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Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/30/09
Posted by: Raikoh
New translations from us this week: The Godfather, a hot To Love Ru doujin by Tsunken--despite its odd title, no one will be 'sleeping with the fishes' this time. In contrast to the anime, Rito actually has balls and aims to be the #1 man in the universe with his harem. Tsunken's done 4 other To Love Ru doujins which fit together with this one as a series.
The second doujin is PM 12--and as you'd expect from the PM series, it involves lots of hardcore rape. We translated this one nearly a year ago, and now it's finally available for free.
(Thanks to CGRascal and Rande respectively for the translations)

And for our members--Trouble Shoukougun: Mikado-sensei rapes almost every other woman in the series... one by one.
(Preview here)
Mankan Zenseki 2--the sequel to the previous Mankan Zenseki which we also translated, this one's based on the episode of Ikkitousen Great Guardians where Ryofu rapes futa-Ryubi at an amusement park. Naturally it wouldn't be complete without Kanu and lots of futa action too!
(Preview here)
(And thanks to Rande for translating both of these!)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/29/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

A bit of a continuation of the Final Fantasy section from Monday. Today I'm bringing you FFX/FFXI, Pokemon, and School Rumble. FFX and Pokemon have both had almost no updates since they're fairly old and hardly any new content made for them. Unfortunately that means the content I can get for will frequently be in bad quality. But fortunately for today's update, every section gets an English doujin.

3 New Final Fantasy X Doujins
-Gyunn Gyunn 8 (English) (Lulu, Rikku, Yuna)
-Kuusou Zikken Extra 1 (English) (Lulu)
-Shoukan (Yuna)

2 New Final Fantasy XI Doujins
-Dream Rut (English) (Elvaan, Mithra)
-Mithra Choukyou Enikki (Mithra)

4 New Pokemon Doujins
-Daremo Shiranai Monogatari no Tsuzuki (English) (Misty)
-Madamada Shiranai Koto no Takara Bako (Misty)
-Pokemon Booizu (Pikachu - girl)
-Takesi No Mousou Diary (English) (Various)

5 New School Rumble Doujins
-Ane to Ojou (Eri, Tae)
-Furaiyaazu to Akabee no hon (Eri, Tenma)
-Gakuen Shoujo (Eri, Yakumo)
-Tora Mai Ryuu (Eri, Tenma - gangrape)
-Yakumo Mamire (English) (Tenma x Yakumo)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/27/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Here's the update for today. I'm retreating this week back to doing doujins only. Even if you're not a Haruhi fan, check out Freedom. It's got some decent comedy mixed in.

All of the FF7 doujins once again feature Tifa. It seems like content for other girls in FF7 is nearly nonexistent compared to the amount of Tifa doujins. Well, at least it's easier to find.

3 New FF7 Doujins
-Innamorato Prediletto 3 (Tifa, Rumble Roses)
-Kachou Fuugetsu Soushuuhen (Tifa)
-Off Limits (English) (Tifa)

2 New FF12 Doujins
-Teikoku no Omowaku (Ashe)
-Today's the Debut of Sex Service (English) (Ashe, Fran, Penello)

5 New Haruhi Doujins
-Freedom (English) (Mikuru, Ryoko)
-Harukyon no Ecchi Hon 10 (Haruhi)
-Lets Keep It Secret (English) (Mikuru)
-Shangri-La (Yuki)
-Turuyastyle (Tsuyura)

5 New Hayate Doujins
-Chain (Various)
-Kaicho Onegai Shimasu (Hinagiku, bondage)
-Kara no Naka no Kotori (Nagi)
-Ojousama Chuuihou 2 (Nagi)
-Unhappy Girl 7 (Hinagiku, Maria)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/24/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Some Ikkitousen and Persona 4 this week for a change. If you guys have anything in particular in mind you want to see next week, let me know.

3 New One Piece Doujins:
-Nippon Practice 2 (Nami and Robin, some Vivi, hardcore)
-Copy-shi Soushuuhen (Nami and lots of other series, pregnency)
-Loli Loli Fruit (English) (loli-Nami and loli-Robin)

4 New Code Geass Doujins:
-Karen To + (Kallen)
-Britannia Tenseki I (Kallen, Villetta, CC)
-Angraecum R2 (Villetta)
-KetsuMegaton 74C (Various, short omake)

7 New Persona 4 Doujins:
-Plug-in R (Yukiko)
-Yukiko-sanchi no Katei no Jijou (Yukiko, Color)
-Akai Yukiko to Midori no Chie-chan to Toufu to Boku to Loli (Yukiko and Chie)
-1more Meat (Chie, Chie with glasses)
-Kizu Darake no Tenshi (Naoto)
-R.i.s.e.i.n.g (Rise)
-XX Senpai, Motto (Rise)

6 New Ikkitousen CGsets:
-Yokubou Kaiki Dai 256 Shou (preview)
-21 Ikkitousen Ha Ha CG Shuu
-Fighter Disgrace (preview)
-Battle Girls (Insanely big-breasts)
-Bakuretsu Musume's HYPER RAPE
-Yokubou Kaiki Dai 23 Shou

Some misc. Touhou doujins this week--you've probably never heard of Touhou (it's a bullet-hell game series for the PC), but I can create a section for it if you guys like the doujins enough.
3 New Touhou Doujins:
-Doki! Toshima Darake no Dai Kyouen (English)
-Toshima Tachi no Kyouen 2 (English) (futa)
-Shatta Chance (English)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 01/24/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Poll 602 (December 27th Ė 28th, 2008)
Battle Royal! Who would survive?

Allen Walker: 633 (4.1%)
Goku: 5723 (36.7%)
Ichigo: 2060 (13.2%)
Lelouch: 1324 (8.5%)
Luffy: 1284 (8.2%)
Naruto: 2570 (16.5%)
Yagami Light: 1987 (12.8%)

Total Votes: 15,581

Pfft, Goku? Come on people, please. Did you forget that Light would kill everyone except for Lelouch (assuming he's disguised as Zero), and Ichigo (Death Note's can't kill Shinigami) in the first 45 seconds?

Poll 612 (January 19th Ė 21st, 2009)
What was your favorite new anime of 2008? (Other than Code Geass)

Chaos; Head: 362 (5.3%)
Gundam 00 Second Season: 1143 (16.7%)
Macross Frontier: 313 (4.6%)
Sekirei: 686 (10%)
Tower of Druaga: 306 (4.5%)
To Love Ru: 1392 (20.3%)
Other: 2651 (38.7%)

Total Votes: 6,853

Well it looks like To Love Ru, Gundam 00 2, and Sekirei were the most popular, though a lot of people had other shows in mind (Iím not sure which). (Note that this poll is really about popularity rather than how good a show is, since people arenít going to vote for a series they havenít watched, regardless of how good it is.)

» Read More

Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/23/09
Posted by: Raikoh
A Matsumoto x Hitsugaya doujin by Heta no Yoko Zuki, with Hitsguaya being the aggressor for once. The doujin's better than you'd expect from its cover.

And for our members--another Ninja Dependence doujin by Blue Syndrome--Sakura gets raped by a tentacle monster in the forest of death exam and Naruto somehow gets lucky in the process... though the doujin's unfortunately short.
(Preview here)
And thanks to CGRascal and Kusanyagi respectively for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/22/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Bada bing bada update. Well, as I said before, DOA gets an update today. Also various CG sets for Gundam Seed and an out of the ordinary update for Higurashi. Suihei Kiki is really just ecchi/comedy, but I like that kind of dirty humor.

4 New DOA Doujins / CG sets
-KA.SU.MI (CG set) (preview)
-One-Itu DOAU (CG set)
-Natural Friction X (English) (Kasumi)
-Ninga Kasumi Gaiden (Kasumi)

4 New Evangelion Doujins / CG sets
-Evanmaid (CG set) (preview)
-Gainahiroin (CG set - tentacles)
-Second Hobaku Project 03 (English) (Asuka, Rei)
-Souna vol.1 (English) (Asuka)

4 New Gundam Seed CG sets
-IP 02
-Nightmare Express 125
-Requiem (preview)
-Uchuu Sora (preview)

4 New Higurashi Doujins
-Hinadori (Mion, Satoko)
-Mionsan Ganbaru (Mion)
-Plastic Image Douka (English) (Mion, Satoko)
-Suihei Kiki Shiki Higurashi de Harasumento (Shion, softcore)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/20/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Lets kick this week off with some CG's and doujins. Most of the cgs are pretty short except the Zero Rei no Tsukaima (100+ pics, though most are alterations), but that's the norm I guess. Next week I'm thinking of updating at least one or two sections that almost never get updated. DOA's probably at the top of that list, but don't really have a second.

3 New Bamboo Blade Doujins/CG Sets
-Bamboo Keiko (CG set)
-Loli Channel 78 (CG set)
-Poncotic Girl (Satori)

4 New Nanoha Doujins
-840 (English) (Nanoha - bondage/rape)
-Hayate no Hime Goto (Hayate)
-School Girl (Alisa, Fate, Suzuka)
-Spoonful 2 (English) (Fate x Nanoha)

4 New Negima Doujins/CG Sets
-Roudou Kijun Hou Ihan (CG set)
-Astra Bout ver.16 (Asuna)
-Evangeline (Evangiline)
-Lovelys in the School with Dream 3 (Setsuna)

4 New Zero no Tsukaima Doujins/CG Sets
-Maid Erufu (CG set)
-Zero Rei no Tsukaima (CG set) (preview)
-Chotto Dake Suki Kamo (Louise)
-Louise Sensei Rippuku Heya (Louise)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/18/09
Posted by: Raikoh
More art by Nekomataya this week as promised--she usually does about 4 doujins a year and some small H-manga chapters randomly. And Tsunken definitely does some of the best To Love Ru doujins out there (so far he's done To Ransu, To Ultimate LOVE, and Rito Love Ru Hard, among others).

1 New Bleach Doujin:
-Burizubo (Color) (Orihime, Rukia, Nemu)
-Sexy Summer Beach (English) (new Decensored version)
-Yoruneko 1 (English) (Yoruichi) (was member's only)
-Tairin of Hana (Matsumoto) (old - was member's only)

5 New To Love Ru Doujins:
-To Ransu (Lala, Yami, Mikan)
-To Ultimate LOVE (Haruna and Yui)
-Imouto Mikan
-Aru Mikan 3
-Aru Mikan 2 (was member's only)
-Onanie San (Yami, WARNING: Extreme Futa)

7 New Doujins / H-manga Chapters by Nekomataya:
-Az U Like (Idolm@ster)
-Butaiura no Nemurihime (Idolm@ster)
-Healing Type Idol - Secret Rendezvous (Idolm@ster) (was members only)
-Naked Association (English) (futa!) (preview)
-Priceless (English) (more futa!)
-Encouraging Eco-heating (English) (preview)
-Fude to Boin (now ACTUALLY English) (Genshiken)
-Megastore 2008-03 (Color, very short)

1 New Ikkitousen Doujin:
-Shokukan Mankan Zenseki 2 (futa-Ruby x Kanu, Ryofu)

7 New Strike Witches Doujins:
-Witches no Panties (All the women)
-Milkie Strike 2 (Francesca)
-Punishment Witch (Eila and Sanya)
-Pan Hazu (Various)
-Strike Witches no Ecchi Na Hon VER. 2 (All the Women)
-Sleeping Witches (Sanya)
-Seiin Tenshi 4 Sperma Angels (Various other series)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
And thanks to HentaiHachi for Burizubo!
Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/16/09
Posted by: Raikoh
A doujin by YA-ZY, one of my personal favorite artists, featuring characters from Rumble Fish (a little known fighter game). Basically Garnet's a slut wearing something vaguely resembling a nurse uniform who goes around sucking lots of ****. Yeah, deep stuff.

And for our members--a Code Geass doujin by Nekomataya featuring Rolo and Lelouch x a rather reluctant Villetta. I'm also going to do another Nekomataya update in a few days (she's mostly been doing Id@lmaster doujins lately) since I haven't done one in 6 months.
(Preview here)
(Thanks to Rande and CGRascal respectively for the translations!)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/15/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

First time I've done CGs in a while. It made me realize just how few I have. I'll probably try to do some more next week, but not promises. At any rate, enjoy the update.

3 New Dragon Quest CG Sets
-Mugen Kidou 1
-Mugen Kidou 3 (member's only)
-Mugen Kidou 4 (member's only)

2 New Dragon Quest 5 Doujins
-Bianca Monogatari (Bianca)
-Lovehero 8 (Color) (Bianca, Deborah)

1 New Ichigo CG Set
-Strawberry Statement

4 New Ichigo Doujins
-Ichigo Choukyou 5 (Kozoe, Nishino, Yui)
-Ichigo Kajuu (Nishino, Satsuki, Toujou)
-Ichigo Kajuu 1000 (Toujou)
-Inkou Ichigo Benjo (Various)

5 New Lucky Star CG Sets
-Ero Star
-Futanari Chan Neru (member's only)
-OverDrive 14 HD (member's only)
-Raki Kosu (member's only)
-Raki Nora

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/13/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Updating Gundam Seed for the first time in a while. Not really much else to say I guess. There's not a lot of english Hayate doujins out, so only two translations for now. Maybe I'll do CG's on Wednesday to add some variety.

5 New Gundam Seed Doujins
-A Diva of Healing 5 (Lacus)
-Kyou Takumi (Maria)
-Meerchan no Gyokuon Housou (Meer)
-Scarlet Needle (English) (Luna, Meryin)
-Tanebon (Various)

5 New Hayate Doujins
-Fruit Sundae (Various)
-Junai Tekunishan (Saki)
-Kaicho Onegai Shimasu (Color) (Hinagiku, bondage)
-Nagi Tofu no Janguru Adobenchaa (Nagi, other)
-Nanoha Fuyu Komi Omakehon (Hinagiku, Nagi)

5 New To Heart 2 Doujins
-Haru Natsusan to Issho (English) (Haruka)
-Mousou Theater 17 (Manaka, Tamaki)
-N Cho (Manaka)
-O-cha Nigoshi no Perahon Mirufa hen (English) (Milfa)
-TH2 Anadi Chikkufu (Haruka)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/11/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Some H-manga updates this week for once--Hatsu Inu 2 and Soushisouai Note were previously only partially translated, so they've both been updated now with less japanese and more english. Meanwhile Benten Kairaku 9 came out this week (from Comiket 75), though we still need to scan #8 like we scanned 6 and 7. In other news, Naruho released a new Mai (King of Fighters) doujin at Comiket 75 (instead of a new Naruto doujin). ;_;

1 New Bleach Doujin:
-Benten Kairaku 9 (Yoruichi, some Hancock from One Piece)
-Benten Kairaku 6 (Yoruichi, Matsumoto, Orihime) (was member's only)

6 New Code Geass Doujins:
-Black Diary (Color) (CC, Kallen, Kaguya)
-Yamato Nadeshiko Nana Henka (bunny-suit Kallen)
-C.C. Lemonade R2 (Color) (CC)
-Lele Pappa Vol.13 Warabimochi (Kallen, rape)
-Asamo Yorumo Koi Kogarete (Cornelia)
-Punokan 2 (Tianzi - loli rape, some To Love Ru)

6 New Yugioh Doujins:
-Nyuu-Gi-Oh 2 (English) (Dark Magician Girl and Mai)
-Endless My Attack (Dark Magician Girl)
-Endless My Turn (Dark Magician Girl)
-Alexis (English) (short, rape)
-Itamashii Kioku (English) (Mai) [Crimson Comics]
-Mahou (Dark Magician Girl and Mana)

5 New Doujins / H-manga Chapters by Kensoh Ogawa:
-Soushisouai Note (part English) (updated H-manga, now 80% complete)
-Honey Blond Ch. 4 (English) (was members only)
-Honey Blond Ch. 5 (English) (preview)
-Honey Blond Ch. 6 (English) (preview)
-Kyonyuu Limited (Hatsukoi Limited)
-Ami-chan no Saku to Yacchau zo (Toradora)

4 New H-Manga Chapters:
-Hatsu Inu Vol. 2 (English) (now all english - last chapters are still members only)
-Big Sister Little Sister (English)
-Miss Contest Rhapsody (English) [Gunma Kisaragi] (preview)
-Step Up (English) [Gunma Kisaragi]

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/09/09
Posted by: Raikoh
New Naruto doujins have been in short supply lately, though hopefully this will fill your lust need--we've translated 70+ misc. Naruto pics from our hentai galleries and compiled them into one place for your convenience. It features pics by numerous popular artists like Mosha, Blue Syndrome, and Karikishi. (If there are some other misc. hentai pics which you want to see translated too, let us know! And thanks to the hard-working Sayo for tirelessly translating them all!)

And for our members--a hot full-color adult-Nel and Halibel x Ichigo doujin which we scanned a few months back.
(Preview here)
(Thanks to Kusanyagi for the translation!)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/08/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Updating some older sections today for a first. I just recently got enough for a decent Gundam 00 update, and don't know how long a SNK x Capcom one was overdue. What else? Well, Haruhi always has tons of doujins to burn. I especially liked the fact that Katsudon did one. I'd expect someone to translate that thing in the next months.

5 New Gundam 00 Doujins
-4 Years After (Feldt)
-Empty Mode -OO- (Feldt, other series)
-Marumaru Naon (Feldt)
-Romance 2 (Marina)
-Ruridi Gahou Code 37 (Sumergi)

5 New Haruhi Doujins
-Haruhi no Uzuki (Haruhi)
-Parareru Parareru (Ryoko x Yuki, futa)
-Sarani Okashi Nasai (Various, includes loli)
-Secret Eyes - She said so (Yuki)
-Tsururu Milk (Haruhi, Mikuru, Tsuyura)

5 New SNK x Capcom Doujins
-Kaku Musume 9 (Sakura)
-Kuno Ichi Jigokuhen R-31 (Chun-li, Mai, Poison)
-Yuri and Friends Full Color 4 (English) (King, Sakura)
-Yuri and Friends Full Color 7 (English) (Mai)
-Yuri and Friends Fullcolor 3 (English) (Athena, Mai)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/06/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

So, what's there to say? Nanoha and Dragon Quest the new sections still need updates regularly. I also went ahead and updated School Rumble since it hasn't had one in a month or so.

Something else though, I havn't really decided on the next doujin I'm going to have translated. So, now's your chance to throw around ideas if you want to in the comments since I'll likely whatever it is here after it's translated.

2 New Dragon Quest 3 Doujins
-Bouken Shiyo Kanzenban (Warrior)
-Mahha Fumi Fumi (Sage, Warrior)

3 New Dragon Quest 4 Doujins
-Hiroin no Kuse Ninama Ikida (Various)
-Kira Piasu (Color) (Alena)
-Mahhaki Ukiu (Alena, Manya)

5 New Nanoha Doujins
-4976x8 (Fate x Signum)
-Lyrical Magic Subaru Ganbaru (Subaru, Teana)
-PN (Fate, Nanoha)
-Rede Odeizu. WAV (Fate, Teana)
-Vita Max (English) (Vita)

5 New School Rumble Doujins
-School Colors (English) (Eri)
-Slave Rumble 1 (Yakumo)
-Slave Rumble 3 (Eri, Mikoto, Yakumo)
-Slave Rumble 4 (Various)
-Undokai (English) (Various)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/04/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Some Comiket 75 doujins this week, and a translation of Bricola 2 from our Kusanyagi.

So how many of you are playing Persona 4 now that it's out for the PS2 in the US? Well there's a surprising amount of Naoto-action for you guys this week (who is actually a woman believe it or not, so you can fap to her without feeling gay).

3 New Bleach Doujins:
-Bricola 2 (English) (Matsumoto and Orihime) (preview)
-Aki-Akane -Another Day- (Orihime x Tatsuki, double-futa)
-100 yen Book 3 (Matsumoto, short) (was member's only)
-Heavy Syrup Dellinger (English) (weird, futa-Yoruichi x Soifon)

4 New Gurren Lagann Doujins:
-Bishoujo Sniper Yoko-san no Hunting Nikki (English) (Big-Breast-Yoko x Simon)
-Destino De Abril (English) (Yoko)
-Destino De Abril 2 (young-Yoko)
-Maido Brigade (Yoko-sensei x shota)

10 New Persona 3 and 4 Doujins / CGsets:
-Midnight Escalator (English) (Rise, Naoto)
-Tohu Tantei (Rise x Naoto)
-Everyday Young Life Eros (Naoto)
-Gashamoku (Yukiku)
-Kinjirareta Asobi (Mitsuru, rape)
-Shuffle Time (Various)
-Burn My Blood (Mitsuru)
-P3 (Aigis, Yukari)
-CyoCyo's illustration 01 (CGset)
-CyoCyo's illustration 02 (CGset) (preview)

3 New Sekirei Doujins / CGsets:
-Sekirara (CGset)
-Dagetsu Inumi (Tsukiumi)
-Iku, Hisashiku (Tsukiumi)

3 New Dragonaut Doujins / CGsets:
-Machina and Garnett to Toshikoshi SEX Zanmai (Massive-Breasts x 2)
-W-D (CGset, some Witchblade)
-Ne Ne 2 (Futa-chick on male)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/03/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Kapucchu To Vampire was member's only for the last 2 months, but we're releasing it in the free section today to coincide with the release below. Meanwhile we translated another Death Note doujin this week--MuZ by 2Stroke (sorry it's so short though).

And for our members--the sequel to Kapucchu To Vampire: this time it's Yukari, Ruby, Moka, and evil-Moka x Tsukune.
(Preview here)
(Thanks to CGRascal for the Rosario + Vampire translations, Jinukug for the Rosario + Vampire scans, and Makasu for the MuZ and Oh! Big Sexy translations.)
We also translated pages 27 - 33 of Oh! Big Sexy (FLCL doujin) by request--the first 26 pages were translated by Miss Sachi a long time ago, though not the rest for some reason.
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/01/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Let's bring in the New Year with a new section. I'm not sure how many of you have actually seen Nanoha, but it's got quite a few good doujins for it. Also, we've got some Full Metal Alchemist for once.

4 New Full Metal Alchemist Doujins
-Metal Slander Glory (Winry)
-Over and Over (Riza)
-Ryoujoku Kou no Roze Jutsushi (Rose)
-Soix 3 (Oliver, Riza)

10 New Nanoha Doujins
-Cross-section King (English) (Nanoha, Various)
-Kanzen Choukyou Feito Shiki (Fate)
-Lyrical Magical Ganbaru (Caro, Fate)
-Mashi Maro Kicchibo ru (Fate, Fate x Nanoha)
-Nanoha no Zettaizetsumei (Nanoha)
-Nemu Sato Se Rau (Fate)
-Party Bullets (Hayate, Reinforce, Shamal)
-Satou U10 (Fate, Fate x Nanoha)
-Type ZERO (Ginga)
-Working Official Disqualification (English) (Lindy)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Anime
Posted on: 01/01/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Top 10 New Anime Series of 2008:
1. Code Geass R2
Was there ever any doubt who'd be number-1? Awesome series, with each episode stuffed beyond the bursting-point with plot, drama and action, though with a somewhat weak ending. (Blog post 1, 2, and 3)

2. Macross Frontier
A great series, though the gap between 1st and 2nd place is pretty big... (Blog post)

3. Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk
Wow, where did this come from? It's a 12-episode sleeper-hit series you've probably never even heard of. The intro makes it look like the series' world is actually an MMORPG like .Hack (it's not), and the first episode is a satirical comedy mocking RPGs in general, but the rest of the series is dead serious. What's even better--the second season starts next week! The "ending" of season-1 could've been better though.

4. Sekirei
Proving to the world that ecchi-animes don't have to suck! (Blog post)

5. Chaos; Head
Anyone up for a third season of Higurashi? Yes please! Better yet, this time the protagonist is your average everday 4channer otaku too!

6. Gundam 00: Second Season
Ok, yes, sure almost everyone who died in season-1 gets brought back to life in season-2, sure its laid out in an overly-episodic manner, and sure the series' plot doesn't exactly hold water, but hey, it's still Gundam here!

7. To Love Ru
An awesome harem-anime, though the episodes are rather hit-or-miss (some are great, though some just suck). (Blog post)

8. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
A cool anime-style detective series--the way the criminals kill people is usually rather cool, though their motives and how Neuro catches them are usually rather lame, though at least Neuro usually doesn't cheat when doing inferences unlike most detectives in detective shows.

9. Blade of the Immortal
Follows the tried-and-true formula of a samurai-themed series with tons of violence, blood, revenge, and sex--and it works!

10. Tales of the Abyss
Based on the PS2 RPG--it's still laid-out in RPG-format too much though (dialogue, then wander through a dungeon fighting random enemies, then have a random inconsequential fight with a boss, and repeat--works for RPGs, but not for anime). The drama should've been more focused and simplified too, and there's too much filler.

Quasi-Honorable Mentions:
-Soul Eater: This series has a lot of great ideas but with mediocre execution, and all the retarded comedic elements constantly interrupting the story really hurt the series.
-Ikkitousen Great Guardians: Nice fanservice, but not much else.
-They are My Noble Masters: Ecchi!
-Kanokon: And more ecchi!
-Dragonaut: -The Resonance-: A decent action series worth the watch, but the series' high point is definitely the babes!
-Rosario + Vampire Seasons 1 and 2
-Clannad: After Story

Not-so-Honorable mentions:
-Slayers Revolution: WTF, they revived this dusty-old-franchise for this crap?!
-Zero no Tsukaima 3: The tsundere-relationship is getting old! They say anime based on light-novel-series usually suck... way to not break the trend.
-Strike Witches: I love the pantsu and the l*lis (and episode 7), though this series is just pretty empty aside from that. Maybe if they'd focused simply on the action or ecchi instead of their half-assed attempt at drama the series would've been better.
-Bamboo Blade
-Jushin Enbu - Hero Tales: Based on the manga by the creator of Full Metal Alchemist, though so far the series has pretty much sucked--it finished airing a while ago, though no one has ever subbed beyond episode 14, so who knows if the second half was any good.

Overall the anime industry was more risk-adverse in 2008--there were fewer new series, and fewer long series (26 or 52 eps), instead focusing on giving older series new 2nd or 3rd seasons, and breaking series up into multiple seasons (such as two 13 episode seasons instead of one 26 episode season). Meanwhile Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and D.Gray-Man continued to kick ass, and none of the new series could compare to them, aside from Code Geass of course.

Disclaimer: There are a lot of anime series, and I haven't watched most of them, so my apologies if your favorite series got excluded! Some of the series are still ongoing and I've yet to watch every episode of some of them, so my apologies if they unexpectedly start getting better or worse than my rankings indicate later on!

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