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What’s Up WIth ASMR?
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 months ago

As the title states, what’s up with ASMR? Because I don’t get it. Yeah, you can consider the audio porn I listen ASMR, but those are totally different. I listen to audio porn because I enjoy feeling like I’m fucking someone. Yeah I know, lonely right, but roll with me here. So it’s more understandable. But what I don’t understand are the SFW ASMRs I see on YouTube. They put so much effort into them with cosplay and scenery, but I thought the point of ASMR was to just listen to it?

Now if you’re into ASMR, then no judgement, I just don’t understand it. I don’t like hearing someone constantly whispering to me. And all the noises they’re making with the items around them is not pleasing to my ears. I heard that people use ASMRs to go to sleep, which I totally don’t understand. But that’s coming from someone who listens to Let’s Plays when trying to go to sleep.

Who doesn’t love the sound of COD while their going to sleep?

And them putting so much effort into their costumes and backgrounds also surprises me. I thought this was meant for listening, so what’s up with all the extra parts. Do people just sit and watch ASMRs as well, or is it just extra just to be extra? Either way, these girls are making their money and views off of this stuff. So more power to them.

Do you listen to ASMRs? Do they help you sleep? Why do they put so much effort into their costumes and backgrounds? Tell us in the comments.