Social Media Camgirls Reported to IRS
By Kasaix • 5 months ago • 18 comments

Let this be a PSA: do not play fast and loose with your taxes. It turns out, a lot of camgirls, the sexy girls who dress in revealing clothing, or don't dress at all, and post pictures and videos to various websites, all for profit, do not report anything to the IRS. This turned out to not be a good idea. 

I'm not going to include any screen shots of twitter posts or anything like that, no need to name drop people in this instance, given how angry people are with this, and I don't want to cause any undue harm on anything (see: legally covering myself), but the hastag #ThotAudit for some of the posts. 

So what happened? Someone decided to report a camgirl to the IRS. The IRS takes things very seriously, you do not play fast and loose with Uncle Sam's cash. An audit happened, and the camgirl was was found to not be paying her due. I won't speculate as to why this person decided to report the camgirl to the IRS, maybe it was the financial incenstive. You see, if you report someone to the IRS, you get 30% of what they collect. Don't take that as a call to do this, it's just a fact (see again: legally covering myself). 

The camgirls are in the wrong here: they're not reporting their earning to the IRS. That's just plain illegal and dumb. Here's where it gets ridiculous. They claim that it's angry guys who don't get laid reporting them, incels who hate women, and want to hurt women, that it's misogyny compelling them to report camgirls to the IRS. Some even claim it's an act of violence to report a camgirl to the IRS. Let's be clear: regardless of their motives, it's legal to report someone to the IRS for not paying taxes. Fault lies with these camgirls for not reporting things to the IRS as they should. Maybe if they did things right, they would be safe. So let this be a PSA: don't steal Uncle Sam's money, the IRS will catch you. 

So what do you think of this whole #ThotAudit event? Do you think it's a bunch of misogynist incels reporting girls? Sound off in the comments below!