Rape Day is Not Allowed on Steam
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago • 16 comments

This game iwas really trying to push the boundaries on what games Valve will allow on their platform. If you thought the game Hatred was crazy, take a look at Rape Day. Here’s a summary of the game from the Steam store:

Now if you’re into rape then do you boo, but this is one game that your boy Kinky will not be picking up. And it’s not because I’m kink shaming anyone who’s thinking of purchasing this game, but I see this game as more of a horror game than a sex game. Just look at these fucking screenshots!

Well, at least the game had a slogan built to last. “So skip the foreplay and enjoy your Rape Day: you deserve it.” the “you deserve it” is really what kills me XD. SInce the game has been taken off of Steam, who knows what’s next for the developer or the game.

What’s going to happen to the game now? Is this game going to far? Would you buy this game? Tell us in the comments below.