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Category: Hentai
Posted on: 06/30/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Tsukasa has a rare-gift--the magic-ability to make women horny simply by looking at them. Only his glasses can nullify his ability. Naturally his glasses fall off and shit happens... I was hoping for more from the classroom-orgy scene--they should have done a lot more than just give Tsukasa a hand-job, lol. The blonde-chick-with-the-cat-hat is pretty hot, though she takes her hat off for all of her sex scenes unfortunately... An overall decent episode. Rating: (7.5 / 10)

Torrent Link

This movie is also available for direct download, from the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account.

(Unfortunately the movie is censored and not subbed, like most new releases I post.)
Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 06/30/07
Posted by: Raikoh
Poll 187 (May 17th – 18th, 2007)

What’s your favorite Naruto doujin in the free section? (final round)

Aya Sakura Emaki: 132 (19.6%)
Loop and Loop: 134 (19.9%)
Kanhi Sakura: 109 (16.2%)
Nisemono: 155 (23%)
Sakura In Blossom 17: 88 (13.1%)
Uzumaki 70%: 55 (8.2%)

Total Votes: 673

Final Ranking:
-Loop and Loop
-Aya Sakura Emaki
-Kanhi Sakura
-Sakura In Blossom 17
-Uzumaki 70%

So in the end, surprisingly a doujin simply being in English-and-black-and-white is better than it being in Japanese-and-color. Being in English seems to help a doujin a lot, though people seem to love well-drawn doujins, even if they’re black and white and in Japanese, more than mediocre-drawn doujins which are in color and English.

Poll 189 (May 19th – 20th, 2007)

How much more do you like a doujin if it features women which you already know and like?

A lot more: 888 (80.7%)
A little more: 82 (7.5%)
I don’t really care if I know who they are, so long as they’re are hot: 107 (9.7%)
Less, I like new women: 6 (0.5%)
I don’t know: 17 (1.5%)

Total Votes: 1100

Ok, so 88% of my visitors would rather have a doujin about someone they know and like than have a doujin about some new random woman. This is what makes doujins hotter and more popular than regular hentai-manga.

Poll 190 (May 20th – 21st, 2007)

Do you view hentai of series which you’ve never watched or heard of?

No, I stick to series I know: 229 (24.3%)
Rarely: 157 (16.6%)
Sometimes, if the women are hot: 437 (46.3%)
Yes, all the time: 121 (12.8%)

Total Votes: 944

Ok, so nearly 60% of my viewers are open to viewing hentai-doujins or pics about series they’ve never even watched, though if they do already know about them (prior to viewing the hentai), they enjoy the hentai a lot more.

Poll 191 (May 21st – 22nd, 2007)

How annoying are genital-censors in hentai-doujins?

Very, I hate them: 897 (69.5%)
Somewhat: 190 (14.7%)
A little; 106 (8.2%)
I don’t even notice them: 38 (2.9%)
I like them: 17 (1.3%)
Huh?: 42 (3.3%)

Total Votes: 1290

So 92% of my visitors would be happier without them. Wow, in my opinion, the censors are annoying, though not really THAT annoying—I’d personally answer “a little annoying”. But maybe I’ve just gotten so used to them or something…

Poll 192 (May 22nd – 23rd, 2007)

How annoying are genital-censors in hentai-movies?

Very, I hate them: 781 (78.5%)
Somewhat: 98 (9.8%)
A little: 52 (5.2%)
I don’t even notice them: 24 (2.4%)
I like them: 14 (1.4%)
Huh?: 26 (2.6%)

Total Votes: 995

More people hating hentai-movie censorship than doujin-censorship is what I expected—hentai-movie-censorship goes further than doujin-censorship (for some reason unclear to me).
Category: Anime
Posted on: 06/29/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Hitsugaya, we could have avoided a whole 4 episodes of stupid drama if you'd simply sent Shouta and his sister to Soul Society in the first place like you should have!

::Episode ends::
Audience: Yaaay! The filler's over!
::Watches ending, watches next episode preview::
Audience: ...or not... ;-(

No new episode of Naruto this week either...

Episode 129 Torrent
Episode 130 Torrent
Episode 131 Torrent
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/25/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Another new Naruto doujin this week--Uzumaki, scanned by Jericho. It's an unfortunately short unusual Tsunade X Sakura doujin with some futa.

My new scan for this week is a Bleach doujin, Kurosaki Family, by Kurionesha. It's a hot Renji and Ichigo X Rukia doujin, and only in the member's section for the time being.

Finally, I started a Negima! section.

1 New Naruto Doujinshi:
-Uzumaki (Sakura)

1 New Bleach Doujinshi:
-Kurosaki Family (Rukia)

12 New Negima! Doujinshi:
-Ai Ai Nagase-san (Kaede Nagase)
-Zig-Zag 4 (Various)
-if CODE01 - Evangeline
-if CODE01 - Setsuna
-if CODE01 - Kaede
-if CODE01 - Ayaka
-if CODE01 - Asuna
-Mahora Dodgeball Club (Various)
-Negi-Sensei to Kenja no Buruma (Various)
-Negiko (Various)
-Negiotome (Various)
-Nukima (Various)

-Negima! CGs
-D.Gray-Man CGs
-Aiki Chapters 7 and 8 (Ecchi Manga)
Category: Hentai
Posted on: 06/24/07
Posted by: Raikoh

More Valkyrie rape, nice. Though I've never really liked the whole "woman gets raped a lot, and then she starts enjoying it" sort of thing you see in hentai a lot--I enjoy it more when they don't >:3 Score: 8/10
(Warning: Contains some bugs and impregnation.)

Torrent Link

This movie is also available for direct download from the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account. You can also get the first episode, and the prequel to this series (which is also two episodes long) from Hentai-Key.
Category: Random
Posted on: 06/24/07
Posted by: Raikoh

^ New partner. A LOT better than most masturbation-sleeves, which are just cheap pieces of rubber with holes drilled in them, and a LOT better than your hand too. Their anus-style-entrance is best--their vagina-style-entrance just isn't tight enough, lol. The only downside is that they're expensive (but worth it), though sex-related-items are always over-priced -.-
Category: Ecchi
Posted on: 06/23/07
Posted by: Raikoh

This is what the TV series should have been, but wasn't... Thanks to Jericho for the torrent.

Torrent Link

Update: New torrent for the subbed version, rather than the old raw version. Not that it really matters...
Category: Anime
Posted on: 06/22/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Gai is retarded. And TenTen looks hot with a black choker.

Torrent Link
Category: Anime
Posted on: 06/19/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Considering that this is only a 6-episode long series, why aren't they revealing any more plot?

Torrent Link
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/18/07
Posted by: Raikoh

This for this week I scanned another doujin for you guys: No Mercy 4, by Hanamiduki. Like No Mercy 3, it's a Matsumoto doujin. Matsumoto's face looks a bit funny in a couple shots (like in the cover), but it's a hot doujin nonetheless. Meanwhile Onna Nokodoushi Gaichaichasuru is a rather old Naruto doujin (it's been in the member's section for years), though this is the first time I've had the english version.

1 New Naruto Doujinshi:
-Onna Nokodoushi Gaichaichasuru (English) (Sakura X Ino)

1 New Bleach Doujinshi:
-No Mercy 4 (Matsumoto)

10 New Dead or Alive Doujinshi:
-Critical Point (Kasumi)
-D.O.E Day Of Excecution (Ayane and Kasumi)
-Daigin (Leifang)
-Dandizm 2000 (Ayane and Kasumi)
-Dandizm 2nd ed (Various)
-De (Various)
-Dead or Araibu (Ayane)
-Decadence (Ayane and Kasumi)
-Dedotsuu (Various)
-Degeneration (Kasumi)
Category: Ecchi
Posted on: 06/15/07
Posted by: Raikoh

I've been looking for this anime OVA series for a while, since it came out in 2005, when I heard that Katsuhiko Nishijima was the director (he also did Agent Aika, Project-Ako, Najica: Blitz Tactics, etc., all of which I love), though it took me a while to find a DVD-rip since apparently no one ever fansubbed it. It's not as ecchi as I'd hoped
(I'd prefer women on women fighting rather than robot on female-robot fighting...), but it's a good anime overall, with some really well-done cel-shaded 3D.

Torrent Link
Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 06/15/07
Posted by: Raikoh
Poll 173 (May 2nd – 3rd, 2007)

What do you think of Dragon Ball Z?

It was awesome: 429 (42.3%)
It was good: 196 (19.3%)
It was ok: 103 (10.2%)
It was good, but after the Frieza-saga it sucked: 129 (12.7%)
The show sucked: 111 (11%)
Never watched it: 45 (4.4%)

Total Votes: 1013

Wow, only 4.4% of my visitors never watched DBZ. In my opinion, the show was good up until after the Frieza saga.

Poll 174 (May 3rd – 4th, 2007)

Dragon Ball Z VS Naruto, which do you like more?

Naruto is WAY better: 692 (59.2%)
Naruto is better: 146 (12.5%)
They’re about even: 136 (11.6%)
DBZ is better: 34 (2.9%)
DBZ is WAY better: 60 (5.1%)
They’re incomparable: 100 (8.6%)

Total Votes: 1168

Ok, so 71.7% of my visitors think Naruto is better, and only 8% think DBZ is better. Hmm, 42% of my visitors said before that DBZ was “awesome”, but 59% say Naruto is WAY better than DBZ. If awesome is just about as good as a show can be, how can Naruto be WAY better than DBZ?

Poll 176 (May 5th – 6th, 2007)

Have you ever watched Death Note?

Yes, manga and anime: 198 (21.7%)
Yes, the anime: 169 (18.6%)
Yes, the manga: 81 (8.9%)
No, but I’ve heard of it: 248 (27.2%)
No, never: 215 (23.6%)

Total Votes: 911

So about half of my visitors have watched Death Note, and half haven’t, though about 3/4ths of them have heard of it. As usual the anime is more popular than the manga (40% versus 30%).

Poll 177 (May 6th – 7th, 2007)

What do you think of Yagami Light (main character of Death Note)?

He’s awesome!: 173 (22%)
He’s cool: 95 (12.1%)
He’s ok: 65 (8.3%)
I hate him! (In a good way): 54 (6.9%)
I hate him! (In a bad way): 31 (3.9%)
Never watched the show: 368 (46.8%)

Total Votes: 786

Ok, of those who watched Death Note (418 people), about 54% of my them feel strongly (in a good way) about Light, with 64% of them thinking he’s cool, and only 7.4% hating him in a bad way.

Poll 178 (May 7th – 8h, 2007)

How smart do you consider yourself to be?

Genius: 217 (19.9%)
Above-average: 560 (51.4%)
Average: 252 (23.1%)
Below average: 28 (2.6%)
Not very…: 33 (3%)

Total Votes: 1090

71.3% of my viewers are geniuses or simply above-average, while only 5.6% consider themselves below average. As I’ve heard before, everyone typically says that they’re above average. Well at least it’s good to have a positive opinion of yourself!

Poll 180 (May 10th – 11th, 2007)

How many minutes do your masturbation sessions usually last?

5 or less: 145 (12.8%)
5 – 15: 376 (33.2%)
15 – 30: 282 (24.9%)
30 – 45: 118 (10.4%)
45 – 60: 67 (5.9%)
60+: 145 (12.8%)

Total Votes: 1133

So the average is around 24 minutes, with most people spending 5 – 30 minutes.

Poll 181 (May 11th – 12th, 2007)

How many pics do you usually use when beating off?

1 – 5: 151 (16.2%)
6 – 20: 204 (21.8%)
21 – 70: 245 (26.2%)
71 – 160: 114 (12.2%)
160 – 300: 43 (4.6%)
300+: 177 (19%)

Total Votes: 934

Poll 183 (May 13th – 14th, 2007)

When beating off, which medium do you prefer?

Printed-paper: 23 (3.4%)
Computer-screen, viewing stuff online: 458 (68%)
Computer-screen, viewing stuff I’ve saved offline: 131 (19.4%)
TV-screen: 62 (9.2%)

Total Votes: 674

Wow, 68% of everyone would rather view stuff online rather than view it offline? I usually like viewing stuff I’ve saved offline. Perhaps they misunderstood—I meant opening up folders on your hard-drive for the second one and examining the pictures, whereas in the first one I meant viewing the pictures online, in your browser.

Poll 184 (May 14th – 15th, 2007)

Is there a God?

No: 257 (24.8%)
I’m undecided: 181 (17.5%)
Yes, one: 430 (41.5%)
Yes, several: 77 (7.4%)
Huh?: 92 (8.9%)

Total Votes: 1037
Category: Anime
Posted on: 06/09/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Wow, they managed to stretch out about 1-manga chapter for 2 episodes! That's got to be a record or something! Seriously, they just ramble on about stuff they've already said while playing overly-dramatic music. Kakashi was staring at Sakura and Naruto's butts and talking to granny for like 15 minutes... And to add insult to injury, no new episode will air next week either.

Ep 16 Torrent
Ep 17 Torrent
Category: Anime
Posted on: 06/09/07
Posted by: Raikoh

The Orihime-drama of episode 127 was lame, and for episode 128 we have a failed-attempt at a filler fan-service episode. Seriously, a lot of Matsumoto's outfits in the filler look like hippy / maternity clothing... ;p It looks like they're starting up a stupid new mini-filler-saga next. And how would that little kid know what a Captain is?

Ep 127 Torrent Link
Ep 128 Torrent Link
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/07/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Karakishi is a new Sakura X Naruto doujin, with a bit of Naruto X Hanebi at the end, by Otesei family, the same circle that made Toushatei, another Sakura X Naruto doujin I scanned a couple weeks ago, so obviously you already know it's going to be good... I was going to scan Karakishi myself, but Vst did it for me, thanks Vst. Meanwhile I scanned Hamuzyuu 3, a new Sakura X Kakashi doujin, Hamuzyuu 3. The author's use of shading is rather weird, but it's a good doujin overall.

2 New Naruto Doujinshi:
-Karakishi (Various)
-Hamuzyuu 3 (Sakura)

10 New Dead or Alive Doujinshi:
-Waku Waku Megami Land Shutchouban (Hitomi)
-Waku Waku Mousou Land (Various)
-Kasumi Blossoms (Ayane and Kasumi) (English)
-Milk Piper (Various)
-Abnormitaten (Various)
-Aihhimai (Ayane)
-ACTG II (Kasumi)
-Cat Life 2 (Kasumi)
-Climax Together (Various)
-Constellation Okawari (Kasumi)

6 Tony Taka Artbooks:
-Caladbolg Motto yume no Tsuduki
-Ragnatic 1
-Ragnatic 2
Category: Anime
Posted on: 06/07/07
Posted by: Raikoh
Category: Anime
Posted on: 06/07/07
Posted by: Raikoh

Yeah, good job Souma, let's just release the maddened zombies back into the wild, where they’ll be free to attack people and frolic in the forest of the dead once again... Uh… ok. Also this show seems to be degenerating into "lets do random stuff every week"--the hero runs into the boss badguy randomly, fights him, and then lets him go for no reason, and nothing changes until the end of the series.

Ep 5 Torrent Link
Ep 6 Torrent Link
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/06/07
Posted by: Raikoh
Since enough people requested it, I added an Ikkitousen section to the Ecchi-Manga section. The manga's currently still running in Japan, with 11 volumes released in the US, and 12 in Japan so far--I have english scans up to volume 10, and scans of all 12 japanese volumes. Note that the translators take quite a few... liberties in their translation, adding plenty of retarded jokes at inappropriate moments.
Category: Hentai
Posted on: 06/01/07
Posted by: Raikoh

A poor school-girl has the unfortunate luck of running into and bringing home a poor little loli, who is actually a tentacle-alien in disguise which plans to use her for its own reproductive purposes. It's a flash-animated "game" which contains plenty of tentacles, impregnation, egg-laying, etc., so it's not for the faint of heart. Despite being a "game" there really isn't any interactivity--just pick which scene you want to watch, skip through the text, etc.

This game is available for direct download from the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account.

Note: If you're having trouble playing the game, try the following: go to start > control panel > regional and language options > advanced tab, and for the box "language for non-unicode programs", select Japanese. This should allow Windows XP to display Japanese-characters in programs, which is probably the reason for getting the error message.