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Tokyo Revengers Anime Will Be Back For Revenge
By WakeUpSnooze • 3 weeks ago

I can't fucking believe it. I thought I was safe. That the war was over. And here we are, covering the news that Tokyo Revengers is back to receive another season. Ratings for this show have plummeted after a bunch of arcs that felt cyclical (literally) and people (myself included) growing tired of Takemichi's crybaby antics. There was a huge pause between the end of the last season and this announcement, long enough to where I assumed the production staff called it a day. But no, it sounds like they're hopping back in the saddle to continue this mess. Additionally, viewers can expect a mini-anime series called Dowa Revengers that will retell fairy tales with the cast of the show.

This show managed to feel somewhat realistic in the beginning if you ignored the middle school setting, but over time it's become harder and harder to believe what I'm seeing on screen is how any gang would actually operate. The last arc sort of brought every pitfall together with an edgy and over-the-top villain, poor animation, lame fights, and of course not much growth for Takemichi. Perhaps in a vacuum I'd be excited merely to see some more "guys try to make a good gang that leads to squabbles" type of story on my screen. Unfortunately Wind Breakers just aired this past season and the fighting/character writing on that bad boy was far superior to anything the later seasons of Tokyo Revengers had to offer. In fact that shit was my favorite fighting animation since Jujutsu Kaisen. AND Wind Breakers still managed to make me enjoy one of their antagonists? I'd much rather see some future seasons down the road for that cast which hosts a main character that doesn't make me want to punch the screen every other scene. Make no mistake though, I do get tired of Sakura being embarrassed by any compliment no matter how tiny. Just not as much as Takemichi possessing two brain cells.

My man has that monkey mode cranium.

I had hoped to be free of these chains, but after making it this far I suppose this means I'll be stepping back onto the train for another ride. I'm already feeling motion sickness in anticipation. Did you hear about Tokyo Revengers coming back? Did you watch Wind Breakers? Are you surprised they announced another season after so long? Time travel, wage a gang war, and make it back in time for basic middle school math in the comments below!