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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/30/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

It seems like a lot of people are still into the Eva franchise as the Rebuild of Evangelion has generated not only a lot of new doujins, but a lot of new translations. Show of hands, who's into the series?

5 New Clannad Doujins
Ashi no Kirei na T san Shimari gaii (Tomoyo, bukkake)
CLA-MC (Kotomi, Kyou, Tomoyo, gangbang)
Costume Parfait Apricot 2 (Color) (Kyou)
Sakura For Girls (English) (Color) (Kotomi, Tomoyo)
Sanae-san no Cream Pan (Sanae)

5 New Evangelion Doujins
Charming Asuka (English) (Asuka)
Confusion LEVEL A vol.3 (English) (Asuka)
Entry Plug Sounyuu (English) (Mari)
Naminami (Asuka, Mari, Rei)
Poka2 (English) (Asuka, Rei, few shots of Mari)

5 New Nanoha Doujins
Angel's Stroke 22 - Datenshi Gekitsui (Nanoha)
Lyrical Magical Hayate Ganbaru (Hayate, Vita)
Otona Fate to Kodomo Nanoha (Fate x Nanoha - futa)
Tokikake Vivid (Signum)
Welcome to Midoriya Cafe (English) (Misc)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/28/09
Posted by: Raikoh

With all the Boa Hancock doujin-madness lately, I feel like people have forgotten about Nami and Robin--well we didn't! (Well, not this week at least...) Also, for the new Karin doujin, I threw in an old unrelated 6-page Karin chapter by a different artist in the front, since there's no better place to release that chapter really.

2 New Bleach Doujins:
-Yoruneko-san Being Broken-In -Collar Chapter- (Color) (Yoruichi x Kisuke)
-Yoruneko 2 (Color, English) (Yoruichi x Kisuke) (was member's only)
-Aki-Akane 5 (Orihime, Tatsuki, Yoruichi, Soifon, all futa, now with balls...)
-159.5 Night Lession (Yoruichi / Soifon CGset) (was member's only)

2 New One Piece Doujins:
-I Love Piece (Nami and Robin)
-Nami ni Norou (Nami)

1 New Naruto Doujin:
-Ninja Extreme 3rd (Karin, some Tsunade)

9 New Queen's Blade Doujins / CGsets / Artbooks:
-QB (Reina and Elina x random-guys, bondage) (English) [Hellabunna] (preview)
-Cat Fight Royal (Menasu x Ekidona)
-Pour me Milk! (Color, English) (Nanael)
-Kusari Vol. 7 (English) (Alleyne x futa-Iroha and futa-Ekidona)
-Queen's Load (Epic CGset!) (preview)
-Ruzazunaito (Airi CGset)
-Mother's Seijuku shi ta Miryoku (CGset, Cattleya, straight-shota)
-Cattleya's Book - Mother and Son's Honeymoon (English) (Cattleya, straight-shota) (sorry, actually I already added this one previously...)
-Dizzy (Official Artbook, she's from Guilty Gear)
-Mirim (Official Artbook)

In Japan, they publish lengthy black-and-white Hentai-Magazines, though usually to entice potential buyers they throw in a short color story in the front of each magazine issue, resulting in a large number of very short full-color one-shot H-Manga chapters. They're hot, though I'd feel rather dumb releasing a 4-6 page long 'chapter' by itself. So instead I compiled a bunch of these chapters together into a set of 4 anthologies of about 25-pages each--I tried to keep a bit of a theme going with each one, so they're not entirely just random hodgepodge collections.
10 New Translated H-Manga Chapters / CGsets:
-Ride On Shooting Star (biker babe!) [Celluloid Acme]
-Inshitsu Otaku ni Ikareru Imouto (large CGset) [Takeda Hiromitsu] (preview)
-Super-Short Collection 1 - Beach (Color) (preview)
-Super-Short Collection 2 - Onee-sama (Color)
-Super-Short Collection 3 (Color)
-Super-Short Collection 4 - Mother (Color) (preview)
-Ojou-sama no Himitsu (Complete H-Manga, 100% Lolicon) (second half is member's only)
-F-Mode Ch. 2 [Takaoka Motofumi]
-Teasing Minuet Ch. 1-2
-Sakura's Disturbance

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Ecchi
Posted on: 09/28/09
Posted by: Raikoh
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Ahh, I've neglected posting the second half of season-1 for so long that season-2 has started airing already! (I liked the first half of season-1 more than the second half though.) As for season-1 overall, there's a fair amount of fighting, though no one ever seems to ever get KO'ed or defeated--how is the tournament ever going to end if they don't start eliminating women? It seemed to me like season-1 served largely just to set things up and introduce most of the women. 3 of the 6 OVAs are out now as well, and they're pretty hot too (they're your usual 2.5-minute long ecchi-DVD-extras).

(Read more for torrent links. Members can download the episodes directly from our member's section. The first half of season-1 was posted here.)
~"I'm the only one with any clothes left on, so I guess that means I win!"

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Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 09/28/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Poll 652 (April 21st – 23rd, 2009)
Who’s the hottest woman in To Love Ru?

Lala: 2553 (22.6%)
Haruna: 867 (7.7%)
Mikado-sensei: 912 (8.1%)
Mikan: 645 (5.7%)
Yami: 753 (6.7%)
Yui: 717 (6.3%)
I don’t watch To Love Ru: 4,865 (43%)

Total Votes: 11,312

Well back in July, the results were largely the same, except that now 2% more of our visitors are familiar with To Love Ru, which is kind of sad. Mikan is the least popular, with Lala in first place by far (typical—main characters always win!), and Mikado-sensei surprisingly beating Haruna--I love them both so I'm not complaining!

Poll 642 (March 26th – 29th, 2009)
Which Final Fantasy game is your favorite?

7: 4,324 (34.4%)
8: 867 (6.9%)
10 and 10-2: 1,910 (15.2%)
11: 145 (1.2%)
12: 713 (5.7%)
Other: 1324 (10.5%)
I never played any of them: 3,275 (26.1%)

Total Votes: 12,558

Wow, Final Fantasy 7 really dominated! That game just won't die. FF10 came in at a strong second as well. Meanwhile FF11 did horribly (screw that stupid game and almost every other MMORPG--they're addictive time-voids which devour your life and leave you empty). I'm surprised by how few votes the other games got though.

(Read more for more old poll results.)

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Category: Translations
Posted on: 09/26/09
Posted by: Raikoh

First up is a hot Samurai Showdown featuring Iroha, Mina, and plenty of bondage! What? You never played Samurai Showdown? Well fap to it anyway!

Second up is Onoroke (the sequel to Oiroke), featuring futa-female-Naruto x Sakura and Hinata. We scanned and translated this doujin over a year ago (has it really been that long already?) and released it as member's only--well now it's available in our free section too!

Miko Wars Chapter 7, the conclusion approaches--no tentacles or lolicon this time though.

And an epic Tenchu 3 doujin--this doujin is so old, it was one of the first doujins we ever even added to our site--now it's finally in english. More than half of it is non-sexual action/storyline, and it's over 100 pages long, so I created a seperate folder containing only the sex scenes for people who don't want to be bothered with the story interspersed between the sex. This doujin was done back in the good-old classic Tenchu 3 and Tenchu 3: Fatal Shadows days--those games were awesome. Since then the franchise has failed repeatedly--Tenchu Z was pretty lame, and Tenchu 4 was complete crap (they took out my grapple hook, and gave me a squirt gun instead!?).

And for our members--Hametora, another orgy To Love Ru doujin by the same artist who did Kosutora--it features Rito x Lala, Mikado-sensei, Yami, Mikan, Haruna, and Saki.
(Preview here)
Rio is the goddess of luck, lusted after by patrons of gambling dens everywhere in Japan, where her image is plastered across slot machines and the like (she's a fictional Blackjack dealer). Like Freaks' other works, it features gangbang and massive breasts. (The title, Riopai, is a pun on her name and the word 'oppai', meaning big-breasts in Japanese.)
(Preview here)
Takane Tama; Takeda Hiromitsu's latest doujin. It's based on Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo (another new anime we could create a section for if you guys want)--Takane gets captured and brain-washed by Nerval and turned into their sex-slave.
(Preview here)
Finally, Nami no Ura Koukai Nisshi 4, the Nami doujin by Acid-Head Jinukug scanned for us a few weeks back. It's rather embarrassing to release a translation of a doujin with so little dialogue though--basically Nami whores herself out to two guys... again.
(Preview here)

(Thanks to DesuDesu, Kusanyagi (who has since retired), Brolen, Sayo, Yrubiou, Rande, Yuribou, and Yuribou, in that order, for the translations!)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/24/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Just a hodgepodge of an update today since I wanted to throw in a few more english doujins than on Tuesday.

2 New Gundam 00 Doujins
-China-R (Wang)
-Nyuu -Generation MaSra-O (Various)

2 New Gundam Seed Doujins
-Mamaspi (Talia)
-NTL (Cagalli)

2 New Ichigo 100% Doujins
-Berry Berry (Shiori, other)
-MuchiMuchi Bomber 5 (English) (Color) (Satsuki)

5 New Idolmaster Doujins
-Az U Like (English) [Nekomataya] (Azusa)
-Kotori Sansen (Kotori)
-Serious (Yuhiko)
-The Idol x Sun x Idol (Mostly Haruka)
-Yoidore Idol Ginjouden (Yuhiko, some Haruka)

3 New Lucky Star Doujins
-Kaga Mine 4 (Kagami)
-Kaga Hon (Kagami)
-Lucky Cho (English) (Color) (Various)

1 New Nanoha Doujin
-Nanohas War Records (English) (Nanoha, lolicon)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/22/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Today I'm uploading some more Amagami, DQ, and some Macross Frontier. Not too many english doujins left for those series though.

4 New Dragon Quest 5 Doujins
-Bianca Story (English) (Bianca)
-Bianca Story II (English) (Bianca)
-Granbanear Oda (Flora)
-Kessen Zenya (Bianca, Deborah)

1 New Dragon Quest 8 Doujin
-Exodus -Jessica- (Jessica)

5 New Amagami Doujins
-I Pocha (Rihoko)
-Plastic Flower (Haruka)
-Sweet Handler (Ai, Haruka)
-Watashi no Kawaii Wan-chan (Haruka)
-Zukai Jyouzuna Mesubuta no Kaikata (Ai & others)

5 New Macross Frontier Doujins
-Ainotakachi (Mostly Ranka)
-Clan ni Kurakura (Color) (Clan Clang bigi)
-Frontier Spirits (Clan Clang mini, Sheyrl)
-Idol Woman vs Macross (Clan Clang mini, Sheyrl)
-Kanzen Nenshou 16 Deka Rucha (Clan Clang mini, Ranka, Sheyrl)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/21/09
Posted by: Raikoh

Comiket 76 opened up the K-On doujin-floodgate from heaven, and outpoured a deluge of doujins. I can certainly add more K-On doujins if you guys like the series enough. Cos Ruki 01 is actually rather old, it had just never been scanned before--apparently no one makes Rukia doujins anymore now that she's been outshined by the newer (bustier) women...

2 New One Piece Doujins:
-MeroMero Girls (Hancock x Luffy, futa-Sadi)
-140,000,000 (Bonney)

1 New Bleach Doujin:
-Cos Ruki 01 (Rukia x Ichigo, short)

6 New To Love Ru Doujins / CGsets:
-Sairenji Haruna no Mitsu Tsubo 1 (English) (Rito x Haruna) (preview)
-Selfish (English) (Lala x tentacles) [Crimson Comics]
-Wakasa de MunMun 2 (Rito x Yami and Lala, some misc. futa)
-Cream Yui Nyan (Rito x Yui)
-Torakosu (Lala and Haruna CGset)
-Harenchi na (Yui CGset, hardcore) (preview)

8 New K-On! Doujins:
-Pai-Pan! 2 (Color, English) (Mio)
-Hu-Zoku! (English) (Various, hot)
-Cherry Pie (English) (Various, futa)
-Ga-Chuku (Mio)
-Black Time (English) (Tsumugi x black-guy)
-Suki Suki Mio-chan (English) (Mio)
-Mio-chan's Mission to Cool Down (English) (Mio)
-Beast and the Harlot (English) (Mio)

9 New Translated H-Manga Chapters / Doujins:
-Just as Planned
-Thunder Dome (Onegai My Melody) [Digital Accel Works] (preview)
-Rozaban if Story -Kuro no Umu Hen- (Rosario + Vampire - Kurumu x Tsukune)
-F-Mode Ch.1 [Takoka Motofumi] (preview)
-Black Cat Boogaloo 1-2 [Inu]
-Is Sensei S or M?
-Virgin Pregnant (Bondage, fighting Mikos)
-Sarashi Ai (public nudity / sex)
-Sempai Pet

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 09/19/09
Posted by: Raikoh

First up is a nicely drawn Haruhi x Kyon doujin by Gust--should we translate more of his Haruhi doujins in the future? Despite the odd cover, Haruhi doesn't actually have any tan-lines in this doujin... To put an end to the old debate; is Haruhi a Tsundere? In this doujin, I think yes.

Next is Miko Wars chapter 6--the series gives up the usual tentacles and lolicon this week for a more standard gang-bang scene involving the main character's onee-sama.

Imagination is a short new Hancock x Luffy doujin Jinukug scanned for us about 3 weeks ago in which Hancock fantasizes about Luffy.

Finally Sexy Summer Beach, a Matsumoto x Hitsugaya doujin. We scanned and translated it as members-only a year ago--it's since been decensored by Nayr, and now it's finally in our free section!

And for our members--first is another great Hitsugaya x Matsumoto doujin by Kurionesha.
(Preview here)
Next, Reina and Elina visit a brothel and hire two guys to fuck them (the best job in the world?). It's drawn by the awesome Diogenes Club--we translated two of his Ikkitousen futa doujins previously (here and here).
(Preview here)
Finally, another Iroha doujin by Yukiyanagi, the same artist who drew our Iroha doujin from last week as well. It also features Tsunami this time too, a new female character introduced in the upcoming Iroha game for the Nintendo DS (yes, that's right, Iroha has an entire Nintendo DS game devoted just to her sexiness!).
(Preview here)

(Thanks to CGRascal, Brolen, Yuribou, Rande, Yuribou, CGRascal, and Crimson Leo, in that order, for the translations! Thanks also to SiNAPSE and Jinukug for scanning a few of these.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/17/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Job Change Play is very stylized to look like the FFT artwork, so it's probably not for anyone but people who actually played the game. Also, I'm speculating but I suspect the princess is actually Ramza who has undergone a "Job Change". Of course it's in japanese so I can't tell for certain.

3 New Final Fantasy Tactics Doujins
-03shiki Knight Killer (Agrias, bondage - hardcore)
-Job Change Play (Agrias x Princess - futa)
-Ninja Master (Agrias)

2 New Final Fantasy X Doujins
-Orange Sunshine (English) (Leblanc, Rikku)
-Yuna (English) (Yuna)

5 New Idolmaster Doujins
-14 (Iori, Miki)
-Azusa-san no Yuuutsu (Azusa)
-Otome Gokoro (Haruka)
-Stay as sweet as you are (Makoto)
-Sweet Produce

5 New Nanoha Doujins
-Lost Property 4 (Fate x Nanoha - futa)
-Lyrical Magical Tiana Ganbaru
-Magical Seed Random (Ginga, Subaru, Teana)
-Motto Honey Trapion Opel (English) (Fate)
-Ru-ru-ru (Agito, Lutecia Alpine)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/15/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Perhaps some of you have noticed I added a section for Amagami. There's not that many doujins out for it yet, but I noticed I was saving several doujins from the series due to their quality. It's another PS2 dating sim you've never heard of before (yes, people are still making PS2 games), but it's popular in Japapn, so it'll probably get a 12-episode anime series in a year judging by how the anime industry works.

5 New Amagami Doujins
-H naturalqueen (Haruka)
-Nanasaki Iro (Ai)
-Oomori Sweet Baby (Kaoru)
-Tanamachi (Kaoru)
-Tomokare (English) (Kaoru)

5 New Macross Frontier Doujins
-Alfa 7mg (English) (Matsura, Ranka, Sheryl)
-Chicchai Taii to Icha Icha (Clan Clang)
-Flying Dog (Ranka, Sheryl)
-Sexross Frontier (Color) (Matsura, Ranka, Sheryl, others)
-Sheriran Mixjuice (Ranka, Sheryl)

5 New SNK x Capcom Doujins
-Ai Ore Maiden (English) (Iroha)
-Chun-Li Keiji no Oppai Sousa (English) (Chun-Li)
-Iroha Blog (English) (Color) (Iroha)
-Mizu Hana (Nakoruru, Rimururu, other)
-Multi-Body (English) (Iroha)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/14/09
Posted by: Raikoh

A couple new Naruto / Bleach / One Piece scans by us this week. NejiHina no Sekai (Kuuya) is getting better--Hard Candy's better than a lot of his previous Neji x Hinata doujins. It's also nostalgic to see that Sayo translated that old female-Naruto x Sasuke doujin--it was one of the first doujins I ever scanned (read: I could've done better), though I didn't get it translated because it's kinda yaoi-ish. Damn, female-Naruto is one of the hottest Naruto women, I don't know why she's always getting paired with Jiraiya... And thanks again to Jinukug for the One Piece scans. Short Piece had a 3rd chapter with Hancock, which I removed since it was identical to this previously released doujin anyway.

2 New Naruto Doujins:
-Hard Candy (Neji x Hinata)
-The Age When Even Flowers Blush (English) (female-Naruto x Sasuke)

2 New One Piece Doujins:
-Nami no Ura Koukai Nisshi 4 (Nami x random-guys) [Acid-Head]
-Short Piece (Various) [Acid-Head]

1 New Bleach Doujin:
-As You Are (Orihime and Tatsuki x random-guys)

6 New Gurren Lagann Doujins:
-Nijyuu ra Sen (English) (Yoko and Nia)
-1 + 1 = 3 (Yoko and Yoko-sensei x Kamina)
-Yomako-sensei's Special Lesson (Yoko-sensei x straight-shota)
-Aniki ha Shinda Mouinai (Kinon and Kiyal)
-Glass Heart (Yoko x Simon, a little Kiyal)
-Yoko to Nia no Ore ga Yarutte Itten da Hon (Yoko, Nia)

6 New Strike Witches Doujins:
-Makuu Tsuushin SW (futa-Miyafuji x Sanya and Eila, second half is from Persona 4)
-Sailor Lynn My Wife (English) (futa-Miyafuji x Lynette)
-Heart Break One (Lynette x random-guys)
-Dai 501 Himegoto Sentou Club (Erica, Lynette and Gertrud)
-Milkie Strike 2 (English) (Francesca) (preview)
-Survivor (English) (Sanya)

4 New Misc. Doujins:
-Magical Paradise (Yugioh -Dark-Magician Girl x random-guy)
-Leopard Book 14 (English) (Ikkitousen - Kanu x random-guy) (preview)
-Dagatsu Inumi 2 (Sekirei - Tsukiumi)
-Angels Stroke 27 - Big-Breasted Bird (English) (Sekirei - Tsukiumi and Musubi)

Soushisouai Note is now complete--previously 2 of its chapters had yet to be translated and were still in Japanese.
7 New Translated H-Manga Chapters / Complete H-Mangas:
-Soushisouai Note [Kensoh Ogawa] (Complete H-Manga, now all chapters are in english) (preview)
-Good Job [Celluloid Acme] (preview)
-Movie Research Lovers (female teacher x students)
-Nozomu Triangle (guy x 2 crazy s*sters...)
-Metronome 1 (straight-shota) [Yukimi]
-Tennyo no Hagoromo 1-3 (preview)
-Nettai Ya 1 and 2

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 09/12/09
Posted by: Raikoh

First up is Love 2 Hurricane by Gold Rush, as I promised before--it's Hancock x tied-up Luffy.

Giroutei 2--this is actually two seperate Naruto doujins, but I combined them together because the first one was too short and their stories are connected anyway. The first part is Sakura x Temari, and then it's Tsunade and futa-Sakura x futa-Temari. Caution though--like Giroutei's other works, contains big breasts, lactation, some futa in the second story, and weirdness in general.

Miko Wars 5--the plot thickens! It's Narumi x tentacles and random-guys this time.

And a great Iroha doujin (from Samurai Spirits / Samurai Showdown) by Yukiyanagi--expect to see a lot more Iroha in next week's translations!

And for our members--another sweet Hancock x Luffy doujin!
(Preview here)
Giroutei 1--Tsunade takes advantage of her new pupil Sakura, giving ther the breast-expansion jutsu and then it's futa-Sakura x Tsunade. After Tsunade passes out, it's time for futa-Shizune x futa-Sakura--whether you liked Giroutei 2 or not, expect more of the same.
(Preview here)
And a Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu doujin--you've probably never heard of the anime (I chose this one mainly because I love the artist), but basically Haruka is the 'perfect' schoolgirl, except she's secretly an Otaku, and the male-Otaku-protagonist helps her out (small wonder who the target audience is supposed to be). Of course this is a doujin, so she gets tied to a bed, spanked, fucked, and so on and so forth, before finally cosplaying as Miku at Comiket (the Vocaloid woman).
(Preview here)

(Thanks to CGRascal, Yuribou, Brolen, Crimson Leo, DGB, Yuribou, and Little White Butterflies, in that order, for the translations! Thanks to Jinukug for scanning Love 2 Hurricane and Love Scat as well.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/10/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

The Haruhi x Nanoha doujin is a crossover if you couldn't tell from the cover. Pretty unnatural to see new crossovers appearing online since they've always been pretty uncommon to begin with. Although I do remember seeing some old doujins with crossovers in them, so maybe it's just a dying trend.

1 New Haruhi x Nanoha Doujin
-Suzumiya Haruhi no Taiketsu 1 (English) (Haruhi x Nanoha)

4 New Haruhi Doujins
-Fatsu Q Mikuru (Mikuru)
-Suzumiya Haruhisan no Kikennai Taiken 1 (Haruhi)
-Suzumiya Haruhisan no Kikennai Taiken 2 (Haruhi - bondage)
-Suzumiya Haruhisan no Kikennai Taiken 4 (Haruhi - bondage)

3 New Dragon Quest 3 Doujins
-Ecchi na Hoko ra Chika Kaisou (Roto, others)
-LoveHero.10 (Priest)
-Pafutto no Sutto Sugo Chichi (Color) (Priest, Sage)

2 New Dragon Quest 4 Doujins
-Kinoko Tsuushin 8 (English) (Heroine)
-Maanya to Seiyoku Mamono Tachi (Manya)

5 New Final Fantasy 7 Doujins
-Hachi (English) (Yuffie)
-Erotifa7 Unlimited (Tifa)
-Masochist Tifa (English) (Tifa)
-Material Handling 2 (Tifa)
-Material Handling 3 (Tifa)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/08/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Over Labor Day I rewatched some old Baki eps and finally caught up on the latest Berserk manga. I feel so productive. Did you do anything interesting with your Labor Day?

5 New Eva Doujins
-CL-orz 6 (English) (Color) (Asuka)
-Mio (English) (Asuka, Mari)
-Shinji to Aya Nami Garaburabu (Rei)
-Swordfish (English) [Izurumi] (Asuka)
-The Plugsuit that Showed Too Much (English) [Izurumi] (Asuka)

5 New Idolm@ster Doujins
-Aruru Bakappuru no 1 Nichi 2 Nichi me (Miki)
-Sutoroberi Shootokeikusu (Miki)
-Temptation (Color) (Takane)
-The Beast And (Miki)
-Urchin (Color) (Various - softcore)

5 New Index Doujins
-Amakusa Moyouna 3 [SAZ] (Kaori)
-Lovely Pink (Komoe)
-Perfect Banned Book Catalog (English) (Misaka)
-Re Rugan no Asobi Kata (Misaka)
-To Aru Omeko ni Chou Denji hou (Kazari, Kuroko)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/07/09
Posted by: Raikoh


Some new One Piece and Code Geass scans by us thanks to Jinukug and Marcus. We'll also release a translation of Love 2 Hurricane in a few days.

2 New One Piece Doujins:
-Tougenkyo (Color) (Hancock, Kalifa, Margaret)
-Love 2 Hurricane (Hancock x Luffy) [Gold Rush]

8 New Code Geass Doujins:
-Zero's Belonging Code 1 (Bunny-Suit Kallen x Lelouch)
-Zero's Belonging Code 2 (English) (CC x Lelouch)
-Shitasaki Sanzun 3 (Bunny-suit Kallen x random-guy)
-Hakudaku Kasshoku (Villetta, Anya)
-CC Chuudoku (CC x Lelouch)
-Slave Geass (Bunny-suit Kallen x Lelouch, second half is from Macross Frontier)
-In The Cave (Nunally)
-Endless Story (CC and Kallen x Lelouch)
-Masaka no Chiba-san (English) (was member's only)

6 New Queen's Blade Doujins:
-S*sters Break (Reina and Elina) [Diogenes Club]
-Kodai no Shima Pan Oujo (Menace, big-breasts)
-Warrior Maiden Disgrace (English) (Tomoe, Airi, Shizuka, tentacles)
-Queens Body (English) (Tomoe x random-guys)
-Bugu Shouten Fujin no Futei (Cattleya)
-Melt Melt Melt (Melona x shota)

9 New Translated Doujins / H-Manga Chapters:
-Momo kan (doujin from series Big Windup) [Gold Rush] (preview)
-Rain Girl Taking Shelter (preview)
-Beware of the Panty Thief
-Four Leaf Lover (doujin from series Yotsubato, Hardcore)
-Eight Four (childhood friend)
-My ****** Is My Bride
-Wilting Flower, Setting Sun (futa)
-Private Photo Message (futa)
-Scheming Mother (cosplay) (preview)

2 Great New Translated Full H-Mangas:
-Bust to Bust
-Smiling Nurse (preview)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 09/05/09
Posted by: Raikoh

First up is Zhen Ji Ranbu, a Dynasty Warriors doujin by U.R.C. Zhen Ji is forced by Cao Pi to keep a dildo inside her in public, and well, with her skimpy outfit, it's hard to hide something like that...
Second is Dog-Ears Zukan - Encyclopedia of Doggy Style chapters 17 and 24 by Inuburo (Inu means dog in Japanese)--the stories are all rather short, episodic, and about women with dog-ears and tails. It's roughly half-lolicon, and I originally thought it contained some futa, but all the 'futa' chapters are actually crossdressing rather than futa. Chapters 1 - 5 (the color chapters) were translated previously by someone else, though since we've decided to start translating select chapters from this book, I thought it was appropriate to post those chapters here too.
Finally, Miko Wars chapter 4--it contains a daily recommended value of 100% lolicon, 50% tentacles, and 0-grams of trans-fat!

And for our members--Q.N.T. 4; it's almost 100% Temari this time (with her first two costumes--her second costume was always the hottest). The story takes place in first-person, and I'm assuming you're supposed to be Shikimaru. The doujin didn't have a cover originally, so I colored a page to use as it's cover.
(Preview here)
Through the Wall, by Rojiura Jack--the first half is Margaret and Boa Hancock x Luffy, and the second half is Zoro x Perona. I love his super-exaggerated-body style personally!
(Preview here)
Finally, Dog-Ears Zukan - Encyclopedia of Doggy Style chapters 26 and 27. Expect more Inuburo translations from us in the future! He's a brilliant but as-of-yet unknown artist.
(Preview here)

(Thanks to Rande, Crimson Leo, Brolen, Desu Desu, DGB, and Crimson Leo, in that order, for the translations!)

Also, hentai-key (who owns the domain-name doujin-moe.com since we left them in June) has decided to run an old backup-copy of our site from 2006 at that location (the newest one they have), presumably to confuse the crap out of people and get more sales for themselves. Google, in it's infinite wisdom, has unfortunately decided to rank doujin-moe.com higher than doujin-moe.us starting a few days ago, sparking a new wave of confusion and confused e-mails. So please remember to visit us at doujin-moe.us (.us as in United States), rather than thinking our site exploded if you accidentally whind up visiting doujin-moe.com instead. (See our FAQ for more info.) Linking to doujin-moe.us (where appropriate) would also help Google and other people figure this out. We'd like to advertise on Google to help correct this, but unfortunately Google is anti-lolicon and will not allow us to advertise on their network.
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/03/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Well, Comiket 76 has been over for a while, but there's still a ton of doujins being scanned from it. Most of these doujins were from C76, so they're all very new. Enjoy.

5 New Haruhi Doujins
-15513 Kaime no Nagato Yuki (Yuki)
-Melancholy Princess 4 (Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki)
-Nagato Yuki no Furu Karaa hon (Color) (Yuki)
-Suzumiya Haruhi no Hatsunetsu (Haruhi)
-Suzumiya Haruhi no Shakunetsu (Haruhi)

5 New To Heart 2 Doujins
-Rabuko Neku Shon B-SIDE (Haruka, Tamaki)
-Shio Hato (Various)
-Tamane to Natsu no Yoru (Tamaki)
-Unchain My Heart 3 (Sasara)
-Yuman Koo Kawari (Yuma)

5 New Vocaloid Doujins
-A Tide of New Era (Color) (Luka)
-Daite Horudonmi (Miku)
-Miku Miku no Ano ne (Miku)
-Pinky Voice (Luka)
-Puchi Hanirisu (Miku, Len, Luka)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 09/01/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

5 New Idolm@ster Doujins
-Onaka Ippai (Yayoi)
-Shock Hearts 2 (Miki) (Mizuryu Kei)
-Shock Hearts 3 (Miki)
-The Animal Master Vol.1 (Azusa)
-Toaru Haruka no Seiteki Yokkyuu (Haruka)

5 New Macross Frontier Doujins & CGs
-Daijina Koto ha Minna Kara Osowatta (Sheryl)
-Infinity Stars (English) (Ranka, Sheryl)
-Makurosu (Various - CG set)
-Songstress Tally ho (Ranka, Sheryl)
-Yukiyanagi no Hon 16 Sheryl to Ranka no Idol (English) (Ranka, Sheryl)

5 New Toradora Doujins
-Ami-chan no Eroihon (English) (Ami)
-Mini Taiga (English) (Taiga)
-Scapegoat (English) (Taiga)
-Smile (Sumire Kanou)
-Taiga Mashiin 2 (Taiga)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)