The Unofficial Sequel to Princess Trainer
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 3 comments

Akabur is truly famous for his trainer games, one of them being Princess Trainer. Now you would think that Akabur is too busy to work on a Princess Trainer 2 with him working on Star Channel 34. Which, you’d be correct. But what if I told you that someone was working on a unofficial Princess Trainer sequel? Here’s a summary of the plot:

Our game takes place some time after the first Aladdin movie ended, when Jafar was trapped in a lamp. The lamp is discovered by a man named Abdul who is searching for firewood in the desert.

Abdul rubs the lamp and releases Jafar. After brief introductions, Jafar manipulates Abdul into giving away two of his three wishes. Jafar gains greater freedom to move in the world as he pleases, while Abdul gets a taste of pussy inside of Jafar’s lamp. The two start plotting how to overthrow Aladdin and the Sultan, take over Agrabah, and turn Princess Jasmine into a cum bucket.

We want to make an improved version of Princess Trainer, with more engaging gameplay, sexier art, a more wholesome soundtrack and story, and perhaps even female voice acting!

Now you guys know when I saw voice acting, that I was totally hooked. But them claiming that they’ll improve on everything from story, music, and art. Those are some bold statements from someone who isn’t Akabur himself. This is the art you might could expect from the game.

I’m not sure if you could consider this scummy since he’s trying to profit off of someone else’s successful game, just like Super Deepthroat 2. But this is the internet, stealing or building off someone else's idea is the name of the game.

You can visit their Patreon if you would like to donate.

Are you interested in this unofficial Princess Trainer sequel? Do you think this is scummy? Do you think this will be successful? Tell us in the comments below.