Why You Should Watch This Fanmade Shrek Remake
By Yung Namahage • 5 months ago • 2 comments

When William Steig wrote an obscure children's book in 1990, he had no idea what he had unleashed upon the world. A decade later, Dreamworks put out a certain CG animated movie based on said book, one that subverted just about every fairytale trope imaginable with its famous blend of pop culture references, great cast and a truly iconic soundtrack. This film that was destined to impact the lives of millions.

17 years after that, 3GI have collaborated with 200 artists from all around the globe to recreate the internet's favourite meme movie, scene by scene, using each of the artist's respective styles. Shrek Retold is an experience like nothing else, and it's available to watch for free on YouTube.

Featuring big names like Ratboy Genius, Anthony Fantano, Christine Weston Chandler, Cyber 8 and many, many more, the familiar tale of one ogre's quest to open up his heart while rescuing a princess with his endearing talking donkey companion is presented in a wild mix of diffferent styles. 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion, live action, music videos, puppetry, video game footage, the list goes on. Of course, I wouldn't be talking about this if it wasn't related to anime in any way. Barring a handful of cameos and shoutouts (like the Berserk reference above), there's one scene in particular I want to talk about.

Remember that scene where Shrek and Donkey reach Duloc and Lord Farquaad orders an army of knights to take them down? That's now a serious contender for Top 10 Anime Fight Scenes of 2018, complete with Japanese dialogue and English subs. I won't say anything else, just hit play below and see this madness for yourself. Or better yet, rewind to the beginning and prepare for the most surreal 90 minutes of your life.