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The Battle Against Male Voices In Audio Doujins Rages On
By WakeUpSnooze • 6 months ago

You thought you’d seen the last of me, hadn’t you? After the last time that I wrote about removing male voices from audio doujins, you thought you’d won. And in a way, you did. I mean shit I got called a lot bad names (and gay) for not wanting to hear men’s voices in my audio the last time that I brought it up on the site. But let me tell you my friends: 2020 is a new year. Movement for my cause has been growing since the last time this topic was discussed. In fact, comments have been popping up across all kinds of different audio doujins asking for a version with the female only. Not to mention the fact that a recent poll’s result regarding whether or not to add a male voice to The Creepy Glasses Girl doujin was the majority in favor of keeping the male silent.

You love to see it.

So with this new influx of validation, I come here again to ask the people who enjoy male voices in their audio why they do. Keep in mind that the last time I wrote about this, had yet to implement account notifications for replies. It was incredibly difficult to have a real conversation with you guys about a topic like this because I didn’t have time to constantly check back to the article to read replies, and you guys would never know if I had replied to you anyhow unless you yourselves kept checking back. This led to a clusterfuck with very few explanations and no real back-and-forths to be able to hear both sides. Therefore I thought I’d bring up the conversation one more time in this time of change around the beginning of the new year.

Just look at this kid. He knows he's about to record some shit that'll make me mad.

Also, let’s take this time to address a frequently asked question. Some may say: why even bother? Just make a version with the male voice and one without. This is a classic case of sounds good, doesn’t work. Editing an audio doujin is already wack enough from what I’ve heard from Kinky. There’s no way he’d be able to still produce them in a timely manner if he had to make a version with the female voice, space it out so nothing drags on for too long, add sound effects at proper moments, and then turn around and add the male into the equation, respace the sound effects and female voice so it fits better, all while doing his normal blog shit. The only thing worse than male voiced audio doujins, is no audio doujins.

As someone who has to pitch in with the voicing sometimes, I can’t help but feel like I’m ruining it for a lot of people just by being there. Hell I know an audio doujin is ruined for me when a dude’s voice is in it, regardless of how good his performance was. I’m just not into it at that point.

My face when Kinky calls to tell me I have to voice more shit. 

So, for the last time, what are your thoughts on male voices in audio doujins? Do you hate them, love them, or don’t care? Why? Leave your comments below and I should even be able to reply to them this time baby!