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ZZZ Might BE Mid, But The Girls Aren't
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 week ago

Zenless Zone Zero is finally out and it’s…okay. If I’m being honest, the game is very lacking. It’s a beautiful game that's gushing with potential. But that’s all it has. Potential. Hoyoverse could have done so much with this game, but it just feels like a throw away game, that they just didn’t know what direction they wanted to go with it. Cool looking gameplay, that’s too easy. A universe that’s interesting and different from other games they’ve created, but they’re not really doing anything unique with it. A gameplay loop that’s not really satisfying with side mini games that feel more like padding than actual enjoyable activities. But, the only place I can really praise them is the character designs that never disappoint when it comes to Hoyoverse games.

Nicole was the star of the show in the beginning when this game was first shown off, and she still is a very high tier waifu tier list when it comes to this game. But a new bae that many have been going crazy for is shark girl Ellen Joe.

The typical maid outfit that you usually see a hot waifu girl wearing, mixed with her punk rock design and punk rock attitude. Ellen is a girl that I instantly liked and warmed up to. And her gameplay and combat animations are hype to look at. Still bland on the actual playing part, but the gameplay is eye candy just like her character design.

I really wanted to love ZZZ, but at this point, it might be the weakest Hoyoverse game at the moment. I’ll say, it might be one of the strongest when it comes to waifu and their potential. But gameplay wise, and don’t think many should bother picking it up.

What do you think of Ellen Joe? Have you played Zenless Zone Zero? Do you think this is the weakest Hoyoverse game? Tell us in the comments.