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Who Would You Rent?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 week ago

Okay people, it’s time to Rent-A-Bitch...I mean, pay very respectable women to hang out with you and have an enjoyable time. Rent-A-Girlfriend is a shit show for shit people, I’ve already talked about that. But even so, they did have a group of hot female characters, even if some were annoying as fuck. There are 4 main girls in the show, so if you had to rent one of them, who would it be?


Chizuru is who you go for if you want the basic bitch. Well, that’s unfair of me. I’m judging her from her experience with Kazuya, which is shit. But as an actual Rent A Girlfriend, she’s pretty good. She pretty much will cater to whatever girlfriend experience you want. Well, everything except the sex part, which is the best part sadly. 


If you want someone who is too overly clingy, then this is the girl for you. Some people get jealous easily, and hate when their girlfriend talks to even another guy. If that's who you are, then Ruka fits the bill. She’s not going to talk to any other guys, and you can’t talk to any other girls.


Sumi is cute as fuck, shy as fuck, and quite as fuck. Now if any of those things bothers you, then Sumi is not the girl for you. But if you’re okay with all of that, then she’s a total charmer. Maybe you can be the one to break this little shy bean out of her shell, which can be a fun challenge.


If you want a fake bitch, then this girl is totally for you. Mami is usually sneak mean to people and an overall bitch. So renting her would be fun just to force her to be nice. If she really wants to be mean to you, you can just give her a bad review. Bad review, means less clients, and less clients, mean less money. So if she wants to get paid, she’s going to have to put a smile on that face.

If I had to pick, I feel like Sumi would be the girl I’d rent. I usually have a way of making people feel comfortable around me, so I feel like her shy nature wouldn’t really bother me, and I might be the person she can actually talk and open up to.

Who would you rent out of these 4 girls? Did you enjoy Rent-A-Girlfriend? Would you like to help a girl overcome her shyness? Tell us in the comments.