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Sleeping with Zone Can Be a Reality Now
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 5 comments

We all want to sleep with our Japanese waifus, but what about our American waifus? Where the love at for them? Well no more, the girl who is always watching you fap, Zone-tan, has finally gotten herself a dakimakura!

It’s already kind of lewd and creepy to be sleeping with a cartoon character in the first place, but to make it less creepy, you can order yourself the SFW version. The SFW version features Zone-tan in her iconic shoulder less purple sweater and thigh high black stockings. But if you saying fuck it to visitors, you can always grab yourself the NSFW version. The NSFW version features Zone-tan in all her nude glory while being surrounded by her green tentacle monster pet, Lemmy.

You can buy the SFW and NSFW dakimakuras over at Shark Robot with all the other Zone-tan merch. The dakimakuras pre-orders ends December 7th, so you better hurry and grab one for the holidays. It’s getting chilly, and you need someone to cuddle up with.

Is Zone-tan a great waifu? Do you own a dakimakura? Would you ever buy a dakimakura? Tell us in the comments below.