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Sexting With Strangers
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 month ago

Man, another day, another surplus of anime and drought of sex in my life. Now here’s the thing, while we do love to joke around and complain on this site, I realize that the biggest problem I have is myself in that department. I have no idea how I’d fit a girlfriend into my life right now and I’m not really where I want to be yet to have one. That being said if I just magically met someone awesome, I’d try to make it work. But this isn’t an article about magic fairy tales, we’re talking about real shit today.

Porn videos and doujins are “hella dope” for 90% of my needs. But sometimes after fapping over and over to them for a while I start to get that itch for a change of pace. Watching porn instead of participating leaves a lot to be desired, and a huge part that’s left behind is the human factor. The unpredictability of having sex with someone else. When you’re jerking or fingering yourself (don’t call me non inclusive) you know exactly what’s gonna happen. You move your hand down and you feel that. You grasp harder or lighter and you feel that. But when someone else is doing it you’ve now lost control and that makes it spicy. My question for you all today, is does online sexting bring about a similar level of the “human factor”? The added hype that is brought about when you don’t know what the other person is going to, well, type next in this case. Or show you next.

Now a surprise dick pic? That's something you can't predick.

For a bit more context, reddit has a goddamn freakish amount of subreddits dedicated to just flat out sexting. In the past Kinky did an article talking about roleplaying subs, but these are seemingly meant to be straight up sexting as fast as possible. You find a partner and start going in. The problem for me is that while I’ve thought about trying it, pictures create a catch-22 for me. A lot of these posts talk about sharing pictures, which in all honesty is pretty hype. After all, if you don’t share pictures with each other you’re basically back to roleplaying. Pictures can provide some concrete hot shit to look at and talk about with your partner. At the same time, I’m a paranoid bitch. I’m convinced that somehow, someway, I’ll be the unlucky fucker who sexts with someone online who loves to post to 4chan, and they’ll use their extensive knowledge of carpet fibers and common dick measurements to deduce who I am and where I live. I mean a dick is a dick. I take a picture of it, I send it, that’s that. But for some reason I can’t help but worry it would all backfire somehow even if I was careful to obscure my face. Don’t even get me started on voice calls where you guys talk about fucking for a while. Now that’s wild.

"So uh...are you wet?"

At the end of the day I never participate and go back to fapping by myself. Sexting without pictures seems like roleplay, and sexting with pictures gives me weird vibes. I could always try to find someone who will send me pictures without asking for any in return, however that comes off a bit unfair to me. Some nights though. Some late nights when I’m staring at the ceiling, I wonder “wud online gurl think my dic hot?” Does sexting with people online make for a good fap? Would you share pictures of yourself online with a stranger if your face was excluded? Leave your comment below (text only please, dic picks not required or desired)!