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Sword Maiden Slaying More Than Goblins
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

Goblin Slayer has been getting alot of shit over that whole rape scene in episode 1, but even with that, it’s still growing as one of the most viewed anime of this season (maybe you could say that the controversy worked as a little free advertisement). I’m also enjoying Goblin Slayer myself quite a lot. With every new anime season, shows have specific babes that just stick out from the rest. In SSSS Gridman, you have Rikka with her thighs, and from Goblin Slayer, you have the Sword Maiden and her...eyes...or, lack of. Now if I said that the Sword Maiden was sexy and I’d like to fuck her over on Tumblr, the SJW feminists might come attack me, telling me how I shouldn’t view her in such away, since she was rape by goblins. But this is, where we believe that rape is bad, but the bitches are badder. So let’s celebrate the hot body of the not so pure Sword Maiden with some lovely lewd fan art.

Do you think the Sword Maiden is the hottest chick in Goblin Slayer? Is it wrong to view Sword Maiden in a sexual light since she’s a victim of cartoon rape? Are you enjoying Goblin Slayer? Tell us in the comments below.