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Slap an 18+ on That Ass
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 week ago • 21 comments

How do you guys feel when you’re reading a Naruto doujin? Pretty good right. Okay, how do you guys feel when you’re reading a doujin set in high school? Pretty damn good right! Some people understand that this is all just fantasy, and don’t need to lie to themselves just to feel better about what they’re reading. If you want to jerk it to an anime character, then just jerk it!

I see so many people worrying about a character's age, and being disgusted at people who lewd or want to see lewd of said “underage” characters. But, these are the same people who think stating that the character is “18+” makes everything better. I’m not sure if you know this, but just saying that a character is 18, doesn’t make them 18. First of all, it’s the creator's decision if the character is 18 or not, and second, it’s a fucking anime character, who cares!

Yeah, just say she's not sixteen and everything will be okay.

Anime characters designs are so deceptive anyways. A super short character can be 31, while a super busty character can be 16. Someone is not a pedophile for thinking Orihime is hot, she looks like a grown ass woman, with huge ass tits! I ran into this problem with Fire Emblem: Three Houses Petra recently. I saw a group of people having a whole uproar about seeing lewds of Petra. I was confused at first, but then I saw someone state that she was 15! I thought Petra was one of the older ones in the game, soon to find out that she’s one of the younger ones.

You're honestly going to make me believe this girl is 15?!

So I’m not sure if people slap “All characters in this is 18+” to avoid criticism, or just to make themselves feel morally better. But at the end of the day, if you’re not comfortable with a character age, then just avoid the character all together. Saying that the character is 18+ doesn’t change anything, definitely if the character looks the same. I always go with the look more than the age to decide if I’m smashing or not.

So while you boys are worrying about age, I'll be enjoying myself some good Hilda hentai.

Why do you think people slap 18+ on characters? Do you think age matters in anime? Do you think the age or looks matter when it comes to a character? Tell us in the comments.