Resident Evil 2 Gets a $5 Easy Mode
By Kasaix • 2 months ago • 7 comments

Header image originally made by Nagare

Time-savers aren't new in gaming. AC's been doing it for years. Pay real money for resources, blueprints, etc. Resident Evil 2 is trying its hand at the practice by offering all in-game unlocks for $4.99. Some of these in-game unlocks require an incredible amount of work, and only the best can get them normally, which is why the reception has actually been positive. You can check all that out HERE

The content is as follows:

This immediately unlocks the following content, normally obtainable through achieving certain records:

-Extra "The 4th Survivor"
-Extra "The Tofu Survivor"
-∞ Bonus Weapon
-Concept Art

I was fully prepared to tear this "DLC" a new one, but reading the reviews, including the "hollow victory" meme, changed my mind. RE is a tough game series. If people want to pay for an easy mode, let them. I'd pay a little extra to make Sekiro easier.