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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/31/09
Posted by: Raikoh

I created a new Artist Section for Freaks, a doujin artist who specializes in absurdly-large-breasts and does doujins for minor anime series you've probably never heard of. In the second half of each of his doujins, a second (inferior) artist does a story unrelated to the first half (though from the same series)--so the second halves of his doujins aren't nearly as good as the first halves.
Also, I've noticed that, oddly enough, the Misc. Translated H-Manga chapters get quite a few more views than the other translated doujins in the same update get. It's ok guys--you should check try checking out the translated doujins from other anime series, even if you're not familiar with them.

1 New One Piece Doujin:
-Hebihime Bakuro (Boa Hancock) [Crimson Comics]
-Teikou Suru Onna (Kalifa x Nami, was members only) [Crimson Comics]

8 New Doujins by Freaks:
-Purupuru Manyuu Shinpan Duo (Doki Doki Majo Shinpan) (English)
-Purupuru ma Chichi Kami han (Doki Doki Majo Shinpan)
-MuchiMuchi Pokupai
-Kyu-Kyoku Shoujotai (Ultimate Girls)
-Usachichi (Digi Charat)
-Asupora (Shinrabansho)
-Oppai Academy (Quiz Magic Academy)
-Sasarav XRATED (ToHeart 2 - Sasara)

4 New Code Geass CGsets:
-Dangerous Witches - Imprisoned Mask (Kallen, CC, Kaguya, Tianzi) (preview)
-The Milky White Bunny Hunt (Bunny-suit Kallen)
-Zettai Kallen Ryouiki
-Knightmare (preview)

1 New Full Metal Alchemist Doujin:
-Deep Magenta (English) (Winry x Riza)

3 New Soul Eater Doujins / CGsets:
-Trigger Happy (Liz and Patty x Maka, weird)
-Semen Eater (CGset)
-Semen Eater 2 (CGset) (preview)

6 New Random H-Manga Chapters:
-No! No! - Benishitsu (English)
-Love is Forbidden Swimming Club (English)
-If We Could Meet by the Sea (English) (preview)
-Helper (English) (student x female-teacher) (preview)
-Ranko-san the Educator (English) (Maid x shota) (preview)
-Educating a New Wife (English)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.) "Freaks"? It's a rather inappropriate name for an artist who draws such beautiful doujins...
Category: Translations
Posted on: 05/29/09
Posted by: Raikoh

First up is Heaven's Door, another hot They Are My Noble Masters doujin by Tsunken. And with that, we've translated every doujin ever made by Tsunken (7 of them so far), except for that one Macross Frontier doujin, at least as far as I'm aware.
Second up is a full-color Sekirei doujin--this week's corny storyline for sex: Breast Cancer Checkup--what will those crazy japs come up with next?

[Kurionesha] Kanjyuku Orange (English) [Mugenkidou A] GO2 (English)
And for our members--Kanjyuku Orange, a Sanji x Nami doujin by Kurionesha we scanned a while back--Nami decides to make a porn (hentai?) movie to earn her some extra cash.
(Preview here)
And GO2, a Gundam 00 doujin in which Wang Liu Mei is 'interrogated' by Sergei (Peries' Captain--I always forget his name).
(Preview here)

(Thanks to CGRascal, CGRascal, CGRascal, and Rande, in that order, for the translations. Thanks to SiNAPSE for scanning Kanjyuku Orange for us.) Note that someone else translated Shokushin Shiteshite Ashikabi-sama after we did, but before we released it--though since it was already done, I figured we might as well release our translation of it anyway. Next time we'll wait a bit for new doujin releases to see if anyone else wants to translate them first.
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/28/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

For today we have something special, a new Fate section! It's an ultra popular series in japan + hot women = lots of doujins. The series is actually pretty deep and interesting, even though it started as a hentai game (or visual novel as I hear they're called now). I watched the Fate Stay Night anime a few years back and liked it then, but have never really liked the original artist all that much. Something about the heads just really bugged me.

At any rate, take a look if you want. There's some decent doujins out for it even if you're not familiar with the series.

Raikoh: I want my Fate Hollow Ataraxia anime already!

10 New Fate Doujins
-Candy (Rin)
-Light Her Fire (Rin)
-Love Soulful (Saber)
-Piece the Heart (Rin)
-RE04 (English) (Saber)
-RE06 (English)> (Saber)
-Red I (Rin)
-Red II (Rin)
-Restraint (English) (Rin)
-YasashiiAkumu Shimoyakedou (English) (Euryale & Stheno, Rider)

5 New Gundam seed Doujins
-Complete (short CG)
-Musume Sudo (Flay, Maria)
-Muunshain 8 (Various - hardcore)
-O3 (Cagalli)
-Uganda Mk2 (Luna)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/26/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Most of the Synchrocord's got translated recently, so I thought it would be nice to go ahead and add those to the eva section. Especially since one of them is a Misato doujin <3. Unfortunately I don't like the guy's art all that much (trying to go for too much of a realistic look for me).

BTW, I should be adding a new section on Thursday if I have the time to make it.

5 New DOA Doujins
-Kasumi Chanco 360 (English) (Kasumi)
-Never Any Volleyball (English) (Ayane)
-Strawberry (English) (Kasumi)
-Utahime no Shouzou (English) (Helena)
-Koi Suru Nyo Tengu (Ayane) (was member's only)

5 New Eva Doujins
-Mantou 29 (Asuka)
-Synchrocord 3 (English) (Misato)
-Synchrocord 4 (English) (Rei)
-Synchrocord 6 (English) (Rei)
-Synchrocord 7 (English) (Asuka)

4 New Nanoha Doujins
-Dekkaku Natte mo Tora Uma Darake (Fate)
-Muriyari (Fate, Vita)
-Nanohasan (Nanoha)
-Ririkarukemikaru AtoZ (Fate, Nanoha, Vita)

1 New Misc Doujin
-Naisho no Torappu (QMA, futa)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/24/09
Posted by: Raikoh

More of My Misc. Rambling Comments: It's awesome to finally see Mogudan draw something other than a Rei Ayanmi doujin or H-Magazine cover. And I wish they'd stop putting the D.Gray-Man manga on a hiatus--how are they ever going to make a second season of the anime at this rate?

4 New One Piece Doujins:
-Nami Robin 3 (English) [Acid-Head] (preview)
-Subordinate Empress (English) (Boa Hancock, other series) [Acid-Head]
-Mellow (English) (Hancock x Luffy) (preview)
-Nuki Nuki Kaizoku Musume (Nami and Robin x random-kid) (Color)

6 New To Love Ru Doujins:
-Oshi RiTo (Mikan, some Yui, Color)
-Rito-Love-Ru 2 (Rito x Everyone)
-Yami Yami No Nayami (English) (Lala, Yami)
-Love Trouble (Lala, Haruna, Yui x Rito)
-Mikan to Yami ga Yuri Yuri Suru (Mikan x Yami)
-Lovely Summer Girls (English) (female-Rito x Yui)

4 New Queen's Blade Doujins / CGsets:
-Yukiyanagino Hon 13 Reina no Zecchou Koroshiamu (English) (Reina)
-Reina and Listy's Humilation (big CGset, tentacles) (preview)
-Midorikouichi CG (Airi CGset)
-Bitoushi Ryojyoku Emaki (Tomoe x tentacles and ninjas, CGset) (preview)

1 New Dragonaut Doujin:
-Slave of Pleasure (English) (Garnet)

1 New D.Gray-Man Doujin:
-Dolls 1 (English, Color) [Crimson Comics] (Lenalee)

7 New Random H-Manga Chapters:
-Under Ground (English) [Mogudan]
-Confession Warning (English) [Amatarou]
-Futari no Yume (English) [Amatarou]
-Dont Call Me a Midget (English) (Ganguro girl) (preview)
-Kawaii Bansho (English) (preview)
-Masegaki Satisfaction (English)
-Tricky Twintails Girl (English) (preview)

And thanks to Jinukug for the One Piece scans and translations!
(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Ecchi
Posted on: 05/23/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Wow, this anime's a lot better than I had expected--I was so afraid that it'd degenerate into yet another shitty ecchi/joke anime (like the manga)--you know, where the women just go relax in an onsen en-masse all day, and come up behind each other and grab each other's breasts and say "ohh, look, your breasts grew again onee-sama". Yeah. I'm glad it's a straight-up Erotic-Fight anime like Aika R-16, like how it should be. The storyline is also surprisingly non-cliche and has a lot more human-drama worked into it than you'd expect from a hardcore-ecchi series. It's also airing uncensored, meaning we don't have to wait until the DVD releases to see nipples and pantsu.

(Watch Episode 1 Online)
("Read more" for downloads and more screen-caps)

» Read More

Category: Translations
Posted on: 05/22/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Inritsu (formerly incorrectly-titled "Prosodic") is a Naruto doujin done by Karakishi Youhei-dan a while ago featuring Naruto x Ino, Anko, and Sakura. God I wish they were actually wearing school swimsuits / bikinis like they are on the cover, but school-gym bloomers are a pretty good choice too.

And for our members--Daybreak Vol. 5, by Gold Rush. It features Soma Peries x Allelujah (and later on, Hallelujah--mwhahaha!), and they're both virgins... Incidentally, of the 5 Daybreaks produced so far, this one is my favorite. :3
(Preview here)

(Thanks to Rande and Desu Desu respectively for the translations! We are done with translating Sennin no Te too, though we're waiting for the right time to release it--you'll find out later.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/21/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

I'm pretty tired today so I won't be saying much about this post. Neko Panchu is partially translated - the second story is, but the rest of the doujin isn't. One of the Tactics doujins has (quite) a bit of tentacle sex. I've already decided on what I will commission to be translated next, but it will take some time since it's a bloody long one. I'll let you guys know when it's done and post it. It won't be another bdsm doujin though.

3 New Dragon Quest 3 Doujins
-Futsuu (Roto, Warrior)
-Niku Kue (Warrior)
-Shikashi Mawarikoma re te Shimatta (Fighter, Priest, Sage)

2 New Dragon Quest 4 Doujins
-Nagame no Iitenkuu (Alena)
-Rhythm (Manya, Minera, futa)

2 New Final Fantasy Xi Doujins
-Dolce (Human)
-Neko Panchu (Various, 2nd story is translated)

3 New Final Fantasy Tactics Doujins
-Fukou Kishi (English) (Agrias, monsters)
-Futariha Futanari Tyoukyousi (English) (Agrias, some others, futa)
-Love Song (English) (Agrias)

5 New To Heart 2 Doujins
-Baby Talk 4 (Haruka, Sasara)
-Baby Talk 5 (Sasara)
-Captivate (Tamaki)
-Dependence (Chie, Michiru)
-Honey Punch (Tamaki)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/19/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Today's update includes some Soul Calibur, Vocaloid, and Zoids. Truck01's done by Tex-Mex, aka Rei Hiroe, the original artist of Black Lagoon. It's fairly old (2001), but is definitely worth a look if you're into bdsm style. I really like how he draws the faces and actually has some interesting dialog. Definitely worth the ~month wait to get it translated.

5 New Soul Calibur Doujins
-After the Soul Charge (Cassandra)
-Ninja Extreme 2 Onnagoroshi (Taki)
-One More Soul Charge (Ivy)
-Soul of Sisters (Cassandra, Sophitia)
-Truck01 (English) (Cassandra, Sophitia, Talim-futa, bdsm)

5 New Vocaloid Doujins
-Choco Miku (Miku)
-First On (Miku, tentacles)
-Nin Nyan Dai (Miku, Rin)
-Rin Splash (Rin)
-Shimoneta Negi no Baraado (Miku, Rin-futa)

5 New Zoids Doujins
-Answers in Genesis (Konota, Re)
-Double-Edged (Konota, Re)
-Ferumi to Kotona to Mokuzou Apato (Ferumi, Konota)
-Girl Power 6 (Rinon, other)
-Zoi Petit (English) (Ferumi, Konota)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/17/09
Posted by: Raikoh

I wish Heta no Yoko Zuki would try a different pairing, and try giving his doujins names longer than 2-3 letters. Don't be deceived by Aki-Akane's gentle-looking cover! And there'll be more Hancock-goodness next week too. I also added avatar support for blog-comments--if you have an account with gravatar, you can have your avatar appear when you comment on this blog.

4 New Bleach Doujins:
-With Rangiku-San (Matsumoto)
-Aki-Akane 4 (futa-Tatsuki x futa-Orihime x random-guy)
-Ou (Matsumoto x Hitsugaya) [Heta no Yoko Zuki]
-Sympathy (Orihime x Ichigo)

2 New One Piece Doujins:
-Hebihime-sama Goranshin (English) (Hancock x Luffy) (preview)
-First Love Empress (English) (Hancock x Luffy) (was member's only)
-Slave Snake Breasts (English) (Boa Hancock)

6 New Monster Hunter Doujins:
-Big Breast Hunter (English) (Kirin) (preview)
-Sunset Glow (Kirin)
-Mon Petit
-El Dorado (Azul, Kirin x futa-girl)
-Kari Frontier (Hira and others)
-G kyu Jigoku 2nd -Bakuen no Shimai-

4 New Queen's Blade Doujins:
-Muchi Muchi Bonbaa (Color) (Tomoe, Ekidona)
-Monzetsu Kyoukan Kanzenban (Alleyne, Melpha) (no relation to the Monzetsu H-manga)
-Senkitachi no Kyouen (Nyx x Tentacles, Elina x Reina)
-Queen's Blade Book (Reina)

1 New Sekirei Doujin:
-Shokushin Shiteshite Ashikabi-sama (Musubi, Tskiumi, Color)

1 New Yugioh CGset:
-Zutto Ore-tachi no Taan (Dark Magician Girl CGset)

4 New Random H-Manga Chapters:
-Immoral Girl (English) [Gunma Kisaragi]
-Glamorous Rose Ch.6 (English) (preview)
-Big Sister Little Sister 2 and 3 (English) (preview)
-Masegaki Temptation (English)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.) And thanks to Jinukug for the One Piece scans and translations!
Category: Translations
Posted on: 05/15/09
Posted by: Raikoh

First up is Comic Daybreak Vol. 3, a Sumeragi x random-guys doujin by Gold Rush--she's always such a slut, lol.
And second up is 3-Way Royal, a hot Rumble Roses doujin from a while back--Mistress Spencer throws it down futa-Aigle and futa-Makoto in the ring.

And for our members--Daybreak Vol. 4, a Setsuna x Marina doujin by Gold Rush. I knew it, Vashti was right about them!
(Preview here)

And To Love Juice--Lala, Haruna, Mikan, and Saki x random-guys (actually, aliens disguised as random-guys) in the men's bathroom.
(Preview here)

Thanks to DesuDesu, Sayo, CGRascal, and KonoHentai respectively for the translations! (You can look forward to Daybreak Vol. 5 next week too btw ^_^)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/14/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

I'm including the last book of the Kaicho Onegaishimasu series that was translated recently today since I should have had my previous update. The Ura Mahou Sensei Jamma 16 is supposed to be Negima content like the other Jamma's, but I'll be damned if I can find what girls those are. Either way, they're both pretty hot. (Update: Thanks to Keemari for identifying them!)

5 New Gundam 00 Doujins
-00 Tume Awase (Sumeragi x Wang, Soma)
-Glasses 00 (English) (Shirin)
-Injoku Marina (Mariana)
-Ketsu Megaton 00 (English) (Sumeragi, Wang)
-XX4 (Feldt, Mileina)

1 New Hayate Doujin
-Kaicho- Onegaishimasu 3 (English) (Color) (Hinagiku)

5 New Negima Doujins
-Hime Hajime (Konoka x Setsuna)
-Negi Magic (Chisame x Akira, futa)
-Tatoeba Konna hi Nichijou (Nodoka, Yui)
-Ura Mahou Sensei Jamma 16 (Tamaki (demon girl) and Koyomi (cat girl))
-Yui Bae Dukushi (Yui)

4 New Toradora Doujins
-Attachment (Taiga)
-Nakimushi Taiga (Taiga)
-Tora Tora Tora (Taiga)
-Torachi (Ami, Taiga)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/12/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Archives' Hinagiku colored-doujin-series got translated recently, so I'm including the first two in the update for today. I'm not sure how long it's been since I last updated Lucky Star, but I'm getting one of the doujins for it translated. It's pretty long so it'll take a while to get done, but whenever it's finished I'll make sure to include that with another Lucky Star update.

5 New Hayte the Combat Butler Doujins
-Bokuromikun ha Nasude (Sakuya)
-Hinakan (Hinagiku)
-Kaicho- Onegaishimasu 1 (English) (Color) (Hinagiku)
-Kaicho- Onegaishimasu 2 (English) (Color) (Hinagiku)
-Nagi Hamu Bloomer (Ayumu, Nagi)

5 New Lucky Star Doujins / CG Sets
-Bukkake Sailor Fukku (Various, Futa)
-Enkochan Neru (Various - CG set)
-Lucky Panchi (Konata - kinda anorexic)
-Oh My Milk (mostly Patricia)
-Shoujo Mousou (Patricia x Tamura)

5 New Nanoha Doujins
-Magic Seed Cabal (Fate)
-Nanovu Hon (Vita)
-Raburabu Rinkaakoa 2 (Mostly Hayate)
-RE02 (English) (Fate, Nanoha, tentacles)
-RE05 (English) (Nanoha, tentacles)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/10/09
Posted by: Raikoh

We've selected a couple MILF H-manga chapters for you guys for Mother's Day. :3 And is it just me, or do all of Gunma Kisaragi's characters look the same?

1 New Naruto Doujin:
-Futanari Kokoro Tenshin (futa-Sakura x Ino)

4 New Code Geass Doujins:
-Ashford Campus Secret Student Council Journal (Kallen x Shirley)
-Nyuujoku Usagi (Bunny-suit Kallen)
-LeLe Pappa Vol.14 Megumiruku (English) (CC x Suzaku)
-Masaka no Chiba-san (English)

6 New Strike Witches Doujins:
-Pantsumon (English) (All the women)
-Oppantsu Strike (Miyafuji x Lynette)
-GL Witches (futa-Miyafuji x Lynette)
-Chin Ja Naikara Hazukashiku Naimon (All the women, futa)
-Ai r Time (English, Non-Hentai)
-Shinyuijyo X Koibitokyakka (English, Non-Hentai)

6 New To Aru Majutsu No Index Doujins:
-D.L. Action 47 (All the women x Touma)
-To Aru Mikoto no Renai Jijou (Misaka)
-Chou Misaka Riron (Misaka)
-To Aru Majutsu No Romanesque (Misaka, Index x tentacles)
-Tengoku Yori Yaban (English) (Index)
-Gunfrontia II (Misaka)

2 New Ikkitousen Doujins:
-Kanu 01 (Kanu x shota)
-Kanu 02 (Kanu x shota)

6 New Random H-Manga Chapters:
-Positive Reaction to You (English, Decensored) [Gunma Kisaragi]
-Mama (English) (preview)
-Circulating Notice of Swapping Wife Ch. 1 - 2 (English)
-The House of a Cheating Wife (Color, English)
-Medical Harassment (English) (2-Nurses x helpless patient)
-Virgin Cram School Instructor (English) (preview)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 05/09/09
Posted by: Raikoh
The first half is Rito x Haruna, and the second half is Random-guys x Lala.

And for our members--the first part is Lisa x the other (male only unfortunately) Vaizards, and the second half is Yoruichi x Soifon x Kuukaku (with a dildo rather than the futa we've come to expect and love). (Note that this was obviously drawn by two seperate artists, the second artist being the better one.)
(Preview here)

Thanks to KonoHentai and Rande respectively for the translations! And thanks to our scanner SiNAPSE for scanning Show No Mercy originally.
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/07/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Even though Final Fantasy Tactics is pretty old, I've been seeing new FFT doujins come out from time to time. So I figured we might as well make a section for that one as well. Some of the artists try to stay more true to the character art than others, so some of the doujins will end up looking kind of weird to anyone who hasn't played the game before.

Also, this may be the last time I update the He is My Master section. Personally I don't really like St. Rio, and I tend to avoid posting doujins by that circle for any series. But they have quite a few out for HiMM, and there's not really that many doujins out for it, so St. Rio it is.

2 New Final Fantasy X Doujins
-FF Breeze R25 Vol 4 (English) (Lulu, Rikku, Yuna)
-Sennen No Koi 2 (Paine, Rikku, Yuna)

3 New Final Fantasy Tactics Doujins
-Agriassan to Love Love Lesson (English) (Agrias)
-Dowman Sayman - Final Fantasy Tactics (Various)
-Imitation (Ovelia)

7 New He is My Master Doujins
-Astromantic (Izumi, Mitsuki)
-Kyou Kara Ore wa Goshujin-sama 1 (Izumi-futa x Anna, Izumi)
-Kyou Kara Ore wa Goshujin-sama 2 (Anna, Izumi, Mitsuki)
-Kyou Kara Ore wa Goshujin-sama 3 (Anna, Izumi, Mitsuki)
-Kyou Kara Ore wa Goshujin-sama 4 (Izumi, Mitsuki)
-Kyou Kara Ore wa Goshujin-sama 5 (Izumi, Mitsuki, Takami)
-Kyou Kara Ore wa Goshujin-sama 6 (Izumi, Mitsuki)

5 New SNK x Capcom Doujins / CG Sets
-Kuro Urara (Chun-li, CG set)
-Shinkyaku Bigi (English) (Cammy, Chun-li, Sakura, futa)
-To Anyone Stronger Than Me, I Need You (English) (Chun-li, Mai)
-We Gotta Power (English) (Chun-li)
-Yuri and Friends FullColor 9 (English) (Color) (Mai)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/05/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Here's the update for today. A couple of doujins in here we already had but have since been translated. The Eva section finally gets some much needed Misako. Honestly I like her better than Asuka or Rei. Too bad there aren't that many doujins with her.

The Renge Ver EVA Volume 2 is just as crazy and well drawn as the last one. Even if you're not interested in Eva, I suggest you check it out. Also, End of World-side B is the doujin counterpart to the CG set (side-a). Too bad it's not also in color, otherwise it might have turned out much better.

3 New Dragon Quest 5 Doujins
-Biakue (Bianca)
-CL-orz 3 (English) (Bianca, Deborah, Flora)
-Deep Franch Kiss (Deborah)

2 New Dragon Quest 8 Doujins
-Z (English) (Jessica)
-Zeshika no Kekkon (Jessica)

5 New Evangelion Doujins
-Exit (Asuka, Misato)
-Feel My Vibe 2 (English) (Asuka)
-Mantou Vol.26 (Asuka)
-Renge Ver EVA v2 (English) (Asuka, Rei)
-Shiniki Naki Juku Juku Kaikaku (Misato, Ritsuko)

5 New Vocaloid Doujins / CG Sets
-Bookaroido ha Denki Hitsuji no Yume o Miruka< (Miku)
-End of World-side B hotateya 2008 summer (Miku)
-MKMK (CG Set)
-Pogo (English) (Miku)
-Sui Toruumu (English) (Luka, Miku)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/03/09
Posted by: Raikoh

Just great--even more hot To Love Ru doujins for us to translate!

6 New To Love Ru Doujins:
-Anoko-tachi ga Taihen na Koto ni Nattemasu 1 (Lala, Haruna, Yui)
-Anoko-tachi ga Taihen na Koto ni Nattemasu 2 (Lala, Haruna, Yui)
-Yami Asobi
-Imouto Mikan (English)
-Gold Finger (Yui)
-Mikado [Crimson Comics]

5 New Persona 4 Doujins / CGsets:
-Kuma ga Bishounen te nai yo ne (English) (Naoto)
-Niku Donburi Oomori (CGset) (preview)
-4 A (CGset)
-Mayonaka wa Owaranai (CGset) (preview)
-Rerean (Naoto)

4 New Persona 3 Doujins / CGsets:
-Pr (CGset) (preview)
-Pursuit (CGset)
-P3 Lovers (English) (Mitsuru x Yukari)
-Phenomenal (Aigis)

1 New One Piece Doujin:
-Nippon Practice 2 (English) (Nami and Robin, some Vivi, weird...) (preview)

2 New Bleach Doujins:
-Toire No Rangiku-San (Matsumoto, extreme-futa, absurdly big breasts)
-Ran Zuki (Color) (Matsumoto, dark and light-skin versions, weird artist style...)

6 New Random H-Manga Chapters:
-A Good Boy's Gift (English)
-Student's Motivation Comes First (English) (preview)
-Onsen Satisfaction (English)
-Half Dried Laundry (English) (preview)
-Bath Flower (English) (Androgynous)
-Currently in Training (English) (Bondage)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.) And thanks to HentaiHachi for the color Bleach doujin!
Category: Random
Posted on: 05/03/09
Posted by: Raikoh

A workout video from Japan--anime style! More stuff to work out to right here.
Category: Translations
Posted on: 05/01/09
Posted by: Raikoh
A nice pair of short Omake doujins by Happy Water featuring Orihime and Matsumoto.

And for our members--another H-manga chapter by Takeda Hiromitsu: the resourceful Otaku use blackmail on her when the student-council president threatens to shut their anime club down. This is actually the last chapter of his Tsundero H-manga which was left to be translated, so hopefully he'll release more new stuff for us to translate soon!
(Preview here)

(Thanks to Tonigobe and CGRascal respectively for the translations / editing!)
Well I said last week we weren't going to be releasing any translations this week, but oh well ^_^ Also note that Kusanyagi will be retiring as a translator for the time being.