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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 12/30/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Our new scan this week: Equip 01--it's not actually a doujin, but rather a hot full-color CGset featuring almost every woman in Bleach (preview pages here). There's also the new full-color Ikkitousen Fanbook, both of which are member's only for the moment, but you guys get a new Ikkitousen CGset as consolation.

I also started a Lucky Star section this week--expect more Lucky Star soon!

1 New Naruto Doujinshi:
-Ninja Dependence 1 (English)

4 New Bleach Doujinshi:
-Equip 01 (Various) (Full Color)
-Yoruichi Nyan to Soi Fon's Book (English)
-Jigoku Chou (Various)
-Bankai Unohana Retsu Kuzushi (English)

2 New Ikkitousen Doujinshi:
-Dragon Destiny Official Visual Fanbook (Full Color)
-Higashuu Vol. 17 (CGset)

13 New Lucky Star Doujinshi:
-Konata Koufukuron (Konata)
-Lucky Questar (Various)
-Natsu in sama (Various)
-Rapi Suta (Various)
-Kagamingaokki Kunattanara (Kagami)
-Goku Laki 2 (Various)
-Motteke! Panties Tokkingu (Miyuki)
-Momoiro Toiki (Miyuki)
-Oidemase Konata-Kissa (Various) (Full Color)
-Miyu Pie (Miyuki)
-Run Chiki (Various)
-Hajijou no Hoshi (Miyuki)
-Ryou sakura Gakuen Dokidoki Panic (Various)

Usual Advert: The greyed out (unlinked) doujin titles are only in the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account.
Category: Translations
Posted on: 12/29/07
Posted by: Raikoh

A sexy full color doujin by Studio Parm, translated by Sayo. He even went out of his way to try to preserve the original Japanese font-styles and color! The first part is Temari X Kankuro, and the second part is Naruto X Shizune and random women, part-1. (The second part is in PM 10.) Shizune's hot but under-rated.
Category: Ecchi
Posted on: 12/28/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Wow, this was as good as ep 2 was! I hope they'll continue the series soon--I want MOAR! The part with the giant-chick was a little bit weird though.
(Rating: 10/10)

Torrent Link
(Ep 2 can now be viewed for free online here!)

This movie and eps 1 and 2 are available for direct download from the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account.
(This movie is unsubbed, and probably won't be subbed anytime soon. You can find ep2 here.)

Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 12/27/07
Posted by: Raikoh
We'll be having the first annual best-doujin-tournament. Comment below nominating whatever doujin you thought was really special (and preferrably linking to it too!). I'll update the list of entrees below, adding and removing doujins from the roster as you guys nominate. Feel free to attach any sort of category you like to the doujin as well, such as "Naruto", "lesbian-futa", or whatever strikes your fancy.

Roster so far:
Naruto doujins
-A Red Dragonfly in Midsummer
-Hana Temari
-Handmade Family
-Hinata Fight
-Hyuuga Hinata's Growth
-Kanhi Sakura
-Ninja Dependence Vol. 1
-Nultimate Heroine
-OIROKE Ninpoujou Dattebayo
-Plus 3
-PM 09
-PM 10
-PM 11
-Shidare Sakura
-The Secret
-Uzumaki Hanataba

Bleach doujins
-A Dangerous Weapon Known as a School Uniform 2
-Bari Etchi
-Kurosaki Familly
-Muchi Muchi Vol. 13
-Berry Strawberry

One Piece doujins
-Nami SP 3 & 4
-Orange Pie vol. 5
-Power 7
-Nami no Koukai Nisshi Special

Dead or Alive doujins
-Kankin Ryoujoku Hana Kasumi
-Byunn Byunn

Code Geass doujins
-Ashford Gakuen Underground
-Naughty Terrorist
-C G2R 02
-Brown New Wife

Zero no Tsukaima
-Zero No Shi In Ma

Final Fantasy
-Tokurosen Taoubabi

Also feel free to nominate any gallery or blog comments / comment-threads which you found particularly funny or stupid. You shouldn't have to look very far.
(Note: We have a lot of Naruto doujins already, so you guys might want to start nominating doujins from other series!)

Some of my favorite comments:
-"First!": We have no idea what sort of achievement being the first person to comment on a pic is, but it must certainly be quite important judging from the vigor and reliability with which people mark their doujin-page-territory. Perhaps these True Believers believe that these comments will accumulate them positive H-karama, so that one day they too can escape the world of eternal virginity and be reborn as the main character of a hentai-series like us hentai-bodhisattvas.
-"This doujin is mine!": No! She's MINE!
-"Sexy Question-mark!" : Well she is quite the slut--she appears in almost every doujin on this site, and with such perfect curves its little wonder how she's managed to acquire such a large and vocal fanbase. We're afraid the save-disk just can't compete with her.
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 12/24/07
Posted by: Raikoh
-Matsumoto X Orihime
I don't like glasses-chicks like Nanao that much, but she deserves her own gallery at least!

One Piece CG-sets
-Hanaduka Extra CG Collection

Naruto CG-sets
-Young-Sakura and Tsunade
-Konoha Kuzusi
-Spiral Whirl

These CGs aren't new--you can find a lot of them in the character-galleries, but this is the first time they've all been grouped together in one place.
Like usual, you can download the full galleries as zips in the member's section.
Category: Anime
Posted on: 12/24/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Just skip the really long filler Naruto-floating-monologue in ep 41, and the longer panning shots. Awesome episodes though, filler not withstanding. And Sakura's KO'ed by Kabuto's butt...?
(Note that the next episode won't air for another 3 weeks or so.)

Ep 39 Part 1 Youtube Link.
Ep 39 Torrent
Ep 40 - 41 Torrent
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 12/22/07
Posted by: Raikoh
The movie section has been revamped--you can now view some movies online!

Our personal favs:
-Hininden Gausu, if you haven't already watched it, I ORDER you to. But when will ep 2 ever come out? ;_;
-Anything to do with Aika!
-Discipline--it's not a newer series (like most of the series I post), but it's awesome so I just had to add it. The first half of episode 4 is probably the best part.
-Hatsu Inu, a good series I'm sure our long-time member's remember.

You can also leave comments on all the movies too.

Edit: The movies should look better in Firefox browsers now. Discipline 02 was added.
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 12/20/07
Posted by: Raikoh

New scans this week--Love Connection, an older Naruto doujin involving young-Hinata X Anko, Hinata X Neji, and Anko x Orochimaru. The other scan is Tsunaida Tekara, another Ichigo X Orihime doujin from Pekora--both are in the member's Section for now.

OneOfAKindProductions translated Anjyoku Hokan, or "Dominant Soi Fon on Yoruichi Happy Hour" as he likes to call it (O.o)! Narutot's not really a doujin--it's a piece of a doujin (the rest of the doujin is unrelated to Naruto), though it's a pretty hot 6-pages and has been translated by Sayo now.

3 New Naruto Doujinshi:
-Love Connection (Anko and Hinata)
-Narutot (Hinata) (English)
-Gokuhitokkun Dattebayo (Various)

3 New Bleach Doujinshi:
-Tsunaida Tekara (Orihime)
-Anjyoku Hokan (English) (Yoruichi X Soifon)
-H-Sen Vol. 8 (English)

3 New Yugioh Doujinshi:
-Amusement King (Dark Magician Girl)
-Honrou Surumado (Dark Magician Girl)
-Toxic (Tea)

10 New Zero no Tsukaima Doujinshi:
-Hutsuu (Elf)
-I Will Have Sex With Ruizu (Louise)
-Ikanari Hajimaru (Louise)
-Family Secret (Various)
-Kizoku o Raku ni to Su Houhou (Kirche) (English)
-Lily and White (Various)
-Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Balliere (Various) (Color)
-Louise-chan To Iisho (Louise) (Color)
-Love Potion Pink (Various) (Color)
-Lowen Zahn (Louise)

For the newbs: The greyed out (unlinked) doujin titles are only in the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account.
Category: Translations
Posted on: 12/18/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Ok the next translation is out a bit earlier than expected--Ichigo discovers Rukia porn in Soul Society! (WTF?) By Suck Drop Bambies, the same artist who did Tsundere Minimum and Kuchikisan to Kurosakikun (member's only), among other doujins.
Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 12/18/07
Posted by: Raikoh
Poll 272 (September 1st, 2007)
Favorite piece of female underwear?

Bra: 549 (28.9%)
Panty: 981 (51.6%)
Garter Belt: 55 (2.9%)
Stockings: 166 (8.7%)
Pantyhose: 72 (3.8%)
Socks: 77 (4.1%)

Total Votes: 1900

Panties win, no big surprise there! Stockings did half-decent as well I suppose.

Poll 273 (September 2nd, 2007)
What’s your favorite thing to see a woman get fucked by?

A man: 110 (43.7%)
Another woman: 99 (39.3%)
An animal: 16 (6.8%)
A monster: 4 (1.7%)
A machine: 3 (1.2%)
Tentacles!: 18 (7.1%)

Total Votes: 252

83% prefer more regular-sex, while the remainder prefer it with other sorts of machines or creatures. Seeing a woman fuck a woman is apparently just about as hot as seeing a man fuck a woman (according to this poll), though obviously woman-on-woman sex is hotter than man-on-woman sex, though it might get old if I saw it all the time...

(Read more for more poll results)

» Read More

Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 12/16/07
Posted by: Raikoh

It's finally in the free section--the full-color version of PM 10, by Studio Parm, scanned by Jericho! (Studio Parm's other works: PM 11, PM 9 (members only), PM 12 (member's only).
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 12/14/07
Posted by: Raikoh
Bleach CGs:
-Unohana X Isane

Kuukaku and Tatsuki are both hot, but they're so under-rated. I'm not a big fan of Unohana or Isane, but here are CGS of them anyway!.

Naruto CGs:

I'm not a big fan of Naruho's style (I think it's the women's shoulders--they look a bit too manly to me...), but he's pretty popular anyway.
Category: Anime
Posted on: 12/14/07
Posted by: Raikoh

A decent action-show so far, with some ecchi here and there. The character designs remind me a lot of Witchblade's characters (both series were done by Gonzo). Plenty of women with insanely large boobs too, just like Witchblade (I like!). Eps 3 and 4 are better than the first 2--the dragon-fight scenes are mostly all done in 3D.

(First part of ep1 Youtube link.)
Ep 1 Torrent
Ep 2 Torrent
Ep 3 Torrent
Ep 4 Torrent
Category: Translations
Posted on: 12/12/07
Posted by: Raikoh

This week's translation is a One Piece doujin, Nami SP4, by Acid-Head, the same author as Nami SP 3, Nami Special 1, Nami Special 2 (members), and Nami no Koukai 3 (members).
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 12/11/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Our new scans for this week: Kutsugi-san to Kurozaki-kun, another Rukia X Ichigo by Suck-Drop-Bambies, the same artist as last week. (Only in the member's section for now.) And Six-Blame, by Funny Devil--he does a lot of Grimmjow X Orihime doujins (he also did Pretty Lies), though his works involve very little hentai unfortunately.

And more Yoruichi doujins (because she's offically the hottest woman in bleach), Nami doujins by Acid-Head (same Nami-doujin artist as last week), and Zero no Tsukaima this week too!

5 New Bleach Hentai Doujinshi:
-Kutsugi-san to Kurozaki-kun (Rukia X Ichigo)
-Brown Lover (English) (Yoruichi X Soifon)
-Yoruichi Nyan's Book 3 (English) (Yoruichi)
-Six-Blame (Orihime X Grimmjow)
-Pretty Lies (Orihime X Grimmjow)

10 New Zero no Tsukaima Hentai Doujinshi:
-Naisyonokimoti (Louise)
-Black Minaloshe (Louise)
-Bel Air -johnny side- (Louise)
-037 (Louise)
-Adult Site (Louise)
-Bel Air (Various)
-Ero i dukai ma (Various)
-EroZero (Louise)
-Hajimete No Inu (Louise)
-Heart Beat 3rd Element (Various)

3 New One Piece Hentai Doujinshi:
-Nami no Koukai Nisshi Special (Nami)
-Nami no Koukai Nisshi Special 2 (Nami)
-Tashigi no Koukai Nisshi Vol. 1 (Tashigi)

Shameless Advert: The greyed out (unlinked) doujin titles are only in the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account.

Credits: Like usual, scans by SiNAPSE, translations by Sayo. Thanks to DevilKingBaal for the links.
Category: Anime
Posted on: 12/10/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Some things can be passed off as a joke, but insulting your dick in front of Sakura = a fight to the death!

(1st part Youtube link.)
Ep 36-37 Torrent
Ep 38 Torrent

Category: Ecchi
Posted on: 12/07/07
Posted by: Raikoh

OVA 5 isn't as good as OVA 4 was--women-on-women rock-paper-scissors matches aren't that arousing... OVA 6 was a big overview of all the women in the series lying around naked in an onsen--it's cool they included even very minor deceased characters and characters which have only appeared in the manga so far. Too bad this is the last of the OVAs--maybe we might get a third season in a couple years. They didn't censor much of anything so far as I can tell in eps 9 - 12 (DVDs 5 and 6), so I didn't include a torrent for those eps uncensored.

Download OVA 5 Link
Download OVA 6 Link

(You can also download these episodes from hentai-key GT directly if you're a member.)
Category: Anime
Posted on: 12/07/07
Posted by: Raikoh

I don't think the whole trick with Orihime would actually work--she'd just tell her friends what's up rather than say goodbye and meet Ulquiorra. Besides, Aizen will still try to kill Ichigo and his friends regardless of whether Orihime comes or not.
Rukia: Guys, instead of working together, let's split up, so that we can each fight different opponents by ourselves--that's how the mangaka likes his fights.
Aizen: K, guys, here's the plan, we're going to drink tea and let the invaders run around, make a mess of our hideout, and and fight whoever they happen to run into.

(Ep 150 part-1 youtube link.)
Ep 150 Torrent
Ep 151 Torrent
Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 12/06/07
Posted by: Raikoh
Final round results:

Orihime: 1315 (29.9%)
Rukia: 789 (17.9%)
Matsumoto: 647 (14.7%)
Yoruichi: 1651 (37.5%)

Total Votes: 4402

Yoruichi wins, with Orihime not too far behind (though I personally voted for Matsumoto!) Since Yoruichi won, her prize is that all her pics can be downloaded as a zip-file in the free section for now. (The other character's zip-files are still only in the member's section.) And since Hinamori and Nemu both got honorable mentions in the tournament, they both get their own hentai-galleries as well!

(Read more for the preliminary and semi-final round results of the tournament.)

» Read More

Category: Translations
Posted on: 12/04/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Ok, you guys begged and pleaded, so it's about time! Here it is, in english, finally in the free section--one of the best Naruto doujins ever. Oddly enough, I hadn't realized how hot sexy-jutsu-Naruto is until I read this doujin ;)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 12/03/07
Posted by: Raikoh

This week's new scans (by our scanner SiNAPSE): Kutsugi Rukia Kinbaku, by Suck-Drop-Bambies, the same circle which did Tsundere Minimum. Involves Rukia X Random-guys and Rukia X Ichigo. And Koshi, which is only the second doujin I've ever seen featuring Hinamori.

More One Piece and Zero no Tsukaima as well. As for recommendations, Tsukaima Kuri is hot (but short).

3 New Bleach Hentai Doujinshi:
-Kutsugi Rukia Kinbaku (Rukia X Ichigo)
-Koshi (Hinamori, Matsumoto X Hitsugaya)
-Weekend After 5 (Hinamori X Aizen)

10 New Zero no Tsukaima Hentai Doujinshi:
-Ruizu no Choukyou (Louise)
-Zero No Shi In Ma (Various)
-Zero Ijime (Color) (Various)
-Tsukaima Kuri (Color) (Various)
-Sunao Sukitteii Nasai (Louise)
-ZERO 2 (Various)
-Kizoku Gokuraku - Familiar Spirit Life (English) (Louise)
-Poison Red (Kirche)
-Zero no Sannin (English) (Various)
-Dagger 15 (Louise)

3 New One Piece Hentai Doujinshi:
-Nami no Koukai Nisshi 3 (Nami)
-Girls Only (Various)
-Ultra Piece (Various)

To the newbs: The greyed out (unlinked) doujin titles are only in the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account.