Vote on the Doujins Mascot!
By Kasaix • 9 months ago • 63 comments


What do most great websites have? A competent staff, top of the line equipment, and interesting plot lines. Well we're still working on those, but they also have mascots. Also up for debate is where the logo might be placed, either as a hairpin or a print on an article of clothing, like a shirt. We here at Doujins are going all-in on a cute mascot for our site. A Doujins-chan if you will, though that name is not final either. Competent staff members ImJustThatKinky and RinSigua have made rough sketches for a mascot girl, and we're leaving the final result to you, our fine people of Doujins! Here below are the finalists.

RinSigua's Entry:

"here's mine... was gonna follow's color scheme, but it's a bit monochromatic with white, gray, and red; so I tried other colors."



ImJustThatKinky's Entry:

"girl is a tsundere that try to hide the fact that she's into doujins. Her hair is based off the logo"



Hey guys, Kinky here just to add in a last minute entry by Lance. Lets see does the saying "save the best for last" hold true?

Lance's Entry: