When MindFuck Become Quite Literal
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 10 comments

I’ve been following Shad for a long time now, longer than I would have thought I would have been following him at this point in time. It started in high school, freshman year, I remember going to his website in Computer Lab and subjecting the guy who was sitting next to me (who is now my best friend by the way) to look at it. All the fucked up things that was on the site that I’ve never seen before blew my mind and six years later, I’m still visiting Shad’s site. And with the added bonus of JLullaby, an anal loving artist, the fucked up is sometimes turned up to 11, and what I’m showing you today is no exception.

I wanted to do this article just to show off the strange kinks you can find on the internet, some erotic and some disturbing, it’s up to you to decide which category this one leans for you. Now you might have visited the tag on this site Mindfuck and enjoyed yourself, but that’s the soft kind of mindfuck. Artist JLullaby has drawn a true depiction of mindfuck, using RWBY best girl and milf, Kali.



Now that wasn’t enough for the world, so someone by the name of Gurochanop decided to make a 3D animation of it. Which for me, makes the already hard comic to read, even more harder to watch. YOU CAN OUT MINDFUCK HERE!

Now I found the mindfuck comic and animation to lean on the disturbing side far more than erotic, but that doesn’t matter. I follow Shad to sometime be aroused and then other time to just be like “What the fuck?”. It’s a good balance that I like and is why I still follow him till this day.

Did you find a new fetish in JLullaby literal mindfuck? Did Mindfuck, arouse you, or disturb you? Is Kali the hottest girl in RWBY? Tell us in the comments below.