Tonikaku: My New Favorite Trap Artist
By ImJustThatKinky • 9 months ago • 11 comments


When I call Tonikaku my new favorite trap artist, it sounds like I’m talking about a rapper. But, I’m not, unless you want me to lay down some sick rhymes about my love for traps...O.O. But today I was planning to do an Artist Corner on Tonikaku but I couldn’t really find much about him (maybe I’m shit at doing research.) So I decided to do something a little different. I’ll be doing a sort of review on Tonikaku Meat Toilet Princess Series, but only the Meat Toilet Princess Syndrome parts, not the other two. Hey, even a kink master such as myself gets tired sometimes. But before that, lets talk about why a like Tonikaku.


Tonikaku is a doujin artist who mainly at this time focuses on traps. He has drawn girls before but only pin-up and not within a doujin. One thing I love a lot about Tonikaku’s works is his dialogue. I love it when you can hear the inner thoughts of the person getting fucked and man does he do it right. His art style gives me a real gothic vibe, with characters eyes being drawn with thick dark lines. While his traps are a beauty for the eyes, the guys are a different story. Usually varying in looks, they always seem to look more monstrous than human. Well, at least you don’t have to deal with the old fat ugly guy that everyone complains about. Now you just have to look at a middle aged, kinda toned, ugly guy.

Oh, this explains everything now. Anyone who watches Jojo is atleast alittle bit homosexual. #IWatchThatJojoBoi

First of all, I feel stupid for just now noticing this but the trap character is the same as the one in the previous stories. I didn’t notice since when Saki crossdresses he use a different wig each time, I got fucking confused! Anyways...this was a great way to start off my review, with one of my favorite kinks, blackmail. In all honesty, Saki was blackmailed but it doesn’t quite feel like it. Saki acted all flustered at first, but when all those dicks came flapping out, Saki became the cock loving slut we all know and love. Saki was able to take on each guy without cumming once and they all were quickshots. They weren’t prepared for the ass that is Saki’s. So to fix this little problem, one guy pulls out his secret cream that when applied to the ass, will make it itch. Now Saki will be begging the guys to scratch his ass with there dick. Genius plan my guy.

Everyone who’s straight and jumped into the trap hole atleast once asked themselves, “Am I gay for liking traps?” But it’s selfish of us to never think of what the traps are feeling as we pound their little asses. Well Saki is a trap and like us, asks himself a question, “Am I gay for liking guy’s dicks in my ass?” I say no would you let me fuck your ass? This chapter was an enjoyable read and an enlightening one as well. Still keeping with the gang-bang formula, if you enjoyed the first one you’ll enjoy this one. But this story final answer us all. No, it is not gay to fuck a trap but the trap being fucked is gay. I’m alright with that kinda logic.

 I don’t know if Saki’s the best trap out there or the worst. Sure you could just show him your dick and know that you’ll be getting some action tonight no matter how ugly you are but there might still be some other guys cum inside his ass. Honestly, how clean is Saki’s ass anyways? Saki is starting to get her name out there and people from everywhere are trying out his hole. Even the old ugly guy that everyone hate came in for this chapter, I guess he was missing his pay check. But no matter how many guys Saki fucks, the only person Saki can think about is the man who turned him into the biggest toilet slut there is. Why does Saki love that ugly guy instead of all of us? It don’t fucking know, maybe we’ll find out in the fourth chapter.

If you were getting tired of Saki, well then this chapter is for you because now we’re throwing Aki’s little trap ass into the ring. Aki is a powerhouse of a trap and is in charge throughout the chapter, being the dom trap that Saki needed. If I’m being honest, I think I like Aki more than Saki (Aki, Saki, man there really getting lazy with the names.) That strong attitude of his just gets me going. It makes me want to fuck her real good! (I keep switching back from using he and she, talking about traps can get confusing sometimes) But after Saki loses her/his virginity, it’s time to see which girl/guy takes home the WWE Title of Best Ass Toilet Slut!(Nikubenki) You’re still getting the same gang-bang that you’ve been getting with the other chapter but just this time with a second trap involved. And sadly for Saki, in the end, the man who blackmailed him, that invited his friends over fuck him, that invited strangers to gang bang him, still doesn’t love him. Senpai will never notice Saki.

Who do you think is better Saki or Aki? What do you think of Tonikaku? Are you gay for Jojo? Tell us in the comments below. If you want to read my dumb ramblings and check out my art follow my twitter @ImJustThatKinky