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Top 5 Persona 3 Doujins
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 days ago • 4 comments

Well, I already did a Top 5 Persona 4 and Persona 5 doujins, so to complete the trilogy on this Persona month, here’s my Top 5 Persona 3 doujins.


I would like to give an honorable mention to this doujin. It might not be something I’ll come back to fap to, but with the added audio and performance from everyone involved. It’s definitely a doujin to check out if you’re looking for a fun listen.

5. Fallen Futari ★

I really wish this could be higher on my list. I love everything about it. You got Mitsuru and Yukari getting gangbanged in every hole. Got a good amount of talking coming from the girls. The mindbreak aspect. It’s most of the stuff that I love. But with that all being said, it’s a big mess of too much. It’s hard to keep track of everything with so much fucking going on. I guess that can be the down side of gangbang doujins sometimes.

Sperma 3P

Minako don’t get any doujin love, the same way fat guys in doujins don’t get any love. So how about we give both of them some love, and add some Mitsuru to it. I love seeing Minako and Mitsuru act like total sluts at the sight of a dick, got me feeling some kind of way.

Spending The Whole Night With The Student Council President ★

Remember when I said I like gangbangs but sometimes it can be done wrong? Well sometimes you can do it right, and in this doujin, they do it right. The first half with Minato and Mitsuru was okay, but I truly enjoyed the gangbang scene in the second half, showing just how slutty our senpai Mitsuru can get.

Doing Various Things With Mitsuru-san!

Another Mitsuru doujin. Are you guys seeing a pattern with me? I love seeing Mitsuru in lewd situations, and this is a doujin dedicated to just that. From telling Mitsuru to pee in front of you, to shoving your cock deep into Mitsuru ass, this was a real treat for any Mitsuru fans out there.

Burn My Date ★

Now what could be better then just Mitsuru? Well, Mitsuru and all the other girls from Persona 3. You get to have sex with Chihiro, Yuko, Elizabeth, Fuuka, Yukari, Mitsuru, and Aigis. What Persona 3 fan wouldn’t love this. Well, I guess the loli lovers wouldn’t. Sorry guys, no Maiko in this doujin.

“The wait was worth it.”

Do you agree with my list? What's your favorite Persona 3 doujins? Do you like seeing Mitsuru getting lewd as much as I do? Tell us in the comments.