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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/18/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

47 New English-Translated Misc Doujins:
-P5 Harem (Persona 5 - Anne, Haru, Hifumi, Makoto, Akira, milf, teacher, buxom, harem, sweating)
-A Story About Getting Butt Fucked By The Witch Honoka (Witch Craft Works- Ayaka, Takamiya, futaxmale)
-Maritama (Reco Love- Mariana Prinsilla, blackmail, ntr, cosplaying, buxom, mindbreak)
-P5 Harem ~Futaba Edition~ (Persona 5- Futaba, Anne, Haru, Makoto, harem, stockings, buxom, glasses)
-With Friend Master (Fate Grand Order- Arturia Pendragon, Saber Alter, mindcontrol, swimsuit, cheating)
-Do Tsuyu-chan <3 (My Hero Academia- Tsuyu Asui, Izuku, frog girl, impregnation, buxom, long tongue)
-OVERSHOOT (Overwatch- Ana, Junkrat, Mei, Mercy, dark skin, buxom, milf, shota)
-MAO FRIENDS (Pokemon- Mallow, dark skin, shota, condom)
-Bergamo (Idolmaster- Rin Shibuya, sister, sole female, incest)
-Mugenkidou Bon! Vol. 8 (Dragon Quest XI, buxom, bunnygirl, full color)
-Oh! Mother's Particulars! The Beginning (milf, cheating, sole female, incest)
-E.R.I.N.A. (schoolgirl, femdom, stockings, orgasm denial)
-Koishi-chan Will Comfort You (Touhou Project- Koishimi Komeiji, small breasts, sole female, shota)
-PLAYBOYS (Kantai Collection- Shigure, z1, z3, trap-yaoi, josou seme, pantyhose, full color)
-How Well-Stacked and Surfboard Swapped Bodies (body swap, yuri, schoolgirl, small breasts)
-Hypnotized Wife At The Convenience Store Becomes a Whore (mind control, buxom, sole female)
-Kicchauzo Awayokuba (Fate Grand Order- Souji Okita, Gudao, sole female, vanilla)
-I Just Want To Make Out With Astolfo In A Bathing Suit (Fate Grand Order- trap-yaoi, shota, full color)
-Good Girls Get a Good Punishment (Touhou Project- Mystia Lorelei, impregnation, lol*con, wings, harem)
-Mary BET Jo (schoolgirl, prostitution, sole female)
-Love Linve! (Love Live- Honoka, Kotori, Umi, futa, defloration, schoolgirl)
-Kagiyama Hina's Disaster (Touhou Project- Hina Kagiyama, bondage, pregnant, r*pe, impregnation)
-Mercy's Reward (Overwatch- Mercy, blindfold, buxom, lactation, full color)
-Atago Onee-chan Will Do It For You (Kantai Collection- Atago, buxom, pantyhose, sole female, shota)
-Godís Blessings on This Corrupted Female Knight! (Kono suba- Darkness, Kazuma, slave, mind break)
-VictimGirls R- Molestation Eradication Campaign (chikan, mindbreak, schoolgirl, stockings, buxom)
-Sex Assistant! (dark skin, mind break, buxom, school uniform)
-VictimGirls 17 SOS -savage our souls- (KanColle- Hikoujouki, ta-class, collar, lol*con, mindbreak)
-For My Punishment I Have To Confess To A Sassy Troublemaker (buxom, mindbreak, ntr, tall girl, schoolgirl)
-Development Diary Ch.8 Ė Chizuru-chan Development Diary 4 (collar, bloomeres, toys, schoolgirl, urination)
-Yumeko BET (buxom, pantyhose, catgirl, schoolgirl)
-An Eromanga is a Japanese Legend (futa x male, m-preg, buxom, muscle)
-Hypnotic Defeat -Hakurei Reimu Edition- (Touhou Project- Reimu Hakurei, mind break, stockings, ahegao)
-Tachibana-san's Circumstances With a Man (Kantai Collection- Kashima, footjob, cosplaying, stockings)
-Pekorin (Girls Und Panzer- Darjeeling, Orange Pekoe, femdom, futa, foot insertion, lol*con, collar)
-The Sin of the Dragon's Daughter (Fire Emblem Awakening- Nah, Nowl, Robin, elf, lol*con, daughter)
-Kashima Wedding Night (Kantai Collection- Kashima, defloration, sole female, vanilla, full color)
-Shiranui Mai Hikoushiki FC Event 2 (King of Fighters- Mai Shiranui, buxom, double penetration, ahegao)
-Backstage no Cinderella (Idolmaster- Miku Maekawa, stockings, catgirl, collar, sole female)
-This Goddess's Wonderful Blessing On Me! (Kono suba- Eris, Kazuma, defloration, sole female, vanilla)
-Illya's Forced Magic Recovery (Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya- illyasviel von einzbern, lol*con, catgirl)
-PM GALS SUNMOON MALLOW (Pokemon- Lana, Mallow, Ash Ketchum, lol*con, dark skin, shota)
-The Day the Secret Sealing Club became One (Touhou Project- Maribel Han, Renko, yuri, small breasts)
-Ooicchi's a Meanie, A Man's First Experience (Kantai Collection- Ooi, military, sole female, virginity)
-Poyopacho Berry (Macross Frontier- Klan Klan, Mikhail Blanc, giant, ginatess, sole female)
-It's Not All About Us Being Indecisive (Touken Ranbu- Kanshuu, Yamato no kami yasusada, trap-yaoi)
-Kashuu-kun Is a Wild Animal Tamer (Touken Ranbu- Kanshuu, Yamato no kami yasusada, trap-yaoi)

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Category: Translations
Posted on: 08/15/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

In this week's Translation Update we've got part 1 of the Negima parody "Shikima Sensei Negi Nuki! 2" which involves Negi sleeping with his students, after that there's a bit of ntr and mindcontrol in the the Strke The Blood parody "Hamedere The Blood 02", after that we have the Touhou parody "Tentacles on Satori" which true to its name involves Satori and sex with tentacles, and then we have 5 new updates start with the final update to "Parallel Girlfriend", the chapter 4 update of "A Large Breasted Honor Student Makes The Big Change to Perverted Masochist~", the final chapter of "Otomehime", the final chapter of "PINKERTON", and chapter 3 of "Netorare Unrequited Loved".

And for our members, we have a doujin based on the Pokemon Go game simply entitled "GO", then we've got a Railgun parody called "ELECTRICAL DAMAGE" which involves Mikoto and Touma sleeping together, after that there's the utawarerumono parody "Nekone And The Everlasting Summer Vacation" which has a lo*i in a school swimsuit in summer, next we have a Kemono Friends parody called "Aurochs-san Teaching" which is about sex with a muscular cow girl, after that we have another Konosuba parody involving the masochistic Darkness in "Get Rid of This Crazy Chastity!", following that we have a hentai chapter about a girl sleeping with an otaku who looks like her father called "Iím Going To Become Your Papa", then there's the first chapter of "Gal's Repayment Ch.1" which is all about a gal sleeping with a man to pay back her debt, and finally we have the chapter 10 update for "Kirari, the Legend of IDOL".

(Doujin Previews)

(H-Manga Previews)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/14/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

25 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Maiden Breed (bondage, blindfold, stocking, maid, r*pe)
-My Beloved Charlotte (alien girl, tentacles, sole female)
-Destination Temptation (milf, buxom, schoolgirl, ffm threesome)
-Love Is Blind (schoolgirl, buxom, femdom, stockings, sumata)
-Day Dream (ielf, glasses, lol*con, maid, stockings, ffm threesome)
-Futanari Path (futa x futa, impregnation, stockings, buxom)
-Go Ahead And Film My Hard Penis (filming, buxom, glasses, hairy, sweating)
-Magical Insence Vol. 06 (trap-yaoi, jousou seme, shota)
-Insest Love (milf, buxom, sole female, vanilla)
-Insert Intern (trap-yaoi, shota, schoolgirl)
-Young Men Virgin Rehab Center (impregnation, r*pe, invisible male)
-Young Men Virgin Rehab Center 2 (buxom, female, vanilla)
-Magical Insence Vol. 05 (trap-yaoi, jousou seme, shota)
-Beloved Onii-sama (drugs, femdom, impregnation, mindbreak, r*pe)
-Studio Daydream (cousin, small breasts, defloration, sole female)
-TAKE OUT with (igyaru, schoolgirl, sole female, ahegao)
-Incest Night (sister, hairy, shota
-Binding Balls with Alchemy!? (femdom, footjob, bondage, stockings)
-The Way to Use a Toy (toys, mother, bondage, shota)
-The Newhire's Part Time Hamburger Shop Volume (buxom, clothed paizuri, prositution)
-Hametomo Collection (gyaru, buxom, sole female)
-Please! Rena Nee-chan!! (schoolgirl, sister, gyaru, sole female, shota)
-Thank You Very Bitch - Toranoana Tokuten Leaflet (schoolgirl, prostitute, buxom, group)
-My Little Sister's Sticky Body and Odor (sister, smell, hairy, sole female)
-Feel & Imprint It (defloration, sweating, schoolgirl)

14 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Mavukare Magical Girl! Change of Heart Ch.1 (femdom, magical girl, mother)
-Himitsudere - Secret Love Ch.1-2 (dark skin, femdom, maid, buxom, swimsuit)
-Sister-in-Law Slut Life (femdom, cheating, buxom, ntr, pregnant)
-The Nympho Class President Elf's First Virgin Orc Ch.1-2 (elf, maid, orc, cheating)
-I Feel Good My Woman's Body! Ch.1-4 (yuri, sister, futa, buxom, collar)
-Married Woman Audrey-san's Secret Ch. 9-14 (cheating, milf, buxom, shota)
-At Home Harem FudeoroSisters Ch.1-2 (buxom, defloration, vanilla)
-Milky Pocket (elf, lol*con, schoolgirl, sister, buxom, cousin)
-Crime Girls Ch.1-4 (milf, stockings, big ass, ffm threesome)
-Ibitsu no Sonogo - Ch.1-2 (lol*con, mindbreak, glasses, toys, ffm threesome)
-Koizome Marking ch.4,8,13 (buxom, defloration, schoolgirl, ahegao)
-Beloved Housewife Soldier Mighty Wife Ch. 5-7 (buxom, filming, collar, group)
-Kemonist Family (daughter, mother, glasses, ahegao, ffm threesome
-The Adventures Of The Three Heroes: Ch. 1-6 (buxom, maid, stockings, tentacles, snake girl)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/12/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

3 New English-Translated Artist CG Sets:
-A Story About Penis Comparing... (futa, femdom, big cock, crossdressing)
-Hellbitch Endemic (male x futa, corruption, gyaru, buxom, body modificaiton, lactation)
-Lewd Virus Ch. 1-8,10 (nurse, sister, pregnant, schoolgirl, cheerleader, impregnation)

5 New H-Game CG Sets:
-Your Body Is Lying (defloration, footjob, pantyhose, schoolgirl, stockings)
-Sister Dependence (collar, human pet, bondage, toys, schoolgirl, buxom)
-School Field Trip Where I Fuck All The Girls (dark skin, buxom, harem, schoolgirl)
-Succubus Seduction (femdom, futa, footjob, buxom, demongirl, ffm threesome)
-D.S.i.F. -Dal Segno- in Future (schoolgirl, buxom, stockings, maid, kimono)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/11/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

40 New English-Translated Misc Doujins:
-Futanari Volley (futa x male, crossdressing, muscle, sweating, stomach defloraiton)
-I Want To Impregnate Tsunade-sama! (Naruto- Tsunade, Natuto, buxom, impregnation, shota)
-PARADOXICAL VOL.01 (Granblue Fantasy- Naoise, lol*con, defloration, sole female, full color)
-Thin Desert (Black Desert online, prostitution, blowjob, gokkun)
-Saga of Tanya the Humiliated- (Saga of Tanya the Evil- Tanya, gender bender, r*pe, bondage, shocking)
-Kurashiki-sensei Is In Heat (Fujiyama-san wa shishunki, sleeping, r*pe, filming, teacher, chloroform)
-Demons Asshole (Madoka Magica- Homura, Kyouko, Madoka, Mami, Sayaka, stockings, magical girl, futa)
-Hagikaze's Morning Secret (Kantai Collection- Hagikaze, sole female, vanilla, masturbation)
-I Found Mashu Sleeping In My Room So I Fucked Her Silly (Fate Grand Order- Shielder, glasses, pantyhose)
-SANDWITCH (Touhou- Alice Margatroid, Patchouli Knowledge, yuri, bisexual, stockings, ffm threesome)
-TYPE-43 (Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge- Shiraishi, glasses, schoolgirl, table masturbation)
-Yaotome no Chrysanthemum (Steins;Gate- Okabe Rintaro, Luka Urushibara, trap-yaoi, crossdressing, miko)
-The Syndrome of the Seven Colors (Touhou- Alice Margatroid, impregnation, r*pe, sleeping)
-The Syndrome of the Seven Colors R (Touhou- Alice Margatroid, pantyhose, sleeping, impregnation, drunk)
-Saber Anal Slave (Fate Stay Night- Caster, Saber, femdom, r*pe, tentacles)
-I'm Sorry I'm Shameful (Fire Emblem Awakening- Lucina, Robin, small breasts, sole female, vanilla)
-DEVIL FUCKER COMPLETE (Disgaea, demon girl, buxom, lactation, r*pe)
-Assaulting My Friends Boyfriend. King Game Volume (buxom, r*pe, sole female)
-TABOO Pupil- First Part (Otonano do-wa, aunt, buxom, milf, ntr)
-Please Take This Seriously, Squad Leader. (Shingeki no Kyojin- Hanji Zoe, Levi Ackerman, glasses, vanilla)
-The Story of a Perverted Academy Girl Ch.1-4 (collar, blackmail, schoolgirl, buxom)
-Crossbreediing Support (elf, schoolgirl, defloration, stockings)
-How to Make a Succubus (ntr, mindbreak, dark skin, corruption, demon girl)
-Rin's Fall (Fate Stay Night- Rin, Shinji, Rider, bondage, r*pe, defloration, stockings)
-Flag That this Masochistic Knight Is Going To... (Kono suba- Darkness, futa, tentacles, bodysuit)
-MANIA SHIMIZU (Major, buxom, cheating, mother, shota)
-I Hate Liar Perverts Like You, Nii-san!! (Eromanga Sensei- Masamune, Sagiri, lol*con, sister, defloration)
-MANIA W (Major- Momoko Shigeno, impregnation, mother, buxom, shota)
-Reverse Chastity World. Everyday Life With Kawashima-san. (schoolgirl, sole female, prostitution)
-A Story Where Mokou Onee-chan Does It With A Boy 2 (Touhou- Fujiwara, shota, glasses, sole female)
-The Duties of Fumiko-san (buxom, bikini, milf, full color)
-Their Day Off (Granblue Fantasy- Djeeta, Gran, small breasts, sole female, vanilla)
-Re:Akiho/Rinatize Ero-do- (Digimon- Rina Shinomiya, ffm threesome, group, stockings)
-Earth's Human Race Disinfection (giantess, growth, unbirth)
-Haruka Challenge (schoolgirl, sole female, defloration)
-A Story where Da-sama Gives You a Footjob (Girls und Panzer- Darjeeling, footjob, schoolgirl, smell)
-Yoshoku Library (Touhou - Kaokuma, Patchouli Knowledge, demon girl, buxom, r*pe, ahegao)
-DragonBall H Volume 3 (Dragonball z- Android 18, Krillin, sole female, voyeurism, vanilla)
-Revelation of a No Good Angel (Gabriel Dropout- Bariel, giantess, urination)
-Sleep Fuck. Man These Are Big! (Touhou- Keine Kamishirasawa, buxom, sleeping, chloroform)

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Category: Translations
Posted on: 08/08/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

In this week's Translation Update we've got colored short of Alice Nakiri from Shokugeki no Soma called "The Book of Alice", next we've got a Touhou doujin called "Which Woman Show" involving sex with a thicc Flandre and Patchouli, next we have the third "DESTINY GIRLs" Gundam Seed doujin, and then we have 5 updates for the free section including chapter 2 of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha hmanga "Home Sweet Home", chapter 8 of "Parallel Girlfriend", chapter 8 of "Otomehime", the 7th chapter of "Pinkerton", and chapter 2 of "Netorare Unrequited Love".

And for our members, we have a cute big-breasted warrior from the God Eater 2 series in "Go Over There! Our Blood Officer", after that we've got a pokemon parody with some anal action in "ULTRA BUTT", then we have the 4th "GirlPan Rakugakichou" which is a Girls Und Panzer parody involving Kinuyo Nishi and some mindbreak, following that we've got a Kono Suba parody entitled "Turning This Poor Shopkeeper Into Sex Goods" which is all about sex with Wiz the shopkeeper, then we have some group play in the Touhou doujin "Spirit Shrine of Love", following that we have a Eromanga Sensei parody entitled "How to Creampie" which as the title suggests is about Sagiri and 'the pleasure of being cummed inside', next we have a bit of yuri action in the doujin "Pure, Proper, Maddening", and then finally we've got chapter 9 of "Kirari, the Legend of IDOL".

(Doujin Previews)

(H-Manga Previews)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/06/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

28 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Love Apatheia (defloration, hotpants, small breasts, sweating)
-Cinnamon Sugar (small breasts, collar, stockings, ffm threesome)
-Nighthawk Taxi- The Fourth (buxom, prostitution, defloration)
-Soft View (femdom, prostitution, urination, shota)
-Girl to ♀ (buxom, sweating, schoolgirl, tomboy)
-Souma Taxi (cheating, glasses, buxom, pantyhose, stockings, ffm threesome)
-Sex Education (glasses, teacher, milf, buxom)
-The Fulfilling Teachers Life of Gonda-Sensei (schoolgirl, buxom, breast feeding)
-Enchanting Kunoichi- The Drooping Sakura Chapter (buxom, kunoichi, stockings)
-The Anal Wife (buxom, cheating, milf)
-Tsuruta Bungaku (sister, sole female)
-Craft Sake『BANANA DEW』 (futanari, male x futa, hairy armpits, mother)
-The Strongest Girl in the World vs. The Strongest Boy in Town (femdom, shota, mindbreak)
-Pink Vacation (buxom, hairy, sole female, full color)
-Fixer (stockings, shota, sole female, full color)
-Innocent Love (sister, stockings, sole female)
-Before I Am a Mother (ntr, milf, hotpants, ahegao)
-The Transfer Student May Be A XX (schoolgirl, stockings, buxom)
-One And Only Babydoll (lingerie, sleeping, buxom, sole female)
-The Souma Household's Halloween (buxom, glasses, cheating, shota)
-The Momoyuri Academy Secret Soapland Club R (sister, yuri, group, tribadism)
-Opening Season (milf, ntr, buxom, mmf threesome)
-Because The Sun Drenched Sheets Have A Comfy Smell (schoolgirl, small breasts)
-Endirium (lol*con, r*pe, sole female)
-Fruit Mix (lol*con, cousin, stockings, ffm threesome)
-Singing & Dancing (collar, buxom, stockings, full color)
-Sexy Dance (buxom, blowjob, sole female, full color)
-Bashful Bunny (bunnygirl, leotard, buxom, full color)

8 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-ChichiKoi! Ch.1-2 (schoolgirl, kimono, buxom, wet clothes)
-Cooking Fucka (buxom, inverted nipples, hairy armpits, milf, toys, cheating)
-Black IMMORAL 24H Convenience Store Bitch!! (gyaru, mind control, ntr, prostitution)
-Ibitsu no Sonogo - Ch.1 (lol*con, stockings, ffm threesome)
-Married Woman Audrey-san's Secret ch. 9-13 (cheating, milf, buxom, shota)
-Vanilla Pocket Ch. 1-3 (lingerie, schoolgirl, sole female)
-Voluptuous Plump Boobs<3 (mif, gyaru, glasses, buxom, sweating, lactation, shota)
-Bug Daughter (insect girl, lol*con, tentacles, femdom, shota)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 08/05/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

3 New English-Translated Artist CG Sets:
-Naomi-san (Age40) Is My Sex Friend (filming, milf, impregnation, buxom, swimsuit)
-Stop Time And Cum Inside Lesson (leotard, milf, buxom, sole female, time stop)
-Lewd Virus Ch. 1-7 (schoolgirl, pregnant, sister, lactation, nurse)

5 New H-Game CG Sets:
-Hypnosis App -Demon's NTR Game- (ntr, schoolgirl, bondage, mind control)
-Puff-Puff A Bathhouse Story! (buxom, footjob, swimsuit, ffm threesome)
-This Is How I Became Princess Of The Otakus (trap-yaoi, stockings, group, toys)
-Parallel World Hero (stockings, pregnant, lol*con, monster)
-A Gross Otaku Like Me Got To Cum Inside... (cheating, milf, buxom, apron)

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