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Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/31/08
Posted by: Raikoh
One of our scanlations from two months back, and possibly one of the most begged-for doujins ever. Like Kurionesha's other works we've scanlated, it's Rukia x Ichigo. There's also a few pages of Orihime x Grimmjow at the end.
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/29/08
Posted by: Raikoh

Back in Jan 31 1997, Tifa captured the hearts and imaginations of pervy otakus everywhere... and they haven't stopped making doujins of her ever since. Happy 11th birthday Tifa--an all Tifa update--why not?
We scanned two new doujins (scanner: SiNAPSE): FFJYOU IV and Oytasu Compa, our first Final Fantasy and Tifa scans. Expect more scans from the FFJYOU doujin-series in the future.

-FFJYOU I (Tifa)
-Oyatsu Compa (Tifa)
-Between Tanshio and Tantare, Which Do You Like Best? (Tifa and Aeris)
-Love 7 (Tifa)
-Mission AC (Advent Children)
Category: Anime
Posted on: 01/29/08
Posted by: Raikoh

Not so long ago people would have scoffed the notion of Moe-Kendo. A male dominated sport where participants wear full-body-padding does not exactly scream Moe. They were wrong. Japan can Moeify anything. And Moe + Comiket = doujins, lots of doujins. (I can also add some Bamboo Blade doujins as well if there are enough fans of this series.)

Ep 6 Torrent
Ep 7 Torrent
Ep 8 Torrent
Ep 9 Torrent
Ep 10 Torrent
Ep 11 Torrent
Ep 12 Torrent
(Ep 6 Part 1 Youtube link.)
You can also find eps 1 - 5 here.

This series doesn't seem to be going much of anywhere lately, it's lost it's direction. Though it's about damn time they got their fifth member!
Category: Random
Posted on: 01/27/08
Posted by: Raikoh
The doujin-moe chatroom has now been injected with an extra helping of moe--screw those msn-emoticons, this isn't doujin-msn, it's doujin-moe! We need moe-emoticons! null
Click on the smiley icon on the chat's control bar (bottom part), to make the icon-window appear to select between icons. The chat appears to work better in firefox than in Internet Explorer.
(Thank you Jericho for the gifs.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/26/08
Posted by: Raikoh

Volume 2, by Blue Syndrome, translated by Sayo. More rape, this time with Tayuya (in her human form)--this is the second and probably last Tayuya doujin ever, unfortunately. I prefer her Cursed-Seal form, personally--she's one of my favorite Naruto-women. I love evil sadistic women, so you'd think you'd see her in a dominant role ^_^

Thanks to DarkFayt for commissioning and donating this doujin, just like ND 1 and Extra. Expect Volume 3 next week!

Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/25/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Our new scans for this week: Kyou Ai 2: it's 58 pages long and has a lot more sex than Kyou Ai 1, thankfully, and Neji and Hinata are both post-time-skip this time. Expect Kyou Ai 3 next week. The other scan is Kotobasagashi, by Pekora, the author of Place Rain Ends, Tsunaida, and Sound of Rain--yeah that's right, all her ever does is Orihime x Ichigo doujins. (Both are member's only currently.)

Ok, finally started adding Full Metal Alchemist doujins again.

2 New Naruto Hentai Doujinshi:
-Kyou Ai 2 (Neji X Hinata)
-Number One Tittie-Kage Hanjouki (Tsunade)

3 New Bleach Hentai Doujinshi:
-Kotobasagashi (Orihime X Ichigo)
-Place Rain Ends (Orihime X Ichigo)
-3S (Orihime X Grimmjow)

6 New One Piece Hentai Doujinshi:
-Codename Justice 3 (Tashigi)
-Kaizoku Queen (Vivi)
-Mikicy Vol. 5 (Nami and Robin)
-Muchi Muchi Seven Vol. 4 (Nami) (Color)
-Nami Hey! (Nami)
-Nami Nami de Ikuuuu!! (Nami)

10 New Full Metal Alchemist Doujinshi:
-Gekiai Merry-Go-Round (Various)
-Honey (Riza)
-Important (Winry)
-Junky (Riza)
-Kaizoshiteru to Shigoshi (Winry)
-Natsumono (Winry)
-Nerima (Winry)
-No Game No LIfe (Riza)
-No Reason (Winry)
-Pea Toug (Riza)

The Usual: The greyed out (unlinked) doujin titles are only in the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account.
Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/21/08
Posted by: Raikoh

This doujin's really short, but funny and in color, so I just had to have it translated. We might do a few more Code Geass doujins in the future too in addition to the usual Naruto and Bleach translations.
(Translator: Sayo.)
Category: Anime
Posted on: 01/21/08
Posted by: Raikoh

If you're not already doing so, you really need to pause the eps and read all the random text to get all the jokes (props to afk for translating them). The producers even mention random stuff they did like getting addicted to anime, failing to get into college, and going out of business.

Ep 9 Torrent
Ep 10 Torrent
Ep 11 Torrent
Ep 12 Torrent

And if the ending of the first season left you in despair, don't worry, the second season just started airing:

Zoku Ep 1 Torrent
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/19/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Doujin-Moe launched way back on January 18th, 2006, so that means we're now 2 years old! Thanks to everyone for sticking with us for so long--as a birthday gift, I'm posting some of the most begged-for member's-section-content:

-Hatsu Inu 02 (Now finally viewable online for free. Check out our movies section as well if you haven't already!)

-Equip 01 (Bleach -- one of my many doujin scans)
-Jigoku Chou (Bleach)
-Nami no Koukai Nisshi 3 (One Piece doujin by Acid-Head)

And some random doujins for all you Dragonaut / Zetsubou Sensei fans, all 2 of you ;_;
-Slave of Pleasure (Dragonaut)
-Inochi Tanshi (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)

We don't spam social bookmarking sites, do search-engine-optimization, or advertise--we got this popular by being linked to and talked about by you guys. Even if you can't afford a membership, by linking to us (where appropriate) and telling your friends about us, you're helping to support us!

Member's Section
We never could have afforded to do so many scans and translations without our member's support, so here are some gifts for you guys too:

-Utility Pole Spirit Picture Collection (pictured above, samples here): A collection of 350 pics by UPS, one of the best hentai / ecchi artists ever. You've no doubt seen some of his works in our series galleries, but this is the first time they've been collected together in one place. Contains mostly Bleach and One Piece hentai.
(Yeah, it's a bit of an odd artist name--maybe it sounded better in Japanese?)

-Sound of Rain (pictured above): 50 pages of Orihime X Ichigo, by Pekora, scanned by us (scanner: SiNAPSE).
Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/18/08
Posted by: Raikoh

After we translated PM 9 and 10, you knew it had to happen--the next in the series follows in the same vein as the first two with lots of hardcore rape. Translated by Sayo, commissioned by DarkFayt and ourselves, and created by Studio Parm. Unfortunately a color version was never released, unlike the first two, and in the first half Studio Parm mashed a ton of pics together onto each page with no clear borders between each of them, so a lot of the pages look rather messy and it's hard to tell where one pic ends and the next starts. All this doujin needs now is more TenTen and Kin... ^_-
Category: Anime
Posted on: 01/17/08
Posted by: Raikoh

A good new mecha action series for those of you who haven't watched it already.

Ep 1 - 27 batch torrent
OVA 1 Torrent
(Tip: When using batch torrents, you can select which individual episodes you want to download--you don't have to download them all if you've already watched some of them.)

(You can read the post about the first half of the series here.)
(Read more for my comments on the series.)

» Read More

Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/15/08
Posted by: Raikoh

New scans for this week (by SiNAPSE): Kyou Ai, the first of a 3-doujin series involving Neji x Hinata--expect the next two chapters in the near future. It has a complicated story... though I'm not sure what it is (because it's in Japanese...). We also scanned Nami's Active Mode and Pirate Queen 1 this week as well. Only Pirate Queen 1 is in the free section for now. And there are plenty more Comiket 73 doujins, just like last week.

1 New Naruto Hentai Doujin:
-Kyou Ai (Neji X Hinata)

1 New Bleach Hentai Doujin:
-Shinigami Zukan Kureijii (Matsumoto)

7 New One Piece Hentai Doujinshi:
-Nami's Active Mode (Nami X Zoro)
-Pirate Queen 1 (Nami and Vivi)
-Nami no Koukai Nisshi EX - NamiRobi (Nami and Robin)
-Chichi Shiru Musume 4 (Nami) (Color)
-Codename Justice 2 (Tashigi)
-Hanaduka (Nami)
-Hide and Seek (Nami X Zoro)

6 New Lucky Star Hentai Doujinshi:
-Hitoduma 2 (Miki) (English)
-Lucky Pan (Kagami)
-Otona no Rakipan (Kagami)
-Lucky X Wata (Hiiragi Twins)
-Rarara Koppepantsu (Kagami)

5 New Final Fantasy Hentai Doujinshi:
-Moral Crisis (Aeris) (English)
-Kuusou Zikken Vol. 7 (Tifa)
-Ero Tifa 2 (Tifa) (English)
-Irohime Vol. 1 (English) (Tifa) (Color)
-F.F. Fight (Various) (Color)

1 New Random Doujin:
-Inochi Tanshi Zetsubou Seyo Otome (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)

For the newbs: The greyed out (unlinked) doujin titles are only in the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account.

"The only reason a mother would be upset about you coming to this site is if she had an in-cest crush on you." ~Jonas (in the chatroom.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/13/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Bleach CGs:
-Blight's CGset
-Seductive Flowers (Matsumoto)
-Syunshin Ryojyoku (Yourichi)

One Piece CGs
-Ori No Naka No Hachigatsu (Nico Robin)
-Onepieoc (Tentacles)

As always, you can download these as zips in the member's section.
Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 01/13/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Thanks to everyone for their votes--here are the final winners in each category:

Naruto Doujins (Regular)
-Handmade Family
-Hinata Fight
-Aya Sakura Emaki

Naruto Doujins (hardcore)
-OIROKE Ninpoujou Dattebayo
-PM 10
-Uzumaki Hanataba
-Ninja Dependence Vol. 1

Bleach Doujins
-Bari Etchi
-A Dangerous Weapon Known as a School Uniform 2
-Muchi Muchi Vol. 13
-BC - BLEACH ch -

One Piece Doujins
-Orange Pie Vol. 5
-Nami Biyori
-Power 7

Other Doujins
-Zero no Tsukaima - Tsukaima Kuri
-Code Geass - Naughty Terrorist
-Final Fantasy - Ero Tifa Vol 1
-Code Geass - Brown New Wife 125

Note that 3 of the above winning doujins were done by Nekomataya alone! She deserves a medal!
3 of the winning doujins were scanned by us, and 6 translated by us.
(You can read the full final results below.)

» Read More

Category: Anime
Posted on: 01/12/08
Posted by: Raikoh

Man, there's no way Rukia can beat Aaroniero--Rukia's about as strong as a baby genin, and he's an Espada! They actually revealed Kaien's released soul-slayer a long time ago (before these eps appeared in the manga), back in the first Gamecube Bleach fighter game, in which Kaien was playable. I also created a Thunderwitch gallery as well since she just appeared... except I only have six pics ;_; Banzai Houko Kuwashima! (Same voice actress as Kasumi.)

Ep 152 Torrent
Ep 153 Torrent
Ep 154 Torrent
Ep 155 Torrent

(Personally, things turned out pretty much exactly as I initially expected, except that I thought it was some sort of mind-reading-illusion-technique at first.)
Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 01/12/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Poll 280 (September 9th, 2007)
Which episode made you first start really liking Bleach?

I loved it before I watched it: 193 (14.7%)
1 – 2: 399 (30.3%)
3 – 15: 220 (16.7%)
16 – 24: 131 (10%)
25 – 62: 173 (13.2%)
I don’t “really like” the series yet: 199 (15.1%)

Total Votes: 1315

Apparently my visitors are easily entertained—they really started liking Bleach at episode 1, even though it doesn’t actually get good until episode 17 or so. In fact, of those who do really like the series, 72.6% of them liked it before episode 16, and the series was pretty mediocre at best before episode 16. As I thought, my visitors will watch, and “really like” just about anything--they’re not very picky.

Poll 289 (September 18th, 2007)
When did you first start watching Naruto?

2000 – 2002, the original manga: 235 (12.1%)
2002 – 2003, the Japanese anime: 265 (13.7%)
2004 – 2005: 358 (18.5%)
2005, on Cartoon-Network: 626 (32.3%)
2006: 317 (16.3%)
2007: 138 (7.1%)

Total Votes: 1939

About 56% of my visitors have started watching it since it originally aired on Cartoon Network. It seems only about 26% of my visitors are hip anime-watchers (like myself!), who watch stuff before it’s cool to watch it, that is they started watching Naruto before 2004. Unsurprisingly it seems Naruto’s popularity has saturated somewhat—don’t expect it to grow very much this year or the next year.

» Read More

Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/10/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Scanned by myself a while ago, and translated by Sayo. It's a hot consensual Rukia X Ichigo doujin. Other works by Kurionsha: Petit Honey, and Berry Strawberry (member's only).

Ever wonder how the sound-three got those extra scrolls they needed to pass the Forest-of-Death Exam? The first and probably just about the last Kin doujin ever--like Ninja Dependence 1 and the rest of the series, it's a rather hardcore rape doujin.

This was translated by Sayo, and donated by DarkFayt (who donated PM 10)--he's so cool that he's even going to donate Ninja Dependence 2 and 3 as well! So look forward to those in the near future.
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/10/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Check out the new Doujin-Moe shoutbox / chatroom. Now you can chat, cyber, and share senseless inane messages with people all around the world, in real time! (...) Well I know I'm excited!
(Update: Ok, I took the first chatroom down, and put up a new one, which will hopefully work a lot better.)

You can also view Aika Virgin Mission 03 online for free now, which is something you should do if you haven't already. (It gets good about halfway through. Still no subtitles though...)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/07/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Our exclusive new doujin for this week: Kunoichi Inmaihen, by Rippadou--Tsunade gets banged for 40-pages straight! It's only in the member's section, but you guys get Muchi Muchi Carinval 2, another Tsunade doujin (in color), which is just as good.

Aki-Akane -Chuuhen- is a sequel to the first Aki-Akane, and is along the same lines as the first. And why are there so many Miyuki doujins? Konata and Kagami pwns Miyuki! I've also got some Dragonaut doujins--what, you don't know what Dragonaut is...? gao... -.-

2 New Naruto Doujinshi:
-Kunoichi Inmaihen (Tsunade)
-Muchi Muchi Carinval 2 (Tsunade) (Full Color)

2 New Bleach Doujinshi:
-Gekokujyou Dynamite (Matsumoto) (English)
-Aki-Akane -Chuuhen- (Orihime X Tatsuki)

13 New Lucky Star Doujinshi:
-Okkishita (Various)
-Waki Suta (Various)
-LUNCH BOX 85 Meganekko Geki Love (Miyuki)
-Shigu Suta (Hiiragi Twins)
-Sutoraiku Desu! Kagami You (Kagami)
-White Channel (Various)
-Natsu in sama (English) (Various)
-Hito-Duma (English) (Yukari)
-Hito-Duma 2 (Miki - Jericho's Wife!)
-Momoiro Toiki (English) (Miyuki)
-Shichi x Hoshi (Hiiragi Twins)
-Koppe Koppe Pantsu (Various)
-Akujoni Naruniha (Miyuki)

3 New Random Doujinshi:
-Hadaka Kouhaii (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)
-Slave of Pleasure (Dragonaut)
-Mangana Ryuuchichi (Dragonaut)

The Usual Advert: The greyed out (unlinked) doujin titles are only in the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account. And yes, Miki is Jericho's wife.
Category: Anime
Posted on: 01/06/08
Posted by: Raikoh

A decent new anime based on a hentai-game--it has some ecchi and action, but so far it's been mostly jokes (aside from ep 1). A couple doujins about it just came out too...

(Ep 1 Part 1 Youtube Link)
Ep 1 Torrent
Ep 2 Torrent
Ep 3 Torrent
Ep 4 Torrent

What's up with women always blushing in anime these days--I've noticed in quite a few anime (like Umisho, Prism Ark, and Lucky Star somewhat) that the women always look like they're blushing (to make them look sexier) even at the most inappropriate moments! That's just abusing blush.
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 01/04/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Ikkitousen Galleries:

Bleach CGsets:
-Buri Ichigo

"Burichi" is how you'd pronounce "Bleach" with a Japanese accent, hence the Bleach-CGset names.
Category: Translations
Posted on: 01/02/08
Posted by: Raikoh

Translated by Sayo, and commissioned by DarkFayt, who was cool enough to donate it to us! Thanks guys! The second half is a continuation of the story from the second half of PM 9.
Category: Anime
Posted on: 01/02/08
Posted by: Raikoh

A very Moe show I'm obliged to mention, since Doujin-Moe is all about Moe (hence the name yes? Otherwise we'd just be Doujin). Though it's a pretty damn random and boring show. (But it's Moe.) All they do is just ramble on about mundane everyday sort of things. (But it's Moe.) It's jokes aren't even that funny--we really don't see it's appeal. (But it's Moe.) Though I heard it's extremely popular in Japan--apparently you can make a hit anime with Moe alone. (Moe Power!)

Ep 1-24 Torrent Link
Surgeon general's warning: May result in Moe-Fever. Side-effects include ... and purchasing fully-body-huggable pillows.
Category: Random
Posted on: 01/01/08
Posted by: Raikoh