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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/31/09
Posted by: Raikoh

Jinukug scanned two new One Piece doujins for us this week ('Love Scat' and 'Imagination')--expect more new One Piece scans over the next two weeks.

With To Love Ru consistently coming in dead-last in Shonen Jump's satisifcation ratings for a long time (Naruto and One Piece were on top by far, incidentally), the manga was finally canned, and the series was brought to a very abrupt and inconclusive end... in one chapter, with one week's notice. Sure, it lacked a lot of the fancy superficial things spoiled 'intellectual' readers have to come to expect from a manga series these days, like plot, drama, action, suspense, and creativity, sure the writer ran out of ideas ages ago, sure the jokes never were very funny, and sure we all knew the series was never going anywhere... but the women were hot damnit! To memorialize this sad occassion, I bring you this To Love Ru update! ...which oddly enough ended up consisting almost entirely of Mikan x Rito.

4 New One Piece Doujins:
-Love Scat (Hancock x Luffy) (despite it's odd title, this contains no scat--thank god)
-Imagination (Hancock x Luffy)
-Blooming in Prison (English) (Robin x random-guy) (super-buxom-art style)
-Making Bride Hancock Cosplay Fantasy Book (Color, English) (Boa Hancock)

10 New To Love Ru Doujins / CGsets:
-Datsu! To Lover-Ru Jan (CGset - Haruna, Lala, Yami, Mikan) (preview)
-Slave Ru (CGset) (was member's only)
-MikanAL (English, Color) (Mikan x Rito shadow-clones) [Nise MIDI Doronokai]
-Tappuri Oishii Mikan (Rito x Mikan)
-Hame Tora Tsu (All Women)
-Kotegawa Yui no Hatsujou (Yui and Haruna)
-Itazu LOVE-ru (Unconscious Yami and Yui)
-To Love-Ru Shooting (Lala, some Yami)
-Only When You Smile 3 (Mikan x Rito)
-MikanAL no Omake (Various, short) [Nise MIDI Doronokai]
-Natsukomi Omake Hon(English, short) (Mikan)

4 New Sekirei Doujins:
-Goburei (English) (Musubi and Tskiumi x Minato)
-Ikuhisashiku No. 02 (Matsu)
-Ikuhisashiku No. 03 (Kazehana)
-Angels Stroke 27 - Big-Breast Bird (Musubi and Tskiumi x random-guys)

3 New Random Translated Doujins:
-Fukafuka Kyousei Event (Amagami) [Kensoh Ogawa] (preview)
-Full Full Full Moon (Riza from Princess Resurrection, a.k.a. Kaibutsu Oujo)
-Riza No Fukkin ga Waruinda (Riza from Princess Resurrection, a.k.a. Kaibutsu Oujo)

7 New Translated H-Mangas / H-Manga Chapters:
-Mecha LOVE Vol. 01 (Complete H-Manga, chapters 1 - 9)
-Prisoner (students x busty female-teacher) (preview)
-Keiin Aitomonau (double-futa)
-Read Me (200-page H-Manga) (almost all futa) (Second half is member's only)
-White Drink (Lolicon) (preview)
-Inyouchuu Ch. 1-2 (Tentacle sex)
-Oniichan to wa Yobitakunai Ch. 1-2 (Imouto)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 08/29/09
Posted by: Raikoh

First up is Karakishi Youhei-dan's latest Naruto doujin--it's Sakura and Hinata x Naruto. Sakura's breasts are still massive, though they've seen a noticable reduction since his last doujin, Sennin no Te. Judging by the ending, I'm guessing there's going to be a sequel (that or the artist ran out of time).
Miko Wars Ch. 3--we get introduced to the main-character's onee-sama, and by 'introduced' I mean she will be fucked by said main-character.
Finally a hardcore two-part h-manga story about a captured undercover female police officer--the storyline ended up being a lot more complicated than I originally expected when I first saw the raw.

And for our members--Rito Love Ru 2: forget storyline, Rito just has a massive orgy with all the women of the series... again... lucky bastard...
(Preview here)
Ran by Heta no Yoko--it's Hitsugaya x Matsumoto. Why is it always Hitsugaya? I think this explains it.
(Preview here)
Finally, Futanari Yesterday chapters 10 and 12--it's futa-doctor and futa-nurse x futa-patient, and the second story is about a futanari-cafe-maid. In addition to these two, only chapters 1 - 3 of the h-manga have been translated, though we don't intend to translate the remaining 7 chapters of the book, since they aren't nearly as good as chapters 1 - 3 and these two.
(Preview here)

Thanks to CGRascal, Brolen, Little White Butterflies, Crimson Leo, CGRascal, and Rande (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/27/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Geko Futoshi Max is normally something I wouldn't post since it is way too short. Lazy artist... *shakes fist*.

Speaking of Index, season 2 will start airing this October, titled 'To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (A Certain Scientific Railgun)'. It's one of the few newer animes series I've actually watched almost all the episodes of. I really liked a lot of the plotlines behind it, but wish it had stuck with a singular plotline instead of trying to reinvent the wheel every 4-6 episodes.

5 New Final Fantasy 11 Doujins
-Amai Mitsu no Yuuwaku (Human)
-Together Everywhere (English) (Mithra, Human, futa)
-Scholar Sun (Mithra)
-Surrashu Burrashu (Mithra)
-Mithra no Ero Pon (Mithra)

5 New Idolm@ster Doujins
-Daisuki Miki Nyan (Miki)
-Feather.05 (Misc images)
-Fourteen Plus (Color) (Makoto)
-Ricchanha Fukigen Desuyo (Ritsuko)
-Yayo Icchi (Yayoi)

5 New To Aru Majutsu no Index Doujins
-D.L. Action 45 (English) (Last Order)
-D.L. Action 46 (English) (Last Order)
-Geko Futoshi Max (English) (Misaka) (Short, Omake)
-Kanzen Muteki no Kinsho Mokuroku 2 (Misaka)
-Toaru Kyoushi no Tokubetsu Shidou (Komoe)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/25/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Not too long ago someone asked for me to post the Re-Take series. I know a lot of eva fans tend to think of it as the definitive best doujin series ever, but be warned these are only for big eva fans. The doujins are huge (100 pages), and have a tremendous amount of story building compared to actual hentai content.

6 New Eva Doujins
-Re-Take 0 (English) (Asuka)
-Re-Take 1 (English) (Asuka)
-Re-Take 2 (English) (Asuka)
-Re-Take 3 (English) (Asuka)
-Re-Take 4 (English) (Asuka)
-Re-Take After (English) (Asuka)

5 New Macross Frontier Doujins
-Midnight Car Radio 2 (English) (Sheryl)
-Mo Kuran Kuran (Clan Clang)
-QRAN-qran (Clan Clang - mini)
-SMS Ni You Koso (Clan Clang bigi & mini)
-Yousei Keikaku (English) (Sheryl)

6 New SNK x Capcom Doujins
-Angel Filled 1.5 (Angel)
-Angel Filled Zenpen (Angel)
-Fight For The No Future - The Complete Trilogy (English) (Chun li)
-Liquid Guniang (English) (Chun li, minor Lei Fang)
-Rei Joku (Chun li)*
-Chun Li-san ha H de Komaru (English) (Chun Li)

*Note that Sriblanka02 accidentally mislabeled Rei Joku as being in english when it was actually in japanese--sorry, but this doujin has not yet been translated. As an apology, I uploaded a different new Chun Li doujin, one which is actually in english this time.

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/24/09
Posted by: Raikoh

We didn't get Takaoka Motofumi's Miko Wars Ch. 3 done in time for this week's releases, so instead I've added his H-manga Ratsubo, which was just finished being translated (like Miko Wars, it's also translated by Brolen).

3 New One Piece Doujins:
-Jailed Snake Princess (English) (Boa Hancock x Sadi) (preview)
-Hebihime-sama Goranshin 2 (English) (Boa Hancock x Luffy) [Kurionesha]
-Through the Wall (Perona, Margaret, Hancock x Zoro)
-Wheat No. 1 (English) (Nami, some Robin) (was member's only)

7 New Code Geass Doujins / CGsets:
-Angels Stroke 6 - Shinsouban (English) (Milly, Shirley, Kallen) (preview)
-Kallen no Gakuen Seishun Nikki (Villetta and Kallen)
-Kallen no Ryoujoku Nikki (Soldiers x Kallen)
-Pink Noise (CC x Lelouch)
-Daily Life (English) (CC, very short)
-Tetsu Hime Vol. 2 (CGset, various other series)
-Aka no Shitatari (Kallen CGset) (preview)

Sengoku Basara is a series of badass action video games for the PS2, PSP and Wii--think Samurai Warriors, except way cooler (it was made by the creators of the Devil May Cry series after all!). (PSP Trailer here, First Game PS2 Trailer here) Unfortunately, they were never released in the US (the first game was released as 'Devil Kings' in the US, and heavily rewritten--all the characters were renamed, the game no longer took place in fuedal Japan, etc.). An anime based on the games came out recently, though I have mixed feelings for it--the series makes a better game than it does an anime. The anime's plot is rather convuluted, the fights could easily be better, and if you're not already familiar with the Sengoku era, you'll probably have no idea what they're even talking or fighting about (not that they follow history of the game's plot at all). The anime ended after 12 episodes, though there will be a second season, in which I imagine other characters like Hideyoshi will appear. (You can watch the first episode here, and you can download torrents for the anime here.)
6 New Sengoku Basara Doujins:
-Genyou Inwaku (English) (Oichi)
-Sengoku Basara 1 (Itsuki and Kasuga, some lolicon) [Yukimi]
-Sengoku Basara 2 (Oichi) [Yukimi]
-Basara Road (Kasuga)
-Kasuga Ride [Digital Accel Works] (very short)
-Kasuga Mau

5 New Misc. Doujins / CGsets:
-Dolls 2 (English, Color) (D.Gray-Man, Lenalee) [Crimson Comics] (preview)
-DN (English) (Death Note - Light x Misa)
-Gensan 2 (Kanokon - Chizuru x Kouta)
-Loli Channel 103 (Kanokon CGset)
-Hourai Ninshin (English) (Touhou Project) (Hardcore, futa)

5 New Translated H-Mangas / H-Manga Chapters:
-Rutsubo (Complete H-Manga) [Takaoka Motofumi] (hardcore) (chapters 1 - 2 are free, chapters 3 - 7 are member's only)
-Futa Field Trip (double-futa)
-Aru Ojousama no Asa (double-futa, maid) (preview)
-Suimitsu Shoujo 2 - Peach Girl 2 (Hardcore)
-How to Kiss (English) (preview)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)

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Category: Random
Posted on: 08/24/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Well Comiket 76 (a large twice-yearly 3-day convention in Japan where many new doujins are released) ended a week ago. Here's a chart compiling some of the highlight doujins from the show--I guess you could consider it a preview of 'next season', since we intend to plan to scan and translate most of these doujins in the months to come like always:

Top 10 Most Popular Series at Comiket 76: (as ranked by number of doujins released)
1. Touhou Project (first place BY FAR)
2. Katekyou Hitman Reborn! (all yaoi though)
3. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
4. K-On!
5. Gundam 00 (almost all yaoi)
6. Code Geass (almost all yaoi, again)
7. Haruhi (some yaoi)
8. IdolM@ster
9. Saki
10. Sengoku Basara (half yaoi)

(Source: Toranoana's listings) Naruto was virtually non-existent like always, though Bleach and One Piece had good showings. D.Gray-Man and Full Metal Alchemist weren't very popular, and the few doujins which came out for them were all yaoi (as usual). Meanwhile the typical moe-anime got all the hentai doujins. I suppose this goes to show just how far out of line Japan's and the United States' doujin communities' preferences have become. I was impressed by the relatively large number of Evangelion doujins still being produced though.
Category: Translations
Posted on: 08/22/09
Posted by: Raikoh

First up this week is Rito Love Ru 1, a short To Love Ru doujin with Rito x Lala, Haruna, Mikan, and Yami. Needless to say we're going to translate the sequel as well.
Second is Rosa Vivid 1 (we previously translated volume 2 a few weeks back)--it's Moka and Kurumu x random-guys--I love the artwork, the women are just too cute! ^_^ Obsidian Order (the artist) tries to cram too much talking into too few pages, making it hard to follow sometimes, so we tried to clarify things a bit.
Finally, we're doing something a bit different this week--we're translating a pair of cat-fighting doujins instead, and we're creating a seperate section just for cat-fighting (we'll be translaing and posting similar content in the future if you guys like it)--there won't be any sex, but there will be women, nudity, and fighting!

And for our members--Ramblin' Butterfly [day] by Subsonic factor--it's the prequel to Ramblin' Butterfly [night] (from last week), and contains similar exhibitionist Hitsugaya x Matsumoto sex in public.
(Preview here)
Second is Basara Hime by Todd Special--it's a Sengoku Basara doujin (we'll be creating a Sengoku Basara section soon), featuring Yoshimoto x Oichi, Itsuki (the loli), Nohime, Matsu, and Kasuga (the kunoichi). I'm a fan of Todd Special, and I've been meaning to get this one translated for a long time!
(Preview here)
Finally, Scape Cat 2--more cat-fighting! There's obviously supposed to be a third doujin in the series, containing the third and final round of the tournament, but the artist has yet to release it.
(Preview here)

I'm also sorry to say that Brolen was also unable to complete the translation of Miko Wars Ch. 3 in time, so we'll have to delay that chapter until next week. Sorry guys. (Thanks to Crimson Leo, DGB, Crimson Leo, CGRascal, CGRascal, and Crimson Leo, in that order, for the translations!) If you've got any translation suggestions (H-manga or doujins) let me know. I'm really looking for something special by a talented artist to translate. Futa / yuri, group-sex, and deceit / violence would be a nice plus too.

Weekly Serialized H-Manga Updates:
-Witchcraft Chapter 9: ::sniffle sniffle:: It's the final chapter already? Yamatogawa's ending the series with a round of telepathic orgy-sex.
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/20/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

The update for today brings a suprising Leysritt doujin. I knew I'd seen this character somewhere in Fate before, but had to look up who she was. I guess it's a testament to how popular the series is when total background characters get their own doujins (sort of like TH2).

5 New Fate Doujins
-Dead Lock Princess Toosaka Rin no Bunretsu (Rin)
-Yappari Rider ha Ero Ina 1 (Leysritt)
-Yappari Rider ha Ero Ina 3 (Rider)
-Yappari Rider ha Ero Ina 4 (Rider)
-Yappari Rider ha Ero Ina Episode Jinzu Ha Hai ta Mama (Rider)

5 New Final Fantasy XI Doujins
-Kanpanie Oppai Suitai (English) (Mithra)
-Love Fool 09 (Mithra)
-Mihli (Mithra)
-Neko Panchu (English) (Mithra, Human, loli, incomplete)
-Way of the Dragon (Elf, Mithra)

5 New Nanoha Doujins
-Gekkan Fu Ito GX (Fate)
-Lyrical Magical Motto Vuta Ganbaru (Fate, Signum, Vita)
-Lyrical Magical Nanoha Ganbaru (Fate x Nanoha)
-Lyrical Magical Subaru Ganbaru (English) (Subaru, Teana)
-Toppatsu Tengoku 20081230 (Fate, Nanoha)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/18/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Hello again. Raikoh recently expressed to me that he wanted me to take over To Aru Majutsu no Index and Macross Frontier updates since he was updating other things.

Unlike some series I update, I've watched both of these series. The graphics in the fight on the first episode of Macross Frontier really amazed me, but it seemed like they blew their animation budget. After the first ep, not much happened in the next two and I found myself so bored with the characters and plot that I couldn't bring myself to watch a fourth one.

On the other hand, Index had a decently interesting plot and changed things up often enough to stave off boredom. I just wish they had done something with it since there was real potential for something good there. But unfortunately it felt like a collection of related stories instead of one cohesive plot. I stopped watching it somewhere around the final arc where yet another character was introduced only to be abandoned in purgatory once their main plotline was finished.

5 New Idolm@ster Doujins
-Delusion Girl (Kotori)
-Imas School (Color) (Various)
-Master Xrated 01 Kikuchi Shinkun no Seikou (Makoto)
-Neko Neko Ranku D (Makoto, Miki, Yuhiko)
-Pawafuru Otome (Color) (Makoto)

5 New Macross Frontier Doujins
-Imin Sendan no Geinou Jijou (English) (Ran, Sheryl)
-Kuranku Ran to Puranettodansu (Clan Clang, mini)
-Ookiku Na Re (Clan Clang, bigi)
-Ran Nana (English) (Matsura, Ran)
-Ranka Erogu (Ran)

5 New To Aru Majutsu No Index Doujins
-10032 Gou no Shuchou (Misaka)
-Amakusa Moyouna 2 (English) (Kaori)
-Oneesama Oneesama Oneesamaaaaa (English) (Misaka x Kuroko)
-Ore Teki G. P (Kukoko, other)
-Saigo no Yoru ni (English) (Index)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/17/09
Posted by: Raikoh

Thanks to CGRascal for translating our Bleach scan from last week so quickly! Meanwhile, Crimson Comic's works are always pretty long winded, and this week's is no exception--they'll spend more pages just rubbing-breasts-while-not-getting-to-any-actual-sex than you thought humanly possible!

2 New Bleach Doujins:
-Syunsyoku Holiday (Matsumoto x Hitsugaya) [Kurionesha]
-Ori (English) (Orihime x Ichigo) [Heta no Yoko]

2 New One Piece Doujins / CGsets:
-Ori no Naka no Hachigatsu 2 (CGset) (preview)
-Hebi-Hime Bakuro (English) [Crimson Comics]

6 New To Love Ru Doujins / CGsets:
-Trouble Musume 2 (CGset) (preview)
-Kosutora (English) (Lala and Yami, cosplay)
-Sairenji Haruna no Mitsutsubo
-Sairenji Haruna no Mitsutsubo 2
-Aru Mikan 3 (English)
-Trouble Black II -Zettai Fukujuu Mesu Dorei- (Yui Mostly)

2 New Misc. Doujins:
-Rozaban if Story -Kuro no Umu Hen- (Rosario Vampire - Kurumu)
-High School **** (English) (Videl and ??? x random-guys) (preview)

11 New Misc. Translated H-Manga Chapters:
-Honeymoon (Threesome, foot-job) (preview)
-Zettai! Zettai!! Ojou-sama [Takeda Hiromitsu] (preview)
-08.04 AM Daydream and Girls Aquarium (Yuri train molestation)
-Sweet little devil (Yuri)
-Slippery School Play (tan-lines)
-Heart-Throbbing First Time at Store Closing (Color, short)
-Infirmary Sensei (straight-shotacon) (preview)
-Omaru-san (English) (straight-shotacon)
-Hitomi's Cherry Red Lips
-Basket Shot
-While He's Asleep (LOL!)

Mai Favorite is a compilation book by Gunma Kisaragi, compiling some of his recent works together--we moved the individual chapters we posted previously and replaced them with this compilation. It includes the Mai Favorite series (chapters 1 - 5, plus the bonus chapter which was previously member's only), A Newlywed's life, Kimi no Youseihannou (previously member's only), and Positive Reaction to You Sunday Edition.
2 New Complete Translated H-Mangas:
-Mai Favorite [Gunma Kisaragi]
-Little Anal Collection (100% Lolicon H-Manga) (200+ pages--first half is free, second half is member's only)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 08/15/09
Posted by: Raikoh

Although we don't number our releases, we've surpassed 200 total doujins and h-manga chapters translated as of this week! Woot!
First up is Queen Ninja Tsunade 3 (abbreviated QNT 3)--we would've translated it sooner along with QNT 1 and 2 a few months back, but we needed some time to get a better scan. Now that Tsunade is the Hokage, she's whoring out her subordinate kunoichi in order to pay off her gambling debts--it features all the women of Konoha at least once.
Ramblin' Butterfly [night]--it's Hitsugaya x Matsumoto by Subsonic Factor (I love her doujins!); Hitsugaya really knows how to put his hoes in their places! :3
Usachichi is an extremely short doujin by Freaks (actually, this is portions of two Omake doujins by Freaks smooshed together). It features Rabi-En-Rose from Digi-Charat. You've probably never heard of the series, but she's got pink hair, big breasts, and bunny ears, so wtf are you waiting for? As usual, Freaks pumped all the women up more than a few cup-sizes.
Finally, Miko Wars Chapter 2--there's no tentacles this time, instead the main character and company decide to go for a fuck in the park.

And for our members--first up, we translated a Naruto CGset this time, though there's no storyline to speak of.
(Preview here)
And another doujin by Freaks, titled Bra Bursting Boom (lol, a humorous translation of the japanese title thought up by DGB). This time it's from Dragon Quest III, in which female-warrior and female-fighter get banged by a ton of random guys in club 'Love Quest'. In case you've never seen a doujin by Freaks before, you should know, there will be big breasts, really big breasts.
(Preview here)
Finally, Sexual Flavor, a Matsumoto x Histugaya doujin by Kurionesha (you've gotta love her artwork).
(Preview here)

(Thanks to Sayo, CGRascal, DGB, Brolen, Rande, DGB, and Desu Desu, in that order, for the translations!)

Weekly Serialized H-Manga Updates:
-Witchcraft Chapter 8: Semi-final chapter.
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/13/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

For today I thought I'd update a few series that I haven't touched in a while. They will probably remain untouched for another long time since hardly anything comes out for them anymore. Summer Swimsuit Book is actually official non-hentai art, but is still pretty hot (as Tex-Mex also does hentai doujins).

4 New Bamboo Blade Doujins
-Bamboo no Hon (Tamaki)
-Go Bamboo (English) (Various)
-Tama Pre (English) (Tamaki)
-Tama-chan to Date (English) (Tamaki)

3 New Black Lagoon Doujins
-Magic Maid Roberta-Nyam (English) (Roberta)
-Waku Waku Robertasan (English) (Roberta)
-Summer Swimsuit Book (Official art, non-hentai)

2 New Clannad Doujins
-Kyou Mania 2 (English) (Kyou)
-Starfish For Girls (English) (Color) (Various)

1 New Lucky Star Doujins
-Kanojo wo Mizugi ni Kigaetara (English) (Kagami)

5 New School Rumble Doujins
-Aido 30 (Akira, Mikoto, Sarah)
-Aido 31 (Mikoto)
-Outlet 20 (Eri, Mikoto, couple others)
-Reason of Love (English) (Eri)
-Reason of Love 2 (English) (Eri)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/11/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

The update for today has DQ, Gundam Seed, and idolmaster again. Once again I'm suprised at the high quality of the idolmaster doujins. I know I started collecting it because I saw some good artists for it, but in the past weeks I feel it's just been upstaging the other series on a consistent basis. Too bad it's not a very popular series though.

3 New Dragon Quest 3 Doujins
-Kinoko Tsuushin 6 (Roto, Warrior)
-Seidouyuusha (English) (Various - hardcore)
-Zecchou Yuusha (English) (Roto)

2 New Dragon Quest 4 Doujins
-Inbai Manya no Pafupafu Koya Seikatsu (English) (Manya)
-Inbai Manya no Pafupafu Koya Seikatsu 2 (Color) (Manya)

5 New Gundam Seed Doujins
-Dispersion (Luna)
-Lunamaria to Meirin-san Desutte ne (English) (Luna, Meyrin)
-Murrue and Natarle (English) (Maria, Nartle)
-Tane Desu - Ryou (English) (Lacus)
-Tora Ian Guru Suitsu (Luna, other)

5 New Idolm@ster Doujins
-Nekoneko Rank C (Makoto, Miki, Yuhiko)
-Nekoneko Rank E (English) (Makoto, Miki)
-Non Stop Live Show (Haruka)
-Turning Point (Ritsuko)
-Utahime no Koi (Azusa)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/10/09
Posted by: Raikoh

We scanned two new Bleachdoujins by Heta No Yoko this week (you might remember we scanned a couple of his other Bleach doujins a while back).

1 New Naruto CGset:
-Konoha no Okite (preview)
-Konoha Ryojyoku (was member's only)

2 New Bleach Doujins:
-Ori (Ichigo x Orihime) [Heta No Yoko]
-Ran (Hitsugaya x Rangiku) [Heta No Yoko]

2 New Ikkitousen CGsets:
-Hakudaku Ikkitousen (preview)
-Phoenix Rising
-Loli Channel 101 (was member's only)

5 New Strike Witches Doujins:
-Hokyuubusshi 501 (English) (strap-on-Miyafuji x Sakamoto)
-Hoshifuru Yoru ni Oppai wo Kimito (futa-Miyafuji x Lynette)
-Motto Suki Suki Leene-chan (futa-Miyafuji x Lynette)
-501st Maiden Flight (Color) (Various)
-Pururunde Lyne-chan de (Lynette)

9 New Translated H-Manga Chapters:
-Kin Kira (preview)
-Exchange [Nico Pun Nise]
-Dame Dame Suki [Nico Pun Nise] (straight-shota) (preview)
-My Little Devil (Lolicon and straight-shota)
-Mother And Son Gone Off The Track (straight-shota)
-Tsundere Mama (straight-shota) (preview)
-Tails Emotion (Animal Ears)
-Sleeping Sister (preview)
-Tonari No Lovers

We posted the Honey Blonde series (all 7 chapters of it) more than half a year ago, but this is the 'tankobon' version, that is, the series has been compiled into one book, with a few extra pages (such as a full-color-cover). Note that chapters 6 and 7 (the final two chapters) were also previously member's only. Enjoy 200 pages of Milly-Ashford look-alike clone goodness (Kensoh Ogawa not-so-coincidentally also did a Milly doujin before too!). Thanks to Xami for also de-censoring Hatsu Inu 1 and 2 as well. I also moved the Hatsu Inu series to Inu's (the artist's) own section, since I intend to post more of Inu's other works too.
5 New Updates to Existing H-Manga Series:
-Honey Blonde [Kensoh Ogawa] (full h-manga)
-Hatsu Inu Vol. 1 (Now Decensored)
-Hatsu Inu Vol. 2 (Now Decensored)
-Ane To Aneotouto Ch. 2 (End) (preview)
-Big Sister Little Sister Ch. 4 (preview)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 08/08/09
Posted by: Raikoh

First up is 3-A 4, the fourth in Gambler Club's 3-A series of Mahou-sensei Negima doujins. It features futa-Nodoka x Yue, and Negima x a bunch of women.
Miko Wars: A new H-Manga series by Takaoka Motofumi we're starting to translate--It chronicles the sexual-combat of three Mikos in their battle against the evil tentacle-demons. The series is 8 chapters and 222 pages long, and we hope to be releasing 1 new chapter a week, though later chapters will probably be member's only. (You've probably never heard of Takaoka Motofumi, but which you'll be seeing a lot of him soon...)
Finally, a misc. h-manga chapter in which a female investigator's stakeout operation goes bad...

And for our members--a Code Geass doujin by iYou with several misc. short stories generally revolving around alcohol, CC, Kallen, and Villetta.
(Preview here)
Futanari Witch Group: Yes, we're doing something rather different--we're translating a CGset this time! It's a Strike Witches CGset featuring Sakamoto and Perrine 'training' futa-Miyafuji and futa-Lynette.
(Preview here)
Finally is PM 13 - Guilty Slut Sisters by Studio Parm, a Gurren Lagann doujin with the 3-Litner sisters x Simon--Yoko and Nia get their own short storylines too. It's a bit less hardcore than most of the other doujins in the PM series.
(Preview here)

(Thanks to Rande, Brolen, Little White Butterflies, CGRascal, Yuribou, and Desu Desu, in that order. And congratulations to Yuribou, who's getting married in less than a week! And congratulations to CGRascal too, who has now also translated over 200 doujins / h-manga chapters! Note that Miko Wars was originally titled DogWalker in Japanese--needless to say, we changed it because 1. it sounds retarded, and 2. it gives you the completely wrong idea as to what this h-manga is about.)

Weekly Serialized H-Manga Updates:
-Witchcraft Chapter 7: A bit more futa-action like last chapter, but this chapter's mostly all about Sarah this time. Is it just me, or do you kind of hate h-manga colorations when the hair and eye colors are completely different from what you imagined them to be based on the black and white drawings?
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/06/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

For today's update I thought I'd do something a bit different and include some misc doujins. I normally don't save doujins from series or artists I'm not actively collecting, but on rare occasion I'll see something I like for some strange reason (usually something about the artwork). So I thought I'd post a few of my more recent unorganized saves.

I didn't realize one of them was Wild Arms 5 until I posted them. How'd that series get up to 5? I remember way back when the first one was still in stores and nobody had heard of it, much less played it.

5 New Fate Doujins
-Rider or Die 02 (English) (Rider)
-Rider or Die 03 (English) (Rider)
-Rider or Die 04 (English) (Rider - bondage)
-Rider or Die 05 (English) (Rider)
-Rider or Die 06 (English) (Rider)

5 New Misc Doujins
-CL-crz'4 (Color) (Amagami)
-East of Garden (Pretty Cure)
-Rizumi Tengoku (Doki Doki Majo Shinpan)
-Uruwashi no Jet. Dancer (Wild Arms 5)
-Wagamama Petlife (Original)

5 New To Heart 2 Doujins
-120% + Konomi 10% (Haruka, Konomi)
-Incho no Yuuutsu (Manaka)
-Lovely Days (Various)
-UN-DEUX-TROIS (Manaka, 2 others)
-XLLL Side-T (Tamaki)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/05/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Well, it's about 1am est. Barely missed the Aug 4th release date unless you're further west. This time I'm returning to FF11 for a change. I noticed I still have quite a few doujins in that section left unposted so I may start upping more from FF11 and less from the other incantations of said fantasy.

3 New Final Fantasy 7 Doujins
-Chichi Magnum (English) (Tifa)
-FF Nabu 1 (English) (Tifa)
-Ore no Oniku Nite wo Dasu na (Tifa)

2 New Final Fantasy 11 Doujins
-Aru Tana Hike Mashita (Elf, Mithra, futa)
-Nightmare Before Christmas (English) (Dark Elf)

5 New Idolm@ster Doujins
-Go Mae (Miki, some Makoto)
-Go Mae 2 (Azusa, Makoto, Miki)
-Go Mae L4U (Kotori, some Azusa)
-Inberu Daisuki Haruka Masshigura (Various)
-Love Love Show (Miki)

5 New Nanoha Doujins
-Anata ni Konya wa Wain wo Furikake (English) (Fate x Nanoha)
-Magic of Iron 3 (Vita, tenta, some Hayate-futa)
-Nanoha Chan no Sen Tou kiroku (Nanoha, loli)
-NineteenS NxF (English) (Fate x Nanoha)
-No Nai Chi To (Fate & various others)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/03/09
Posted by: Raikoh

Since the flow of Code Geass doujins has all but stopped, we've started scanning some ourselves. This week we're releasing 4 new Code Geass doujin scans done by us.

1 New Bleach Doujin:
-Sexual Flavor (Matsumoto x Hitsugaya) [Kurionesha]

6 New Code Geass Doujins:
-We Love Over Knee Socks 4 (CC, Shirley, foot-sex FTW!)
-Youkoso, Ura Seitokai he (English) (Milly x Shirley, strap-on)
-Soulfly 4 (CC x Lelouch)
-Broadcasting Code GiriGirias (Numerous Women)
-Battle Flowers (Monica and Anya mostly, short)
-New Created Folder 5 (CC x Random-guy)

2 New Ikkitousen CGsets:
-Seki Seiteki na Medeminai de Kudasai (Kanu) (preview)
-Tsumeawase (Kanu, Hakafu, Ryomou, other series) (same artist as above)

3 New Misc. Doujins / CGsets:
-Drop Out Second (Eureka Seven CGset)
-Momoiro Yugioh (Yugioh GX - Yubel x Jaden)
-Crazy Crafter (Soul Eater CGset - Maka mostly) (preview)

From now on, my updates will consist of a larger portion of English-translated H-Mangas (sriblanka02's updates will still be all doujins and CGsets though). You can also just assume that these are all english-translated, so I don't have to put "(English)" next to each one of them. I'm also dividing them up into two types in my updates--the 'hardcore' h-mangas will be weirder or more extreme than normal in some way. Todd Special also got his own artist's section--it's pretty empty now but it will fill up.
6 New Regular Translated H-Manga Chapters:
-Infirmary Promise (Futa) [Nekomataya] (preview)
-Futanaric Love (double-futa)
-With a Side of Wife [Kensoh Ogawa]
-Mutual Love Siblings (Step-sister) (preview)
-Tomo Haha (preview)
-Ai no Katachi [Todd Special]

6 New Hardcore Translated H-Manga Chapters:
-Yuki and Kotatsu (Lolicon)
-My Contracted (straight-shota) (preview)
-Pandora (Tentacle sex, impregnation)
-Urinal Bitch (some 'watersports')
-Double Passion (Big Breasts, Cowgirls... literally)
-Compensation (Hardcore)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 08/01/09
Posted by: Raikoh

First up is an awesome and lengthy Dynasty Warriors doujin by U.R.C.--part-1 is Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao x random-soldiers, second part is Zhen Ji x random-soliders and Xiao Qiao x Cao Pi, and the third part is U.R.C.'s mascot woman, Maria, x Gan Ning.
Second is Snake Woman Show, a half-lolicon Queen's Blade doujin--the first is Echidna and guest-character x Ymir, the second part involves Tomoe, Listy, Elina, and Reina. The final part of the doujin is from Kodomo no Jikan, and also carries a rather obvious lolicon warning too.
Third is another Ikkitousen doujin by Kinoko Allstars featuring Hakafu and Kanu.

And for our members--a Warriors Orochi doujin by U.R.C., with Sun Shang Xiang, Da Qiao, Oichi, and Da Ji.
(Preview here)
Second is a Witchblade and Dragonaut crossover doujin, with Masane x Jin mostly.
(Preview here)
And finally, a short one-shot H-Manga chapter by Freaks titled Big Titty Warrior Sions, which is hardcore and involves big-breasts as you'd expect from Freaks.
(Preview here)

(Thanks to CGRascal, Sayo, Paludis of Hentai-Translate, and Rande for the first four translations, and thanks to Brolen for translating and Marcus for editing the last two!)

Weekly Serialized H-Manga Updates:
-Witchcraft Chapter 6: You thought Yamatogawa would never do futa? Well you were wrong! Long story short, the evil loli and her army of futa chicks ruin our heroines vacation at the beach. This and later chapters will be rather different from the earlier ones.
Member's Only Ones:
-B-Chiku Chapter 7 (final) (English) (preview)
-H Na Chapter 5 (final) (English, Color) - Multiple futa warnings on the final chapter! (preview)