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When You Just Don't Have The Budget
By ImJustThatKinky • 5 months ago • 3 comments

We all know by now that money makes the world go round. Without money, nothing would get done. That’s just the world we live in. Many projects or ideas never get finished because of money issues, and Faye: Shapeshifter is a prime example of that.

Well to be clear, Faye: Shapeshifter is a completed and finished project. But a lovely person by the name of Unskilled, tried adding voice acting to this amazing animation. Sadly, adding voice acting was too big of an undertaking for them and they decided to release a short concept of the idea with the VAs in question present.

I guess their UNSKILLED at finishing a project, I’m sad...

Voice acting for a project this big is a lot of money, so I understand them not having enough to fund it all. People in the comments suggest a crowdfunding service to help with the funding, but we have yet to see if Unskilled will go that route. I know that I wouldn’t mind donating to this project to have some good ass voice acting added to it.

Have you watched Faye: Shapeshifter? Would you like to hear Faye: Shapeshifter be fully voiced? Would you help fund the voice acting? Tell us in the comments.