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Ruby Gets Herself Into Some Trouble
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

I love me some NSFW RWBY content, the quality of the porn is better than the actually show. So when I spotted this, I had to give it a watch, and I was not disappointed.

Collection is a short little 2 minute 3D NSFW RWBY animation video done by ShamelessDeeg. The video has Ruby being captured by a group of guys and drugged into a little hungry cum slut. The video might be short, but satisfying. The true definition of a quickie. And that growl at the end, we might be getting a Grimm sequel! O.O If I could wish for anything more from this video, is that we got more dirty talk from Ruby. Tempty did a good job as Ruby, it’s a shame not to hear more of her.

You can go check the video out over at Hentai0, and also can go and support Deeg on Patreon.

Do you love NSFW RWBY? Have you watched anything else from Deeg? Would you like to see a sequel with a Grimm? Tell us in the comments below.