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Teacher Gives You a Special Reward
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 months ago • 5 comments

Class is in session, or, out of session. Your teacher Ms. Jem is rewarding you for doing so well in sex-ed class. What’s the reward you may ask? Well let’s just say that today’s sex ed lession, Ms. Jem wants to teach you about fellito, and she’ll need something to deminstate on, and you might have just the thing she needs. If Ms. Jem was my teacher, maybe I would have tried a little harder in class. This was a little commission I asked for based on a caption I found that used one of the great JLullaby's RWBY drawings.

Teacher Can't Get Enough

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Would you want Ms. Jem to be your teacher? With blowjob as a reward, would you do better in class? Would you like to hear more of Ms. Jem? Tell us in the comments.