Sony Hides Behind #MeToo to Defend Censorship
By Kasaix • 3 months ago • 28 comments

Censorship is a sore topic in gaming. As gamers, we want to play the games the developers put out, without someone slicing through it because of some perceived moral high ground. We want to play the games they made, and not a swiss cheese version of it. Well, Sony doesn't give a damn about what gamers want. The #MeToo movement figures into their reasoning somehow. Make no mistake, this is as disingenuous as it gets. The #MeToo movement has nothing to do with anime tiddies. #MeToo was started to expose sexual harassment in the workplace. See also: Weinstein effect. 

No one here is making light of sexual harassment or the #MeToo movement. Predators like that need to be called out and punished. However, that really has nothing to do with anime tiddies in video games. That's like saying playing violent video games turns people into killers. Seeing anime tiddies will not turn someone into a sexual predator. I've killed some people in a videogame just yesterday and saw anime tiddies. I've yet to kill or harass anyone. 

Someone at Sony spouted some shit in a Washington Post interview, seen HERE. Since WaPo wants a subscription, Destructiod also talks about it HERE. Tl;dr: Won't someone think of the children?! Also #MeToo. Even Japanese developers are pissed off at them for a couple of reasons. 1) Sony is in California, and they need translators to speak to them. 2) Sony's position can change, and devs need to take games back to change them. Sony's reponse: Suck it up or go to another platform. Or in an actual quote:  “hopes they would accept how the world has changed”, “We don’t have criteria in written guidelines or that sort of thing because the policy was introduced kind of suddenly in the wake of the #MeToo movement." Then what the fuck are you for, you dipshit? Games already have age-rating. It's not like a kid has $70 to thrown down on a game, it's up to the parents to watch their kids. They shouldn't be on Twitch or YouTube either. 

Yeah, this is Sony, who runs PlayStation. Seriously, fuck them and the high horse they rode in on.