Rape Has Been Legalized...But What if it Actually Was?
By ImJustThatKinky • 7 months ago • 18 comments

Hentai never stops with releasing triggering content for us weebs to sadly jerk off to, and today is no different. Episode 1 of If R*pe were Legalized is now on Hentai0 and is based of of the doujin of the same name. Watching something as crazy and minding binding as a hentai about something so cruel being made legal got me thinking…”What if rape was legalized?”

The scary thing about that concept is that if rape was legalized you can bet money that people would start raping people with no problem. Now I’m not saying that it’d be a lot of people who jump on the opportunity to rape someone, but the thought of something as small as 5% being okay with it, is still scary. Some people base their morals on the laws that are set in place, not because they believe themselves that it’s morally wrong. Yeah, I might watch my fair share of rape hentai from time to time, but I’m sane enough to know that actual rape is harmful to the person that the act is thrusted upon (pun not intended). So even if it was legalized, I wouldn’t go out raping girls cause I’m still smart enough to know that it isn’t right. But it’s a scary thought to think that if something like rape or murder was legalize, there are actual people who would be ready to take that opportunity to do just that. So everyone on Doujins.com, stay safe, lock your selves away in your mom’s basement, and learn how to protect yourselves from those ugly old fat guys, cause the rape purge may be amongst once.

You thought the cops were scary now? Just you wait.

Would you rape someone if it was legal...don't answer that. What would you do if rape was legal? Have you watched  If R*pe were Legalized? Tell us in the comments below.