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School Uniform = Underage in Steam's Guidelines
By ImJustThatKinky • 5 months ago • 17 comments

Well, this may come as a shocker for some, but Taimanin Asagi wasn’t banned off of Steam for the abundance of rape scenes that the game contains, no, it’s even dumber than that. Sasayama Ittousai, a director and story writer for Lilith, has come out on Twitter to inform fans of the reason for Steam removal of Taimanin Asagi. And what was the reason for it’s banning? Underage characters. Here is what they had to say on Twitter:

“Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, Taimanin Asagi: Episode 1 that was being reviewed by Steam but unfortunately they said no. I learned that Steam is very strict in judging visuals that may be suspected to be underage. I will use this experience in my new work.”

“Thank you for your comments on the situation in Steam and America. As a general rule, please be assured that I will draw erotica as I want to express. Please understand that expression regulations that are suspected to be minors are becoming stricter every year in Japan. The information from overseas users will be very helpful.”

People are speculating that the cause of this was because of one orange haired female character, Igawa Sakura, sporting herself a female school uniform.

Which automatically makes her underage in Steam’s eyes, no matter if they never state her age or if she has the body of an adult. But who knows if that was truly the reason for it’s ban, or just the only thing Steam could come up with at the time.

Sorry girl, I know you’re a porn star and of age, but you’re not getting on Steam with the unholy school uniform! Not while the lewd police is around!

Do you think this was a reasonable reason to ban Taimanin Asagi off Steam? What will happen to Taimanin Asagi? How old is Igawa Sakura? Tell us in the comments.