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The Demon Slayer Manga Has Ended, And I'm Happy
By WakeUpSnooze • 2 weeks ago • 27 comments

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s true. As of Monday the 18th, the Demon Slayer manga has officially concluded at 205 Chapters. The author confirmed that is the ending point for the story and completes the series. It began serialization in 2016 and ended with 23 volumes in 2020. Now before anyone gets too sad that it’s already over, a spin-off prequel focused on the Flame Hashira has been announced. However, it’s been said that the prequel is more of a short story and won’t be very long by comparison. 

With all that info dump out of the way, let me just say that I couldn’t be happier. Other articles that have covered this news suggested (without spoilers) that the ending of Demon Slayer is very concrete and doesn’t leave much room for continuation. So why am I so happy about an amazing manga ending? Well, because it seems pretty clear that it won’t fall into the shounen curse of going on for fucking ever. Earlier I mentioned that it has ended at 205 chapters, compare that to something like One Piece which has 807 and more on the way, or Naruto which has 700 and that abomination Boruto still going. Demon Slayer was an incredibly popular anime when it was airing as it trended on Twitter multiple times. Usually that means it’s time for THE MONEY.

I'll never be free of this damn rugrat.

What I mean by that is a mangaka is pressured to continuously keep pumping out chapter after chapter even though the story should have been over so that more content can keep the revenue flowing and people buying merchandise. Many remember Tite Kubo, (Bleach), and his struggle with conforming to publisher’s demands. When a series gets that popular and that profitable it spells trouble fast, but thankfully it appears that the Demon Slayer manga has avoided that trap and ended on the author’s own terms. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some shit like Demon Slayer 2: Ghost in the Slayer that’s terrible, but at least it will likely be completely separate from the main, true original product and detract nothing from the first work. Additionally, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to see the entire series animated one day once this COVID shit is over since that should be a reasonable goal as the first season has already covered up to chapter 54. 

Are you happy Demon Slayer won’t be stretched out to infinity? Do you think the whole series will be animated? Pick up your sword and slay some demons in the comments below.