The Sign That You Love an Anime
By ImJustThatKinky • 5 months ago • 3 comments

Well that was a rollercoaster of a last episode, and I’m happy I fell behind on other animes just to catch up to it. The anime in question today is Golden Kamuy, a show that I fell behind on after watching two episodes of season one. I always wanted to go back to it, which as you can tell from this article, I did. And boy am I happy that I did. This show was a clear example of knowing when you’re in love with an anime.

At this point in time I was behind on SSSS Gridman and Goblin Slayer, and that’s not even counting the other animes I’ve put on my catch up list like Grand Blue and Wotaku. And the show responsible for this tragedy was none other then Golden Kamuy. I tried so hard to watch this anime slowly, trying to catch up with other shows in between watching this one, but one episode was never enough. I was able to finish off season one in three days and pretty much caught up with season two in two days. The show does such a great blending it’s serious moments and it’s comedy. While also having interesting and great characters that are all just a joy to follow and learn more about. This had to be one of the more unique anime of this season for me.

I could never forget best boy Ogata!!!

So how can you tell when you love an anime? You can tell you love an anime when you drop priority of everything else you’re watching and focus on only watching it. There’s only a few animes that have done this to me, some I can remember are Kaiji, Hunter x Hunter, Gintama, and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Now with Golden Kamuy over, all I can hope for is a season 3, and if not, I’ll just have to go and read the manga. It’s that good!

What are some animes you benge while also getting behind on other ones? Did you watch Golden Kamuy? Will it get a season 3? Tell us in the comments below.