What if Your Guy Friend Became Your Girlfriend?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 16 comments


Now all the straight guys on Doujins.com, I want you to think long and hard (hehe...I said long and hard) about this question I’m about to ask. Have you ever wanted to fuck your guy friend?...I’m pretty sure none of you thought long and hard (hehe...I said it again) about that question and gave me a straight no. Okay, how about another test. I want you to look at this guy and tell me would you fuck him or not.


Now if you’re straight or if you’re straight but would still fuck a trap, your answer was most likely no. Now look at this picture of the same guy but with a different filter.

Damn! It’s crazy how a SnapChat filter can instantly make someone hot. But in all seriousness, you may have second guessed yourself once you saw his transformation into a girl. No matter how fat, muscular, or ugly your guy friend used to be, once they turn into a hot girl, your opinion of them will change. It’s the age old question of, if one of your guy friend suddenly changed into a hot ass girl would you fuck them has hit our mind at least once, definitely if you’ve read any of the gender bender doujins on the site. If any of you fuckers turned into a hot ass girl, you better believe I’ll fuck you in a heartbeat...No homo tho.

I feel like with traps the conflicting side of it comes with the fact of if it’s gay or not. But that shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to gender bender since you’re pretty much fucking a girl. I do still believe the gender bender scenario where your guy friend turns into a girl has one big positive and one big negative, and they both coincide with one another. You knowing who the person use to be.

What are you doing dude! Put some clothes on! I don't want'na see you naked!

What are you doing! Put some clothes...I guess I'll let it slide this time...


Since you knew the person before they turned into a girl, which would mean that you two have an already established bond. Definitely if your guy friend is also your best friend. A girlfriend is like having a best friend, the only difference is that you two do more intimate things that you and your guy best friends don’t. (atleast I think O.O. Whatever you and your guy best friend do alone is your business.) So if your guy best friend turns into a girl, then it should be a winning situation. We both enjoy each other company, we enjoy spending time together, and we enjoy the same things. Your guy best friend who’s turned into a girl should be the perfect girlfriend material. But that’s when we get into the problem.



The fact that I still remember who he used to be before he turned into a girl, who was a guy, would freak me out. That thought alone would make me feel kind of weird about the whole situation. You use to be my bro but know you’re my bra, and if we start dating I’ll have to go by you a bra. You can never erase the memories of who she used to be and the dynamic you two had before he turned into a girl. It creates a whole new problem that you have to overcome, because if you two decided to change the dynamic, it could ruin the friendship.

Man, that kinda ended on a depressing note, but hey, if you’ve never experienced the wonders of gender bend then I suggest reading this doujin. It was, I believe my first ever gender bend doujin I read and I was hooked ever since. I even reread it for this article just to see if I was still into gender bend and...Yep still into it!

Would you fuck your guy friend if he was a girl? Would that be gay? I know I'm not gay...Tell us in the comments below. If you want to read my dumb ramblings and check out my art follow my twitter @ImJustThatKinky