Why Can't We be Nice to Mishima?
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 19 comments

For Persona being a game about partnership and learning more about the people you’re close to. It really sucks how most of the option towards Mishma in the story, are usually you treating him like shit.

Now I know that Mishima is a fuck up and can be annoying sometimes, but I still want to have the choice to be nice to him if I want to.  Most of the time the choices are either be a piece of shit to him, dismissal, or hit him with a backhanded compliment. Sure, keep the choice to shit on Mishima, but for people like me, can I get a choice to give him praise when he actually did something nice. But, to be fair, you can be nice to him during his social link.

I mean, who could be mean to this...oh crap! Wrong picture

People are hoping for a gay route for Persona 5 Royal, but I’m asking for what really matter. I want more “be nice to Mishma” options in Persona 5 Royal. Atlus, get on that shit.

Did you want to be more nicer to Mishima? Did you hate Mishima? Do you think they’ll fix that in Royal? Tell us in the comments.