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Scouting Those Hot Deals From Our Partners For Black Friday
By WakeUpSnooze • 7 months ago

I’m always amazed at how we actually set up a holiday about appreciating what you have and spending time with those you care about, and then immediately turned around and set the day right after that to be a fucking spending marathon about buying as much shit as possible. While hypocritical as fuck, ya boi isn’t complaining though. I took the liberty of peeking around some of our partner’s websites to see what kind of promotions they were having. If you’re in need of some sex-related items and want them at a discount, you’ve come to the right place to be informed.

Starting with our buddy Nutaku, they’re having a pretty sizable sale on their merchandise store. A good chunk of items are 25% off when you use the code “BF2019” at checkout. The sale is advertised to cover Black Friday through Cyber Monday in the banner. I even went there to check to make sure the code worked, and sure enough the Hentai Is Art shirt went down in price after I entered it. If you’re not a fan of typical merch you could always get yourself some Nutaku Hentai Hot Sauce. I tried it with Kinky and honestly I was pretty satisfied, and I’m not very good with spicy food. It had a unique flavor for sure. You can read his article about it here if you’re interested.

Because smart shopping is art too.

Next up is J-list. After putting some Hentai Hot Sauce on your dick to experiment, you’ll want a toy to fuck with am I right? They’ve got you covered. Their discounts are advertised to last until the end of Cyber Monday as well. In the first tier, which is labeled as $40-$99, you’ll get 10% off your order. Orders of $100 or more are considered tier 2 and therefore receive 20% off instead. That’s a tall order to pay, but if you’ve been considering buying some items from them you may as well do it now while the discounts are active. Additionally, other random toys and products are on sale with varying discounts, so go ahead and see for yourself what they’re offering by clicking here to make sure you don’t miss anything you want.

Double points and a percentage off? Good thing No Nut November is almost over.

Last but not least, our new friends at AkibaFarm are allowing people to farm up on reward points by boosting the amount you earn from shipping costs until November 30th. Now don’t ask me why it doesn’t extend to Cyber Monday, maybe it hasn’t really caught on that much in Japan yet as much as other holidays have. Or maybe someone just didn’t get the memo. Regardless of the reason, it’s still something to consider while shopping around on Black Friday and the day after. I know it’s about time for me to hop back in the onahole game soon before the undeniable loneliness of the holidays sets in.

Will you be swiping up any good deals this year? Have anything on your eye that’s from these websites, or maybe from somewhere else? Clip those coupons and snatch those offers in the comments below. Just don’t trample each other while doing so.