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Princess Quest is Looking Mighty Nice
By ImJustThatKinky • 8 months ago

Most of you who's been big into NSFW games may have heard or even played a game called Princess Trainer. Well, NSFW creators love lewding the innocent Disney princesses, and I’m happy about that. A new promising NSFW game has caught my attention, and it’s called Princess Quest, being created by 2D/3D hentai artist and animator Crisis Beat. 

At this point Princess Quest is still in the early phases, and still a work in progress, but the progress is looking promising. I’ve been getting tired of seeing the same old ugly reused 3D models in other NSFW Ren’ Py games, so I was delighted when I saw Crisis Beat gorgeous princess models. 

The game also seem to be using the visual novel style, with a group of recognizable characters, such as Aurora (Knight), Mulan (Monk), Ariel (Priest), Jasmine (Rouge), and Elsa (White Mage). The project is even adding voice acting!?

I’m legit excited to see how this project pans out and what it’ll grow into. If you want to support and follow Princess Quest, visit Crisis Beat’s Patreon.

Have you heard of Crisis Beat? Are you interested in Princess Quest? Which princess do you like most? Tell us in the comments.