3 (Sage)
-Touko 4 (Sage, Warrior, Priest)
-Echi Nahokora LV.3 (Roto)
-Kenja no TKB (Sage)

4 New Amagami Doujins:
-Lovely Heart Breaker (Various)
-AG Tea Time (Rihoko)
-Soyo1 Gami (Haruka)
-Oneesama Koushien (Misc girls and series)

3 New Gundam 00 Doujins:
-F-64 (Sumeragi)
-Trans-AM Ver.0.8 (Various, no text)
-Titanium Lotus (Marina)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/04/10
Posted by: Mike

6 New Hentai-Game CGsets:
-Elven Twin Sisters Willan and Arsura (preview)
-Bikyaku Agent Leafa (street-fighter parody?)
-Manin Sharyou - Seifuku Namadashi Ikihoudai (subway train sex) (preview)
-Te to Te Try On!
-Noblesse Oblige (maids) (preview)
-Sadistic Loli (guy gets dominated by loli, short)

4 New Baka to Test to Shoukanju Doujins:
-Himeji-san to Test Benkyou 2
-Baka Desutsu (Himeji and Minami)
-Baka to Josou to Shoukanju (now in English) (Hideyoshi yaoi)
-Love is Game Over (some Hideyoshi)

2 New Complete English-Translated H-Mangas:
-Ne.To.Ge - Lovers In Cyberworld

12 New English-Translated H-Manga / H-Magazine chapters:
-This is a Carefree Daycare [Bosshi]
-Boshi Double Soukan Ch.1-6
-Animal Ears Big Plan (loli's with animal-ears)
-Super Satisfaction Delivery -My Neighbor Saki-chan- (lolicon)
-Black Knight
-An Angel's Marshmallow Vol. 1 Ch. 8 (Vol. 1 now complete)
-Three Angels Short Full Passion Ch. 1-2
-I Love Sist*r Ch. 3-5
-Ring x Mama Vol. 1 Ch. 7 - 9 (Vol. 1 now complete)
-Porn Star Teacher by Rio Yanagawa
-Otona ni Nari-tai (lolicon)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
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Posted on: 05/02/10
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for the week is Sekaiichi Uketai Anko, a Naruho doujin we translated and released as member's only a year and a half ago--it's now available in the free section! It features multiple-kage-bunshin Naruto's x Anko and Tsunade for the purpose of Sakura, Hinata, and Ino's sexual education, who are present but don't do much in this doujin unfortunately.

And a partially-colored Code Geass doujin, in which Kallen is captured and 'interrogated' by Brittanian forces... while wearing a school swimsuit for some reason.

Young Wife Liberation Zone Ch. 4, which adds a second (of many to come) housewife to the story. Wait... she hasn't had have sex with her husband in half a year? Man those Japanese firms really keep husbands busy...

And a weird one-shot h-magazine chapter involving a witch + tentacle-monster x other-witch.

And for our members--Naruho's latest and long-anticipated doujin--it's younger-Naruto x Tsunade, starting off with Tsunade getting drunk and passing out. Once again there appears to be no continuity between this story and Naruho's other Naruto doujins (for example Naruto's a virgin again apparently).
(Preview here)
And an innocent futa-Eri x Reina doujin, with Nanael making a brief appearance--I just wish the doujin was a bit longer.
(Preview here)
Another one-shot h-magazine chapter--it's futanari-tomb-raider-woman VS ancient-Egyptian guard monster woman + other misc. monsters. Can our heroine break the curse?
(Preview here)
Chapter 5 of Dress Select--it's about a student having sex with his professor's wife (and assistant) behind his back. Chapter 6 will also continue (and finish) this story-arc.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Kusanyagi, Crimson Leo, Kusanyagi, BiriBiri, Kusanyagi, Yuribou x 2, and Kusanyagi (in that order) for the translations!