Reggie Fils-Aime retiring from being Nintendo of America President
By Anorak • 3 months ago • 4 comments

"I'll be dropping the title that's meant so much to me - President of Nintendo of America, but I'll retain one that means even more - Nintendo Fan."

After 13 years as President of Nintendo of America, and 15 years with the company as a whole, Reggie Fils-Aime will be retiring. His last day with Nintendo will be April 15th after which NOA’s current Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Doug Bowser, will take his place.

“Nintendo owns a part of my heart forever,” Fils-Aime said. “It’s a part that is filled with gratitude – for the incredibly talented people I’ve worked with, for the opportunity to represent such a wonderful brand, and most of all, to feel like a member of the world’s most positive and enduring gamer community. As I look forward to departing in both good health and good humor, this is not ‘game over’ for me, but instead ‘leveling up’ to more time with my wife, family and friends.”

Reggie joined the company in 2003 as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, going on to become President and COO in May of 2006. From GameCube and Gameboy Advanced to 3DS and Switch, Fils-Aime has been a well-known face to Nintendo fans the world over. The smiling face there to tell us all about the things on the horizon at Nintendo Press events.


The Regginator

It is sad to see him go with how well he did as a public face to a much-loved company. His embracing of jokes and memes is definitely a large factor in the love he gets.

From his use of the classic "No Johns" in his message to EVO 2014, to the "My Body is Ready" joke he spawned while demonstrating the Wii Fit. The man is an icon and will be much missed.


The New Face

Reggie's replacement, Bowser is an industry veteran who joined NOA in May 2015 as the Vice President of Sales before being promoted to Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing the next year. Previously, he was an executive with Electronic Arts, most recently as the company’s Vice President of Global Business Planning.

He has already been a key figure in the success of the Switch, and, as Reggie said himself "With a name like Bowser, who better to hold the keys to the Nintendo castle?"


What do you all think? Love Reggie and sad to see him go? Want to yell about Mother 3 to him one last time? Are you blown away that his replacement's name is Bowser!? Let us know.

Also, here is a link to Reggie's personal goodbye announcement that the cute quote from the top is fun. It may or may not have made me tear up a bit.